View Full Version : Has anyone ever used an all magic party?

26-09-2010, 15:01
I am wondering how that would turn out.

30-09-2010, 21:23
Depends on the composition. Assuming your using different warriors your looking at (officialy) the Wizard, Warrior Priest, Elf Ranger Mage, Druid, Kislevite Shaman and so on. Most of them require the power roll to be good to work.

When there is a 5 or 6 every turn the good times keep comming but when that 1 comes up, the monster table gets nasty and you run out of healing potions the party will drop because of the lack of armour.

Once you have got to level 3 or 4 and you have plenty of power boosting treasure you will stand a better chance and its still going to be easier than an all warrior party who will run out of healing very quickly.