View Full Version : The value of Quest and its parts?

19-09-2010, 16:08
So I had a look on eBay.....crikey, if they are not selling it for 200+ then its bit sellers flogging you a warrior token for 2.50 a pop!

Which got me thinking...poverty + Large amount of random quest junk = profit for BigRob. I havn't played Quest for years and in fact I only got it out of long term storage last week where it has been, attic bound, for the last 5 years.

Now my copy of Quest is well used but I still have most of it, Catacombs of Terror, WD bits and bobs, the fanatic "Pits and Traps" pack, all the Deathblow mags and a few warrior packs. The only things totally missing are the "official" models and the outer boxes (well,the boxes are totally knackered and I have loads and loads of models, but from lots of sources).

I'm terrible at these things at the best of times (my eBay tactic is bung it on for 99p and hope for the best) but is there a general worth attached to bits of Warhammer Quest? Should I consider bit selling or bundle selling and most importantly, am I a fool for even thinking it?

19-09-2010, 16:22
I have been militantly following all quest stuff on ebay since late April, early May so if you want a ballpark for what anything goes me then send me a PM and I will be happy to help.

Selling individually will probably get you more or at least attract more bidding wars. If you message me let me know what you have and what's missing in it's entirety.

If you are looking to sell then there is a few bits and pieces I wouldn't mind buying off you to complete my unfinished box set. Make sure you want to sell though as I regret selling all my stuff the first time round.

19-09-2010, 16:27
I saw three, complete, as new, character packs go for 101 each a couple of weeks ago on ebay.

19-09-2010, 18:16
I know they go for the stupid amounts new, but most of mine have had years of loving play, so while I have all three Deathblows for example, they are still well thumbed and creased from constant reading (although, the binding is still tight, unlike some of the more modern stuff GW print...)

Equally I only have the one original box for Quest and thats held together with various bits of tape so its hardly in good nick. Is the market just for the people who want a mint copy of the game to put in shrink wrap in the attic or people who don't care if its second hand, they just want the rules to play and enjoy the game?

Moblin Man
14-10-2010, 13:12
Almost makes me wish I still had my copy, I got it for my birthday on the year of release. And being only around 12 or 13 at the time, I was too young to look after my stuff properly, it was much more fun to play with, it didnt take long until minis went missing or got broke.

Still looking at the going rates on Ebay, I cant help but wish I had been a little more respectful of my copy.

14-10-2010, 14:00
Considering its well thumbed parts, well used cards and missing miniatures and components I got over 500 for my pile of stuff, 100 of that was Pits and Traps, 100 was the Deathblow collection and Catacombs of Terror, 200 was for my main box despite missing the adventure book and pretty much all the original minis and the other 100 odd was for the warrior packs I had, again mostly incomplete although having the proper miniature really boosts the price.

Just shows its popularity, one of my main reasons for selling now. Think about it, when it gets remade ala Space Hulk (which could easily happen) then the value of the old stuff will be gone! Now I have shiney new pretty things rather than a tatty old boardgame and a few magazines I never used.

Moblin Man
14-10-2010, 14:28
Wow congratulations, thats a pretty impressive profit over the original retail price. I think I'm going to have to adopt the Womble philosophy, and start hoarding all my junk on the of chance its one day worth something :D