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23-09-2010, 03:48
Just a quick question on buying Generals: I noticed that most units riding dragons and the like are called "Hero Riding Dragon" or something, so I'm assuming those aren't used as Generals. Do Generals come in the Character Pack, as I'm assuming Wizards do as well?

23-09-2010, 12:59
Monster mounts should be used aggressively to get their points value but if your general dies then you lose so most people do not put their general on monstrous mounts

24-09-2010, 04:18
So do generals on foot come in the character packs?

24-09-2010, 09:18
Yes for most armies

Nat B
24-09-2010, 15:34
As an example, the High Elf Command Blister I have contained:

3 Mounted Heroes
2 Foot Heroes
3 Standard Bearers (2 foot, 1 mounted)
2 Mages (1 foot, 1 'mounted' on a swirly cloud)
2 Guards (they look like swordmasters of hoeth)
1 Advisor (elf holding an open scroll [useful to model dispel scrolls])

Cpt. Drill
24-09-2010, 17:53
We find that as long as you mount your general on a slightly bigger base it doesnt matter what model you use. My Chaos general is just a single model clipped off the warrior stands mounted on a chariot.

For bases we were using pennies and two pence pieces for heroes and general but then we upgraded to 25mm round 40k bases for heroes and 40mm round bases for generals. It makes them easily recognisable at a glance and allows you to do some funky conversions.

25-09-2010, 03:27
Hey thanks, I kinda figured thats how it would be :D
Hopefully ordering our first couple of models tomorrow on account of a birthday, were gonna get the stegadon, a unit of saurus, and a unit of chaod warriors, as well as a rulebook off ebay