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30-08-2010, 23:42
I've been playing Warhammer for a long time, in a lot of different forms, editions and subgames such as Necromunda and Blood Bowl. 8th has instilled a sense of freshness that I thought I had lost and become jaded too.

It's made me think - if I were coming in fresh and new, having no idea of the rules or potentials or armies - what would I choose? How cool would it be to see this all again for the first time. Would i still be playing Skaven. Probably not - I'd almost guarantee I'd be strictly LM, WoC or possibly HE's.

I just think it would be great to one day have to relearn the rules, the strategies, to figure out how to deal with skirmishers and flank attacks and all that over again. As I said i think 8th has done a good job of making us relearn some things, but in essence it's still the same game.

I'm teaching my nephew, who's 13, to play and the first time he saw his dwarf cannon hit a unit or orcs full on, or a warpfire thrower in action, or a unit of 40 clanrats battling like orcs is awesome. He keeps all his minis, half primed, half painted out on a shelf to just look at or play with. (mine are mainly carefully packed away, out only for use) It reminds me of my beginnings with the game, a sense of fun i think I've lost in all the rules reading, tournaments, forum trolling, etc... I miss scraping together an allowance to buy a pack of clanrats and finally having enough to field 2 complete ranks of 4!

So given the option, if the Men in Black could come along and flashy-thing you, would you choose to forget and relearn the game? Or would it all just be too much to bother with?

30-08-2010, 23:45
If I had the option, i'd probably go with computer gaming... Or drug addiction - both are significantly easier to finance.

31-08-2010, 00:00
If I could have gone back I would have started playing when I was dabbling with minis for the first time, and not 20 years after, when I did start. The few WH minis I bought then is cooler than the Prince August ones I cast myself.

31-08-2010, 06:12
I did. A few months ago I was sick of Warhammer, couldn't stand it. So I took a month-long break and started again with a new army, new models, new fluff new everything. I've been a lot better for it.

31-08-2010, 15:33
Im going to try the Island of Blood box set. I'm fed up with my Tyranids at the moment.

31-08-2010, 15:43
If I had the option, i'd probably go with computer gaming... Or drug addiction - both are significantly easier to finance.
Have you seen the price of games these days? You'd probably be getting better value if you were getting the same weight in drugs seeing as how most games now have 6 hour single-player campaigns and poor replay value unless you're crazy about multiplayer.

But unless you trade all your games in to get new ones then I'm not sure Warhammer is really that much more expensive realistically as you can enjoy a good sized, decently painted army for a lot longer.

As for the original question; I kind of had a bit of hiatus while I was at university, even though I didn't move out or anything I just didn't have the time/patience to spare on the hobby, and I worked during a lot of spare time so I could afford to keep going to uni. But now that I've finished I'm sort of self-employed and working from home so I can get back into it, and I've been finding it all great fun again.
Up until university I just played less and less, and had been playing for a while (started in primary school, heh!).

So I dunno, I've come back to the hobby on the tail-end of 7th edition, and 8th edition has been pretty fresh and new to learn, and there are tons of cool new models. I mean when I "stopped" the Wood Elves had only recently been updated, to a great standard, and a lot of stuff that followed has been similarly good, so starting new armies or reviving old ones with new models is pretty damn fun!

31-08-2010, 16:25
If I had the option, i'd probably go with computer gaming... Or drug addiction - both are significantly easier to finance.

tried both of these - reckon i prefer warhammer :P

i've never regretted warhammer tbh - i've got brilliant mental arithmetic skills, some brilliant friends, had some brilliant times, and know a lot more about military history than i probably would otherwise, all because of this game.


31-08-2010, 16:30
I skipped all of 7th. Not for lack of love for the game but lack of players locally (40k is much more popular). Now through a twist of fate there's a solid fantasy following again with the new rule set. So in a way I'm having fun getting reacquainted with my armies. I've always enjoyed pushing toy soldiers around more than other hobbies so yes I'd do it all over again.

To follow on with what Haravikk posted and the finance comments, I agree that warhammer really isn't too far off from other hobbies. What people see is the initial investment cost. Starting from scratch it seems like a lot of money. But comparing to video games, how much is a new console plus a few games to start? Looking at what a PS3 or Xbox360 costs if you buy a new system and two games that's probably enough to buy a rulebook (or the box set), army book, and at least a 2000 point army, possibly 2500 depending on the army. For me I dusted off my lizardmen and VC and I really didn't have to scurry to buy new models right away. I needed to buy two army books and will split a box for the new rulebook. That's the equivalent of two brand new video games and I won't have to make that investment again for some time. Will I buy more models? Sure, but I don't *have* to. I suppose if I planned to start competing seriously in tournaments it would be unrealistic to expect to be competitive without updating with some more models. But I'm not so I don't feel any pressure to buy stuff. Just the normal "Ooh I wants that one. Its purty!"

31-08-2010, 17:15
I've been playing miniature games for 15 years and the whole new shiny thing still seems to crop up every now and then when I start a new army or a new game. I've slowly replaced the unpainted minis out on my shelf with thousands of painted ones, and I still call out "Hip, hip hooray!" when something terrific happens in a game!