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23-09-2010, 15:35
Can anyone explain to me how monster with large bases work? All I can find in the rulebook is a vague mention of monsters with the Large Monster rule 'taking up the appropriate number of spaces'.
It doesn't explain how they move, and especially not how to determine how many spaces they take.

On a related note, am I supposed to put all monsters without the rule on a regular base, including cavalry and dragon ogres? That seems far too cumbersome and ugly to me to be a viable option.

23-09-2010, 18:18
What I have done with some rat ogres and ogres I bought is remove them from their full size base and put them on normal 25mm bases. Their feet stick out but they balance fine and because the squares on the board are larger than a base I can normally fit both the larger monster and hero within 2 squares like normal, even if the monster is sticking over a part of the heroes square (which happens with rat ogres but not ogres).

23-09-2010, 20:36
I want to keep them on their larger bases so that they are usuable for either 'Quest of Fantasy (or even 40k in the case of daemons) so I have taken the long winded approach of redesigning and building my own 3D tiles, though this is having some issues too. I'm making each tile bigger and making corridor sections wider to 3 squares (not really necessary unless you want to use really big models such as the Forgeworld Greater Daemons etc.

Anyway regarding your problem, I would move them as normal, one square = one movement (as opposed to one 2x2 square equalling one movement). All models in base contact can attack and be attacked and only one square of the monster needs to be visible to be hit by missile weapons.

Anything more specific in mind?

23-09-2010, 21:08
TBH the larger bases are fine, just be prepared for more warriors to be able to attack them. Now for monsters with the "Large Monster" rule this is no problem since they are destructive enough, but for ogres or minators its a death sentence.

In all my Quest experience I have never known the big monster have to really move at all because it will either have minions clogging up the space or be put right into action.

07-01-2011, 12:34
I like the multi square bases. It gives you more realism in game play. Of course, one minotaur 'blocks' a complete corridor, but I think this makes sense. If you want, give him the barge aside ability (automatically), this represents how he came into the light of the lantern. He is a fearful hulk of a man, to big for one square. ;)
In addition, I developed some secret corridor sections (one square wide), where can't follow because of their size. In times of scanning and printing it should be no problem to remodule corridors to 3 squares widthness.