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07-03-2006, 13:26
I had some higher hopes for the GT tournament this year. I was taking a reasonably balanced Force of Salamanders, trying to stick to theme as much as possible while still giving me some units that could kill the enemy.

Also, had to bring my command squad since I had spent an age converting and painting them :)

Captain with Thunder hammer
Command Squad with bolt pistols, chainswords.
Sgt With power weapon
Company Champion, Standard Bearer, Apothecary
2 Melta Guns
Mounted in Drop Pod

5 Terminators
2 with Assault Cannons

5 Terminators
2 with Assault Cannons

Scout squad, sgt with Power Sword, Melta Bomb, Teleport Homer.

Tactical Squad with las/plas

Tactical Squad with las/plas

Tactical squad with Flamer/Melta

Vindicator with Machine Spirit, Dozer Blade.


Game 1: vs Chaos (Warp Ghosts)

The game started off well. It was evenly matched and we we're taking equal casualties. The decider came at turn three, I had left a tactical squad out in the open as bait for him to charge, at just 6 inches away from his nearest unit he wasn't goign to do much damage. However, my counter charging unit was hit by his squad of possessed.

The squad of possessed was in a Rhino, which he pivoted on the spot to catapult them out into combat (I would have thought turning it on the spot would have counted as moving myself) they didn't do much damage, but in the following turn my command squad charged to do... nothing. 7 power weapon attacks, 6 thunder hammer attacks, a host of normal CCW attacks caused 0 casualties. Then a Demon prince pretty much just chewed through my army. Even worse, a plasma gun blew up my Vindicator with a lucky hit on the front armor. Wpied out, loot counters in his possession, Massacre to my opponent.

Game 2: vs Dark Angels
This was barely a game at all, lost first turn. 3 Predators sat at the back, three squads of Terminators + Chaplain.Vindicator blown up first turn by a lucky hit. I couldn't kill them all and it ended up as a shooting gallery on my terminators vs 9 lascannons. Game ended quickly and I spent the next couple of hours walking around bored. I had taken out a good portion of his army before i died, but seek and destroy meant another massacre to my opponent.

Game 3: vs Iron Warriors
This was the game that cheered me up. I was facing a guy from Malta with his Iron Warriors. I lost the dice roll for first turn but he let me take the first go anyway with escalation. With a few good rolls I ended up with my entire close range melta gun force on his side of the table, all of his deployed units dead. Over the course of a few turns we dueled back and forth, his Demon prince wisely avoiding the Command squad and two nearby terminator squads, running bheind the lines and hitting my small tactical squads instead. Game ended up very close in the end, with me a few points shy of getting a major victory.

13-7 to me.

Game 4: vs Chaos
A great game against Paul's converted chaos army. (won the best army award in heat 1) Seeing he had infiltrators on his list, I set up so that it was impossible to deploy anywhere useful against my force. I also managed to chose the mission, selecting take and hold (the mission my army is perfect at fighting)

It was close in my opinion, He had been forced to set up his army behind cover, my Vindicator was immobilsed in the first turn (but for once did not explode from the first weapon shot at it :) ) preventing him from moving around the left flank. The entire game reset on a knife edge for the battle and we were left to ponder each and every action for minutes, his demon prince assaulted my Force Commander, getting hit by the stun effect first turn and then both leaders killing each other simultantously in the second combat turn.

A bloodthirster charged into the fray, to be cut down by the mighty power fists of my terminators.

In the end, it came to the last turn. I had 3 scoring units in the center and Paul couldn't get anything close. Victorious massacre to me and i'd rate this as the best game I had played this tournament for strategy and planning.

Game 4: vs Eldar
A Biel Ten army! 3 Squads of Warpspiders, 2 Squads of Dark Reapers, 3 Wraithlords with brightlances, 1 squad of rangers, 1 farseer with 5 strong seer council. No starcannons, so i can forgive him for the three Wraithlords.

So yes, 3+ armor saves again.

A close match, and actually pretty fun. The Captain managed to outdo himself, killing the seer council, the Avatar, a Wraithlord and the Farseer in close combat without taking a wound (his accompanying command squad was murdered to a man though)

Last turn came sooner than I had expected. I had thought it was turn no 5, it was turn no 6 according to my opponent :eyebrows: . We couldn't tell for sure since the turn counter dice had been picked up and rolled... I tried to use my Salamanders extra turn and failed, ended up as a 17-3 to my opponent, one extra turn would have probably put it 13-7 in my favour.

Game 6: vs Dark/Blood Angels
Urghh, what a horrible game. I was in envy of Owen Reese and his Tyranid opponent to my right, who were currently laughing away enjoying what sounded to be a great game.

My opponent did not have English as a first language.
He was playing a poorly painted Dark Angels army
He was using Blood Angels rules.
and then, army was cheesed to hell. Three Vindicators, three squads of 2 Landspeeder tornados. Death company etc.

He didn't take any blood rage tests on his units, I had to constantly tell him what rolls to make (he was trying to make 3+ saves against power weapon wounds). He came up with strange things such as 'my crashed landspeeder blocks line of sight to the other in the air'

In the end, I couldn't really be bothered to argue and my throat was raw from shouting loudly all the time. Game ended 13-7 to him because his landpeeders jumped into the objective last turn.

Overall, I did have a good time at the GT. Met up with Deinnon, Paul and those two guys from Malta who were pretty cool. Generally that outweighed the frustrations of a couple of bad games, especially when I had two great ones.

Next tournament though, I'll be fielding something different. Got my rogue AI controlled Tau army all planned :)

07-03-2006, 15:30
Aye, I had a guy that swore that it was turn 6 when I'm sure it was turn 5. He had 3 blokes making up 3 units left...so that may have been why, but since I wasn't sure myself I wasn't about to risk messing up what was an enjoyable game with an argument.

But the fluffy d8 turn dice did say 5! lol

green hell
07-03-2006, 19:17
Great report! Can you post some more pictures of your Salamaders? I play them also and love to see other players' armies.

Insane Psychopath
08-03-2006, 18:02
Fixer: Game 4, what was the Black Legion army like list wise. Yes I remember that army, really cool & has inspierd me for newer conversion for my Iron Warriors.

Well for those going to next year GT heats guess see you lot there.


09-03-2006, 20:43
well done my friend :)

Hope to see you next time with your tau army...it sounded like a good idea