View Full Version : OK Games Day ATL

07-03-2006, 01:51
Who all is going and where are you traveling from? Whats on the events for Friday before GD, Who is playing in the tournament?

07-03-2006, 17:37
hmm is nodody going?

08-03-2006, 00:20
I'll be going, always fun to be home for gaming events.

And i'm pretty sure you know where i'll be coming from. :: looks at location in info:: yep that'd be it

So not exactly no one will be going.

08-03-2006, 04:47
Well atleast you are going lol, still have yet to hear from anyone outside of the area. Well I was just complaining to GW about getting ATL a two day event so I hope turn out is better there then my thread lol....

Troy Clifton
09-03-2006, 01:13
No worries, dude. The tournament is down to two remaining slots. IIRC there were 60 available. I'll be there. Several from Tallahassee, and Columbus. South Florida and Jacksonville are always well represented. Birmingham, Charlotte, and beyond will be there. Always cool, always fun. I just want to make sure AF comes away with the tournament trophy again. It'll be cool to see how long the group can keep the title.

09-03-2006, 09:44
Awsome, well I just bought another ticket as I wasn't sure if I could get someone to go to the retail sem. for me so I bought the ticket just in case.. now there is 1 spot open...

09-03-2006, 12:42
I might be there....Don't know really.

10-03-2006, 01:38
Im going to be there, Im coming from......Atlanta. Im not sure if Im going to grand tourney it though, we will see.

10-03-2006, 15:57
I'm definitely going to be there. Driving in from Fayetteville, NC; the long distance Skeleton Crew member. I'm bringing my Ulthwe for the RTT to see how bad I can get stomped on.

13-03-2006, 16:10
Ok, i'm definatly coming with the wife. Woot me!

16-03-2006, 12:40
The ticket says it starts at 10:00 but the web-site says 8:00 ? Whats the deal?

Troy Clifton
16-03-2006, 13:52
The tournament starts before they open the doors for the rest of the event.

16-03-2006, 13:54
Golden Daemon registration starts at 8:00....

Troy Clifton
16-03-2006, 15:30
Correct. They start accepting entries before they allow people on the floor.

20-03-2006, 09:00
Well for the 40k side Michael Lee won with Chaos so congrats..There were a ***** load of chaos armies at that damn thing it was insane! My loss was to a wordbearer army with DP/dreadaxe/flight god I love it but in the same mind set I want to puke it out... lol well it was very unorganized but most of the players made it out alive...