View Full Version : opponent finder: Southern Ontario (CA)

07-03-2006, 00:44
in desperate need of people to play with, lost all local interest in my area once the FLGS closed down.

also couldn't find an opponent finder for ontario/canada here, so ithough "what the heck? why not"

just post your name and location, and armies, as i 'think that's whats standard for these sort of threads


name: Chris Salman
Location: Hamilton, but can get to places like the battle bunker fairly easily
Armies:Tau, Space marines, Tyranids, Imp. Guard.

at the moment i only really have a small amount of each finished, but they're getting steadily completed

blah, enough talking, post! :)

09-03-2006, 03:28
Hey man, I'm in Hamilton too. What FLGS was it that closed down? I generally shop at Bayshore Hobbies in Westdale and Conspiracy Comics in Burlington. Also, Conspiracy Comics has a few tabels in the basement, so that's where I usually play. There are a few guys who play on Saturday and Sunday afternoons there.

My name is Alex and I have a Black Legion army for 40k and Lizardmen for Fantasy. I am also starting Flames of War with Germans.

18-03-2006, 00:52
Name: James
Location: 3 blocks from Conspiracy Comics :D
Armies: Salamanders, Imperial Guard, Dwarfs, Empire. I also have stuff for pretty much all the specialist games, and a fairly large Russian Battalion for Flames of War.

I haven't really played 40k in awhile, I work nights Tuesday - Saturday so not a lot of time to play :(