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23-09-2010, 00:38
So my friends and I have decided that we would definately like to start playing (we already play Warhammer 40k and Fantasy) and Christmas time is definately a grand time to start. So we put together some 1000 point army lists after looking at the rulebooks. Can anyone give us some suggestions or tell us if we violated any rules?

High Elves (Mine):
-Spearmen x3
-Archers x2
-Silver Helms x3
-Bolt Thrower

Chaos (Adam):
-Chaos Warriors
-Chaos Marauders x2
-Chaos Knights x3

Lizardmen (Matt):
-Slaan Mage Palanquin
-Saurus x2
-Skinks x3
-Temple Guard
-Skink Shaman
-Cold One Riders

And also, we built a ton of army lists, and mostly what we found is that the Chaos armies are Waaaaay cheaper then both Matt's and my armies. Is this normal?

23-09-2010, 01:38
Chaos units cost a lot points wise, especially if he likes knights as much as he seems to. It's no surprise his armies will be smaller and therefore cost less in money. He will have issues with a small break point though, and only one character commanding both knights and footsloggers.

From what I can tell (I'm not checking everything against the rulebook as I go) all lists look valid. Did you use the lists off the GW site? One thing that triped me up initially is that some HE characters have had their points adjusted from the originally printed book (180 pt general, 90pt mage I think).

Cpt. Drill
23-09-2010, 01:39
The lists all look okay and they are all legal (as far as I can tell...) Although...

The Chaos list is really bad. I find it hard to justify two units of knights 2000pts let alone 3 in 1000pts. I really recommend taking more stuff in the army. I would drop the knights all together and instead take chariots they are half the price for a unit that hits as hard but is a little more fragile. Hounds are also really great aswell (I mean for 30pts they are great). You will need to worry about your break point with this army (When half your units are dead you lose). Oh and Harpies there is nothing more fun than flyers in warmaster!

I think the thing you should be most worried about with the chaos army is it doesnt allow for interesting stratergies on the board. I am pretty sure that every game will be decided by how lucky the knights are on the charge. If they do well they win if they dont they lose.

THe Lizard man list needs some quick tactical change. At first I looked at in and was amazed by how much stuff you managed to fit in. Then I realised you only have a skink shaman. The Slann doesnt command like other heroes he only helps his skinks with their orders. You definatly cannot run an entire army on a leadership 6 general. You really need some more skink heroes in the list.

Finally the High elves. This may sound really stupid but that army outclasses the other two hands down. I couldnt make a better 1000pts list myself. The High elf list is just stronger than the others and it can be really frustrating to play against for beginners. It has the key features of the best armies high leadership and decent knights.

Although you could make the army a tiny bit better by adding some eagles instead of the third unit of spear elves. It will add some great tactical flexability and help to stall your opponenets (Abusing the -1 command for enemy within 20cms by flying eagles around them).

Hope this helps!

A little while ago I wrote a mod for Warmaster to allow you to play much cheaper armies. It works really well if you are just starting out, it modifys the game slightly so it still plays exactly the same with a few differences. It will also reduce the cost of each of your armies alot and you will still be able to expand them to build full size armies.


Feel free to ignore the objectives part. This was the 1.0 version of the rules and we have since ditched alot of what was published in the first edition. Just check out the first page and a half. Stay tuned for 2.0 soon.

23-09-2010, 02:01
@ Gleep - Yep, got them from the GW site, mainly using the Warhammer Armies rulebook.

@ Cpt. Drill -

About Adam, he wanted his entire army built around Chaos Knights. He loves 'em, all other units were secondary to him. Just his thing I guess, though he may change his mind since this game is gonna need different tacticts then Fantasy /shrug.

About Matt's list, I dont think I fully realize the rules behind Hero's yet. Hmmm. Any pointers? How many heroes would you recommend? Again, like Adam, he wanted a centerpiece for his army. His centerpiece is gonna be Stegadons xD

About mine, thanks :D I didn't have a particular center piece like my friends, and was just trying to make what looked to my unexperience eye a balanced army, though the way they were heading I figured my best strategy was to play defensively, so I kinda envisioned a fortified box of spearmen and archers to hold back their Chaos Knights/Stegadons as long as possible. I figure I wont be attacking too much ;D

That Skirmish mod looks really neat! Im gonna definately have to check that out, though one of the big reasons we decided to start playing was to field Big armies, and that kinda restricts that.

Cpt. Drill
23-09-2010, 02:30
For the chaos guy if he wants knights let him have knights. I would suggest that you maybe play some proxie games with cardboard or when you have your armies change the compositions around. He is limiting himself quite alot.

Fot the Lizards I might drop the temple gaurd or maybe the Kroxigor (it pains me to say they are awesome...actually dont lose them) You just need to thumb the skink hero in there somewhere. Try switching out different units and putting the hero in instead. The Stegadon will make an awesome centrepiece for the army in in small points it could do really well. He might get dissapointed by all the heavy cav charging and killing it though (It will happen alot).

High elves are definatly the most offensive army there is. Your troops are much more reliable and in games where everyone only has one or two heroes your leadership 10 general will make such a big impact. It means you can reliably move your cavelry once or twice then charge aswell. If I were using your army I would hold my infantry up somewhere that is tempting for people to attack and then try and flank whatever comes your way with waves of cavelry. If Cavelry come for your infantry just retreat them into a wood.

For warmaster skirmish you are playing with smaller armies but while you are just starting out it allows you to play thousands of points for much less cost. Warmaster only gets better the more points you play (Up to a manageable size). 3000pts games are where its at in my opinion as one failed order doesnt ruin you, oh and massive armies look ace!).

23-09-2010, 02:37
Yeah, I think we're going to get together and play some test runs with counters. I'm just scared that playing with counters will discourage us from the game. It just wouldn't be the same without the models ;)

Hmmm, I'll ask him which he would prefer to get taken out. I admit, I also love how those Kroxigors look, I recommended them to him because he was admiring the Rat Ogres the Skaven had.

Thats exactly the strategy I had in my head, since I imagine Adam is going to be doing nothing but charging at my infantry with all those Chaos Knights. And I hear the High Elves have the best archers in the game, so the more spearmen meat shields the better :D

Cpt. Drill
23-09-2010, 02:45
High elves and dark elves both have awesome shooting. The Lizards could cause you some trouble maybe... But the chaos army will all come down to do their knights kill your knights.

Krox are one of the best units in the game, they are super powerful shock infantry I love the models too (Part of the reason I started lizards).

I can understand your fears for playing a trial game. There have a been a few systems we have proxied in the past and played a few trial games but then no one got that enthusiastic about. If you have the models then it kind of forces you to bare witha game and give it more time. I will warn you now that warmaster can be a really frustrating game to play. Bad luck at the wrong time will cost you alot of games and your failures can really strengthen an opponents position. This was why I expressed concern about the high elves maybe being too brutal to use while begining as they could put your friends off.

23-09-2010, 03:06
Ahh I see. Hmm.... See I have the problem in that I'm poor and going through High School, so I can't really choose to buy one army and then switch to a totally different one. So if I chose an army I'm gonna be stuck with it for a while. :/

In truth I was actually planning on getting High Elves initially for a while (say a half year or so) and then if we really like the game and really stuck with it I was going to add in Daemons of Nurgle and have two armies of sorts: Normal High Elves and then High Elves of Nurgle with a couple Daemons mixed in. But as I said, this was a far off in the future type thing. Not enough money to spread it around :)