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28-08-2010, 20:37
Being an awfull slow painter and refusing to play with unpainted modells I have waited a long time to get a playable ork warband ready. But I'm amost done!

So to my question, I want to be able to play a few games at home and wondered if anyone have experience on playing on a non-standard sized battlefield?
My livingroom table is aprox 4,7 x 2,7 feet (144 x 84 cm).
Is it enough for a 1000 vs 1000 game?
Is it better to narrow the playable area down so the correct proportions are maintained? (1 - 1,3)
Is it a stupid idea?
Do you live in Umeň, Sweden?


28-08-2010, 22:56
No, this is not enough for 1000 points.
No, it is not a good idea to reduce your area even further.
No, I do not live in Sweden.

Things that are a good idea, if possible.
Playing at a gaming club with more space, and bigger tables.
Playing nor more than 500 points on that table
Getting a bit of plywood or similar to sit on top of the table, to make it bigger. (When not in use, it can be slid out the way under or behind something. 1830 x1220 is an easy size to find, the standard table size ,and easy to store behind a wardrobe/ under a bed...)

EDIT. Having tried various sized tables, I am sure having too crowded tables is the second worst thing possible in gaming. The worst is, of course, having unpleasant opponents...

28-08-2010, 23:40
for 1000 pts you'll need atleast 4'x4'.
I made a foldable gaming table which works really great and folds under my sofa and it's 4'x6'. I have a tutorial how to make it in my signature under the terrain blog ( Just go to bauhaus or byggmax , get a mdf board and split it lenghtwise, glue some "vaxduk" as a hinge and glue down the GW battlemat over it. It'll be something like 200 kr for the board, 60 kr for the waxed cloth , and maybe 200 for the battlemat ). Works ******* fantastic as well and a 4' table is just 60 cm when folded.

And no, I live in stockholm sweden :)

big squig
29-08-2010, 01:57
You're gonna need a 4X4 gaming table to play. sry.

Born Again
29-08-2010, 02:22
4' x 4' minimum. Consider a gaming club or buying a piece of board to extend your table space, then can be stored flat (that's what I do).

29-08-2010, 02:24
I find the above problem as well, in small tables it makes melee lists like genestealer swarms a slaughter as they can reach you 'anywhere' on the table when they attack from the sides, it makes the game unenjoyable to play and can put people off playing again in the future.

So yes, play small 500 points on the table, but work towards making your own table (cheap option and usually comes out great) getting a joiner (or similiar) to make you one, buying one... or if your feeling generous to yourself, buying the games workshop table as it is quite a decent one.

29-08-2010, 04:01
I have played on small table areas, but have since moved to having a wooden overlay to bring up the size .
My Dining table is 3' x 5,6'. All we used to do is to apply house rules for for the situation. Mostly allowing any unit a one time reprieve if they are forced to fall back off the table and only allowing set up in the 6" on either side to allow that 24"distance between the armies. As well as applying a limit on how many units could outflank. The force size we used were generally 400-750pt.

At the end of the day, I believe it is better to game then not to game. So don't let the lack of a table area get in your way. You could always play on the floor !!

The Ginger Ninja
29-08-2010, 06:55
Try getting 4 2' X 2' boards, and that way you can keep them out of the way when you are not using them. You can expand to larger sizes when your games start to get bigger as well, as opposed to buying a whole new table.

29-08-2010, 10:58
OK. Thanks for the replies. It's not a permanent solution, but money is scarce this early in the semester after a lazy summer :)
Has anyone experience from playing from opposite corners instead of table ends?

29-08-2010, 11:18
One scenario in the rulebook covers that, look it up in missions (cant remember the exact page) to find the details on how to do it, Games workshop style ;)

29-08-2010, 16:28
Small is beautiful: less time spent charging, games are quicker, easy to clean up.

29-08-2010, 17:18
I agree with most of the rest, for 1k v 1k you need at least a 4'x4' playing area. Smaller than that and it really warps game balance. you could probably get away with your dimesnsions at half those points 500 v 500. but the solution is pretty cheap and easy, 2x 4'x2' boards will run you very little at a harware store, and can be placed side by side on your table to create the right sized space. And then you can add a 3rd for a proper 4'x6' table one you start playing games larger than 1k v 1k, as that's about as many points as are comfortable on a small 4'x4' playing field.