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29-08-2010, 21:00
Ok i have played many armies and bought even more codecies. I need help choosing my army. I have done necrons dark eldar blood angels guad and chaos space marines. I like armies that aren't overdone I prefer shooting but need some kind of combat defence i like atleast need the to be some what sturdy. Speed is not really a factor. Thanks guys I konw you'll be helpful.

burning crome
29-08-2010, 21:39
If it shooting is what you want then guard or tau are king, but both of them lack any real anti combat (guards have a few choices such as rough riders).
All said a done it seem you're after a shoot gun line marine army of some sort, or even elder.

Your chaos army can put down some decent fire power if equipped right with either three vindicators or defilers. in fact defilers seem to meet your brief perfectly armed them with four DCCW and you have a unit that fires a 5"blast which can deal with nearly any assult unit. Obliteratetors are also very good but you need to move/deep strike them to get their full effect. Then your got Dreads and terminators in elite slots both of which do similar jobs. Add in troops that can take heavy weapons and be good in assault.

Codex SM has access to razor backs armed with some nasty stuff plus more reliable dreads with more weapon load outs such as the riffleman (two TL alto cannons), along with the usual HS choices with the addition of the thunder fire cannon which can be very useful if only for the tecs 1+ to cover.

Codex BA has pretty much the same but with more slots that can be filled with tanks. You do pay for it all being fast, but with the point reduction on five man assault squads taking RB's it work out the same plus you get to move a bit more whist still firing every thing making them harder to hit in CC.

Codex SW has the longfangs and RB's but that about it.

Eldar get some good shooting units their HS slots are all excellent (warwalkers/ fire prisms/ night spinners/ Rath lords) but they are fragile and use movement.

29-08-2010, 21:47
How are the Tau thats the army i know least about

burning crome
29-08-2010, 22:09
At the moment their is a sort of weird place. They got lots of high strength shooting but very few blasts (two and a template that never get used) CC is a real problem for them. Most of the tactics for them rely on blocking using their very wide skimmers and layering their only real CC units kroots (who are pretty bad) so assault units can only kill one unit at a time whist the rest of the army slowly guns every thing down. I wouldn't recommend them until they get updated again.
If you to shoot and only shoot they guard are the real rulers. If you play them callously sacrificing units so you can gun down the assaulter's next turn or blogging them up into large (40-50man) units with power weapons and comimorers (can spelling the guys in black that shoot men that run away) they can grind down CC armys whist having the best shooting in the game. And that before you start looking at FW units such as the artillery in elite slots.

29-08-2010, 22:14
How do demons fair.

burning crome
29-08-2010, 22:55
their interesting, very cc orientated. On paper they look great with lot of super killy units. Their main draw back is how their deployed with half the army come in first turn and the rest of per normal DS rules. Their not really a top tier army due to this unreliability. You can go a tezheeze rout for a shoot'y army but they still have to get in close. Have a look a belloflostsouls they've had a few good articles about them recently.

29-08-2010, 23:04
How about tryanids i hate fighting them but how are they to play

29-08-2010, 23:16
Almost entirely CC. Hordes backed up by large MCs, most often.

This sounds like you want Eldar. Tons of s6 shots and certain units that lay down terrific fire power, while also having some good CC units. Thing with them is that it's very fragile. Most units are low toughness, not great saves.

Dark Eldar might also be to your liking. Disentegrator and Darklance spam can be devastating, and most units can hold their own in CC, with certain ones being great at it. With that said, they may also be recieving a new codex soon, so you might not want to buy right now.

29-08-2010, 23:22
My friend i play most has an eldar army what army is like an eldar bane