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05-09-2010, 19:30
Does anyone know when you gain skills in Warhammer quest? what do the numbers besides the stats mean.
If those are number of max skills, then the troll slayer doesn't get a skill till lvl 4? is that right?


05-09-2010, 20:14
Yes- when a character levels up, the 'Skills' stat sometimes increases by 1. Whenever this happens, roll on the Skills Table for your character to see what Skill they gain. This is permanent. If you roll the same skill as one your character already has, I believe you are entitled to reroll.

Mr Feral
05-09-2010, 23:05
Its says the amount of skills a character should have in their full Battle-Level Table.

06-09-2010, 03:49
so, if the troll slayer battle table at lvl 1, reads "1" under the skills column, do I roll a skill; or does that represent the troll slayer skill?
So only when it reads "2" do i roll a skill?
The battle level table is what they all should have TOTAL, not what the roll every turn, correct?


06-09-2010, 21:53
The number in the Battle-Level Table is the total number of skills. There might be an extra bit in the Slayer rules or an errata somewhere to clear up the confusion about the 'Slayer' rule, but I think that it means that the Trollslayer has 1 skill (the 'Slayer' skill) at level 1. Hope that helps!