View Full Version : About to buy Blood Bowl

07-03-2006, 14:11
Hi all. Im about to buy blood bowl and understand that there more rules than in the basic boxed set. Where can i get these rules? Is downloading them the only option, because im sure counters and things are need to play it too. Thanks

07-03-2006, 14:18
ASAIK, if you head over to www.specialist-games.com you should be able to donwload the living rulebook and everything you need rules wise...

07-03-2006, 14:20
the changes are only small things all the counters and the board and everything stay the same

07-03-2006, 14:25
Thanks for the replies guys. I had actually already downloaded, but its a bit much to take in on computer screen, so was hoping I could obtain the rules easier. Thanks though.

07-03-2006, 15:34
You still need the boxed set as it includes the board and the ruler for throwing the ball. All the other things should be easily available elsewhere.

Have fun,