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08-09-2010, 22:48
So I have unfortunately never played WHQ but I would really like to.

Also I am involved with several re-writes of Mordheim.

So let me ask you: Conceptually, what is the strenths of the Imperial Noble? Is he just a fighter? How would he stand out from, say, a Mordheim Mercenary Captain?

09-09-2010, 00:04
Well, think of the imperial noble as a "light fighter". He is very akin to a swashbuckler in actual history, attacking in rapid rapier strikes (rather than a huge broadsword blow)
Unfortunatly, he isn't as elusive as the elf characters, so this makes him difficult to play. all in all one of my favorite characters though..

Hope that helps

10-09-2010, 20:36
One of my old wargaming friends reckoned him to be the best character in the game. I always preferred the Dwarf myself though (not much of a surprise, I know). The Noble gets access to great ranged guns which can swing the combat in his favour, and are unique to him - that is basically his special ability - think of Cavaliers or the Three Musketeers - charging into combat with sword and pistol in hand.

10-09-2010, 21:18
The Imperial Noble is indeed a light fighter, like the wardancer, he cannot take hits but he can dish it out with the best of them.

His start up is not too great compared to some, 1D6+1 damage is not helpful against the tougher monsters like orcs, no matter how many times you attack and you cant use a pistol in base to base contact. His hierloom is a bonus (depending on what you roll) but his lack of armour/toughness makes him weak against the counter attack.

Now, get a couple of games under his belt and he gets interesting. Obviously the skills are random, but as soon as you can add your S to the damage of the rapier things get fun. Add in the repeater pistol (RAW, it has unlimited shots............) and a bit of luck and your away. Our groups IN player was a very lucky man anyway, but the number of times he took the hit on the Gem encrusted bracelets was very annoying for the poor monsters. He really peaks in the later game and never reaches the heights that other warriors can at the very top level.

All this makes him a good second tier hero, he is never going to take the hits like a Dwarf or dish it out like a Barbarian but he has his moments and his uses and is certainly not a pushover like some of the heroes are. Out of the human heroes he certainly ranks well above people like the warrior priest or Salty Seadog but cannot compare with the sheer power of the Witch Hunter or the Barbarian at the higher levels.

11-09-2010, 12:38
thanks to both of you :)

12-09-2010, 02:10
He was my favourite character back in the day. He reminded me of Ramirez from Highlander which was my favourite film then.

I haven't managed to find him again for a reasonable price this time though.

12-09-2010, 08:39
I did have two copies of his book, when I brought the Warrior Priest pack at gamesday in thier clearout of OOP stuff, it had the bloomin Noble book in instead of the priest and they coulnt do anything because it was all OOP. Then I got the noble box off ebay for 8 :)

Good times when eBay wasn't full of rip off merchants trying to charge for bits.

12-09-2010, 12:51
Although you may all be nostalgic and want the Warrior Noble miniature, a good alternative is Degra's Don Hernandez (what I use anyway);


13-09-2010, 21:13
That is a great model, thanks for pointing that out.

There are more miniature companies out there than I realised

13-09-2010, 21:14
That is a great model, thanks for pointing that out.

There are more miniature companies out there than I realised