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30-09-2010, 20:48
The Tale of Fantasy Painters 2010-2011

So this is it folks. Finally after the long wait ….This is the thread where you can start to post your FINISHED WORK.

I hope this project has helped get you motivated to start painting your army … the trick is to keep going now and not loose that motivation. One of the things that helps is knowing there is a whole bunch of other painters waiting to see your work and then all the words of encouragement from your fellow painters. So don’t forget to leave a few words to encourage others if you have enjoyed their work.
However hold on for a bit so the thread starts with just posts of finished work for the first week. After that this thread becomes the normal thread for WIP shots and chat that the last thread has become. (So do post your finished work in that first week if you can so it does not become lost in a sea of chat and WIP shots).

Thanks to everyone who has answered questions or offered support or advice already on the last thread. It is great to see and exactly what has made this project such a success. So many are willing to offer support so freely as we all understand just how tough it is to find the time and motivation to get our stuff painted. So keep it up and lets try and get as many of us to achieve the goal of a completed army as possible.

A fantastic starting point with well over 300 painters having signed up to paint an army with us this year.

Can’t wait to see everyones painting.

All the very best,

640x480 seems to work best OR use thumbnails
Bigger than this results in the scroll bar of doom for many.

What is it all about?

The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to start and complete an army in the next twelve months.

We made a decision early on to split the Tale into two separate 'halves' one for 40K and one for Fantasy. (Just because of the numbers of people involved) They have continued to evolve in slightly different ways but this is how the Fantasy Tale works.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months. Starting with their first post on the last day of September 2010 and finishing with their last post on the last day of August 2011. So we have this month, whilst everyone signs up, to collect, build, convert, undercoat and otherwise get yourself ready to go with the first work in progress starting in September.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. That is 200 points for 10 of the next 12 months.

At the end of each month a new thread will appear for the painters to post your previous months painting and the rest of the painters to offer words of encouragement.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.
(Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end ... it's harder than you think!)

Men and Boys

Because this is harder than you would think ... As last year rather than try and hold everyone to 200 points a month I have decided to allow folks to join in and paint only 100 points a month. Whilst the goal for many remains getting a 2000 point army painted in a year the original and ongoing intention of this whole thing was to encourage and support folks to get stuff painted and 1000 points is better than no points! As a result we have two catagories. 'Men' (painting 200 points/month) and 'Boys' (painting 100 points/month).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : No you are not too late. Yes you can still join in. Just post on this thread saying which army and how many points you intend to paint.

Q : Can I paint more than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes (we are not here to tell you how and when to paint your stuff, it is great to get ahead) BUT we would like you only to post 200 points (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 200 points a month (200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc.) so as not to depress the hell out of those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes. But we try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example oif you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character?
A : This happens a lot. If your character was over 400 points you would simply paint him over two months (the sort of time your general deserves!) So You start posting him one month and post nothing the first month (unless you want to post WIP) then the second month you post the finished model and all the points get added on.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. We love background stuff. Write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.

30-09-2010, 20:49
The Painters:


[Glory]Jelmie - Dwarves
*SQUEE* - Ogre Kingdoms
*SQUEE* - Warriors of Chaos
AaronH229 - Dark Elves
Achillius - Orcs and Goblins (Goblins)
Ancre - Lizardmen
andrewdrexler - High Elves
Angelshade113 - Zombie Pirates
antin3 - Empire
Arduhn - Empire
Arkarn - Warriors of Chaos
arkle - Orcs and Goblins
artificial orange - Empire
AussieLauren - Warriors of Chaos
axel18 - Dwarves
Bael - Empire
Baggers - Lizardmen
basilbrush - Vampie Counts
BeatTheBeat - Orcs and Goblins
Ben - Bretonnians
BlakOrk - High Elves
Bliner - Bretonnians
BorderKing - Skaven
Bueno - Ogre Kingdoms
Bueno - Vampire Counts
cabowers - Warriors of Chaos
Caphalor - High Elves
Captain Brown - Empire
captainC - Orcs and Goblins (Orcs)
CaptainFaramir - Warriors of Chaos
Cathexis - High Elves
champion_wasabi - High Elves
chaoslordmassurgi - Warriors of Chaos
Chicken Pig - Warriors of Chaos
chilledenuff - Orcs and Goblins
Citizen Lame - Orcs and Goblins (Goblins)
CleverDrake - Vampire Counts
ClockworkCorsair - Dwarves/Chaos Dwarves
CodeKnight - Bretonnians
Colonel Cleric - Tomb Kings
commander of the marines - Empire
Commodus Leitdorf - Empire
Confessor_Atol - Dwarves
Conquest Miniatures - Warriors of Chaos
Conquest Miniatures - Dwarves
Cragum - Lizardmen
Crusius - Warriors or Chaos
cypherstone - Vampire Counts
Daesumnor - Skaven
daismith906 - Lizardmen
Darkshader - Warriors of Chaos
DarthSte - Empire
dax - Warmaster Nippon
Deadalus - Lizardmen
DeadInTheHead - High Elves
DeadInTheHead - Daemons of Chaos
devilboy202 - Vampire Counts
DiddyKong - Orcs and Goblins
DIStudio - High Elves
Doomseer - Dark Elves
Earthbeard - Warriors of Chaos/Daemons of Chaos/Beastmen combined
earthtremor - Skaven
ecwh070 - Tomb Kings
Ego Ninja - Orcs and Goblins
Elazar The Glorified - Vampire Counts
EmperorNorton - Ogre Kingdoms X2
EmperorNorton - High Elves
EngraDeathsword - Daemons of Chaos
Ephigy - Orcs and Goblins
Fabius Bile - Ogre Kingdoms
Faeslayer - Dark Elves
Falkman - High Elves
farnham - Empire
Fechik - Skaven
fluffystuff - WoC/Beastmen combined
Fredox - Orcs and Goblins
freebooter - Dwarves
Gambles - Warriors of Chaos
gaarwe - Vampire Counts or Dwarves
Gazak Blacktoof - Dark Elves
Gloryseeker - Vampire Counts
Griffonclaw - Dark Elves
Grimmjow - Dwarves
Halelel - Empire
Hammer49 - Warriors of Chaos
Hammer49 - Dwarves
Har666 - Warriors of Chaos
Harry - High Elves
Harry - Vampire Counts
haydnc - Orcs and Goblins
haydnc - Empire
haydnc - Dark Elves
huinipachutli - Lizardmen
huitzilopochtli - Lizardmen
Hypaspist - Tomb Kings
Idle Scholar - Skaven
Illuminus79 - Empire
Il Maestro - Dark Elves
Imp of High Noon - Skaven
Ironbreaker - Ogre Kingdoms
Ironduke - Warriors of Chaos
Ishivia - Ogre Kingdoms
Ister Flersson - Warriors of Chaos
jahorin - Tomb Kings
Jardain - High Elves
jason - Daemons of Chaos
Jerak - Warriors of Chaos
Jericho - Dwarves
Joseph Vintila - Warriors of Chaos
jostie - Beastmen
juicytomatoes - Tomb Kings
justicaren - Skaven
Ka Faraq Gatri - High Elves
kahunadave - Dwarves
Kaos - Warriors of Chaos
Kelik Ironleaf - Dwarves
Khorneguy - Dark Elves
KHoulbourn - Beastmen
Korkalis - Skaven
kormas - Ogre Kingdoms
krauti - Warriors of Chaos
kyussinchains - Ogre Kingdoms
Lainer - Dwarves
Lardidar - Ogre Kingdoms
Leaf - Wood Elves
lebenski - Warriors of Chaos
Leggo1927 - Tomb Kings
Light of the Empire - Empire
logan054 - Vampire Counts
lorcan - Orcs and Goblins
Lord Dan - Empire
Lord Dan - Vampire Counts
Lord of the End Times - Bretonnians
Lord of the End Times - Warriors of Chaos
Lord Shadowheart - Beastmen
Lord Shadowheart - High Elves
Ludamen - Dwarves
Lyrix - Skaven
Maglok - Tomb Kings
Malorian - Lizardmen
Malorian - Orcs and Goblins
Marked_by_chaos - Warriors of Chaos
Matrim_Cauthon - Warriors of Chaos/Daemons of Chaos/Beastmen combined
mccomma03 - Skaven
Menathorn - Bretonnians
Methusula - Lizardmen
Mich - High Elves
Mich - Orcs and Goblins
MindSlave - Warriors of Chaos
Moopy - Lizardmen
Mouldsta - Dark Elves
MrD29 - Vampire Counts
MrD29 - Lizardmen
mr estigins - Skaven
MrGrumpy - Wood Elves
MrMiscast - Warriors of Chaos
MunkeyKungFu - High Elves
Murdoch - Ogre Kingdoms
Necrothrall - Skaven
Nocculum - Empire
Oglog - Lizardmen
Paull - Bretonnians
perplexiti - Dwarves
Phaedron2 - High Elves
pjschard - Orcs and Goblins
pluch97 - Orcs and Goblins
pointyteeth - Beastmen
Providence - Lizardmen
Purplebeard - Dwarves
Queekvondrak - Vampire Counts
Rabid Bunny 666 - Warriors of Chaos
Raffe - Ogre Kingdoms
Ramius4 - Dwarves
Rangatank - Lizardmen
reddevil18 - Warriors of Chaos
Red Skullz - Vampire Counts
ReaperOfSouls - Skaven
Riceeman - Warriors of Chaos
Rikk - Daemons of Chaos
Rikk - Orcs and Goblins
Rutgar - Bretonnians
SamVimes - Orcs and Goblins
Sam Vimes - High Elves
Seraph74 - Skaven
Setha - Warriors of Chaos
shabbadoo - High Elves
Shadow Fall - Vampire Counts
Shadowmancer - High Elves
Shaft, Lord of Slaanesh - Orcs and Goblins
sharky 10 - Lizardmen
Shep - High Elves
sinnir - Dark Elves
Sinzaren - Dark Elves
Skipster - Skaven
Sliver - Skaven
Sniper_Killer - Empire
Solaaris - Skaven
someone2040 - Beastmen
sssk - Wood Elves
stephan harkon - Skaven
superawesomeraptorman - Beastmen
Tekore - Beastmen
The Black Wolf - Skaven
TheInsaneBastard - Orcs and Goblins
The Lost Hobbit - Empire
themasterofstyx - Beastmen
Thoras - High Elves
Tigerone - Empire or Orcs and Goblins
Tizz - Skaven
Tonny - Empire (possibly IoB down the line)
tristessa - Skaven
Tualarc - Warriors of Chaos
tw1386 - Skaven
Tzarinchilla - Skaven
Ujio - High Elves
unheilig - High Elves
Uriain - Dark Elves
vcassano - Warriors of Chaos
Vinsanity - Lizardmen
warflag - Orcs and Goblins
Wednesday Friday Addams - Skaven
Weemo - Dark Elves
Wulfen_OZ - Empire
Xanthrax - Wood Elves
Xasandra - Lizardmen
xsergg - Lizardmen
Zujara - Bretonnians


252nd Fire Dragoon - Orcs and Goblins
8bitMummies - Beastmen
Aenarion - Vampire Counts
akai - Forces of Order - (Empire/Elves/Dwarves)
Alex Under - Empire
arkle - Empire
Badgobbla - High Elves
Ben - Orcs and Goblins
Braad - Orcs and Goblins
Bueno - Skaven
Calibretto - Warriors of Chaos
Christophbs - Warriors of Chaos
Christophbs - Orcs and Goblins
Clobbersaurus - High Elves/Empire combined
coolwhip1 - Vampire Counts
Daniel36 - Wood Elves/Empire
Dark Apostle - Empire
Darnok - Dwarves
DarthSte - Skaven
Death Korp - High Elves
Desert Rain - High Elves
devilboy202 - Lizardmen
doc_cthulu - Empire
Doi - Ogre Kingdoms
Draco - Bretonnians
dwarfhold13 - Dwarves
Edahlo - Lizardmen
Ego Ninja - Skaven
Elfboy - Wood Elves
EngraDeathsword - Lizardmen
Enkiel - Ogre Kingdoms
Fredox - High Elves
Frgt/10 - Orcs and Goblins (Night Goblins)
gero_nz - Orcs and Goblins
Gnarph - Wood Elves
GuyLeCheval - Skaven
Halelel - Beastmen
Harry - Orcs and Goblins
harthag12 - Dwarves
harthag12 - High Elves
harthag12 - Orcs and GOblins
Harvey - Empire
Harvey - Orcs and Goblins
Harvey - Vampire Counts
Hilte2 - Bretonnians
Holyboy - High Elves
Jericho - Dwarves
Jericho - High Elves
Jericho - Empire
Kallas - Vampire Counts
kammek - Vampire Counts
Kayin - Empire
klatschi - Skaven
kormas - High Elves
kyussinchains - Orcs and Goblins (Goblins)
Lt Dougheim - Empire (Halflings)
Malakai - High Elves
McLucien18 - Dark Elves
Mike_the_magi - Wood Elves
Nabeshin1106 - Skaven
nkicik - Orcs and Goblins
nkicik - Dwarves
No-One - Orcs and Goblins or Skaven
NotMyIfurita - Bretonnians
Onidan - Dwarves
perplexiti - Lizardmen
Preacher - Lizardmen
Refven - Orcs and Goblins
Riceeman - Chaos Dwarves
richy376 - High Elves
Rik a Kadrin Kazad - Warriors of Chaos
Sidorio - Empire
Silentserpent - Vampire Counts
silverstu - Vampire Counts
simonN - Lizardmen
Son of Plunder - Warriors of Chaos (Tzeentch)
stephan harkon - High Elves
StormCrow - Dark Elves
Sturen - High Elves
the1stpip - Skaven
TheLordOfOwn - Empire
Tonberry - High Elves
Tualarc - High Elves or Orcs and Goblins
Vaiuri - Lizardmen
Vaiuri - High Elves
vcassano - Dark Elves
Waagghh_Logan - Warriors of Chaos
wolfy2194 - Beastmen
Wulf - Empire
Wulfen_OZ - Bretonnians


Jedi152 - Night Goblins (Boys)


Beastmen - 11
Bretonnians - 10
Chaos Dwarves - 1
Dark Elves - 13
Daemons of Chaos - 6
Dwarves - 18
Empire - 21
High Elves - 23
Lizardmen - 18
Ogre Kingdoms - 12
Orcs and Goblins - 21
Skaven - 27
Tomb Kings - 7
Vampire Counts - 14
Warriors of Chaos - 33
Wood Elves - 4
Zombie Pirates - 1


Beastmen - 3
Bretonnians - 4
Chaos Dwarves - 1
Dark Elves - 3
Daemons of Chaos - 0
Dwarves - 8
Empire - 13
High Elves - 16
Lizardmen - 7
Ogre Kingdoms - 2
Orcs and Goblins - 14
Skaven - 8
Tomb Kings - 0
Vampire Counts - 7
Warriors of Chaos - 5
Wood Elves - 4
Zombie Pirates - 0


Beastmen - 14
Bretonnians - 12
Chaos Dwarves - 2
Dark Elves - 16
Daemons of Chaos - 6
Dwarves - 26
Empire - 34
High Elves - 39
Lizardmen - 25
Ogre Kingdoms - 14
Orcs and Goblins - 36
Skaven - 33
Tomb Kings - 7
Vampire Counts - 21
Warriors of Chaos - 37
Wood Elves - 8
Zombie Pirates - 1

Forces of Order: 235,000pts
Forces of Destruction: 291,000pts
Forces of Neutrality: 40,000pts

30-09-2010, 20:49
So I shall start us off ..... and I can not think of a better mini to get this party started. :D


UNIT: Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Nagash, still weak from his death, realised that he needed his old magical artefacts to reassert his power, including his stolen crown. So Nagash forged a new hand to replace his missing one out of a warpstone alloy. Nagash’s attention was drawn North to where his crown now lay. The crown had been taken north into the Badlands, where it fell into the hands of Orcs who raided across the Black Mountains and seemingly disappeared. The Orcs were destroyed by Sigmar Heldenhammer and the crown was in his possession.

“Sensing its utter evil, the young Emperor had refused to use it and kept it under lock and key within his treasure vaults … So it was Nagash arrived in the lands of the nascent Empire and took up residence within the long abandoned ruins of the Elf city of Athel Tamara. This was to be his base from which he would scour the north in search of his crown.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Classic 5th edition Nagash. With a beautifully sculpted new face by Rikard and some simple repositioning of the arms and feet by me.

PAINTING: Undercoated black. Drybrushed Tin Bitz, Chainmail. Gold trim: Dry brushed with Tin Bitz, Brazen Brass, Shinning Gold.
Robes in Liche purple … what else.

BASING: … Not done yet but will be …. Gritty sand, painted scorched brown, highlighted with Snakebite leather and bleached bone mixes little stones painted black then dry brushed with greys with static grass to finish.

STILL TO DO: Some more work on the skin and the base.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Great classic mini, much abused but transformed with the new head. No lows just struggling to settle on the right way to paint the face and need to brighten some of the gold a bit.

POINTS : Nagash (475)
Not including + Sword (35) + Armour (100) + Book (100) + Staff (40)

I am not going to spread this guy over three months. I will claim him without magic items.
This will be my first two months painting.




30-09-2010, 21:04
Feel free to copy the above format for posting your work.
Or do something else :D

But this includes the sort of information we like to read about your work.

30-09-2010, 21:06
The Guardians of Albion, Knights of the Isle, Bretonnians from Albion.

http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/th_IMGP7167.jpg (http://s117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/?action=view&current=IMGP7167.jpg)
http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/th_IMGP7166.jpg (http://s117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/?action=view&current=IMGP7166.jpg)
http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/th_IMGP7165.jpg (http://s117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/?action=view&current=IMGP7165.jpg)
http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/th_IMGP7164.jpg (http://s117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/?action=view&current=IMGP7164.jpg)
http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/th_IMGP7163.jpg (http://s117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/?action=view&current=IMGP7163.jpg)
http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/th_IMGP7162.jpg (http://s117.photobucket.com/albums/o46/Menathorn/?action=view&current=IMGP7162.jpg)

The first month have been a hard one for me. Started Uni and didn't get as much time for the minis as I would have like. The bases of my minis are not done yet, but when the army is done, a year from now, you will see the bases with snow on them. I have been trying to figure out what I should cover the Men-At-Arms standard with, I would greatfuly take any suggestions to heart.

Next month will see some Knights up for grabs.

30-09-2010, 21:06

Wow, I'll be on page 1! Go for lurking on Warseer late evening. I was bitten by the painting bug bad this month and my wife was on lots of nights so lots of painting time (as the baby was co-operating!)
Army will be used in the upcoming league so better get painting pretty damn quick! (and then take it easy later in the year)


Deep in the Reikwald the earth shakes with the thumping of a hundred hooves, bestial howls and braying of a hundred warped throats and the barking of packs of hounds. Little does Altdorf know but a herd is gathering. Champions have fought, the shamans have spirit-walked far into the realm of chaos and a new BeastLord has been chosen and daubed his rune on the BrayStone. A new shadow is approaching the lands of the men Gawron a lowly wargor leads the vanguard spreading the flames of blood and terror driving his prey before him...

Gawron the Wargor with his bodyguard of 30 gors. 10 warhounds and a chariot in support and 4 minotaurs and a spawn to maul things.

85+80+55+60+265+272 = 817!! (Fear the enthusiasm of a new project)
(Please can you split me into Beastmen A - Mens and Beastmen B- Mens
So beastmen A = 417 points; beastmen B= 400 points and lets see how long this enthusiasm lasts for!)

I'm not a massive fan of the "red" beastmen so tried more muted tones and I think overall its not that bad an effort and at least I've got "proper" bases rather than the green flock I used for the Empire army (my first army)

I had great fun with spawn kit adding the tentacles/heads and stuff to Gors and the chariot pigs.
I'm particularly proud of Foe-render (squid head) though pehaps I got a little carried away as he looks better than Khazrak!

Mostly highs this month. Starting with new-found enthusiasm and should be getting first game with the army in a couple of weeks.

Gawron the Wargor

Big Block of Gors






Red Skullz
30-09-2010, 21:22

UNIT: Zombie Horde, Necromancer and Vampire Hero

Newly raised from a Stirlander/Moot coalition force.

This army is basically from my bitz box.
Zombie Horde: assorted figs, shooty themed
Necromancer: small conversion from a Bretonnian Pilgrim
Vampire Hero: Warhammer Quest Empire Noble

Basecoat: Black
Yellow: Iyanden Darksun
Green: Snot green
Skin: Snakebite leather, dwarf flesh, elf flesh
Then it`s dip with the darkest shade, then dull coat it, then gloss varnish on eyes and blood.

Gravel inked with chestnut then drybrushed with vermin brown.
Standard flock for grass

Zombie horde (112) + Necromancer (55) + Vampire (100) Total : 267


Next will be skellies!

Also working on a vamp riding a hell steed:


30-09-2010, 21:24

UNITS: 10 Glade Guard & 8 Dryads

BACKGROUND/THEME: The army is meant to be in a fall theme, my characters are lineage characters. Ive played a new wood elf army every edition and one the characters in this army is meant to be the granddaughter of a former Wood Elf Highborn. He himself was a grandson of a High elf Noble who arrived in Althel Loren with the first founding of High Elves that never left.

ABOUT THIS MONTH: Pretty standard build except I left off the neck bushes (as I call them) behind the Dryads heads cause I think they make them look to bulky up top. Other than that stock standard. But a good place to start an army is in the core.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Dryads with Delvan mud FLY OFF THE TABLE. I could do 20 in a week if i wanted. My Elven flesh is pretty crappy i need a new jar :shifty:.

POINTS : 10 Glade Guard - 120 & 8 Dryads 96 = 216

Ol' Dryads

Only 1,000,000 to go (I may be exaggerating)

Army shot so far

WIP for next month

Chicken Pig
30-09-2010, 21:44
Army: Warriors of Chaos, 200pts.

UNIT: 12 Warriors of Chaos, full command.

BACKGROUND/THEME: They are Chaos, they plan on destroying anything and everything they can. Currently an Undivided army, but the colour does mean that it may become increasingly Khornate in nature...

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box, with heads/weapons and shield for the command from the Knights box set.

PAINTING: Undercoated black. Drybrushed Mithril Silver, then coloured bestial brown and mechrite red. Devlan mud wash, then highlights of the base colours with bleached bone for further highlights.

BASING: Sand and static grass. Bestial brown rim, with codex grey up to pure white drybrushed onto the sand. Then static grass.

STILL TO DO: Probably will add a banner design at some point, apart from that nothing else. (just need to bulk the unit out in months to come).

HIGHS AND LOWS: Very glad to have finally painted something from the chaos battalion that I have seeminly had for decades. No lows, yet...

POINTS : 12 Warriors of Chaos, shields, full command =222 points.





30-09-2010, 21:51
Army: Warriors of Chaos, 2000 points

This Month: 10 Warriors with additional hand weapon, mark of khorne and full command

Points: 220

Total Points: 220

Painting: Armor involved alternating drybrush layers of Mechrite Red and Shining Gold, washed down with Devlan Mud then highlighted with a 50/50 mix of Mechrite Red and Shining Gold

Basing: Resin Lava Bases from 'Foundations of War' on eBay. Check out my blog to see various attempts at painting these, but in the end I settled on a burning rock look rather than flowing lava.

Whole Unit:


Second Rank:


30-09-2010, 21:55
Empire : 1000 POINTS

UNIT: 24 Swordsmen w. Full Command.

BACKGROUND/THEME: The Taalbaston tunnel rats. The men burdened with the the responsibility of securing the miles of tunnels that pierce the sheer perimeter of Talabheim are often referred to as tunnel rats. Their preference for the defensive combination of sword and shield over the more common armament of spear or halberd is due to the confined nature of their usual environment.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Swordsmen from the battalion set with a few interchanged parts for the command models.

PAINTING: Skin tallarn flesh, dwarf flesh, elf flesh, wash ogryn flesh. Red cloth base blood red, wash baal red, highlight blazing orange. White cloth base skull white, wash babab black, layer skull white.

BASING: Wash scorched brown, base calthan brown, drybrush khemri brown. Static grass to finish.

STILL TO DO: The banner needs a design.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Nice to get back on the wagon after crashing and burning last year. Great to not have to work out a painting scheme from scratch!

POINTS : 169

Harry, are we doing the dice rolling thing again?





30-09-2010, 22:06
Orcs & Goblins : 1000 POINTS

UNIT: 2 * 25 Night Goblins w. Full Command.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Slashnak's Stabbas. A motley gobbo crew with high aspirations, Slashnak led his tribe to join Skarsnik based on the promise of lots and lots of loot.

BUILD/CONVERSION: BfSP night goblin spearmen.

PAINTING: Skin dark angels green, snot green, goblin green, scorpion green.

BASING: Thick wash dark flesh, heavy drybrush vermin brown, light drybrush snakebite leather.

STILL TO DO: The yellows could do with a little more work.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Lots more of the little hooded beggars to come...

POINTS : 240





30-09-2010, 22:06
Army: High Elves

UNIT: 12 Swordmasters, including full command

BACKGROUND/THEME: The High Elf garrison of the Citadel of Dusk at the southern tip of Lustria.

STILL TO DO: Some details, especially on the faces and the various gems.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I like the gold. I don't like that the damn sand I used for basing got everywhere.

POINTS : 210



30-09-2010, 22:10
Army: Ogre Kingdoms 1

UNIT: 5 Ironguts, including full command

BACKGROUND/THEME: None, I'm afraid. Should at least think of a name for my tribe.

STILL TO DO: A bit of work on the shields and various other details.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I find Ogres relatively boring to paint.

POINTS : 290


Army: Ogre Kingdoms 2

UNIT: 5 Ironguts, including full command

BACKGROUND/THEME: None, I'm afraid. Should at least think of a name for my tribe.

STILL TO DO: A bit of work on the shields and various other details.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I find more Ogres even more boring to paint.

POINTS : 290


30-09-2010, 22:14
Army: Skaven, 200pts.

UNIT: Doomwheel & some Skyre War Machines and a Warlock

Background/ Theme : Still pondering this but I'm thinking a something like a weak Warlord clan being bolstered by the major clans who are trying to gain control by out doing each other.. but that may well change

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box

PAINTING: Doomwheel - Undercoated black, Bestial Brown wood, Bolt gun metal and Brazen Brass metal,Devlan mud wash there was a whole lot more than that but will edit in later.
Weapon teams - Sprayed with Army painter Leather Brown then painted up from there. Other colors used were Catachan Green,Graveyard earth, Scab red, Boltgun and Brazen Brass.

BASING: Flock and static grass. Snake bite leather rim.

STILL TO DO: A banner design on the doom wheel at some point although I fear free hand painting at the monent is a base green

HIGHS AND LOWS: I didn't have a lot of time this month and after grinding through 60 Clanrats last month I wanted to paint some fun stuff.
The Doomwheel really was fun to paint didn't really have a low as such which was great :)

POINTS : Doomwheel, 2 Warpfire Throwers, Plaugewind Mortar and a Warlock = 355 ( I'm over but it still counts as 200 points for the month in my mind)





Next month I want to finish off my albino Storm Vermin.. Rats of Nimh style.

30-09-2010, 22:18
Vampire Counts : 1000 POINTS

UNIT: 20 Skeletons w. Full Command.

BACKGROUND/THEME: The wakeful guard. Those warriors who have fallen to the count's armies are not allowed the eternal sleep of the dead, but instead are raised to endlessly march behind his gruesome banners.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Bog standard skeletons from the battalion set.

PAINTING: Wash graveyard earth, layer bleached bone, drybrush skull white. Metal paint black, wash woodland green, drybrush boltgun then mithril, patch drybrush bestial brown for rust.

BASING: Paint graveyard earth, wash scorched brown, drybrush graveyard earth, drybrush 1:1 graveyard earth:bleached bone. Apply scorched grass.

STILL TO DO: Banner needs an icon.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Rather pleased with the outcome, but not with the amount of skeletons I still need to paint. Damn you Mantic and your aggressively priced introductory offers!

POINTS : 240





30-09-2010, 22:24
Well I really should stop painting at night - these photo's could really do with some natural lighting.

This is for my Cult of Slaanesh DE army: Idea was to use pastel colours with a very limited pallette ofset with gloss to have a unique look and rather stylised.

Unit as it is consists of 18 corsairs, standard + champion, sea serpent standard. Total: 225pts.

Rik a Kadrin Kazad
30-09-2010, 22:25

UNIT: 30 Chaos Warriors with halberd and shield, here's first batch of 6.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Theese are the warriors of Storneve Trygvason (http://anarchy.bloodbowlleague.com/default.asp?p=pl&pid=1055), though that's probably no longer his pronounced name...

PAINTING: Undercoated foundation red (GW spraygun), painted in pink, red, grey and gold. Then some dippin at the end. KISS...

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box, but with halberds from the chaos halberd weapons pack (GW).

TO DO's: Might just have to do some minor detail touchups when all 30 have been finished, beein based and all.. When based I'll also use the opportunity to tone the shinyness down with matt spray, and also get the grass to stick better.

BASING: Not done yet but will be something unifying for the entire army, probably grass to keep it simple, or maybe not...

POINTS : 6x(15+1+1) = 102 pts
The standard bearer, beeing the army paint scheme test model, is not in the equation just yet, though he is finished too.

Next batch of 6 will include the unit champion:

Here's my WIP general, the new and improved Storneve Trygvason, with his helper "Ralph" the snotling:

A great idea this ToFP thingy :)

30-09-2010, 22:45
OGRE KINGDOMS : 2400 POINTS (MEN+1, Jokers, we don' need no steenking Jokers...)

UNIT: 6 Ogre Bulls.

BACKGROUND/THEME: My Ogre army is a tribe of savages, whose name sounds almost like Skullpluckers, but isn't quite. The name comes from a devolved practise they inflict upon the heads of their enemies (severed or otherwise) in order to remove the last remains of tasty brain before mounting the skulls as warnings to any other trespassers. Of course, the larger the victim, the easier it is. They are uncivilised and brutish, more so than any other Ogre tribe around, and spend all their time either fighting, growling in strange accents, and deep frying various races in order to find the perfect ending to a night of brawling, drinking, and 'brain removal...' The Skull(pl)uckers cover their faces in blue warpaint, with vivid white crosses, the origins of which remain a mystery.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box. Added battle damage to weapons, gutplates with a file.

PAINTING: Basic colours, foundation paints, vallejo extra opaques, foundry and P3. One coat and done. Washed with Devlan Mud, added facepaint, and highlights to metalwork. Will be covered in gore.

BASING: Scorched Brown/P3 Brown ink mix, drybrushed Vomit Brown, drybrushed Bleached Bone. Edges rimmed SB/P3BI, and topped with Scorched and Dead Grass.

STILL TO DO: Varnish the models before I add copious gore and bloodspatter, pick a standard top.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Doing them in two days.

POINTS : 270 (6 Bulls - Standard, Bellower, Ironfists)

Slightly over the 200 points limit, but this will be tempered with a few months of sub-200 work. I've made a list which will no doubt change, but it breaks down into 12 chunks, so that is one a month. (Changed already) Jokers are for girls. And people who need sleep.





I have since, repainted all the facial hair ginger, as, if you are going to rip into a racial stereotype, you might as well do it properly.

30-09-2010, 23:11
Army: Tomb Kings

UNIT: 12 Skeleton Heavy Horsemen, including full command

BACKGROUND/THEME: These poor sods were sitting around playing a game of bones when things went all pear-shaped with Mr. Nagash's treachery (see culprit above in Harry's ToFP entry). They were once the irregular heavy horsemen of the small Kingdom of Um and said things like "Join the army, they said. See the world, they said. I'd rather be sailing" and "Did you just eat an onion, Alman, son of Alcar, you dumb little twit?"


HIGHS AND LOWS: Army painter!

POINTS : 227




And for October, I will be painting these:

30-09-2010, 23:18
IoB mage:


Points: 100

Blue is foundation blue highlighted with enchanted blue, then with an asuramen blue wash.

The purple is liche purple highlighted with the foundation purple then with a black wash.

The base is gw snow flock, the flaoty magic stuff is snot green highlighted with scorpion green with a dark green ink wash.

The blue is a bit thick because I was originally going for a white scheme and I ballsed it up, but a fun mini to paint overall.

01-10-2010, 00:20
Army: Empire (Averland)

Units: 5 Pistoliers with musician, Outrider with repeater pistol. Warrior Priest with great weapon, heavy armour.

Background: Marius Leitdorf faked his death, he is alive. He has created the illusion of confusion and dissent amongst his would-be successors in order to goad his true rivals, the Alptraum faction, into an attack. What he didn't know was how powerful the Alptraums have become with the aid of their new rivals from Sylvania...Read more in my Averland plog.

Still to do: nothing now that I have the bases magnetized.

Highs and Lows: low for me was not getting my Knights done in time, but that's ok, they'll be done next time.



01-10-2010, 01:37
High Elves

2000+ Points

The young, rash elf prince Achellius of Chrace has won battle after battle, winning the hearts of the citizens of Ulthuan. The Phoenix King, however, finds Achellius to be impertinent, insubordinate, and lacking respect of the throne.
Achellius is eternally loyal to Ulthuan... but disdains the intrigues and politics of court life, and blames Finubar's lack of aggressive war campaigning for the decay and stagnation of the Asur. He acts without permission and against the will of the Phoenix Throne, and is only tolerated because of his popularity and successes on the field of battle.

Achellius, The Lion of Ulthuan. High Elf Prince.

Based on various wargear builds, Achillieus comes in close to 200 (sometimes more, sometimes less), so I'm calling it 200 for ease of calculation.

The Myrmidons of Chrace are meant to invoke the colors of the African savannah... only warm tones and neutral white will appear in the army (save for the bluish glints on their polished blades).

Achilleus is converted from a swordmaster standard bearer, obviously the head of a chaos lord of slaanesh, meant to complete the Achilles homage.

Greatly enjoy painting with metallics. I have had this color scheme in mind for a high elf army for 15 year... and have waited this long for proper models to wear it.

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs684.snc4/62391_1564323342325_1062610153_31636872_3791266_n. jpg

01-10-2010, 02:15
First off good luck everyone!


UNIT: Dwarf Warriors

BACKGROUND/THEME: As yet undetermined.

PAINTING: Wetbrush entire model with Boltgun Metal.
-Ink entire model with Black Ink.
-Dry brush armor lightly with Mithril Silver.
-Paint beards (various colors).
-Paint hands and faces with Dwarf Flesh.
-Ink hands and faces with Chestnut ink.
-Highlight hands and faces back up with Dwarf Flesh.
-Paint boots with Shadow Grey.
-Paint all clothes with Royal Purple.
-Paint Shining Gold.
-Ink Shining Gold areas with Brown Ink.

STILL TO DO: I may eventually add some more gold such as on the weapon runes. First I want to get the entire army to a fully painted stage where I can go back and add the finishing touches.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I've been doing great on the motivation end of this and have had more time than I thought to get things done. I haven't had any real lows quite yet (other than my poor photography). My biggest high has been the excitement of seeing my 45 Ironbreakers and 21 Longbeards beginning to take shape. I'm pretty happy as well with the unusual color scheme for my Warriors.

POINTS : 20 Dwarf Warriors with hw+shield and full command 205

My plog is linked in my sig if you feel like checking out the WIP stuff.






01-10-2010, 03:16
ARMY: Bretonnia

UNIT: 9 Men at Arms with Full Command(Will be a unit of 39), Damsel level 2 with Lore of Beasts and Prayer Icon of Quenelles

BACKGROUND/THEME: Bretonnians on a crusade in the winter.

PAINTING: Undercoated white. Damsels dress was painted red gore, then Blood Red. The recesses were washed with a small amount of Badab Black, highlights done with Vomit Brown then washed with Baal Red. Hair was Bestial Brown washed with Devlan Mud, drybrushed with Snakebite Leather and highlighted with Bubonic Brown.

Men at Arms were done with Vermin Brown armour washed with Devlan Mud, drybrushed with Snakebite Leather and washed with Grpyhonne Sepia. White was done building up Dheneb Stone, and red the same as the Damsels dress but with a wash of Devlan Mud after to dirty it. The Heraldry is from transfers I got off a friend which he says he got off ebay.

BASING: Mixed 50:50 water and PVA, added a bit of modelling snow to thicken it and coated the bases. Sprinkled more modelling snow over it while wet.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Very happy with the damsels and how the snow came out. Disappointed that the white is a bit blotchy, and that the camera I used didn't keep all the details! Wanted to get more Men at Arms done, but will have to continue them next month!

POINTS : Damsel: 130, Men at Arms: 72


(Sorry couldn't get a bigger picture, camera was being difficult getting just her!)


01-10-2010, 03:40
Yay, month one down!

First army up: Orcs and Goblins. Horntooth is the Warboss on a Wyvern, which naked is 320 points.

General theme: None really. After years of picking up one dungeon-crawler after another, and one Orc warband I built for Mordheim, I noticed I had enough O+G's for a whole army.

Which brings me to this months entry: Orc Warboss Horntooth riding a wyvern. The idea behind him is that he isn't necessarily the biggest orc around, but he's a bit more cunning, and thanks to his magical Golden Sigil sword, faster than all the other orcs, and that's how he keeps them in line. Both the sword and the army a trophies claimed from a butchered Chaos warrior.

Painting: Using Apple-Barrel paints (I'm a cheap-a** and I already have a whole bunch about), base-coat the wyvern Turner's yellow (A gorgeous yellow that's almost the color of very light tanned skins) mixed 50/50 with Teddy-bear brown (Yellowish brown). Apple barrel paints take at least 4-5 coats to cover evenly, so it's kinda a pain. Then shade the model using art inks, brown+black in this case. Reapply base-coat as highlight level 1. Then highlight up using basecoat and more Turner's yellow, then Turner's yellow with warm white. Pretty much all the colors for all the models follow the same general pattern of base-coat, shade, highlight. The blood and gore is simply red and black ink mixed in with 5 minute epoxy. Wait about 2 minutes before applying it to the model with a toothpick

Still to do: Nothing. I'm happy about that.

Highs and Lows: Well, with nothing but characters this month there isn't much to be low about!

Conversions: Horntooth is constructed entirely out of my bits box. His torso for the mounted version is the old 5th edition Chaos multiparts (Models that I dearly love purely to use as conversions). The version on foot's torso was from a space-marine that had some work done to make it look somewhat like the original (I thought I had two of those torsos, but I could never find the second). The tusks are from Beastmen horns. The Wyvern is just a straight up build of the Witch-Kings Fellbeast.


Everything for both armies for this month's tale.

Horntooth on the wyvern

Horntooth on foot.

Poor dead guy. Shows off the blood effects.

More picks in the plog linked in my sig.

01-10-2010, 03:49
And for army two:

Theme: Maidenguard army! It's made of less than 100 elves, so no-one can get me on that.

Model for this month: The Everqueen (just an archmage)! 225

Painting: Just the same as the orc, only with blue! The freehand pattern was done simply by drawing it with a light brownish-greyish color, and then highlighting it with small dots of color.

So...the model then ;)




Ego Ninja
01-10-2010, 05:46
Army - Skaven

This months painting - 2 Rat ogres, master moulder, shock prod - 138

Total so far - 138

I decided to paint the shoulder cloth as torn/ripping skin, I didnt like the idea of the Rat ogres going all hulk smash and bursting out of clothing!





Next month - The first block of clan rats!


Ego Ninja
01-10-2010, 05:50
Army - Orcs and Goblins

This months painting - 10 spider riders with full command - 160, 1 spear chukka with bully - 40

Total so far - 200

I like my greenskins bright!




01-10-2010, 06:34
Army: Beastmen

WHATS DONE FOR THIS MONTH: 20 Gors with full command, 1 minotaur.

STILL TO DO: I need to paint another 5 models to finish out the unit. I haven't painted the bases on purpose; I like to wait til the whole unit is done as I tend to forget what colours I used.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I'm really happy how the unit looks, but good god to I hate painting beastmen. Can't really put my finger on why that is though...

POINTS : 20 Gors with additional hand weapons and full command = 185pts; 1 Minotaur with Great Weapon = 63pts. Total painted this month = 248pts




01-10-2010, 07:02
I will check everyone's work later, but first, some of my pics:

Flagellants - 10 men strong
100 points

Background: My army is going to be a mercenary army, backed up by some of the locals, and probably some local militia as well. I originally didn't plan to use Flagellants (though I wasn't against them), but my wife came home one day bearing gifts, in the form of a lovely box of Flagellants. I am so happy she did, because it is now one of my favourite units to assemble and paint, and actually my first ever finished unit (though I am planning on adding at least another 10).

So these will be the local madmen that happen to skulk around the landscape and just happen to find their way amongst the ranks of the Mercenary Force.





01-10-2010, 07:03




01-10-2010, 07:04



And this is the reason why I number my little guys.
To avoid painful situations such as the one below! :D


01-10-2010, 08:15
Skaven 2000 points

Theme: I'm going for a scryre based army, with the exception of a mob of plague monks. Rusty metal and alot of skin, to give a more 'shabby rats' feel. Glowing warpstones to contrast the orange and beige, which I tried to keep quite neutral (not too striking, but not dull either.

This month: Battle standard bearer, Warplightning cannon, 4 frontrank clan rats and one jezzail team. 210 p without equipment for the character.

The clan rats are pretty straight forward from the IoB box.

The BSB is based on the IoB warlord, with a headswap (stormvermin head with 40k Ork warlord optics), vents to enlarge his left shoulderplate, vents and tubing to give him a more skryre looking halberd. As you might have noticed, the banner is missing (because I could not settle for a good way to paint it, so I'll wait and paint the banners together for better unity).

The cannon is based off an old dwarf cannon, with steam cannon barrel, doomwheel pilot crew and doomwheel lightning side parts.

The jezzail team is based of clan rats, one with a kroot rifle and the other with an orc shield and old skaven shield emblem.

Painting: Most of it pretty regular semispeed paint (well obviously I'm very slow even when I semispeedpaint anyhow).

The lightning side parts of the cannon got some extra attention, I'm pleased with how the warstone approach turned out.

The BSB was a different story, alot of glow from warpstone vents and runes, and quite some attention to the armour: Rough NMM glazed with burnished gold, then washed with a bluish green for an oxidized brass look. Put some extra effort into the rust, fur and robe aswell.

Ups and downs: The special effects of the BSB got my motivation up, which was really nescessary after some crucial issues with my matte spray varnish. Fortunatly, the critical damage was just done to some midrank orcs, but some cover up work was needed on about 10 models, some rats included. Quite horrifying, as my technique really needs a matte coat, and I'll have to spray really carefully not to frost my models the next time.

Enougth talking, pictures:

The BSB (banner yet to be finished)
Went for some glowing vents, runes etc, aswell as oxidized brass for the armour. Its not very visible, I'll try to get some better pictures when I'm in the mood.

The WLC (base yet to be finished)

The first clan rats

Jezzail team

01-10-2010, 08:50
-Dark Elves

- Dark Elf Expeditionary Army/Night Fighters
Sent forth to seek opportunity, riches and revenge. Sensing the ripples of change, Malekith decides that his Druchii need to increase their presence abroad in order to best take advantage. He gives this army strict orders to only operate at night, thus maximizing terror in the general populace and confusion in enemy generals. He especially has a keen eye on exploiting any weakness that might be found in the defenses of Ulthuan...
- My plan is for this army to feature (or be able to feature) everything in the Dark Elf Army book eventually. Prior to the ToFP starting I had painted 20 spearmen and a dreadlord as a start to this army.

Units for September

-10 x Repeater Crossbowmen (champion, musician) 110 pts
-Reaper Bolt Thrower 100 pts

Total - 210 pts

-Everything is right out of the box with the exception of the reaper base, made from cut up 25mm movement trays and grey stuff

skin - tallern flesh/ogryn flesh/elf flesh
blue cloth - mordian blue/asmuran blue/space marine blue
black cloth - undercoat black/charedon granite/badab black
armor - vallejo grey gunmetal & chaos black (3:1)/badab black/boltgun metal
spear shafts, crossbows - kehmri brown/devlin mud/bestial brown/desert yellow
reaper wood - charedon granite/devlin mud
leather - calthan brown/devlin mud/snakebite leather/tausept ochre
gold - tin bitz/shining gold/boltgun metal
other metals - boltgun metal/badab black/boltgun metal

High Points - Generally just enjoying the hobby and making some serious progress! I have given myself a nice buffer this month that I'll surely blow trying to bulk out my core troops...

Low Points - Having my kid's childrens music stuck in my head while I am painting late-night... Oh, and dropping my sorceress onto a tile floor on my way outside to varnish her - grrrr. On the plus side she only needs a few repairs and she is done, she will be my ace in the sleeve when my painting time starts drying up!


01-10-2010, 09:17
Vampire Counts 1000pts

UNIT: 10 skeletons

BACKGROUND/THEME: Necromancer based, a risen army from distant tilea. I'll expand more when I know.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box.

STILL TO DO: Bases (next month list)

HIGHS: Knowing I'd painted half a unit, only took a few days.

LOWS: Putting them next to lots of bare plastic


I realise these are only 80pts, I will make up with the points next month i think with a necromancer

01-10-2010, 09:41
Well I signed up with the best intentions. My girlfriend wanted to play fantasy, but wanted a painted High Elf army so I decided to paint one for her. But after discovering the Dwarfs in my old BfSP box she decided that she wants to learn to paint "the Garden Gnomes."

I'm actually quite excited that she's taken an interest in learning to paint herself, and she's even bought the Dwarf book and reads the background stuff. The only problem is I have no intention of painting a High Elf army for myself at this particular time. After some discussion with her I decided to make it a more realistic and classic match up and chose a new army of Skaven to battle her Dwarfs with.

Unfortunately this means that I will be dropping out of the competition with all the shame that it entails. However I did finish one test model. I put it in my plog, but I'll show it again because it took me ages and I don't want to go out looking like TOO much of a punk. :shifty:

Again sorry fellas, maybe next year. And if I do decide to do the 2012 one I will definitely make sure and prime my models BEFORE August when humidity around here isn't so horrible!




01-10-2010, 09:51
Army 1
-Ogre Kingdoms

So i first got into fantasy 13 years ago when i was 11 playing skaven, played til i was about 15 (although was never a very good painter/modeller) then took a break for a while.

I got back into it about a year ago after finding my old skaven, looking for a new army i was instantly drawn to the Ogre Kingdoms, this was back in 7th when they were not great and so you could pick them up very cheap on ebay, i managed to get roughly 3000 pts of Bulls, ironguts and Leadies for about £60 from various sellers!!! all unpainted, i've converted every model (even if only slightly) but have needed some drive to get them painted and finally improve my skills!

Units for September

Slave Giant - 175 pts
Ogre Bull, light armour, irong fist (test model, not 100% finished) 43 pts

Total - 218 pts


Converted to have 2 ironfists, the whole unit is converted in this way, i like to see my bulls as brawlers, in game can be used as HW + IF or 2 x HW

skin - Ice Blue + Denheb Stone base coat - Light Ice Blue wash then highlight up to denheb stone
armor/Irong fists - Black drybrushed with boltgun metal then tin bits, then badab black

Giants skin is denhed stone, highlighted with white

High Points - Glad to finally get some paint on these, love the giant model, was a pleasure to convert/paint

Low Points - the mrs saying i'm spending too long on painting!

The Giant:

I like the gnoblar hanging from the shackles







Sorry bout the lighting, will try to get something better sorted for next month

01-10-2010, 09:54
Ogre bull:





01-10-2010, 11:01
Warriors of Chaos

2000 Points

Not much done except it's mostly a Khorne Warband.

10 Warriors of Chaos with extra hand weapons and Mark of Khorne makes 220pts.

Extra hand weapons are magnetized so I can switch to shields.

Still to do
Painting those shields...

Really like the look of these models. Best rank and file troops I've ever painted.

Takes a very long time to paint compared to my Space Marines. Also I'm not fully satisfied with the head of the Champion.



01-10-2010, 11:14
Army 2

Vampire Counts

This is my "Zombie Griffin" i.e. Abyssal Terror ready for my Vampire Lord

200 pts

The Base is not quite finished, mainly because the flying base has snapped of inside the griffin, but will be sorted for next month so will post an updated photo then.







Also the tail needs finishing, will have a skeltal end, and an arrow is missing from the front left hand breast

Ister Flersson
01-10-2010, 11:15
Warriors of Chaos (WoC) : 2500 POINTS (MANLY MEN)

UNIT: Exalted hero

BACKGROUND/THEME: Red, is the theme I am going for here. Red and juggernauts. You will likely see this in most models in the army :P :)

BUILD/CONVERSION: The juggernaut itself is quite unconverted with the exception of a saddle made from green stuff. The rider has the legs of a chaos knight, the torso of a marauder and the head of a warrior. Really simple kit-bash. It was surprisingly easy to fit the knight onto the juggernaut, just a little gap filling with green stuff was rewuired. It helped alot that the legs are separated on the knights.

PAINTING: Undercoated black. Drybrushed boltgun metal, then mithril silver. Washed with badab black.

The red parts were then painted in several layers of skorne red (hehe, skorne for khorne), which was highlighted by adding succesively more white to it, and shaded by adding black to it. This was then washed several times with baal red. A thin line of badab black was added to the very darkest parts of the model.

The brass trim was basecoated tin bits, followed by a highlight of rhulic gold. This was then washed with devlan mud.

The skin was basecoated with idrian flesh, followed by idrian flesh mixed with dwarf flesh, followed by dwarf flesh, followed by dwarf flesh mixed with elf flesh.

BASING: Made slightly more interesting than the standard "brown with bits of green"-base by the addition of grey rocks and two different colors of static grass.

STILL TO DO: Roll lots of sixes.

HIGHS AND LOWS: This was a great miniature to paint. The most boring part wouyld have to be basecoating the red though. There is alot of red on it, and it took two-three layers at least to get a smooth finish. The best part was the highlighting. Seemed like paint just flowed onto the model.

POINTS : Exalted hero with mark of khorne on juggernaut with flail 179 points, plus 0-75 points of magic items and gifts.

http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/3848/p9040010.jpg (http://img641.imageshack.us/i/p9040010.jpg/)
http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/2995/p9040011.jpg (http://img245.imageshack.us/i/p9040011.jpg/)
http://img816.imageshack.us/img816/8865/p9040012.jpg (http://img816.imageshack.us/i/p9040012.jpg/)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)

01-10-2010, 11:20
3 rd Amy

Skaven - Boys

This is going to be a long project, but i am updatign my old monopose and monkey rat skaven army,

this month i have done two warlord mounts, my war litter for 35 pts and my rat ogre bonbreaker for 65 pts = 100 pts







01-10-2010, 11:23





The Lost Hobbit
01-10-2010, 11:48
When I signed up I didn’t realise how hard this would be and I’ve fallen short of the 200pts this month. I have, however, painted just over 100pts and so I’d like to switch to the boys category if that is allowed. I don’t want to give up on the project altogether (especially so early on) but I will have to adjust my goals slightly.

UNIT: Empire state troops with handgunner detachment.

PAINTING: These guys were painted Dheneb Stone and Codex Grey following Dark Apostle’s Empire colour scheme. DA’s step-by-step was extremely helpful in getting good but fairly quick results and can be found in his blog.

BASING: Scorched Brown followed by Bubonic Brown and then Bleached Bone. Clump foliage and Mini-Natur grass clumps were then applied. The rims are Graveyard Earth.

STILL TO DO: Hopefully next month I will be able to double the unit size of each regiment.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Great models to paint but some of the detail was a little ‘soft’. The hair in particular was hard to paint as on the sculpt it is little more than a shapeless blob of plastic and so lines had to be carefully painted on in order to simulate hair.

POINTS : 10 State Troops w/ halbers and full command = 70pts
5 Handgunners = 40 pts
Total = 110pts

http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2010/10/1/144101_sm-Empire%2C%20State%20Troops.JPG (http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/144101-Empire%2C%20State%20Troops.html)

http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2010/10/1/144103_sm-Empire%2C%20State%20Troops.JPG (http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/144103-Empire%2C%20State%20Troops.html)

http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2010/10/1/144102_sm-Empire%2C%20State%20Troops.JPG (http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/144102-Empire%2C%20State%20Troops.html)

http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2010/10/1/144104_sm-Empire%2C%20State%20Troops.JPG (http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/144104-Empire%2C%20State%20Troops.html)

http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2010/10/1/144100_sm-Empire%2C%20State%20Troops.JPG (http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/144100-Empire%2C%20State%20Troops.html)

01-10-2010, 12:01
I thought at first I would paint a unit every month but halfway through I realised I would lose interest.

Instead I have decided to paint models from a mix of my units.

So for the first month we have

- 6 Chaos Warriors 96 pts
- 3 Forsaken 54
- Exalted Hero of Chaos with Mark of Khorne 125 pts

Total = 275 pts
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs347.ash2/62727_10150093001354972_692009971_7372839_3151767_ n.jpg
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs687.snc4/62743_10150093001339972_692009971_7372836_3227275_ n.jpg
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs027.snc4/33713_10150093001269972_692009971_7372835_5108237_ n.jpg
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs347.ash2/62727_10150093001344972_692009971_7372837_4143645_ n.jpg
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs347.ash2/62727_10150093001349972_692009971_7372838_3555239_ n.jpg

Son of Plunder
01-10-2010, 12:31
Cool! I especially enjoyed the ogre giant and marauder-liken guy on juggernaut
Keep on trucking!

Lord Shadowheart
01-10-2010, 12:40
Army 1: High Elves

Isle of Blood Prince on Griffon 350 Points
I messed up the wash on the lion half of the griffon, the Devlan mud wash ove rthe Taucept ocre came out a bit funny, going to do the 2nd griffon a differant way to this.
Overall I quite liked painting him, tis a very nice model, jsut not sure if I'll ever use him in a game, anyone got a decent lord on Griffon set up?


This month I'll probably be doing these lovelies, I have 5 more that still need assembling, they're going to be 1 big unit of 10:


Army 2: Beastmen

Razor Chariot 145 Points
This will be carrying over into next month, the chariot itself is pretty much done, the Gor crewman needs finishing off though, and it'll have a Beastlord riding it also. Started converting this back when the beastmen army book came out, won't be as good with the new rules though, no more -1+ armour save and no more exceding 10 attacks. The base is the Lava base made by foundations of war, but as (a) I'm not very good at painting fire and (b) it would just look silly having a wooden chariot riding through lava, I just based over the lava effects with scorched grass.


This month I'll be doing the Beastlord thats going to be riding the chariot, along with the Gor Crewbeast, and probably some ungor raiders as well.

01-10-2010, 12:55
I painted up my 400 points of elves, but because I sold my orcs and goblins to pay for school I wont be able to paint up the 400 points of them :cries:

Here's what I managed to get done, 24 phoenix guard. The pictures could be better, but i'm working on it.


Fabius Bile
01-10-2010, 13:30
So, here we are again! Looks like people are keen, we're up to 3 pages of posts on day 1 already - I hope it lasts.

Army - 2000pts (+) Ogre Kingdoms - "The Blood Drinkers Tribe"

Unit - Bulls (inc Command) - first 4 of 12

Theme - Blood, loadsa blood in all it's various shades!

Build - Nothing fancy here, as these are effectively my paint test for the rest of the army.

Painting - Black primer - flesh basecoated with Hormagaunt Purple, shaded with mix of basecoat and varying amounts of Graveyard Earth and Bleached Bone, with heavy washes of Devlan Mud. I used GW's recipes for rust and blood and gore, with the freshest blood using Humbrol 1321 Clear Red. The dripping blood is the Humbrol clear with UHU glue mixed in and applied with a cocktail stick.

Bases - Graveyard Earth, wash of Devlan Mud, GY Earth highlight, then patches of static grass showing through a covering of snow, and MORE BLOOD!

Highs - these were a fun start to the tale - the banner was a lot of fun, as you can see.

Lows - The huge unit of Gnoblars waiting for me this month (that aren't even half the month's points! AAAAAARGGGGGHHHH!).

Points - 4 x Bulls = 140pts
4 x Iron Fists = 20pts
Full Command (inc Lookout Gnoblar) = 55pts

Total - 215pts.


01-10-2010, 14:39
I need to use my joker. I went with GF on a last minute vacation to Spain in September and haven't finished my 200points. I am confident that 1 november I will have 400 points of Painted Empire. ;)

I like everything I've seen!

Well done!

01-10-2010, 15:45
Wood Elves : 1000 POINTS (Boys)

UNIT: 5 Wardancers w/Bladesinger

BACKGROUND/THEME: Victims of the slaughter that took place during the The Betrayal (in which Durthu and Drycha attempted to prevent Orion's resurrection), the Guardians of the Shadowglades are a Talu kinband of Asrai that have taken vows to maintain vigil over the borders of the Wildwood where Durthu and his followers have been imprisoned, and to mercilessly expel all trespassers in Athel Loren in the hope that the collective will of the forest fully embraces the presence of the wood elves.

BUILD/CONVERSION: A bit of repositioning/bending for the "flying" wardancer.

PAINTING: Undercoated black. Skin - tallarn flesh/elf flesh/bleached bone mix. Loincloth - Black/scorched brown/white mix, kommando khaki added for highlights. Hair - Variations on blue and green mixes.

BASING: Black/scorched brown basecoat, light drybrush bleached bone. Static grass and 3-shade clump foliage.

STILL TO DO: Another wardancer and a musician to finish the unit. Some touch ups, such as bringing out the gem on the bladesinger gloves and any other details I'm not happy with. Sword handles, struggling to pick a colour.

HIGHS: Talismanic tattoos, I'm pleased with how they came out, and fun to do. Painting lots of skin was a nice change from painting the less naked glade guard and glade riders.

LOWS: Not a big fan of the sculpts, some irritating irregularities, especially on the faces.



Next month: Spellsinger
Dice roll: 5

01-10-2010, 16:59
Great Work so far! I'm dying to comment, but I'll keep to the WiPs for now.

Army: Lizardmen
Boys: 1000pts
Unit: Engine of the Gods

No pics as I've just done the base skin of the Steg, very boring! Since I'm painting this guy over a few months I'll post WiP shots and highs/lows when it gets more interesting!

Army: High Elves
Boys: 1000pts
Units: 15 Lothern Sea Guard and 21 Sword Masters

Build/Conversion: LSG are Spearelves with charioteer heads, I also used the chariot banner. Back rank is yet to be finished, these guys havent really progressed since my WiP photos earlier this month, hence no new pics. The SMs are straight out of the IoB box.

Painting: My army theme is red and white, so I did all the cloth the same way on both units. White goes from Deneb Stone adding Skull White to blend up. Red is a mix of Scorched Brown/Red Gore/Basecoat Red (cant remember the name) adding Red Gore to highlight and Blood Red for super highlights (missing on the Sword Masters, I felt they were 'super' enough!). Silver is from Dwarf Bronze then brought up with Chainmail and Mithril. The gold is a combo of Tamiya and Vellejo paints, the recipie discussed in the WiP thread:


The gems are all from Hawk Turquoise, the LSG unit have some from Regal Blue but the Turquoise 'pops' a lot more, I think I'm going to stick with that. Unfortunately this made the SM banner look a bit dull - I'd done that from Regal Blue. To make it tie in with the gems I blended from the Regal through to Turquoise towards the base of the banner. I had early sunrise in mind doing this and may paint a few tiny stars near the top of the banner.

I'm thinking of doing the bases quite pale, but any imput here would be appreciated, I'm terrible at basing models :(

Still to do: Finish the back ranks of both units. Bases.

Highs: The SMs, I love them!

Lows: The LSG, they arent SMs... I'm being a bit unfair here, its a nice enough looking unit, it just pales in comparison to the SMs! I'm planning to bulk the LSG/Spearelf unit up to around 25, I think this will help the unit look better, at 15 it seems a bit lost right now.

Points: Complete 395points To finish 170points

At this stage I realise I've gone WAYYYYYYYY over budget, but knowing me, I'll need the jokers later. Here's the pics!

01-10-2010, 17:32
This month I have been painting ten skinks skimrisher(80 pt)
and one saurus warrior811(pt)
and one saurus musican(17 pt):
Total: 108 pt.


01-10-2010, 17:44
Oglog, Lizardmen, MEN

UNIT: Stegadon

BACKGROUND/THEME: A special spawning of lizardmen (yellow ones). I loved the fluff of a certain lizardman spawn in WD300, so in the future, I will be posting up that.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Not much conversion but the base is scratch build mainly green stuff with plenty of water effects (this takes soooo long !!! ahhh!). Otherwise its just build straight out the box (why tamper with such a good model?)

PAINTING: Sprayed white. Yellow is: golden yellow>sunburst>white. Blue is ultramarine blue>white. Obviously this is not finished but I will say the stegadon is 200/235 finished (AH you say! what a convenient fraction, thats 200 points, perfect!.....:confused::shifty::eyebrows:)

BASING: Yeh, pretty crazy greenstuff/ water effects. I admit this a complete ripoff of fluffystuff's SUPERB lizardmen bases, and he has executed them much better but I also wanted an excuse for using citadel water effects

STILL TO DO: Finish the stegadon...durr:eyebrows:

HIGHS AND LOWS: Nice model, happy with painting SO FAR. Very pleased with base. low: NEED TO FINISH THE DAMN THING

NEXT MONTH: Finish the stegadon and Saurus warriors. Oh and maybe a skinky surprise !

POINTS : Stegadon which is roughly 200/235 as a fraction of how finished it is....oh... thats 200 points!


also, I really love what I am seeing so far, thumbs up to Mich for using the NICE metal PG.

thanks, and here are the photos:

01-10-2010, 17:55
This is the start of my Ogre Kingdoms army which I've had since the start of the year.

Just a pedestrian unit of Bulls to get things started which completes the 200 points requirement. :)

01-10-2010, 20:01
This is my Stegadon which is going to be a Engine of the Gods, rocking in at 390+pts.

01-10-2010, 20:22
Here be Tzeentch Knights. Im still unsure of their bases... I think that when i have finished the whole army I will go over my army and add more stuff to the bases.

Anyway these guys are with the Blasted Standard clocking in at:


Next month the Nurlge Ogres will be based and finished.

WIP and other finished stuff is in my plog, linked below in my sig.


01-10-2010, 23:51
Great Scott!! Month 1! Skaven! Men's category!

This month is sort of a stopgap. I was preoccupied with finishing my marines for a tournament and have fallen back to painting my lord over two months, so without further ado I give you...

Verminlord - Part One!




To do: I'm a bit undecided as to whether the base is too light - especially when I have hordes of clanrats on it.
I also need to finish up with highlights and all that.

Background fluff is still undecided. It needs some levity in there though. I mean, walking talking rats!

In the pipelineI have some clanrats in progress that I'll snap for you throughout this month, to prove I'm not a one model wonder! Also, I'm freewheeling through the painting of my doomwheel!

Next month: Finished Verminlord, WIP Clanrats
Month 3: Finished Doomwheel, Ratling Gun.

That's my plan! So far anyway...

01-10-2010, 23:58
Wow guys, some impressive first month submissions! Good to see such... well, I'll save it all for day 7!

Warriors of Chaos : 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: Outcasts of Malal - 18 Marauders with Great Weapons, Full Command, and the Mark of Malal the Destroyer (Khorne)

BACKGROUND/THEME: Malal is a harsh God. The Renegade, the self-loathing, the paradox. He has few followers, but to some he represents the great revolutionary. The followers of Malal believe that he is both sides of the same coin – black will become white, day will become night, the powerful will become weak, and the weak will become strong. Malal is the God of renegades and outcasts. Many of his followers do so through their hatred of the Chaos Gods, making any vows and sacrifices the renegade God asks of them to destroy the Greater Gods. Fanatics, and flagellants, commoners, thieves and the insane belong to the cult of Malal, and he welcomes them all to his fold. Few last longer than their first battle, offered as sacrifices in the futile war of Chaos against Chaos.

MODELS: Classic 5th edition Marauders with Great Weapons.

PAINTING: Black and White armour, helmets, shoulder plates and details to represent the divided symbol of Malal (Chaos Black, with Codex highlighting and Bleached Bone with Skull White highlighting - simple as!)

BASING: A few stones from a pet shop, pinned on, and my first attempt at snow basing (really pleased with it actually)

STILL TO DO: Just the banner... and 15 more marauders to fill out the unit to 33.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs: these models are absolutely beautiful especially the Chaos Hero now masquerading as a unit Champion (he will partner Wulfric well). Painting them was an absolute joy! Clean lines, and very nicely proportioned - more so on the 25mm bases I found for them as opposed to their rather cramped 20mm original bases.

Lows: Not being able to paint the full 200 (have had to paint up 20 High Elf Spearmen and 10 Swordmasters for the Autumn Skull Throne tourney next week) and wasting half a tub of snow flock trying to get a consistency I was happy with.

POINTS : 18 Marauders with Great Weapons, Full Command, Mark of Malal the Destroyer (145)

02-10-2010, 02:31
High Elves : 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: Mage from IoB

BACKGROUND/THEME: No real theme right now, but I am thinking that the High Elf Army is going to be an Army defending Ulthuan or an elvish settlement from attack.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Standard IoB mage for the High Elves

PAINTING: Undercoated black with the Dusting of a White on top of it. Turquoise Robes built up from a 2:1 mix of Regal Blue and Hawk Turquoise. The white Robes were from a Space Wolves Grey base. Ball of Magic is built up from Liche Purple.

BASING: Not Done, but that will be left until the end when I have decided fully how I want to base the entire army, I want it to be able to consistent looking army.

STILL TO DO: Pretty much the base but I am not doing the base on any of the models until I get an army finished

HIGHS AND LOWS: High of getting the cloth parts to a point that I am happy with in a quick amount of time, the 15 -16 layers of grey on the headdress. Low of painting the metallic bits, dear god do I hate painting metal. thats why I picked high Elves because I feel I have to make myself a better painter and forcing me to work on a weakness is one way for me to become a better painter. I also managed to paint this in 2 weeks despite painting the majority of a 2400 point army in the first 2 weeks of September and starting painting up something for the FLGS

POINTS : lets say 175 because I am not building to an army list, just based on what I feel fits at the time.




02-10-2010, 02:34

UNIT: Kapral Stewardson’s Redemptors

BACKGROUND/THEME: Due to a rising threat within Brass Keep, Kapral Stewardson has been directed to lead the group of derelicts known as the Redemptors. These men are outlaws and lawbreakers who have turned themselves in so that their service to the military can clear their debts to the Empire. For many of them, they fight to survive not only on the field of battle, but to avoid the gallows.

BUILD/CONVERSION: The only real conversion work worth noting is all the kit bashing I did to ensure that no two guys looked the same. There are parts from Zombies, Flagellants, Chaos Marauders as well as several different Empire boxes.

PAINTING: Undercoated light grey. Codex grey was used to cover all of the clothing, before I began picking out details with Desert Yellow, Kommando Khaki/White (2:1), Bleached Bone, and Snakebite Leather. Areas were washed with Delvan Mud and/or Badab Black. To tie them into the rest of the army, I added a small amount of blue to every model.

BASING: Not done yet but I will try to do a muddy battlefield look to match my terrain pieces, so I will be using Scorched Brown and Brown ink with very sparse green flock.

STILL TO DO: The bases and finish up the last 5 of the unit.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I hate batch painting, especially with so much variety in a unit. Granted the depth of variety was self induced because I wanted them to look very much ‘thrown-together’.

POINTS: 10 Middenland Free Company (50)

http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/th_DSC_0005.jpg (http://s908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/?action=view&current=DSC_0005.jpg) http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/th_DSC_0004.jpg (http://s908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/?action=view&current=DSC_0004.jpg) http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/th_DSC_0006.jpg (http://s908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/?action=view&current=DSC_0006.jpg)

UNIT: ‘Lions Roar’ (Mortar) and Master Engineer Philippe Continni.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Emperor Karl Franz ordered Master Continni to take a contingent from Nuln to lend support to Boris Todbringer’s beleaguered forces protecting the passes near Brass Keep.

BUILD/CONVERSION: When I received the mortar there was no crew, so I had to sub in an old Helblaster crew. The model representing Philippe is an older model that has had the bird and “bombs” added in case I ever want to use Pigeon Bombs.

PAINTING: Undercoated black. Black clothing is dry-brushed Codex Grey, then several washes of Badab Black. Hose is Fortress Grey. The red I primarily used for details is Red Gore.

BASING: Not done yet but will be try to do a muddy battlefield look to match my terrain pieces, so I will be using Scorched Brown and Brown ink with sparse green flock and a few bushes or rocks.

STILL TO DO: The bases.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I am very happy with how this method of painting worked and how nice the black cloth turned out. The thing I am unhappy with is the horribly sculpted faces; especially on Philippe…he looks like he has mental deficiencies.

POINTS: Nuln Mortar and Crew (75) and Master Engineer (82)

http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/th_DSC_0001.jpg (http://s908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/?action=view&current=DSC_0001.jpg) http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/th_DSC_0002.jpg (http://s908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/?action=view&current=DSC_0002.jpg) http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/th_DSC_0003.jpg (http://s908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/?action=view&current=DSC_0003.jpg)

Next month I will try to paint Master Continni's 20 Handgunners. Regarding that I have a question: Should I paint their detachment of Swordsmen as also being from Nuln, or from Middenland like the majority of the army? Originally I wanted a purely Middenland army, but couldn't pass up all the handy firepower available when you add gunpowder, so I brought in some allies from Nuln.


02-10-2010, 03:38
There is so much amazing work on this thread!

I have to use a joker already, but I plan to come back strong in October! Starting back to school for the first time in 12 years was a bit of an adjustment, but I'm starting to settle in and I'm getting back on it. Keep up the awesome work, guys!

02-10-2010, 05:49

UNIT: Damsel of the Lady

BACKGROUND/THEME: My army is from the dukedom of Musillon, and on the quest of restoring its former glory.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Almost straight out of the blister. I have cut a part of the forest floor from a citadel wood and glued it to the base.

PAINTING: Undercoated white. Since it is an army from Musillon I will have yellow as a main theme through the army, in adition I will altso use NMM.

BASING: Parts from the citadel wood.

STILL TO DO: Model is all done

HIGHS AND LOWS: High - finally got started with a Bretonnian army. Low – did use several attempts before I was somewhat happy on how the roots on the base looked. I’m still not pleased and looking for a different way to do it.

POINTS : Damsel (Lvl 2, warhorse, Dispel scroll) – 140pts



TOTAL: 140pts


Dark Apostle
02-10-2010, 08:13
ARMY: Empire, Wissenland, 1000 pts (Boys league)

UNIT: Handgunners, full command

BACKGROUND: Not much, trying to complete the army I started in the previous TOFP. I set out then with a strong narrative, but now I plan to focus on the troops. Not too inspiring for background.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box

PAINTING: Trying to stick to the paint scheme I used last year. The guidelines are: keep it smooth and simple. Smooth = apply basecoat in two or three laers using thinned out paints. Simple = keep it to a minimum of mixing paints and no fancy blending or layering techniques. This means that I use three steps for each colour: basecoat, shading (applied directly in the sculpted recesses) and sharp highlighting. Paint scheme as follows (basecoat / shade / highlight):
Grey: Codex grey / Badab black / Fortress grey
White: Dheneb stone / Fortress gray / Skull white
Skin: Tallarn flesh / Devlan mud / Elf flesh
Metal: Chainmail / Badab black / Mithril silver
Red: Mechrite red / Badab black / Blood red / Glaze: Red Gore
Black: Chaos Black /-/ Codex gray / Glaze: Chaos black
Beige: Khemri brown / - / Bleached bone

BASING: Schorched brown, drybrush Snakebite leather, drybrush Bleached bone. Will apply some static grass.

STILL TO DO: Static grass.

HIGHS/LOWS: Mostly highs so far, feels good to join another Tale - very inspiring to see everybodys efforts. I realise I'll have to practice my freehand painting, but I plan to keep the state troop banners pretty basic so it should be fine.

POINTS: 80 pts, 5 handgunners, full command, Hochland long rifle

TOTAL: 80 pts




02-10-2010, 10:03

Off to a splendid good start, lots of nice models and creative conversions.


JOKER for this month, between a blown HD and other RL stuff, my already slow painting has been crippled, expect a points make up for next month.

02-10-2010, 10:15
After failing last year's challenge (at 1500p...) I wasn't so confident that I could do this again. So I started with the boys challenge and hopefully (though more likely not) I'll just paint extra. This first month managed to caught me by surprise and I just had to start with a hero instead of a core unit as I had planned. Oh well. Let's see what comes out of this.

EMPIRE: 1000 POINTS (...boys...)

UNIT: Warrior priest (90p.)


BUILD/CONVERSION: A random priest model on a GW base.

PAINTING: Undercoated white. Used foundation paints for the first time and naturally went crazy with devlan mud.

BASING: resin cast from GW's basing kit.

STILL TO DO: Work up some motivation. :)

HIGHS AND LOWS: Lacking the motivation to paint anything. I've been sick mostly for the whole month and painting minis is just losing it's interest due countless sleepless nights and a miraculous baby boy.

POINTS : Warrior priest 90p.


02-10-2010, 12:24
2K Lizards.

Decided to go with yellow rather than blue, just for the sake of variety. Also want no metal in this army - everything will be either plain stone, gems or marble.

225pts of salamander hunting packs.

Desert yellow with mixes of bleached bone, desert yellow and commando khaki for the skin.
Red gore and red wash for the salamanders.
Marble - the white bits - done by working up to white from grey and using various washes, before diluted gloss varnish to give it a shine.

Love the colour of the skin on my lizzies, wishing I hadn't made the salamanders so red.

Bases are incomplete - intend on doing a water effect on the whole army when it's ready.


02-10-2010, 13:12
ARMY: High Elves, 2500pts (Mens)

UNIT: Arch Mage

BACKGROUND: None of Note

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box

PAINTING: TThis was the first model in my High Elf Collection and was a real test of my paint scheme that looked good on paper. The army will follow in suit focusing on golds and very bright red colours

BASING: Base not complete

STILL TO DO: Bases. This will form part of my final month where I will be basing the entire army when I can find a basing scheme that I like.

HIGHS/LOWS: No lows as such. I had one minor set back when the original head did not turn out as planned and the Vallejo Grey primer spray was not as good as people had been saying but overall I am very pleased.

POINTS: Lvl 4 Arch Mage, Ring of Fury, Forariath's Robe, Silver Wand

TOTAL: 345 Pts

NEXT MONTH: 23x Sword MAster With Full Command and Razor Banner

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4092/5016600037_244c038e50.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/20532671@N00/5016600037/)

02-10-2010, 13:39
I had to start off with the only model i had for my army, archaon on foot, so next month going to do a few warriors and knights i think.Get some of the bulk regiments done.

Sorry for the pictures been so large, ive resized them in photobucket, but they take ages for them to refresh or w/e so the embed pictures become the correct size :/

I'm also going to either sculpt a whole giant, with suitable chaos gibberers,or use a few bits from the giant sprue and mix and match.I've also started to scratch some legs for my chosen,which will be mixed with knight parts!


And a test/finished model for my generic warriors,which will be painted next month.


So next month's painting will be .

8 Chaos Warriors with shields- 64pts
10 Chaos Warhounds - 120pts
10 Chaos Marauders with shields - 50pts
-234pts in total.

02-10-2010, 13:51

Joker for me due to partner being in hospital

02-10-2010, 15:06
High Elves : 200 points a month!

UNIT: Archers with full command!

BACKGROUND/THEME: Not much yet, i read the High Elf book, but know to little about all the fluff to build a decent background i guess. I just picked the colors i liked.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Simple, straight out of the box. First thing i put together though...

PAINTING: Cloths: Dark Angels Green, highlighted with Snot Green. Other Cloths: Rotten Flesh highlighted with Skull White. The brown things: Scorched Brown highlighted with Vermin Brown. If you want to know more, feel free to ask.

BASING: Sand mixed with bigger stones. The painting: Fenris Grey, Shadow Grey and highlighted with Space Wolves Grey.

STILL TO DO: Maybe the eyes. Or some static grass on the bases.

HIGHS: The learning proces involved. Learned so much by just painting those. It was really trial and error to what looked good and what didn't.

LOWS: None! :D Really enjoyed it!

POINTS : 201


NEXT MONTH: Finishing my Tiranoc Chariot (which i really don't like by the way) and probably Teclis!

02-10-2010, 15:37

Joker for me due to partner being in hospital

Sorry to hear about that. Hope everything is okay.

02-10-2010, 16:02
Due to me signing up a few days ago, and mid terms I'm going to have to use a Joker, but I'll definitely catch up this month.

02-10-2010, 16:43
Looking great, everybody!

Army: Beastmen, Boy's Category (1,000 points)

Unit: Half of a Pestigor Unit, 24 deep. With a unit filler. Plus the crew of a Tuskgor Chariot.

Background/Theme: Still tentative, but my Warherd represents a branch of the Skrinderkin tribe that has been blessed by Nu'rrr'gh-kalh, god of pestilence and contagion.

Painting/Basing: Lots of Scorched Brown, Devlan Mud, and Catachan/Knarloc Green. Dark Flesh on some of the robes, and Scab Red/Red Gore on the infected bits. Pretty straightforward stuff really! The puddles on the bases are done with gloss varnish.

Still to do: Plenty! This month has been rather busy between a new job and school, so I'm stretching the unit out over two months.

Highs and Lows: I am happy with how the Pestigors are turning out (love those old sculpts!) and glad to see that the assorted models blend together well. The banner is a tad weak, and I can't seem to highlight without overdoing it. Still learning! Otherwise it has been rough repairing and repainting my army after a terrible cross-country shipment.

Points: 1/2 Pestigor Unit = 184
Chariot crew = 20
Total = 204

I couldn't get a decent picture to save my life!
Full Unit:

The Standard Bearer pre-base:

Tuskgor Chariot:

A shot of the unit filler:

It'll look better next month, I swear!

02-10-2010, 17:23
Good gawd, there are some seriously nice works of art in here already. Here I come with my meager skeletons.


UNIT: 25 skeleton archers with command

BACKGROUND/THEME: These archers are the personal guard of the Lich Priest Naeem, 2nd of the lich priests of my tomb king and queen. Naeems colours are the red of the king and his own green. He keeps them close as a form of personal guard. His cunning plan is to shoot anything that comes near him and his guards.

BUILD/CONVERSION: These are the normal TK archer sprues. The classic Undead skeletons (VC ones) with added bows and some heads. It is a shame you don't get enough heads to get a full unit with the helmets. I added a tombstone to the champion and there are arrows scattered on the ground in the unit. Think I should go back and add more later.

PAINTING: Undercoat white, then devlan mud, drybrushed with white. I went for the sunbleached look. They are fresh out of the tomb. Add to that primary colors of shining gold, red gore and putrid green. Secondary colors being tin bitz, snakebite leather and some mithril silver here and there. Also some chaos black lines in there.

BASING: Khemri brown, added desert sand to that and some dead grass. I am thinking of ways to make it look better, but I don't know.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The unit looks like a whole with the colours like this. The basing and movement tray came out nicely. An archer on it's own doesn't look all that good though. The colours are to vivid. I have since this started to undercoat places where red should be with graveyard brown and it is giving me a much less intense colour. I am liking that.

POINTS : 25 skeleton archers with full command (+25). Every archer is 8 pts. (25 x 8) + 25 = 225 pts.

Here are some pics:



I painted 3 extra archers so I can field the unit without command. I am not counting them towards the points though.

02-10-2010, 18:17
Sorry this is a little late

High Elves: 1000-1500 POINTS (Boys, trying to get a bit more than 100 every month)

UNIT: 10 High Elf Archers

BACKGROUND/THEME: Nothing much really, this unit is meant to be very province neutral, as with all the core, so I will be able to field armies from a variety of provinces. Only thing is the feathers, they are meant to be black, mourning for their dead general. This made more sense in 7th when I ran list with no lords...

BUILD/CONVERSION: Regular out the box build.

PAINTING: Undercoated black. Robes painted with kemhri brown though dheneb stone to white. Metallics are NMM using snakebite leather highlighted with white. Blues are necron abyss, mordian blue, enchanted blue. NMM will only be making an appearance on characters, whole units with it are just too daunting.

BASING: Charadon Granite, Calthan Brown, Khemri Brown, Dheneb stone.

STILL TO DO: Nothing, these are done and dusted.

HIGHS AND LOWS: High is probably the NMM, first NMM I've done that I was reasonably happy with, lows probably that NMM takes far far too long, so I've got to drop it.

POINTS : 110



02-10-2010, 20:48
1000 point Boys League - Army: Forces of Order (3 small armies of Empire / Dwarfs / High Elves)

September Completed Work - 0, Joker :(.
Tale of Fantasy Painters Boy League Status: 0 points (0 of 1000).

Unfortunately, I need to learn how to do bulk painting. I am worried of making mistakes and slowly painting my infantry. I have painted some figures in August, so at least with this joker post, here they are.

From Left to Right: Empire "Battle Wizard" (65 points) / Dwarf "Thane" (65 points) / Empire "Captain of the Hero" (50 points) / High Elf "Noble" (85 points)

265 points / 2046 points

And pictures from my Warseer's project log:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v646/akaiten/Warhammer/Figures/HQ01-Barbarian.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v646/akaiten/Warhammer/Figures/HQ02-Dwarf.jpg

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v646/akaiten/Warhammer/Figures/HQ03-Wizard.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v646/akaiten/Warhammer/Figures/HQ04-Elf.jpg

Are we doing a dice roll on who's work to comment on?

Edit: If doing dice roll - 2

02-10-2010, 20:52
Empire : 1000 POINTS (Boys)

UNIT: Level 2 Battle Wizard (100 points)

BACKGROUND/THEME: No real theme right now, in general I am having each unit hail from a different region so that I am not painting hundreds of dudes all the same color.

BUILD/CONVERSION: This is a Reaper miniature, Cadarius, and I hope that is allowed. I want to practice on fabric before I get to my GW Wizards.

PAINTING: Based him with spray Skull White, then a layer of badab black wash, then drybrushed skull white, then painted him with washes. I did some minor touch up with the regular paints, and used Mithril Silver for the metal parts.

BASING: Glued sand to the base, then washed with sepia wash and glued on some grass.

STILL TO DO: He's about as done as he's going to get. I don't finish models as much as saying "good enough" and abandoning them.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I liked painting only with washes, although I don't know how often I'll do it. He is about as good as I care to get him at this point in my life, factoring in time and ability.

POINTS : 100

EDIT: I have no idea what I am doing and will have to re-size the pictures so I can attach them.

02-10-2010, 21:02
Sorry this is a bit late

High Elves: 1000 Points (boys)

Unit: 10 High Elf Archers

Background/Theme: This unit is pretty province neutral, so it can be fielded as core for any provincial themed army. The feathers on all the models will be black, this is because they are in mourning for their killed general. The fluff is going to need switched around a bit since in 7th I didn't use a lord, but I do in 8th.

Build/Conversions: Straight out-the-box build

Painting: Robes are in khemri brown highlighted through dheneb stone to white. The blue is necron abyss, mordian blue, enchanted blue.

Basing: Calthan brown, khemri brown, dheneb stone. Finish with grass.

Still to do: Nothing, these guys are done

Highs and Lows: High is probably the NMM, first time I was happy with it. Low is that NMM just takes too long, and painting units with it is far too daunting. I'll only be using it on characters from now.

POINTS : 110


02-10-2010, 22:54
Category - Boys:o
200 points a month either of Chaos or Orcs or combined (Will not be the same every month but will eventually make 2 1000 point armies by the end of this.)

Orcs - Nothing
Chaos - Nothing

Accomplished in September - Nothing. Signed up in the last week of the month. Models will likely be here the first week of Orctober.


Setha what colors did you use on that warrior?

03-10-2010, 01:04
Unfortunately pulling a joker this month. I've just not had the time to give my Wood Elves justice.

Some incredible work being done by the group though, both intimidating and inspiring!

Conquest Miniatures
03-10-2010, 07:30
Using a 2 Jokers for September. Have my Troll King and Dwarf Thane almost finished, then got distracted by Orks. Must do double duty now...

03-10-2010, 08:32
Army: Beastmen, 2000 points
Unit: 24 Gors with Shield and a Wargor
Background/Theme: Originally the idea was the Bloodherd of Taurox with some Khorne elements thrown in. But I think Ill just make it a more generic herd now since magic is pretty cool, and Khorne aint so friendly with the wizards. I'm sure Taurox will make an appearance at some point though since I've started painting him.
Build/Conversion: Fairly stock standard miniatures. Mix of new Gors and old Gors.
Painting: I pretty much start by painting all the skin and fur dark flesh. Then for the skin it's highlighted up to almost tallarn flesh. The fur is picked out with Vermin brown. The black areas are chaos black then mixing in Adeptus Battlegrey for hightlights. Red is Mechrite, devlan mud wash highlighting up to blood red. Metal is just chainmail with a devlan mud wash. All the bone is khemri brown, washed devlan then kommand khaki and bleached bone highlights.
That's pretty much my formula for my Beastmen, so probably won't go through that again.
Basing: Still gotta flock the bases, but the idea is dark forest so I tried starting with black, scorched brown drybrush followed by a graveyard earth drybrush. I think it'll come more together when the dark green static grass and stuff is put on.
Still to do: Basing needs to be done. Most of the fine details on the Gors have not been completed. So I still need to do wristbands, bones and weapons hanging off the gors.
Highs and Lows: Well, I suppose the low is they're not quite done. Going back and doing the tedious details I dislike doing. I probably would have them all done if I wasn't painting a Bloodbowl team during the middle of the month, but that's how it goes. Highs, well they look good in the end, seeing them all ranked up. The last time I saw them altogether was when I last played a game and it's just no the same seeing half a unit grey and the rest of the unit in various stages of painting.
Also, the Wargor was a last minute addition. I spent yesterday at GW to pick up some High Elf stuff, figured I might get a game in but didn't. So ended up just painting the Wargor after almost finishing the front rank.
Points: 217 (Gors) + 145(Wargor) = 362
The wargor was unexpected (Since he's not in my list), but hopefully by the end of the Tale I'll have painted enough anyway. Just gives me flexibility in what models I use.


Desert Rain
03-10-2010, 08:52
Army: High Elves, 1000 points

Unit: 6 Spearmen with full command and the Banner of Arcane Protection

Points: 104

Build/Conversion: Shields from the silver helms, the banner and the musician's horn are from the archers set. The champion has an axe from the heroes kit and the head is from the RBT set.

Painting: White Cloth is Shadow Grey -> Space Wolves Grey -> Skull White
Metal is Chainmail -> Badab Black -> Mithril Silver -> watered down Badab Black
Gold is Shining Gold -> Brown Ink -> Shinign Gold
Flesh is Tallarn Flesh -> Devlan Mud -> Elf Flesh
Leather is Khemri Brown -> Graveyard Earth -> Devlan Mud
Light Grey is Adeptus Battlegrey -> Codex Grey -> Fortress Grey
Dark Grey is Adeptus Battle Grey
Wood is Khemri Brown
Gems are Chaos Black -> Regal Blue -> Hawk Turquoise -> Ice Blue -> Skull White dot.

Basing: Sand painted Scorched Brown -> Graveyard Earth -> Bleached Bone with flock and static grass glued on. The edges are painted with Graveyard Earth.

Next Month: 6 more Spearmen and a Tiranoc Chariot.

The photo is a bit dark, sorry about that.


03-10-2010, 10:23
Army- 1000 points (maybe more) warriors of chaos

Unit- khorne knights of chaos (200 points)

Background- Im doing a mainly khorne focused army maybe with some daemon allies later in the tale

Painting- Armour, mechrite red, devlan mud wash, mechrite and blood red highlight
Bone, bleached bone, devlan mud/badab black wash, bleached bone highlight
Metal, Boltgun metal, badab black wash
bronze, dwarf bronze, devlan mud wash,

Sorry about the picture it was a bit rushed, and the bases are not snow, its just drying glue. typical me, leaving everything to the last second :rolleyes:

Also great job to everyone, all the armies are looking fantastic

Son of Plunder
03-10-2010, 11:04
Kaos, i LOVE your knights, though i didn't like the heads too much! I think of helms of many eyes!

03-10-2010, 12:04
Ooooo love those Elves Rain....


Army: Wood Elves 1000pts

Background: To follow, I need to write some. That and its not my army, its my dads, but its painted in an Autumn colour scheme.

For My Finished September piece I have started off with the Hero to lead the little force of Wood elves so I present you with Rakaroth, Guardian of the Grove of Fallen leaves.



This fellow will either be a Noble (weighing in at about... 130pts) or a Highborn (Weighing in at substantially more) depending on the size of the force being fielded and what his role will end up being.

For Octobers Vow..... will be a unit of archers to follow him into battle!

03-10-2010, 12:17
I have used some smart-thinking this month to get my submission ready - a Runelord! Tooled up, he'll weigh in for goodness-knows-how-many points (over 200 anyway):


I may give him a banner later - I am not quite decided on whether or not my Dwarven characters should have banners yet :S

For next month, I am either going to do a Lord, 12 Shieldmaidens (count as Longbeards - these will be half the unit) or 16 Crossbows - unless I change my mind in the meantime! :D

03-10-2010, 12:40
Sorry for the late entry!

High Elves

2000 points total with 200 points per month starting from November (away till then).


The Black Wolf
03-10-2010, 14:22
Hey all :) some really good looking stuff so far :P
And good luck to everyone on their tales :D
I have to use my first joker due to starting a month late and only deciding on my army about 2 weeks ago lol...
So I will be painting up about 500 points this month to make up for it :)

03-10-2010, 16:18
Setha what colors did you use on that warrior?

The armour was done with , boltgun+chaos Black base, then black wash , with chainmail on the edges.
Gold Was, dwarf bronze then washed with gryphon sephia(sp?) then highlighted with shining gold , then a mix of shining gold+mithril silver on edges.
Fur and leather areas was scorched brown base, fur was given highlights of vomit brown mixed in, then the leather was given a wash of purple +gryphon ,then highlighted with bestial brown added.
Horns where bestial brown +chaos black base, with bleached bone added in highlight stages to just bleached bone(really thin paint)
Black areas,shadow grey +chaos black highlighted over the top very thinly.
inside cloak is khermi brown then kommando khaki added over the top in thin layers to build up the blend.
Weapon is boltgun metal, washed black then boltgun over the top, and chainmail on the very edges.

Hope that helps !

03-10-2010, 17:19
Army - Dwarves
Catagory - Mens

This months quota -
1 Grudge Thrower with crew and runes @ 160pts
4 Longbeards @ 44pts

Army colour scheme -
Blue = Enchanted blue cloth, highlighted up using lighter versions of the same blue, mixed with ice blue.
Grey = Adeptus BattleGrey, highlighted up using Fortress Grey.
Gold = Shining Gold with a Devlan Mud wash, over Calthan Brown.

Octobers project - due to holidays I'll be painting fewer models this month, in an attempt to keep up.
1 Runesmith @ 149 pts
3 Longbeards (command group) @ 58 pts


Loving everyone elses work for the month also, keep it up guys and gals!
I obtained a new camera, looks like I need some practice in getting the most out of it.

Shadow Fall
03-10-2010, 17:53

Unit: Vampire

Background: Noble Vladimir von Liechenstein has served at Ulrich's side for 300 years, has served in the fiercest battles, using his magical prowess to utterly devastate formations 1.

Points: 200pts... upgraded with glitz and glam from the Lietchenstein armoury.

Conversion: From the box

Base: added a skull or two, scorched brown, dry brush graveyard, dry brush bleached bone, Dead grass.

Painting:... The door belongs to the dead, and the dead keep it...


Next Month: Unit of Skellies, failing that will be Ulrich von Liechenstein.

1: So far in games, Vladimir has had a tendency to miscast with catastrophic consequences, including blowing up himself and the majority of the unit of skellies he's in, and half of the enemy unit he was in combat with. Hence theres no specifics on him 'Devestating formations', not necessarily being the enemy's. he's the army idiot. so often has this ocurred, i only sigh when it happens, and leap into excitement when he succesfully gets the spell off. But i have hope for him in future, i mean, how often can you actually miscast on 2 dice... imena, i know 3 in unlucky but its gotta stop there... right? :D

SF :chrome:

03-10-2010, 19:34
Lizardmen, 2000p

UNIT: Saurus Warriors

STILL TO DO: Some details on tows silverware and teath of half the unit, more details on cammand models. All the shield and all the basing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Was off to a great start at the start of September, but the detail work got me down a bit, that and not having paint for shields or stuff for basing got me to a stand still.
Have got the paint now, so hoping to progress again.

POINTS : I will use a joker this month since the unit is only half done.

But I will post pictures of what I did so far:
The unit

One of the most finished models

03-10-2010, 20:29
Empire update for September.

Points: Approx. 150

Models: 4x State Troop Test Figures, plus Warrior Priest

The color scheme I'm using for this army is that of Averland. I always liked the colors, and it turns out they have some of the fluff connections that I really like as well. They have connection to the Knights of the Blazing Sun, which is awesome since that's the color scheme I wanted to use for Knights and Greatswords. Their scheme combines very well with the Averland colors (black and yellow).

Next Month: Probably 10 or so Halberdiers. Might switch it up and do 5 and 5 with Halberdiers and Handgunners. That would be approximately 65 or so points, more if I do command. Anyway I'm not worried too much about points, but every month for all of my 3 army projects I'll try to do either 10 rank and file, 1 war machine, or 1 character. That will produce maybe 1500 pts per army by year's end which would be fantastic.

03-10-2010, 20:30
Update Part 2

The Warrior Priest is made to stand out from the rank and file, most notably with a much darker color scheme. The yellow was kept to a minimum, and I tossed in way more red (darker version). Metallics are a lot more dark and gritty, as well. The skin is not that washed out, for some reason my camera's been acting up a lot lately and it's been way tougher to get accurate color matches on my photos (especially skin hilights).

03-10-2010, 21:13
sorry tofps I was out of town, but here's my first submission.

Dwarves : 200 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: 15 Long Beard Rangers with great weapons(includes unit filler).

BACKGROUND/THEME: Ultimately these guys might get a promotion to Bugman's Rangers, but at the 2250 level they're gonna just stay long beards

BUILD/CONVERSION: you can't see it in these pictures but many of them have sclpted fur cloaks.

PAINTING: I'll cover the painting in a later post.

BASING: … The dawi are based, but the movement tray has yet to be painted. I need to add some flock too.

STILL TO DO: paint the movement tray, and adding another 5 to 10 bodies to the formation would help.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I really like the dwarf minis they look great overall, and are reasonably dynamic, but they suffer from some hellish gaps in the body.

POINTS : 15 longbeard rangers with great weapons and full command =235 pts.:)

group shot!

without the unit filler


Goal for next month: a cannon, a character, and whatever else tuggs my boat.

03-10-2010, 21:47

really annoyed, started sixth form and have been really busy as i have also started work, i have built 28 spearmen and 14 corsairs so i hope to have a decent amount to show, i am confused though do we show our september work in october or what?

03-10-2010, 22:10

- please refrain from posting comments, questions and anything else that is not painted models, a joker or a sign-up. Otherwise those fine pictures might be lost in the chatting.

- please post the total number of points you painted. It saves me time if I don't have either guess how much you painted or add up the numbers myself.

04-10-2010, 00:43
JOKER for month 1.
lows: not getting to ever touch a brush because of school.
highs: knowing that midterms are going to be over in 2 weeks so i can play catch up.. don't count me out yet, when i get to them, i only have 44 figures in my 1k of points.. getting my speedy trigger finger ready.

04-10-2010, 02:39
Orcs & Goblins: 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: 30 Night Goblins w. full command & 1 Night Goblin Shaman.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Pending :p. It will be a small contingent of Skarsniks horde, this much I know. Since he will be the army general.

PAINTING: Undercoated black. Drybrushed Fortress Grey, washed Badab Black. Wood: undercoat Scorched Earth, basecoat Graveyard Earth.
Yellow: Iyanden Darksun, wash Devlan Mud, Highlight sunburst Yellow. Skin: Basecoat Dark Angels Green, Snot Green on top of that, highlight Goblin Green.

BASING: Basecoat Scorched Brown, Heavy drybrush of Vermin Brown, then a light drybrush of 50:50 Vermin Brown/Bleached Bone. Glue on dead grass :)

STILL TO DO: I just realized I didn't highlight the champion and shaman hood...

HIGHS AND LOWS: Actually finishing a unit of 30 Night Goblins was a definite high... Working on 30 Night Goblins is a definite low... This is going to be tough. :(

POINTS : 30 Night Goblins W. Full Command - 140
1 Night Goblin Shaman - 120

Total - 260... a little over 200 but I'm okay with that :D I'll try to get it closer to 200 next month


This Month: A second unit of 30 Night Goblins and 3 Fanatics!!

Lord Dan
04-10-2010, 03:39
Vampires: 2,000 points

UNIT: 24 Ghouls

BACKGROUND/THEME: Zombies!!! I love them so much and in the new rules they suck so bad. Therefore I'll use the ghoul statline to represent them.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Lots of random stuff from all over the place. This army will be created almost entirely from models found in my bitz box.

PAINTING: I'm going with a neat technique I figured out, which is layering/highlighting with a single color and washes in between. The skin, for instance:

Elf flesh
Devlan mud
Elf flesh
Devlan mud
Elf flesh
Green wash (name?)
Elf flesh

That's it.

BASING: I mixed GF9 medium grit with fine, power-like craft sand. I used static grass from model train company and clump foliage from GF9.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The technique I'm using for this army is ridiculously quick. I painted this unit in about a week with only an hour or two of painting a night. I haven't hit a low yet, but ask me again when I'm on the 3rd or 4th unit of these guys.

POINTS : 24 ghouls w/ ghast = 200 even


Lord Dan
04-10-2010, 03:46
Empire: 2,000 points

UNIT: 10 handgunners, cannon

BACKGROUND/THEME: DoW themed Empire. I also used lots of non-GW plastics, which is a nice change of pace.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Lots of conversions and kitbashes between plastic sets.

PAINTING: Blue and tan. Lots of blue and tan...

BASING: I mixed GF9 medium grit with fine, power-like craft sand. GW static grass, GF9 meadow blend, and GF9 clump foliage.

STILL TO DO: Nothing with these guys.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I really like the blue color I've achieved, and I don't really like the tan color I've achieved. I'm sure after I've painted a few hundred models I'll figure it out, though.

POINTS : 180


04-10-2010, 03:47
Ok here we go.
I've changed my army choice once again (sorry about this), I was meant to paint Azhag for this month but i've decided to wait(improve my painting) before I tackle such a great mini.

High Elves Chrace: 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: High Elf Prince on Griffon

BACKGROUND/THEME: The whole army is themed around Chrace

PAINTING: The main colours for the army are going to be red & white, with gold armour for lords/ heroes and silver armour for rank and file

BASING: Will be woodland bases, made from resin by a company called back to basics.

STILL TO DO: Most the painting wip pictures to follow.

HIGHS AND LOWS: High point so far has been building the prince using the giffon and white lion plastics, low points none so far.

POINTS : The prince with magic items comes in around 450 pts

Total - 450 pts - This covers both September and Octobers painting in November I'll be painting Korhil followed by my first unit of White lions

04-10-2010, 03:49
A Joker for this Month.

Halo: Reach...


04-10-2010, 07:30
Warriors Of Chaos: 2,000 points

UNIT: Chaos Lord of Khorne on Jugger (Shield, Axe of Khorne, 4+ Ward Save Armor, Word of Agony)

BUILD/CONVERSION: No Conversions, loved this mini as is

Red: Base Coat Mechrite Red, Wash Badab Black, Layered through to Blazing Orange
Gold: Base Coat Scorched Brown then Brazen Brass, Wash Devlin Mud, layer through shining Gold then Burnished Gold
Bone: base Coat Vomit Brown, Wash Devlin Mud, bleached bone and White highlights
Metal: Base Coat Chain Mail, Wash Badab Black, reset base coat

BASING: Only Painted so far, I plan on adding some bitz later

STILL TO DO: Finishing the base.

HIGHS AND LOWS: High- getting this big boy done on time. Low- learning the hard way to scrub metal mini's before painting

POINTS : 420


04-10-2010, 07:39
High Elves: 1,000 points

UNIT: 7 Swordmasters with Command


Red: Base Coat Mechrite Red, Wash Badab Black, High Light Blood Red
Gold: Base Coat Scorched Brown then Brazen Brass, Wash Devlin Mud, Highlights Shining Gold
Skin: Base Coat Dwarf Flesh, wash Ogryn Flesh, highlight Elf Flesh
Sword: Base Coat Chain Mail, Wash Badab Black, highlight Mithril Silver

BASING: Painted Graveyard Earth, Flocked and Static Grass

STILL TO DO: All Done ;)

HIGHS AND LOWS: High- Getting to paint these great mini's. Low- doing it in 3 days

POINTS : 135 with no items


04-10-2010, 10:55
SO I originally laughed at the fact that I had Jokers to use as everything has been stable for years in my life... until this month. Had to unexpectedly move to another city and packing all my stuff is crazy (plus I can not prime in my new place so I have to get all my priming done on years of purchases).

Joker this month for both armies but I have a great start for Month 2 (hope to paint double).

04-10-2010, 12:06
Army: Lizardmen 2000 (MEN)

Unit: Slaan (WIP will finish over first two months!)

Build/Conversion: Usual build, however the plaque is pinned in one of the other holes at the bottom because the original hole was not straight :(. A PITA to do that :P)

Painting: The whole army will be painted differently to my usual style. Astronomican Grey basecoat for the skin and several washes to get the right colours. The Slaan's skin was done with Thraka Green wash, then a Thraka + Yellow Ink mix, then a Sepia wash again.

Basing: Scorched Drybrush over Black, Graveyard over that and a Bleached Bone drybrush over that. Haven't grassed it yet but I will.

Still To Do: Finish the plaque and grass the base.

Highs/Lows: High was that its such a great model with lots of character. Low was that the hole to put the flying stand in was crooked so the Slaan looks out of control of the plaque if he is in that hole :D

Points: Slaan - Becaliming Cogitation, Focused Rumination, Focus of Mystery, Bane Head, Cupped Hands of the Old Ones, BSB, Plaque of Dominion = 510 points! Oh my!

WIP: I will do the Slaan over two months, he will be finished in October and Posted in November. We can call it ~400 points for the purposes of the tale.


04-10-2010, 12:10
High Elves : 1000 POINTS

Playing a joker this month due to lack of time. See comment in Orcs entry.

Orcs : 2000 POINTS

UNIT: Wolf riders

Only got the wolves done so far. Mixed the bodies up as much as posible to give some more variation.

Under-coated black

Wolves: dheneb stone, calthan brown, bleached bone, gryphonne sepia on the bodies and then worked up from fortress grey through codex grey and two different codex grey/chaos black mixes, light drybrush of bleached bone. Chaos black noses. Teeth bleached bone and tongue mecrite red and devlan mud over both. Still need to finish the eyes.

All the bases will go the same for the entire army calthan brown, graveyard earth and dry brushed bleached bone.


High - the wolves were nice and ease to paint and look nice in person. One person in particular should notice the scheme and I hope he doesn't mind.

Low - didn't even get chance to look at the riders due to being in work for 80 hours this week and sleeping there for 5 nights on top of that. Should be able to catch up in both categories as I've holiday time this month.

22* wolf riders + shields + 2* full command = 346 halved for no riders = 173 Total



04-10-2010, 13:32
Month 1 results of my painting vow.
5 HE Reaver Knights from IoB. These are basically as finished as they are going to be (execpt for the muzzles on the horse and some gold on the champ that I missed.. doh). Due to the odd weather we have been having here in CA (it has been raining for the last few days), I am not going to spray sealent on the figures. It should dry out nicely by the end of the week and I will seal them then.

The color scheme is nothing original or intresting, just the basic HE scheme of Blue, White, and silver. I am just shooting for a decent tabletop standard after a year of not painting. As the months go by, I am positive that my quality will improve (assuming that I dont get distracted by the new IA book and planning my Tau).

Highs: Opening my Vallejo Model Color suitcase and IoB on the same day.
Lows: Realizing that my Bretonians were not what I wanted to paint a week into the month (after I had a unit of Knights finished). Also, the realization that the figures would always need more work in my mind and having to set them aside or loose all intrest in the project was a downer.
Modivation Level: Middle of the Road. This month I have the rest of the infantry from IoB on the table, an extra unit of Swordmasters, and a converted mounted mage on griffon (counts as great eagle) on my assembly\painting table.

Warnings: I just preordered the new IA book from FW, I have to stay on target for my FB army to avoid the siren call of my Howling Griffons.

112 points worth of HE, not a great start but next month will be better.

Note: I will work on getting a better picture next week (I guess a light box project is in my near future), the glare from the overhead light is not doing good things for the paintjob.

04-10-2010, 14:03
Malorian's Month 1 Painting


Unit: Mazdamundi

Cost: 620

Conversions: Good amount of conversion on the steg, and Mazdamundi was made completely from scratch (other than his staff).

Ups and downs: Great to finally have a model for a special character I've wanted to use for a long time, but my sculpting skills could use a lot of work...


Units: 40 black orcs w/ FC, black orc on chariot, black orc BSB (not in picture), pump wagon.

Cost: 881

Conversions: Little work on the black orc unit champ, lots of conversions on the chariot, and just a banner added to an old SC model for the BSB (I'll add a picture of him later).

Ups and downs: The pump wagon and the chariot was a pain as always due to the weird angles, but seeing that horde of black orcs makes me smile every time :)

(Note: my camera was stolen last week so I was forced to used our old one)

Next up: 100 night goblins :eek: and two skink priests :angel:

04-10-2010, 18:10
WoC: 2,000+ points

UNIT: chaos sorc lvl 2 on steed, 10 hounds with posion and scaly skin



STILL TO DO: May go back to the sorc

HIGHS AND LOWS: Only the sorc was done solely by me, had alot of help with the hounds as you can see in the quality diffence

POINTS : 236

I hope these links work, dam they didnt
second time lucky


Rabid Bunny 666
04-10-2010, 18:38
Month 1: Joker.

Lows: My sable brush broke meaning that all my Chaos Warriors only have the basic colours blocked in, no detail. Missing bits for my Dragon Ogre conversions has held them back. Time taken in sculpting bits onto my Sorcerer.

Highs: Sculpting bits onto my Sorcerer, my skills are definitely improving. The conversions on the Sorcerer have given me an idea on how to make bigger heroes and maybe future Chosen. I've got a fair bit of other stuff in the works though, Dragon Ogres, a Sorcerer, 30 Marauders, a scratch built Giant and some Chaos Knights.

If I get 400 points done (The Chaos Warriors for this month and the Sorcerer and some Marauders to make up the bulk). I can focus on converting some more stuff.

04-10-2010, 19:00
Ok here I go with my first of many. Before I do though I need to point out a change in my chosen army, well its still high elves but Im using Wood Elf rules so mark me down as them as it makes more sense.

Alot of slacking this month as I was working on Demon entries most of the month before deciding last minute that I couldnt be bothered going so I havent quite made the 200pts but hey at least I beat a bunch of you early joker slackers :P

WOOD ELVES (but really High Elves) : 2000 POINTS (MEN *Flexes*)

UNIT: Glade Guard aka shadow warriors.

BACKGROUND/THEME: I've gotten tired of trying to do the min/max armies of 6th and I decided to start an army purely from a coolness/fluffy perspective being more of a painter than gamer. So after reading shadow king I decided to build an army around the big dog and his shadow warriors. I wanted an army that fought very similar to the survivors of the nagarythe i.e guerilla ambush style and well wood elves fit the bill perfectly. Glade guard, Scouts, Waywatchers will be various ranks of shadow warriors and I have some really sweet ideas for Glade Riders, treekin, treemen, and wild riders but you'll have to wait and see :P

BUILD/CONVERSION: I hate the Shadow warriors models, seriously hate. So I decided to simply use the lovely Glade Guard models instead. Theyr right out of the box. (The converted units will come later, patience child, patience.)

PAINTING: Took the colours straight out of the book describing the Anar's army but tried to show that they were still stealthyish. So main colours are black, dark blue (regal to ultramarine) and silver. Added various shades of brown for that rugged scout look and bleached bone as a nice spot colour contrast on the models.

BASING: Ah I went to base them and spilled all my modelling sand on my carpet :D So until I get restocked they're unbased. Not sure what Im going to do yet, torn between a real wilderness sort of look with lots of shrubs, dead grass etc or a more wasted grounds look with patches of snow (sort of how Id imagine nagarythe to be now).


HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs-Love painting models that are un-armoured and cloaked so they were a treat. Lows-All the different colours means models are taking longer than usual to knock out.

POINTS : 12 Glade Guard (Shadow Warriors) inc. musician and comes to 150points.

OCTOBER's Plans: Add to the GG to make up 2 units of 10 and get started on my Glade Riders which act as Raven Heralds complete with some sexy feathered cloaks and ofc some ravens to boot.

Pics include my intial test model and then the entire unit.

04-10-2010, 19:15
Some good stuff so far, apologies for my own poor quality photo's, I'm investing in a decent lamp this month so hopefully things will improve on that score.

High Elves - 2000 pts

UNIT: Spearmen

Background (with apoogies to fluff purists this may offend):
A Cothiqain Elf Lord (as yet unnamed) has been successful in defending the northern cost from Norse and Dark Elf attacks. With this success has come an amount of renown, to the point where he has been entrusted with a army gathered from across Ulthuan in order to prosecute her wars.

The first unit is of Spearmen. The original "Defenders of the Phoenix Gate" were a unit of spearmen from Cothique that were wiped out when they formed a rearguard defending the Phoenix Gate against the Dark Elves during the Chaos incursion, buying valuable time for many high elves to escape to safety. This unit now has the phoenix as their emblem and is drawn exclusively from the descendants of this brave band of warriors.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Command group petty much kit-bashed together, spares from that gift that keeps on giving, also known as the high elf lord on dragon box.

As you can see the shields are not high elven, this was the cheapest job lot i could find on ebay (the elves themselves were got for cheap on ebay, sans shields).

I pretty much followed the spearmen guide on the GW site. The reds were done with a layer of mechrite followed by a layer of blood red. Shields were given a brown (devlan mud) wash, everything else was given a touch of diluted badab black wash).

I can't paint banners, that's a print out...

I'm puting some shell (gathered on the Galician coast) on each of my high elven bases as a general beachy theme.

The main colour of the base is Tausept ochre, with a drybrush of iyaden darksun and then one of sunburst yellow.


High - finishing... ok, ok. finially deciding on the red colour scheme after a couple of months playing with different ideas.

Low - not getting hold of the correct shields. The champions plumage has a slight ranking up issue.

250 (I'm balancing this out with 150 pts of Swordmasters next month, it's just sensible to post this as one unit this month).


04-10-2010, 19:22
Daemons of Chaos - 2000 pts

UNIT: Bloodthirster

BUILD/CONVERSION: Reconfigured head position and left arm with greenstuff.

Flesh is mechrite followed with blood red.
metals tin bit followed with bronze.
hooves white with a couple of washes of brown.
Horns calthan brown blended to white.

I'm using some hardboard with wine cork on top in order to magnetise the base, this whole army is to be used for 40K as well as WFB.


High - Building the model.
Low - Getting a bit tipsy and knocking it over - and having to stick it back together again :cries:
Realising that I'm doing two "Red" armies for the tale.


Let's just say I did 200 points worth of painting ;)

It will be around 450 pts worth by the end of this month (Oct), there is still a bit to do before this is finished, including a bit of retouching following my little accident.

04-10-2010, 19:54
http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTMdAJ3EYh50XWmsUDno0ZM4tMDlDoma L4vDev0dW7TgXC18O0&t=1&usg=__MrXrCfWUYlAetLfxx_KL1zcZa-o=
Uhh Yeah
I painted 200 points plus.....
not of o and g tho.....

04-10-2010, 20:30
Army: Skaven (rat)men category

Unit: 20 stormvermin with command, master bred rat ogre

Points: 220




the bases aren't done yet, mainly because i hate doning the bases and prefer to do loads of them at once, so I'll probably base the first two months at the same time

up next month 40 clanrats with spears, shields and full command

04-10-2010, 22:17
DeadintheHead: If you would not have confessed that that was a printout, I would have thought you painted it by hand, it looks very nice :)

Har666: Very nice job on the Red and Gold, the gold is not so bright it overwealms the red.

05-10-2010, 00:32
Dwarves: 1000 pts (Boys)

Unit 12 Dwarf Warriors, shields w/ FC

Still to do: Basing / clear coat, humidity was super high end of month

Lows: Painting bronze / gold over white primer, yuck.

Points: 133



05-10-2010, 00:35
High Elves 1000 pts Boys

2 Bolt Throwers w/ Crew

Need to finish basing / clearcoat

At first I wasn't sure about the green but I'm pleased w/ the finished product. I think I can do more w/ the bolt thrower itself, but it's good enough

Points: 200





05-10-2010, 00:38
Orcs & Goblins 1000 pts Boys

4 Black Orks w/ shields & 4 Arrer Boyz

Need to finish basing / undercoat, it's been humid

Points: 80






05-10-2010, 07:20

UNIT: Koba-Koba's Madly Smart Boyz, 12 Savage Orcs w. bows

BACKGROUND/THEME: The latest additions to Wuddat's budding horde, Koba-Koba's boyz tried futilely to wretch control of the tribe from the old shaman.
It turned out though that even if bows are madly smart stuff, it doesn't quite compare to pure Orcy frenzy and good ol' thumpin' and clubbin', and the rest of the tribe quickly put down this brief rebellion. Rapidly assimilated into Wuddat's horde, Koba-Koba and his boyz now act as the ranged support of the less "madly smart" parts of the tribe, stubbornly referring to themselves as "Da 'Ugely Maxed-powahful Particularly Appointated Bow-Inventing Personal Awesome Guard of Great Supa-Wuddat". Needless to say, Wuddat is okay with this.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Classic Savage Orcs, with bowstrings added on most of them.

PAINTING: Green is goblin green highlighted with more and more bleached bone and then lightly washed with thraka green. Gold is NMM, going from scorched brown through bestial brown, snakebite leather, bubonic brown, golden yellow, bleached bone and finally a tiny amount of skull white.

BASING: Gravel/sand, with GF9 grass and bushes.

STILL TO DO: Varnishing and bowstrings on the last four boyz.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Completing 1000 pts of my army was a definite high! And these are some beautiful old models. Lows... Well, I'm getting tired of painting orcs.

POINTS : 12 Savage Orc Boyz w. bows (120) and Full Command (30) = 150 pts
+/- OF GOAL: -50 pts




05-10-2010, 07:45
I have done 225pts of (25) dwarfs with great weapons.
For my warriors of chaos I am 3/4 of the way finished on a daemon prince 300+ pts.
Unfortunately my internet is down so I cant post pics. Currently at work.

05-10-2010, 10:17
JOKER for me unfortunately
ironically i got distracted by my other fantasy army :rolleyes:

05-10-2010, 11:46

Five knights done - actually takes me over 100p, but hey . . .

http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2777/4499878990_b89982a6d6.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/27621452@N06/4499878990/)IMG_0430 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/27621452@N06/4499878990/) by Fireymonkeyboy (http://www.flickr.com/people/27621452@N06/), on Flickr

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4025/4550988394_ffd872888f.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/27621452@N06/4550988394/)IMG_0595 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/27621452@N06/4550988394/) by Fireymonkeyboy (http://www.flickr.com/people/27621452@N06/), on Flickr

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4153/4945466722_fdb54aa7b1.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/27621452@N06/4945466722/)029 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/27621452@N06/4945466722/) by Fireymonkeyboy (http://www.flickr.com/people/27621452@N06/), on Flickr

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4087/4944886513_c867b59174.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/27621452@N06/4944886513/)032 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/27621452@N06/4944886513/) by Fireymonkeyboy (http://www.flickr.com/people/27621452@N06/), on Flickr

05-10-2010, 13:10

UNIT: 50 Men-at-Arms

BUILD/CONVERSION: basic out of the box men-at-arms with halberds and shields.

PAINTING: Undercoated white. washed devlan mud, heavy wash of asuremen blue / baal red. picked out some details and drybrushed boltgun metal. washed badab black all over.

BASING: GW sand + static grass

HIGHS AND LOWS: daunting to start when you look at 50 undercoated models but very rewarding when finished

POINTS : Men-at-Arms x50 (250pts)

http://i1027.photobucket.com/albums/y339/rall82/008.jpg?t=1286284076 http://i1027.photobucket.com/albums/y339/rall82/009.jpg?t=1286284120 http://i1027.photobucket.com/albums/y339/rall82/010.jpg?t=1286284159

05-10-2010, 16:58
Skaven: 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: Slaves (20) and Clanrats (25)

BACKGROUND/THEME: The Yellow Tide of Scritch. Only real theme I have is that I wanted the main color to be yellow, with red and tan/beige secondary colors.

BUILD/CONVERSION: These models are traight from the Clanrat box. I have put the slaves crawling over a fallen Empire statue. Later, on other models, I will be doing some conversions.

PAINTING: Undercoated black, then coated them in a nice looking brown Rustoleum spray. Paint by numbers then dipped them. I normally don’t dip models but if I am to stay motivated to paint all 300+ models in this army I needed to find a way to speed it up.

BASING: I’m doing a cobblestone look from sheet styrene, I want my horde to be over running an Imperial city.

STILL TO DO: Need to add artwork/iconography to banner, maybe some icons on the shields, and I want to do some type of scenic base on the clanrats, like the slaves.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I feel a little cheap dipping the models, but I have to. I won’t be dipping all the models. Just the en masse ones.

POINTS: (25)Clanrat w/ full command and shields = 133
(20) Slaves w/ musician, champion, and sling = 56
Total = 189




Wip of next month

05-10-2010, 17:23

We just soared past the amount of points painted in last years first month :p
Good job so far!

05-10-2010, 18:30
I need to Joker as well.

05-10-2010, 19:47

Fell behind, and hoping to catch up and push ahead next week, when I'm off work. Anyway 20 Archers w/ Command running in at 185 points. Need basing, but Im putting that off for while, so I can do a few months in one go.

05-10-2010, 20:52

UNIT: Mortar

BACKGROUND/THEME: A mortar and crew.
A part of the artillery train hired as mercenary additions to the Elector Count Theoderic Gausser's campaign army. As mercenaries they have no unified colour scheme. (My army is divided into four main elements: Nordland Household knights, Nordland state troops, Mercenaries and Local peasantry)

BUILD/CONVERSION: The mortar is a classic model, as is the guy with the binoculars. The other crew is plasic. They crew member pointing has parts of several kits included. Nothing fancy this time around.

PAINTING: Undercoated white. Lots of different colours. :)

BASING: Sand glued on. Painted bestial brown then drybrushed with bubonic brown and gradually with some white mixed in. Static grass super glued on and drybruched with bubonic brown.


HIGHS AND LOWS: I joined TOFP! A great way of getting some additions to my already quite substantial Empire Nordland Army.
More specifically on this piece: A great opportunity in 8th ed to add bases to the warmachines as crew no longer matter. I have two “wound markers” (the barrel and the third crew member) to remove as I recieve wounds and will then remove the entire piece when I get the third wound.
Lows being that I joined TOFP only a few days before deadline and had to settle for 75 pts. That will hopefully be remedied next month though. Another low was the bad lighting conditions when I got hold of the camera...

POINTS : Mortar (75)





Ka Faraq Gatri
05-10-2010, 21:10
Uch, I hate to do this, but...


I got off to a really good start, got my 200 points - 10 High Elf Spearmen with full command and 5 Swordmasters with Bladelord - mostly painted, but not quite finished. Then...I got distracted.

I blame (in no particular order): work, my fiancee, some birthdays, Dead Rising 2, Mantic Undead models and a lovely reissue of the original AMT U.S.S. Enterprise model kit...

I hope to present this month's lot along with Month 2's work and reclaim my Thin White Duke of Death.

As for everyone else...there is some phenomenal work going on here. Colour me impressed.

05-10-2010, 21:17
A man's Lizardmen army.

For September I have started with my Slaan for the army. As he weighs in at 430 points I am going to be splitting him over two months. I have not done much more than my last photo. This is due to having to paint a Giant for a Games Day table.

So here he is. He's at a slight slant as the flying base goes in and then goes weird. PM if you have ideas on how to rectify it.


However I have had time to do a quick test Saurus for the unit of 30 I am going to paint soon.



05-10-2010, 21:55
I am amazed at the standard of painting on some (actually most) of these models. I would like to congratulate everyone on what they have painted, particularly Har666's high elves and the bretonnians on page 7!

05-10-2010, 21:58
Orcs and Goblins: 1000 POINTS (BOYS)

UNIT: Night Goblin Archers with full command - 80points.

BACKGROUND/THEME: At the moment generic night gobbos.

BUILD/CONVERSION: BFSP night goblin archers.

PAINTING: Undercoated black, layered goblin flesh.

BASING: Sand glued on, sealed with watered down PVA. Khemri Brown drybrush.


HIGHS AND LOWS: Painting blocks of goblins, I've got a second unit (also 20 night goblin archers, and a spare archer to give me the option to drop the standard in this unit) basecoated with only the flesh layering and some details to do, giving me 41 painted goblins when they're done.

Placemarker - will try taking pictures again tomorrow when I've got some daylight.

Orcs and Goblins: 2000 POINTS

UNIT: 35 Trained archers - 280. (210 in Bretonnian list)

BACKGROUND/THEME: 20 in leather jerkins, 15 in dark blue jerkins.

BUILD/CONVERSION: 5th edition plastic bretonnian archers/

PAINTING: Undercoated black, layered goblin flesh.

BASING: Sand glued on, sealed with watered down PVA.

STILL TO DO: Dipping.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Painting another big block of rank and file, making up about 20% of the foot contingent of the army.

Placemarker, will try to take a decent photo tomorrow or Thursday.

05-10-2010, 23:50
Skaven: 2000 points (men)

UNIT: Grey Seer - 305 pts

BUILD/CONVERSION: Unused Seer from Screaming Bell kit on top of floating Bell

PAINTING: Undercoated black, Bronze on the bell with boltgun highlights, Grey Seer got Regal Blue/Codex Grey for bottom robes, Fortress Gray fur.

BASING: None as of yet. Planning on doing just gritty with battlegray drybrush and then some highlights of green for a warpstone-like feel

STILL TO DO: Base and a couple highlights on the rat.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Started painting a couple clanrats as well and realized just how much time all 120 of them are going to take. I do really like how the bell turned out.

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs678.snc4/61832_10100230927855540_1913262_59901833_171131_n. jpg

06-10-2010, 05:28
Dwarfs : 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: 21 Ironbreakers with Full command and 50pts of Runic banner.


BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the blister, well I did have to glue the shields on.

PAINTING: Just like the last tale nice and simple, black undercoat, followed by a very heavy Boltgun drybrush, then a lighter drybrush of chainmail then an even lighter drybrush of mithril silver. A couple of coats of gryphonne sepia on parts of the helmet to bring out a bronzey kind of look, and gold runes to finish.

BASING: GW sand painted black at the moment, I’m not sure whether to cover the bases in snow, or only partially cover them.

STILL TO DO: Only the bases for these guys, I’ll probably do all the basing when I’ve finished the whole army.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Love the older minis, they have much more character IMHO than some of the newer ones.




06-10-2010, 05:36
Lizardmen : 1000 POINTS (BOYS)

UNIT: Skink Chief


BUILD/CONVERSION: A one piece mini straight out of the blister.

PAINTING: Black undercoat, then orkhide shade, followed by snot green then goblin green and a little bit of scorpion geen to finish off. I did the shield with leviathan purple wash over dheneb stone. Grey for the obstinate weapon, bronze with a sepia wash for the helmet.

BASING: GW sand painted black, then drybrushed with scorched brown then vermin brown.

STILL TO DO: Only the bases really, I havnt decided how to finish them off.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I really liked the Skink characters they brought out with the Lustria book, again very characterful and fun to paint.




06-10-2010, 06:13
Army: High Elves (Boys)

Unit: High Elf Mage

Build/Conversion: nothing special really, I just put him on a resin base.

Painting: Seeing as this was a character-model, I wanted to go a bit crazy on him. I tried to do non-metallic metal on him and I feel that I only partially succeeded. But it was a good training for future models. White is still a pain to get right.

Basing: I got me some resin bases from an online company and just painted those. Maybe I'll add some static grass to the bases, but maybe it might be a little too much.

Still to do: nothing really, like I said previously maybe just some static grass

Highs and Lows: the joys of working on a character-model are always very nice. The only downside is that it takes quite a while to get the desired result.


Next up are 10 Sword Masters from the Island of Blood-boxed set.

Thanks for looking.

06-10-2010, 06:35
High Elves : 2000 POINTS

UNIT: 19 High Elves Spearmen

BACKGROUND/THEME: Hmm I´m still not sure if I shall go for some colony army or Dragons, Dragon Princes and Caledor.

BUILD/CONVERSION: There is a unit filler (a mounted mage) due to the difficulty of getting LSG models from Isle of Blood but nothing spectacular.

PAINTING: Way better than the photo give them credit for. Quite standard Blue and white though. Better Photos will come when I get my real camera (not mobile at work D). Its actually not brown but goldon the helm for example...

BASING: Painted sand and some snow. Have to do one more layer of snow though. First wanted grass but snow looked better.

STILL TO DO: Snow. And maybe some finishing stuff here and there. Thinking of doing better looking gems as well.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The high have to be core units costing 9 points each meaning I reached my goal with only 19. Low is that its hard to get units of 25-30 when you have to buy a whole box to get em...

POINTS : 196 with command only. If I really want to get them to 200 I can give them banner of somethingsomething.


06-10-2010, 11:24

Nice work on that sword.


06-10-2010, 13:34
Army: Dark Elves (Men)

Unit: Dreadlord Tyrak Hyron on the Black Dragon Arkeus

Points: 499 - Dreadlord (140), Black Dragon (320), Armour of Darkness (25), Halberd (6), Repeater Handbow (8)

Build/Conversion: Converted from HE Dragon, building rider from green stuff and various HE and DE kits.

I actually built this thing last year but the wings kept snapping off when I it took it out to play a game with it, so i took the wings that came with the high elf dragon kit and replaced them with a pair of Manticore wings. Much more menacing with the claws, as well as looking a lot sleeker and much more compact, so it actually fits into a carry case now.

Painting: Grey basecoats for dragon, with Badab Black layered over the top.

The wind membrane were done by painting a Bleached Bone basecoat then layering on various shades of black and brown washes.

The Lord on top shows my armies main colour scheme - Red robes, silver armour with badab black and devlan mud washes, gold trim

Basing: The basing for my army is blood on snow and lots of it. It's not shown on this guy, but i've made units with rivers of blood running across their bases

Still to do: paint up his weapon and glue it on (it's roughly pinned atm), give him a shield, then lavish same attention on the rider as I did the dragon, paint scorched brown trim round the base

I'll confess i've been a little cheeky and gone to town on the rest of my army too this month (i had three weeks of sod all to do before uni started) but nothing else is finished, so I'm saving pics of them until they're completely done in later months

Background: My DE force is the army of Allas Hyron, youngest of the Hyron. Having eight brothers he's never going to inherit power, so he's doing everything he can to gain it through other means.

His father, Lord Tyrak Hyron, Vaulkau of Karond Kar has been approached by the Temple of Khaine to provide ships and manpower for a quest for some ancient artefact of Khaine in the Old World, however DE being DE, there's plenty of betrayal and backstabbing involved, so Tyrak doesn't want to go himself, instead sending Hyron, his most expendable son in his stead.

So basically my force is Allas trying to survive amongst an army of Corsairs and Khainite warriors and find a way to gain power and influence as the temple looks for this artifact. He can't simply have his father back home killed, as then he's got seven brothers to compete with for the empty throne and he has the least claim on it, so instead he's worming his way in with the Death Hags and recruiting 'allies' in his quest (as much as someone who's just as likely to bury a dagger in you as the enemy can be called allies). He's also got a Sorceress named Luhna (who was a former lover of his) backing him.

A lot of the details still need to be worked through, but that's the basics of it. I'm writing a short story about it all too

Highs and Lows: It was great starting with such a big monster, but it's rather depressing seeing other ToFP-ers who've made whole huge units.
On the other hand it's been great working through the formation of fluff that comes with each of my armies.

Anyway, onto progress. Here's Tyrak Hyron, very nearly done.





Next Month:

- Finishing Tyrak (not going to stretch it over 3 months, even though i technically could)
- Probably make Allas too, along with finishing up my crossbows
- or my plastic Executioners (Including Tullaris)

06-10-2010, 15:59
MY camera died so playing a joker :(

06-10-2010, 16:47
High Elf Update

Short and sweet.

LOWS: Not coming in the mail until first week of October.

NEXT MONTH: Painting a few extra minis to catch up. Possibly mage + 10 Swordmasters, seems like a good place to start.

06-10-2010, 16:49
Woops, your have to wait till friday ;)

06-10-2010, 17:03
Ive already posted my Finished model (Archaon) and started on this months stuff, 10 warhounds, 8 warriors and 10 marauders.

I thought we weren't meant to post this months stuff until friday? The reason being to give septembers models 'time to shine'

06-10-2010, 17:27
I thought we weren't meant to post this months stuff until friday? The reason being to give septembers models 'time to shine'
Oh yes, i just read that , i better remove them then, thanks for the heads up.

06-10-2010, 17:32
Hi all,

Month one Orc and Goblins

Unit: Boar Boyz and 10 Night Goblin spearz with command

Points: 140 + 60 Total = 200 points

I'm posting to say finished, will try getting camera working tomorrow and post on this (edit) asap.

Month two aim will be 50 more NG spearz to complete a horde unit to trounce on Paulls Bretonnian peasants ;)

06-10-2010, 17:35
Hi all,

Month one Daemons of Chaos

Unit: 10 Bloodletters inc full command and 2 flamers

Points: 150 + 70 Total 220 points

I'll try to get camera working tomorrow as for Orcs to get posted onto this post as an edit.

Month two aim is to get 10 more Bloodletters done and 3 more flamers to get two full units from month one and two, unsure what will be after that, maybe a BT??

06-10-2010, 18:47
At last I've found the wire to connect my camera to the computer. Hence here's some photos.

Army: Wood Elves

Unit(s): Treeman, 2 Forest Trolls (Treekin).

Points: 415

Painting: chaos black, skull white, codex grey, blood red, firey orange

Still have to do the basing and make the forest trolls more...foresty, but other than that they're near enough complete (for the time being).

Highs: got all of my partially painted stuff finished, so can start some new stuff this month

Lows: Had a sudden urge to paint lots of night goblins, but don't have them with me (and don't have the time to do it whilst doing the elves).

Things for next time: Take more time over the photos/get a better camera

06-10-2010, 20:57
High Elves : 1000 POINTS (BOYS)

UNIT: Archers / Bolt Thrower Crew

BACKGROUND/THEME: Pretty standard blue and white high elves! Will be trying to give a bit of caledor flavour later I think. These figures are the reason I got started in the hobby, so I'm trying to do them justice now.


PAINTING: Black undercoat, trying for a clean white going up from dhenb stone, light silver and gold, and some pastel spot colours with dhenb stone mixed in to try and tie it together a bit.

BASING: Sand painted black and highlighted with grey. Covered with snow effect and a bit of greyish lichen.

STILL TO DO: All of the gems and some freehand details.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Lows were running out of time, not getting finished and having to cheat by painting the RBT crew and counting it as half the 100 points. Highs were getting started on these figures which I've been meaning to do for ages and taking the time to do them properly.


TOTAL POINTS: 100(ish)




06-10-2010, 21:11
This thread is shaping up to be brilliant! Its great to see all of the armies and the different ways people do things, like painting, basing, etc.

@Unheilig - your Achilleus figure is stunning, just stunning. Is your whole army going to have a Graecian theme?

@Hilte2, Fechik, and someone2040 - Wow! How on earth do you paint so much?

@Ramius4, Grimmjow, harthag12, Confessor_Atol - it is great to see lots of Dwarves. I like this very much! :D

@akai - it is always great to see classic old school figures. I love Heroquest. Doing 3 mini armies is a nifty idea too.

Solun Decius
06-10-2010, 22:17
OK, just in case the bosses didn't see my post in the first thread, I just signed up today. I've got a little stuff already done, but I'm getting that out of the way in this month's post.

Orcs & Goblins : 2000 POINTS (MEN)

20 Night Goblins, full command, 1 Fanatic
Night Goblin Shaman
Orc Shaman.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Originally meant to be an army of Night Goblins, led by an Orc Shaman, I imagine it will include all sorts of O&G units eventually. I feel O&G are not quite disciplined enough to worry about matching uniforms so I like to mix different colored robes, grey and brown and plain black for commoners but more rich blacks, mixed with yellows for the more glamorous bosses and such. I started this army first and foremost in order to paint the colors. I wanted to do much brighter colors than I was doing on 40K minis and there are a bunch of methods that I want to try out. More on that in the painting description, and more background as the tale progresses.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Night Goblins from the BFSP box. A few have had their spears converted into hand weapons. Otherwise no conversion. Metal Shamans, no conversions.

PAINTING: I'm painting on a white undercoat for brighter and more vivid colors. Painted with extremely watered colors for smooth blends (I won't be able to do this for the whole army though). Fanatic was the first mini I really tried these methods on. Complimentary shading on the skin, based Green (GW Snot Green) but shaded by mixing a dark red into it (RMS Bloodstain Red) and highlighted by mixing with a more human skin tone (RMS Fair Skin). "Black" robes are based in a dark purple, mixed with red and black in the shades, blue and white for highlights. The blades are NMM, maybe a bit fancy for Night Goblins, but I wanted to learn and practice the technique and 20 blades at once was good practice.

BASING: Glue, GW Scorched Grass, then blobs of different browns and black into the grass and glue to make mud patches. Then stuff the minis into the slots. Graveyard Earth on rims.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Learned and practiced NMM and glazing/transparency blending. Had a great experience using Reaper Master Series Paints for the first time (they are now my main paints). This took an insane amount of time and effort and I doubt the rest of the troops will look half as good.

POINTS : 20 Night Goblins, full command, Fanatic + Night Goblin Shaman + Orc Shaman - 220 total

So, my first months painting is all old stuff. However, I'm not adding wizard levels or magic items, as I want to just clear this in the first month. From now on I'll have to earn every point :D



06-10-2010, 23:34
Warriors of Chaos - Men

UNIT: 15 Chaos Warriors (with shields + Full Command)

BACKGROUND/THEME: An undivided force set out to destroy in the name of CHAOS. They worship all the gods. My choice of colours might suggest a diety or two but that´s just how I like them.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Pretty much straight from the box. I didn´t like the horns so I filed them away. 2 guys have weapons from the chaos knight set and the champions head is from there as well. 2 guys became a unit filler on a monster base.

PAINTING: Metall armour, red cloaks, green shields, golden details.

BASING: Sand painted grey with a blue wash and highlights of fortress grey and bleached bone. Unsure about the blue spiky things. I might drop them and add some grass.

STILL TO DO: I´m my own worst enemy. Still don´t feel satisfied enough to give them a seal. Might touch up some details but for now they are done.

HIGHS AND LOWS: They took a really long time to paint. Started painting them over a year ago. Cool models that I´m glad I finally finished.

No marks or banners for them. The idea with my undivided host is that that way I can kit them out as I feel like depending on how I wanna run them.

WHAT´S NEXT: 20 Marauders. How I dread the coming month. At least then most of the core will have paint on it. Will cost a bit less than 200pts so I´ll be on track.



Idle Scholar
06-10-2010, 23:41
Skaven : 2000 points (men)

15 Plague Monks, Full Command
6 Plague Censor Bearers

BACKGROUND/THEME: Brightly coloured monks! I mean everyone always paints them green or grey or something so I though 'the rest of the damn armies a shade of brown and black' so the contingent from Pestilence will break the mould.

BUILD/CONVERSION: A simple banner swap of a spare SV one for the dire selection in the plague monk kit.

PAINTING: White basecoat and thin coats (mostly). Fur is watered down black + brown (I varied the browns a little bit) then three layers of successive highlight of the brown with white. Skin is bronzed flesh washed with delvan mud mixed with the same brown used for the fur. I really like the technique of mixing a wash with water and other paints to create my washes. the skin is then highlighted a couple of times with bronzed flesh mixed with white. The orange is blazing orange then watered down blue wash then orange + white highlights. Blazing orange is a really oily colour and not very covering so for the first highlight I went 'up' (with orange + white) for a base then covered the same areas with orange to get a good first layer on top of the gunged basecoat. I used the same principle with the yellow except the wash was watered down delvan. NMM on the monks is grey + enchanted blue. NMM on the PCB's is snakebite + white (or black for the shading)

BASING: TBD on the plague monks. Mostly because they will be multi based and I wanted to mix in next months lot. The PCB's have sand glued to them with PVA before the undercoat.

HIGHS AND LOWS: NMM, also not being quite done. The NMM on the weapons was easy once I started copying the IoB front cover but the NMM on the PCB's flails was a pain in the ****.

POINTS : 15 Plague Monks, Full Command, 6 Plague Censor Bearers - 226 total




07-10-2010, 01:32
Daemons of Chaos: 2000 POINTS

UNIT: Great Unclean One



PAINTING: Nothing special: Brown undercoat, couple shades of green, highlights

BASING: Dark brown, drybrushed with lighter brown; green stuff some texture, then used same green color scheme; magnetized circular base to cross over for 40k

STILL TO DO: Nothing

HIGH: Getting a head start (I will need it)

LOW: Not looking forward to grinding out the core

POINTS THIS MONTH: 500 with upgrades so I can use him in 2000 point games






07-10-2010, 04:21
Skaven: 1000 POINTS

UNIT: Plague monks

BACKGROUND/THEME: Clan Pestilens is on the march!

BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversion sin here, just straight models

PAINTING: Many washes and foundation paints. Robes are Dheneb Stone, washed with watered down Ogryn Flesh, gone over with Dheneb Stone, washed again, final dheneb stone coat, and then a highlight of Stone + White. Flesh is Tallarn Flesh, washed with Ogryn Flesh, Tallarn Flesh again, then Dwarf Flesh.

BASING: Adeptus Battlegrey drybrushed with Astronomicon Grey, flocked with GF9 green static grass.

STILL TO DO: 10 more of these guys with their command for next month.

HIGH: Once I got into my rhythm, I cranked these guys out

LOW: So. Many. Coats.




07-10-2010, 05:05
Dwarf Update

2 Quarrellers, 2 Warriors w/ great weapon, Musician = 60 pts

HIGH: I really like the feathers on the Quarreller on the right. Crazy but true.

LOW: Not getting any paint down on the Gyro. Really looking forward to that.

NEXT MONTH: Plan to do another 5 or 6 minis plus the Gyro. Nothing crazy but decent points total. That'll catch me up in a hurry, since I only need 100-150 per month to be on pace.

I fully admit I had a good head start on some of these Dwarfs. Next month will be more productive, I'm sure :)

07-10-2010, 06:42
I'm gonna have to play a joker this month. I'll get it back next month :)


07-10-2010, 08:01
I Was hoping to have made substantial progress so far but I didn't like how everything turned out so I had a hissy fit and resprayed everything. I may have to spread these sword masters over 2 months instead of getting them all done in October which isn't so bad as my unit clocks in at about 450 points.

07-10-2010, 08:29

UNIT: 2 Ironguts w/ Standard Bearer and Bellower.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Nothing. Yet :shifty:.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Repositioned the right arm on the Bellower to allow the weapon to rest on his shoulder and made the banner from scratch.

PAINTING: My usual suspects. Just ask if you want particulars.

BASING: MiniNatur ground cover sheet cut to fit the base.

STILL TO DO: A couple of things conveniently hidden out of sight of the camera :shifty:.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Nice to be back in the swing of things but I did run into time troubles getting them finished having just had 4000 words to hand in.

POINTS : 2 Ironguts + Standard Bearer + Bellower = 126

As you can see my camera is on its last legs. This is worse than usual :(. Need to buy a new one I think.



07-10-2010, 10:22
Ah, this would be a better place to post.

Army: Skaven Clan Moulder

Unit: 20 Clanrats with shields and spears and Full Command 100 pts

Background Theme: Coming back to fantasy. Wanted a themed force with lots of conversions and background story. My General is completely inept (so when I get battered, I can say I was playing in character).

Still to do: 15 Rats, 5 are half painted

Highs: Really enjoying them at the minute. Lows include Dark Eldar threatening to take away cash and painting time.

Ten page story background can be downloaded here http://www.mediafire.com/?9ss0ra3f8fke8s3. Please have a read if you have the time and let me know what you think.

First picture of the army.


07-10-2010, 10:41
Joker for me this month :-( thanks a bunch work!

Will definitely get at least my initial 200pts done this month and hopefully, maybe the second 200pts to get me back up to speed.

Highs: Picking up a paintbrush for the first time in nearly two years. Foundation washes, i think these may be the new love of my life.

Lows: Not getting my marauders/warhounds finished.

07-10-2010, 11:19
I'm gonna have to play a Joker I'm afraid:(

Will definitely have some WIP to show in a week or so, switching armies hasn't helped:D.

Well done to all of you who completed their pledge this month, there is some great inspiration for the rest of us to raise our game next month:)

I wasn't sure if we still had to roll our D6 for comments? I rolled a 3!

07-10-2010, 13:39
ARMY : Tomb Kings (2000 points)

UNIT: 5 carrions, 2 tomb swarms

BACKGROUND/THEME: I will try to come with something clever over the course of the tales.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Just out of the box models

PAINTING: Bones : Basecoat of Iyanden Darksun, Devland mud wash, drybrush of skull white. Flesh : Tallarn flesh, Baal Red wash, drybrush Drwaven Flesh, Baal Red wash, drybrush Elven Flesh. Wings : Chaos black, drybrush Adeptus Battlegrey, drybrush Codex grey, drybrush Space Wolves grey.

BASING: The carrions are on bases from Back2Base-ix (http://www.back2base-ix.com/), base : border catha brown. sand, snakebite leather, sepia wash, bleached bone drybrush

STILL TO DO: some based need a bit of filling and sand to blend the carrion more with the base.

HIGHS AND LOWS: High : I'm painting again!

Lows : The carrion were really harder to paint than I had expected, it's always nice to have a challenge. The carrions are more than useless in 8th ed but the models are lovely.

POINTS : 210


DICE ROLL : 4 ... well... maybe for next month.

And now with the show...

carrions front :
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4106/5059936082_36de3c7f23_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8029674@N02/4389085782/" title="IMG_0075 by jahorin, on Flickr)

carrions back :
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4148/5059937036_77a71067bf_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8029674@N02/4389085782/" title="IMG_0075 by jahorin, on Flickr)

tomb swarms :
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4129/5059321897_f38e30042b_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8029674@N02/4389085782/" title="IMG_0075 by jahorin, on Flickr)

next month : bone giant.

[edit] you can fin more picture of the carrions over here :my tomb king project log (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=212761)

07-10-2010, 13:49
Well it is the 8th of now in my part of the world, so time for some comments. I wish 2500 word assignments were as much of a pleasure to write as these were...

Now lets see the remaining painters show up!


@ Harry (VC): A fitting start to TOFP 4 indeed! A very promising start.

@ Menathorn: That is quite a striking colour scheme you've got going there. I think you might have also chosen a shade of green that would prevent any 'Christmassy' look when the snow bases are done, which works in your favour. As for the banner, I think it needs to be in a different colour than the unit to stand out. I couldn't say what colour though without knowing if you're going to stick to red/green for the entire army or if the Knights will be all different etc.

@ KHolbourn: Geez, keep up this pace and you'll have a massive army by the end of the TOFP! Nice work all round this month, especially on the hounds which is are my favourite of the lot. Though I have to point that a hundred hooves =/= hundred throats ;).

@ Red Skullz: Stirland/The Moot has always been my favourite part of the Empire so it will be interesting to see this take on them. The glowing eyes are fantastic.

@ Leaf: Very nice. What did you use with Devlan Mud for the dryads?

@ Chicken Pig: Nice to have you back! I like the colour scheme as it is at the moment so try to not make it too Khornate. I like the subtle Khorne look with just the accessories in red.

@ lebenski: Those are some stunning Chaos Warriors. I think I'm going to have to experiment with mixing metals with the foundation paints...

@ Harvey (Empire): Nice work. I think the metal could do with being dulled down just a tad though but it could just be the camera flash giving me that impression.

@ Harvey (O&G): Geez, 50 Night Gobbos in a month. I reckon that would have killed me! Very nice end result though.

@ EmperorNorton (HE): Now it was don't mention the pink right? :shifty: Excellent work. Any chance of a side shot of the banner? Looks fantastic from what I can see as is.

@ EmperorNorton (OK): Ogres boring to paint? Bah, I've had more fun painting mine then I did my Goblins! Solid work from you again as expected.

@ Skipster: I like the neutral tones you've gone with, helps make the green flames stand out. Very nice.

@ Harvey (VC): Good work. Is the banner top done? It kind of looks like bare plastic in the photo.

@ Mouldsta: Really nice DE. I went with the limited palette/snow base look for mine a few years back but I must say you have pulled it off better than I did.

@ Rik a Kadrin Kazad: Certainly a very striking colour scheme. Pink boots, eh? I guess it exposes the neck when your enemy looks down...

@ gaarew: I was going to suggest Ginger hair until I got to the bottom of your post! Nice work this month.

@ juicytomatoes: Army Painter has worked quite well. I'm liking the red TK instead of the usual blue.


@ Tonberry: Very good work. Which blue foundation paint was it? Mordian Blue?

@ Arduhn: Nice work, I quite like the varied horse colours.

@ unheilig: While it is a very nice model and really well painted, that head does make me think of Chaos at first glance. Your metallics work is fantastic.

@ Ramius4: Purple robes and blue shoes, these are Dwarves that want attention! Nice work.

@ Zujara: That is a really nice Brettonian scheme to go with the snow basing. The cloth of the Damsel came out really well.

@ SamVimes (O&G): Excellent work. The warboss is nice but that Wyvern is phenomenal.

@ SamVimes (HE): Even better than the Wyvern if you ask me, the freehand is stunning.

@ Ego Ninja (Skaven): I like the idea of the tearing skin instead of clothes, but I can’t help but feel the model needs a bit of colour to offset the larger skin area. Maybe some red/purple colouration around the suture lines?

@ Ego Ninja (O&G): Very nice, I like the brighter green, makes them pop up from the dark bases.

@ pointyteeth: Hate painting the Beastmen and it’s only a month in? You're in for a tough slog then! That banner is excellent, good job.

@ Daniel36: Great work, the painting is really nice. Don't think you needed 12 pictures of the same unit here though :p.

@ Sliver: Very nice. The BSB is excellent.

@ sinnir: Nice work. Any reason your crossbowmen like shooting at birds though?

@ Aenarion: Great work, look forward to seeing the other half of the unit.

@ Malakai: Boo! And the test model was so promising as well...

@ Bueno (OK): Interesting idea to represent a Slave Giant. It will be interesting to see how your unique skin colour holds up across an army.

@ Crusius: Very nice work. The champion head looks fine to me, though I might try to darken the horns a bit more so they don’t blend in with the head so much.


@ Bueno (VC): Now that is an excellent Abyssal Terror, the conversion work is great. I'll let the fact that there wouldn't be ribs so far down the torso slide due to the rule of cool though...

@ Ister Flersson: There has been a lot of stunning Bloodcrushers on Warseer lately and yours is no exception. Are any of the GW red a similar colour to the Skorne Red you're using?

@ Bueno (Skaven): Very nice. I'm guessing you're Lord will be on a slotta base to work as either on foot or mounted on either of those?

@ The Lost Hobbit: I've dropped you down to Boy's in my list. Dark Apostle's Empire guys are some of my favourites so more in the same scheme goes down with me quite well. You're keeping up the high standard he brings to the table too which is even better, well done.

@ ironduke: Great work, I really like the Exalted Champion, the skull on that guy is excellent.

@ Lord Shadowheart (HE): Nice work, the lion half of the griffon doesnt look too bad from what I can see.

@ Lord Shadowheart (BoC): Very nice conversion. I'm sure lava wouldn't have stopped a Beastmen sending the chariot speeding across those rocks though!

@ Mich: That's an excellent Phoenix Guard unit. All of the colours come together perfectly and the unit fillers are ace.

@ Fabius Bile: It seems I've got my work cut out for me this TOFP is I want to keep up with the standard of all these other OK painters! The purple skin is very striking. Can't put my thoughts on the banner into words...

@ Elfboy: That intricate tattoo work is outstanding. You've got one set of steady hands I'll give you that!

@ Vaiuri: Excellent work, this scheme will look fantastic across the whole army.

@ simonN: Nice work, any plans to do anything else with the bases? They look a tad plan at the moment.

@ Oglog: I love that yellow, but don’t envy having to have had to paint it on such a large surface!

@ Ironbreaker: Very nice. Are you going to stick to the red/white striped pants for the whole army?

@ xsergg: Very nice start, looking forward to seeing it finished.

@ Kaos: I have several nasty words to say to you about how bad you make me feel about my own painting when I see how well that banner of yours came out :p.

@ tristessa: Nice start. What kind of bone colour are you looking to go with?

@ CaptainFaramir: I'm always a sucker for Malal... I love the musician, the pose makes me think he's taunting the enemy.


@ Shadowmancer: Very nice. I like the switch to a lighter blue than the traditional scheme.

@ Illuminus79: Good work. Are you planning to texture the mud or just use that paint combination?

@ Draco: I think the roots on the base have come out fine, what is it you don’t like about them? Very nice Damsel.

@ Dark Apostle: For a 'no fancy painting techniques' approach that banner is flawless. Looks like another year of spectacular models from you again!

@ doc_cthulu: The red robe is really well done. Do you happen to know the company that made the model?

@ huitzilopochtli: I really like the colours on the skinks. I don't think the salamanders are too red either, the light scales bring it back in line with the skinks.

@ MunkeyKungFu: A very nice deep red you've got there, how did you do it?

@ Setha: Good work on Archaon. Scratch sculpting a whole giant, eh? I don't envy that!

@ Caphalor: Very nice, I like the non-traditional colour scheme.

@ 8bitMummies: At least I'm not the only one with camera woes this month :p. I quite like the Pestigor unit. Did you do any particular markings on the herdstone or just anything?

@ Maglok: Well I have to say that this might be the first time I've seen green bows! It's odd but it works well.

@ Sturen: Nice work. I think the unit fillers would probably look better in the back rank though.

@ akai: I'm confused. Did you or didn't you submit anything this month? Painting looks good but I think the sand on the bases needs to get a brown wash or something, at the moment it just looks like sand sprinkled on instead of being integrated into the model.

@ Clobbersaurus: GW/Reaper/whatever doesn't matter here so you're all good. Very nice work, the flames came out quite nicely.


@ someone2040: That reddish skin is really striking. It should make for a really impressive army.

@ Desert Rain: Nice work. Do the symbols on the banner mean anything?

@ Waagghh_Logan: So it's dirt/sand basing? I thought the Khorne colours looked quite nice on snow. I think the purple on the shield is a bit out of place though, seems to clash with the rest of the unit.

@ Mike_the_magi: Very nice. How did you do the armour?

@ Purplebeard: Painting your namesakes? Nice work!

@ Grimmjow: Great work. I like the alternating blue/silver work on the war machine.

@ Shadow Fall: Very nice, I like the blue armour.

@ Jericho: Excellent work! Is the entire army going to be done in the old plastics?

@ Confessor_Atol: Good work. The banner does kind of look a little plain in the top half though with the painted symbols so low.


@ pluch87: Fantastic night gobbos! So how many of these little buggers have you got to paint? I can see big units of them every month getting really tiresome, really quickly...

@ Lord Dan (VC): Well you win the award for most colourful zombie unit ever! Very nice painting too.

@ Lord Dan (Empire): I'm quite liking the colour scheme. What company are those models from?

@ Har666 (WoC): Excellent work. How did you achieve that red?

@ Har666 (HE): Not one to vary his colour scheme I see! Lots of red and gold to come from you then. Nice work.

@ Vinsanity: Very nice work. Slaan is coming along quite nicely.

@ Fredox: Just triple the numbers and then that would have been a dead ringer for the photos in Harry's log! Really nice work.

@ andrewdrexler: It took me a minute to figure out that those guys didn’t actually have barbed wire on their bases... Very nice work.

@ Malorian: Great work from you once again this year. Mazdamundi reminds me of Wolverine in those colours.

@ reddevil18: Nice work. Quite the manicured lawn those Chaos models are despoiling!

@ Ujio: An army based on the Shadowking book is going to be well worth watching! The WE models looks very nice in blue.

@ DeadInTheHead (HE): Very nice! Are those old HE shields? They remind me of some Empire ones I've got kicking around in a drawer somewhere...

@ DeadInTheHead: (DoC): Good work. The gold base trim is definitely unique.

@ Necrothrall: Nice work. What are your plans for the basing style?


@ harthag12 (Dwarves): Very nice Dwarves. What are your plans for the bases?

@ harthag12 (HE): Dark coloured HE is something you don’t see very often, nice job.

@ harthag12 (O&G): The Arrer Boyz are really nice but the Black Orcs are a bit too silver for my liking. Maybe break it up with some coloured plates?

@ BeatTheBeat: You're keen stringing those bows! Nice Savage Orcs.

@ Hilte2: Those are some excellent Knights you've got there, especially the chequered one. Hope you don’t run out of colour scheme ideas for the individual knights before the TOFP is out.

@ Paull: So the majority of those colours are just from washes? Interesting. Very nice looking unit.

@ Fechik: Very, very nice Skaven. I really like the yellow/red combo.

@ Leggo1927: Nice work, but what is with the paint splotches on the same front corner of every base?

@ Wulf: Boy is that an old model. What edition is that? Quite well painted to boot.

@ Baggers: The split skin colour pattern is interesting. Vinsanity had the same problem with his Slaan this month but he seems to have fixed his by drilling a new hole.

@ mccomma03: Very nice. As you said, the bell came out very nicely.

@ perplexiti (Dwarves): Great work. I think partially covering the bases with snow would be best. Too much white would blend in with the high proportion of silver you've got already.


@ perplexiti (Lizardmen): Very nice work, I've always loved that mini.

@ Badgobbla: Excellent work. The NMM looks good enough to my eyes. Really like your shade of blue too.

@ Jardain: Very nice work. Did you paint that design onto all of the shields or do the IoB models come with it sculpted on?

@ Khorneguy: Quite a nice model overall but I think the sword is a bit too big for the rider.

@ sssk: Those 'Forest Trolls' are fantastic. The base models work very well in that colour scheme.

@ richy376: Very nice work. Any reason for the lone green sash?

@ Solun Decius: Not much to say other than 'wow' and 'good luck keeping up that standard for the rest of the TOFP' :p.

@ MrMiscast: Good work. The blue spikes in the ground are an interesting touch.

@ Idle Scholar: A couple of bright coloured skaven forces this time around it seems. Really like the orange/yellow scheme, very nice work.

@ Jason: Great paintjob. Is it just the picture or is the sword bent?

@ Nabeshin11106: Very nice work. Look forward to seeing the rest of the unit.


@ Jericho (Dwarves): Excellent work. Are these classic GW minis or another company?

@ the1stpip: Very nice cover story worked into your background! Great paintjob on those guys, a really nice red.

@ jahorin: Excellent Carrion, really like the fleshtone.


07-10-2010, 14:08

Wow, you said you were going to comment on everyone's work, and you did, colour me well impressed. To address your comments: those shields will remind you of those Empire ones you have knocking around, as they are indeed Empire shields; as for the Khorne bases, I'm just doing a very simple Red and Bronze thing, all the detail will be on the wine cork "rock" bases.


I was thinking of saying nothing about the banner, but the internet has a great way of biting you on the bum when you try things like that. All it would take is for one person to Google "Phoenix Art" (http://www.google.co.uk/images?hl=en&rlz=&=&q=phoenix%20art&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1280&bih=838) and my secret would have been out :D

I'll be back on the weekend to post comments on the HE and DoC work.

07-10-2010, 14:30
At least this month, I can’t comment on everyone’s. So, I rolled a d6 (1). Starting with Harry and every 6th poster after that will get a comment.

@Harry – Cool model. I really like that face too, I think it’s much better than the original. I’m not sure I would brighten the gold, but that’s just me.
@lebenski – I love those bases. After reading your blog, I’m glad you decided on these colors. They look much better.
@Skipster – a fellow Skaven painter. They look great. I especially like the Doomwheel. I too am going to be painting my Stormvermin albino.
@Tonberry – Interesting colors for the mage. They look good together. Is your whole army gonna be these colors?
@SamVines – Those beads look great! Not sure I could have done something like that. Seems like it would have taken forever. Good job!
@sinner - Nice Dark Elves. I like the colors.. And I completely understand having your kids music stuck in your head. Happens to me all the time.
@Bueno – That is just a cool idea. The model looks great.
@Mich – Those are some darn cool looking Phoenix Guard. I really like your unit filler too.
@IronBreaker – that’s some mean looking Ogres your got there. That rust, as well as the rest of the models, look amazing.
@Illuminous79 – Nice models. I like how you made every one look different
@Caphalor – cool color scheme. I really like that green.
@Desert Rain – Such a nice, crisp white. I can’t ever seem to get white to work that way. Can’t wait to see more.
@Jericho – Nice! That warrior priest looks amazing. As do the rest of them, of course.
@Har666 – Those are cool. That darker red looks great!
@Ujio – I really like it when people paint armies different than the norm. Yours are a good example of non green Wood Elves. They look great!
@BeatTheBeat – IS your whole army gonna be Savage Orcs? That’s awesome! Nice looking models, bowstrings ad a nice touch.
@perplexiti – I too love the old Iron breaker models. They look tougher IMO. Good painting, can’t wait to see more.
@richy376 – those elves look sharp! You’re skin tone is great!
@Jericho – those dwarves look great!

Everyone else is doing great as well. There is some amazing stuff in here. Keep up the great work.

@Doi – thanks!

07-10-2010, 14:44
Doi - sword is indeed bent. It was the only way that the model will fit into my metal toolbox for storage.

07-10-2010, 14:53
Hey, im not very good with comments but ill try my best.
Im not sure how many im ment to do either :S

Harry, that is an amazing model i must say. I cant even pick a fav part about it its all just so good :)

ChickenPig, Very nice indeed, love how the armor is just a classic armor colours and not out rageous colors (although those are still good)

lebenski, My comments will not do those warriors justice so i wont try to hard but... WOW

Harvey, Painting so many models in just a month is an insiration to the rest of us

Skipster, Really loving the doom wheel and weapon teams tho i think a darker green for the warpstone and green would look better

Ister Flersson, Looked at the jugger before reading the post seen the maruder and just had to read the rest. Very nice conversion in the rider and good painting

Sorry i will post more comments when i get time but im in work right now.

And dio, i have no idea what half of that comment means but thank you :)

Wednesday Friday Addams
07-10-2010, 15:19
Unfortunately due to work I will have to put a Joker up. Unless it is ok if I post it this Saturday.

07-10-2010, 15:38
Sorry Doi, I got over-excited with finally finishing a Fantasy unit that didn't look crap!

07-10-2010, 15:39
Thanks for the kind words guys!

My Empire will be made up of many converted 6th edition starter set models for the state troops. I prefer the old style over the new, but with lots of leftover heads on the Archer (these guys turned into my Swordsmen detachment actually) and Greatsword sets I will be able to add diversity to those old models. I got some Averland models from Mordheim off a friend a while back, they will be used for unit champions and whatnot.

The Dwarfs are an all-pewter army that I picked up a while ago when a friend of a friend gave up the hobby after getting married. He hadn't done anything in years and needed to clear out the closets, so he gave EVERYTHING he had to our gaming club for like $100. Including a pile of ancient metal Dwarfs, which I have supplemented with a few purchases from eBay and local shops that sell used minis.

My favorite model from the set is the Samurai Dwarf from the 80's, which is actually available again from the Dwarf Adventurer set on the GW site. Easily the best figure of the bunch. Very very cool, and he'll be one of my thanes eventually.

Solun Decius
07-10-2010, 15:41
OK, here are comments. I didn't comment on everyone but I also didn't roll a D6. I just kind of paged through the whole thing and randomly commented on stuff. Also the comments are in no particular order and sort of backwards. The D6 method is better, to eliminate bias and give everyone an even chance of good comments, so I'll do that next time. Sorry to those I don't comment on, your work is excellent and I'm super impressed by the amount of great work here. It really helps with the motivation.

Thanks Doi! I probably can't keep that standard throughout but I hope I won't disappoint terribly :D


@Badgobbla: Smooth painting there, it’s got a strong face and the white is rather smooth. You mentioned it was hard to get right .. maybe more pure white in the highlgihts, and just a little bit of very dark (black even) shades in the deepest recesses. Strengthen the contrast just a bit. The NMM blade looks nice, you might just be leaving a bit too much of it in that dark color. Could have larger shines areas. Nice metal horns!
@Paull: Wow, 50 minis. Can’t you count the standard and champ for some extra points? They all look great too!
@pluch87: Nice gobbos there! Yellow moons and Red/white mushrooms stand out nicely. It certainly is a lot of work in the 200 pts of Night Goblins. You just hang in there, we gobbo painters gotta stick together :D
@Fredox: Those wolves look great. I love how you have the underside lighter and yellower than the back. It looks more like actual animals that way.
@Ujio: Super smooth Wood Elves there man! That’s an excellent shiny blue scheme on the capes and top notch painting all over. The face on the close up one is exceptional too!
@DeadInTheHead: Those Elves look super all ranked up, and the freehand banner is awesome! Is that Phoenix image from anywhere in particular? (that’s been answered now, but is it painted or printed?)
@Jericho: Those Dwarves are excellent. Very colorful and good contrast in the shades, makes them stick out.
The Empire stuff is great too, the Warrior priest a great model and the musician really stands out to me.
@richy376: Nice High Elves man! Nice clean white, and pretty strong faces.
@someone2040: That Wargor is really cool and it’s great ranked up unit of Gors. That shield on the front left corner grabs attention. Nice!
@Desert Rain: Nice freehand and colorful shields. The unit really stands out nicely.
@Dark Apostle: As always, excellent excellent painting from you!
@doc_cthulhu: That’s a really creepy looking model man. Great work! The fase is so sinister.
@akai: Yesss! Can’t go wrong with those Hero Quest minis man :D
@Ister Flersson: Daaaamn! That’s hard core. Great paint job, and the model/conversion is so brutal.
@The Lost Hobbit: Very smooth painting on those Empire troops.
@Kaos: Woah! That’s an excellent effect on those “ghost riders”. Awesome light sourcing.
@Fabius Bile: Awesome banner man. That’s a great paint job on the whole unit.
@Ramius4: Hey, great to see your Dwarves finished and up early on the thread. Great job!
@SamVimes: Woah! That’s a whole lot of painting this month. I hope you can keep it up throughout. Looking great!
@Ego Ninja: That’s exceptionally smooth painting on those Rat Ogres. Great depth too.
@Harvey: Cripes! 50 Goblins. Keep up the good work man! (we Gobbo painters better cheer each other on, right?)

I've got a start on next month's batch, almost finished with 10 NG Bowmen. Still, that's just 50 pts, counting the full command. I think I'll boost the points a bit by painting up some netters :)

Desert Rain
07-10-2010, 15:50
@ Desert Rain: Nice work. Do the symbols on the banner mean anything?i
Thank you :) The symbols are taken from the High Elves army book. The big one in the middle means defiance, the one to the left means ferocity, the one to the right means glory and the one on the bottom means loyalty.

@Desert Rain – Such a nice, crisp white. I can’t ever seem to get white to work that way. Can’t wait to see more.Thanks, when painting white a lot of layers and patience is the key thing. And I think that I can safely say that I've had a lot of practice by now ;)

@Desert Rain: Nice freehand and colorful shields. The unit really stands out nicely.
Thank you very much :)

Lord Dan
07-10-2010, 16:07
So the only way to do this for me is to comment on different armies every month. This month I'll be doing Empire and Vampire Counts:

Harry: You've taken a model that was voted "worst fantasy model ever" and made it look awesome. Great sculpting by Rikard, and I love what you've done with the purple.

Red Skullz: Zombies are awesome, love the stirland scheme (cool knight unit filler, BTW). Awesome aristocratic vampire, and that hellsteed is going to be sick when it's done.

Harvey (Empire): Very clean white you've achieved! I love that banner, it takes me back to 5th/6th edition Empire days.

Harvey (VC): How did you create that green effect on the metal? It's wicked cool.

Arduhn: Wait a minute! I recognize those pistoliers! ;) Beautiful work as always, and I like the yellow gloves on the priest.

Daniel36: Great work. I appreciate that you didn't use a ton of vibrant colors on these guys, though I'm sure it was tempting. I think flagellants always look best in a battle line where all the other units look absurdly colorful and they stand out with their neutrality.

Aenarion: That's a gorgeous blue color. What color is it?

Bueno: I first saw the griffon and thought: "Huh...it doesn't look all that different from a normal griffin". Then I saw the shotgun-blast sized hole in it's head, and I must say I'm impressed. Very Romero, very convincing, very cool, and I'm looking forward to seeing the rider.

The Last Hobbit: Awesome scheme, and I completely agree with regards to the soft detail on those Empire troops. I like all the red in your banner.

Illuminus79: I really like the blue you've used on your free company, your mortar is fantastic (love the old crew models), and the bird on the outstretched arm is a great touch.

Dark Apostle: Beautiful models. That's all I can say, I'm always just speechless...

More to come!

07-10-2010, 16:12
So how are we commenting on people's work?

Would it be an idea (but maybe a lot of work) to separate this into a thread for each race? Might also be nice for in the future when you are looking for inspiration, you can just look at the single thread?

Desert Rain
07-10-2010, 16:16
Last year we used a dice system in the beginning, but that part accidently got removed from the opening post. So this month you will have to decide for yourself how you comment, but the dice system will be reintroduced next month.

07-10-2010, 16:23
@ Khorneguy: Quite a nice model overall but I think the sword is a bit too big for the rider.

That's because it's not not meant to be a sword, it's meant to be a halberd that he's waving inspirationally for his troops benefit. In combat he'd hold it with both hands.

Inquisitor Pariah
07-10-2010, 16:59
Have to joker this month...lack of internet access other than at work makes posting rather difficult!

07-10-2010, 16:59
Unfortunately due to work I will have to put a Joker up. Unless it is ok if I post it this Saturday.

It is.

Well it is the 8th of now in my part of the world...

It isn't over here! Now my post will be buried in countless words of mindless babble... :(

Well, my fault, should have hurried a bit with taking pics...

Last year we used a dice system in the beginning, but that part accidently got removed from the opening post. So this month you will have to decide for yourself how you comment, but the dice system will be reintroduced next month.

In the last months of last year, the dice-thing was a bit pointless, and I think Harry used one of those threads as inspiration.

Someone opted for rolling a dice, take the corresponding post on the first page, and comment on that and each sixth post after that.

07-10-2010, 17:01
And now for my own entry...


UNIT: Goblin Wolf Chariot (+1 crew)

BACKGROUND/THEME: None what so ever. Just painting all the remaining stuff I got.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Got rid of the chains with skulls and stuff hanging from the back, so that the chassis is different from my other wolf chariot. Also one of the wolves is looking slightly to the right. Most important: I took the plastic grots box from 40K and converted those to make a new crew, as I really dislike the exactly same models on 2 war machines.


HIGHS AND LOWS: First model I painted since somewhere halfway April this year, due to being busy with buying houses, shooting zombies and all kinds of other stuff.




07-10-2010, 17:47
So many entries to comment on... why didn't we roll numbers? :(

I'll comment on all these tomorrow! :)

07-10-2010, 17:59
So many entries to comment on... why didn't we roll numbers?

You still can if you like. I think I'll be picking a page per day to comment on and spread things out a bit. It will give me something to do at work:shifty:

07-10-2010, 18:35
Bear with me guys... I have 6 bulls painted up and ready to show off... Just need to find my camera.... Sorry!

artificial orange
07-10-2010, 18:49
looks like I have to joker this month...should be on schedule from now on though

07-10-2010, 19:05
Sadly, I too must joker... I left a lot of the common "finishing up" stuff (leather for the saddles, err... armor...) for the knights I decided to start with for the end because I thought it'd be easier... then work came and stole the week I was going to get all that done.

At least I've got a great head start for this month... I'll try to get WIP's up (something else I didn't get a good chance to do last month) once I've had a chance to gawk in wonder at the great work everyone's been posting!

07-10-2010, 19:07
@Ujio - Very nice wood elves. It's nice to see blue as the main colour for them for a change.

@Hilte2 - Wow. If I tried to comment further I'd be doing your painting a disservice.

07-10-2010, 19:11
I think I'll be picking a page per day to comment on and spread things out a bit.

Good idea!

Page 1 comments:

Harry: You know what, that's the first time I've seen Nagash and didn't get the feeling of him being a very old model. Well done!

Menathorn: Still some work to be done but it's looking good so far.

Kholbourn: The dogs were very well done, and it's nice to have a chariot that's not exactly the same as the others.

Red Skullz: Interested to see how that hellsteed will turn out :)

Leaf: Washes + trees always looks great!

Chicken Pig: Those head swaps might be minor but he really helps to keep the unit looking fresh.

lebenski: Nice red highlights. Those 4 attacks model are murder!

Harvey: Nice bright unit. It's one of those themes that will be amazing when seen as a large army. And good job on the night goblins. You put more detail into them than I'm willing to do.

Emperor Norton: Pink and blue certainly is a distinct look. Almost slaaneshy... and the ogres look spot on.

Skipster: That's a good amount of painting for one month, especially with what a pain the the doomwheel is.

Mouldsta: Like the dark theme.

Rik a Kadrin Kazad: The pink boots look... wrong...:eek:

gaarew: Those masks remind me of the mexican wrestlers :D

juicytomatos: Perfect theme! They look like they should from the book.

07-10-2010, 19:27
Had to travel abroad for work, so I'm using a joker.

07-10-2010, 20:13
@ sssk: Those 'Forest Trolls' are fantastic. The base models work very well in that colour scheme.Doi

Thanks Doi. To be honest, they aren't all that "forest-y" yet. I've got an abundance of dryad bits and sprites to scatter around etc, but I thought I'd get the basic models all painted up and then spend one month basing and adding bits.

As for everyone else, amazing work, I'm loving the vast abundance of different armies, colour schemes and painting styles. No two people are doing anything similar, it's brilliant.

My painter of the month (so far) has to be Skipster (Skaven on page 1). Great colour scheme, great painting technique, and especially that mortar. I can't wait to see some core troops.

07-10-2010, 20:24
Ok, just like Doi said it's the 8th where I am too, so comment time.

Page 1

@Harry: Wow, that face completely changes old Nagash, and the way you've painted him looks creepy and ancient too.

@Menathorn: Not bad mate, I do like those Bret plastics.

@KHolbourn: Good work man, very dirty looking, very beasty.

@Red Skullz: Awsome zombies!, I can't wait to see that hell steed too.

@Leaf: Devlan muds pretty fantastic right, the wood elves have some great looking minis too.

@Chicken Pig: Great warriors, well painted and love those heads.

@lebenski: Another batch of awesome warriors, that armour looks sweet man.

@Harvey: Nice looking swordsem, and that's a serious block of gobbos to paint, well done.

@EmperorNorton: Good looking elves man, I like the gold armour, nice ogres too, I like the verdigris effect.

@Skipster: Sweet rats man, those new minis are great and you made them look better.

@Harvey: Good looking skellies mate, I especially like the armour and shields.

@Mouldsta: Nice corsairs, very dark and menacing.

@Rik a Kadrin Kazad: Cool warriors, are those pink boots their dancing shoes? They look good man.

@gaarew: Nice man, go the scots!

@juiceytomatoes: I do like me some tomb kings, and yours are looking good.

Page 2:

@Tonberry: Great mage, it's still alittle hard to believe the quality from the new box.

@Arduhn: Good looking pistoliers mate, love the yellow and black.

@unheilig: Fantastic mini mate, the pose and painting are awesome.

@Ramius4: Great to see more Dawi in the tale, they look goos mate.

@Zujara: Like I said earlier, I do like the bret plastics and that damsel is one of my fav all time minis. They look great.

@SamVimes: Great idea making a foot version, they all look great man.

@Ego Ninja: Freaky looking rat ogres man, and great looking greenskins.

@pointyteeth: awesome beasts mate, those skull tattoos/paint look great.

@Daniel36: Really nice flagellents.

@Sliver: Great conversions man, I like the vents and runes as well all glowy.

@sinnir: well painted elves man, nice and dark.

@Aenarion: Great skellies, that blue looks good.

@Malakai: Sorry to hear you're pulling out but fair enough mate, although that elf looks fantastic.

@Bueno: Great idea for that giant, I love the bull pulling it along.

@Crusius: Awesome armour mate, about the head, maybe it's because the skin is almost the same colour as the horns?

Page 3:

@Bueno: I like all the damage to the abyssal griffin, looks great.

@Ister Flersson: Nice conversion, and well painted.

@Bueno: Great looking mounts mate.

@The Lost Hobbit: Awesome painting man.

@ironduke: Really nice looking guys, and a pretty good idea to keep the interest going.

@Lord Shadowheart: Good looking griffon man, and Iove the base of that chariot.

@Mich: Really good looking pheonix guard, love the armour.

@Fabius Bile: Heh, those ogres look well fed, awesome freehand on that banner too.

@Elfboy: Very nicely painted wardancers, great job.

@Vaiuri: Awesome swordmasters, great armour.

@simonN: Cool skinks and saurus mate.

@Oglog: Wow, that's yellow. I like it though, never thought of painting one like that it's great.

@Ironbreaker: Sweet ogres man.

@Wow, another bright stegadon. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

@Kaos: Awesome man, love that flame effect.

@tristessa: Looking good so far, can't wait to see it finished.

@CaptainFarimir: Yay! More classic models, and also some classic fluff too. Great stuff.

Page 4:

@Shadowmancer: Nice mage, I like the cloak and white parts too.

@Illuminus79: Good looking empire mate.

@Draco: Looks pretty good man.

@Dark Apostle: Great banner, really clean painting mate.

@doc_cthulhu: Cool priest model, do you know where it's from?

@huitzlilopotchli: The skinks look awesome man, but I think you might be right about the sallies. They still look good though.

@MunkeyKungFu: Nice mage man, good looking red.

@Setha: Nicely painte Archaon, looking forward to seeing a whole regiment of those warriors.

@Caphalor: Nice, Green high elves. Looks good.

@8bitMummies: Really nice beasts mate, I love those old pestigor minis.

@Maglok: Sweet, the colours really do tie the regiment together. I like the basing, do you really need to do anything more to it?

@Sturen: Looks good, nice use of bits to fill the unit out.

@akai: Awesome! I used to love playing heroquest.

@Clobbersaurus: Nicely painted wizard mate.

Page 5:

@someone2040: Nice beasts, I like the red skin especially.

@Desert Rain: They look good, very cleasn and shiny. Just like elves should be.

@Waagghh_Logan: Very nice knights mate.

@Mike_the_magi: Great mini, nice paintjob.

@Purplebeard: Yay! Classic Dwarfs, is that the runelord off the old anvil of doom?

@Grimmjow: Cool, more Dawi. They are looking good man.

@Shadow Fall: Nice Vamp, looks really good.

@Xasandra: Looking good so far, keep at it and I look forward to seeing them finished.

@Jericho: Sweet, more yellow and black. They look really good man, looking forward to seeing the whole army together.

@Confessor_Atol: Nice unit filler man. The regiment looks good man.

Page 6:

@pluch87: Great looking gobbos mate.

@Lord Dan: Cool Ghoul/zombies, love the use of other minis. Nice empire too.

@Har666: That is a fantastic model, and you've painted it nicely too. Those swordmasters look great red and gold as well.

@Vinsanity: Great looking Slann, can't wait to see the whole thing finished.

@Fredox: Cool looking wolves, I'm sure Harry won't mind.

@andrewdrexler: Those reavers look good mate.

@Malorian: Mazdamundi looks great man, don't talk ya self down. And that's an intimadating block of Blorcs mate.

@reddevil18: Cool sorcerer and those dogs look good too.

@Ujio: Cool looking archers man.

@DeadInTheHead: Looks good man, those old mono pose ones look good all ranked up, very uniform. Cool thirster as well.

@Necrothrall: Dirty stormvermin and a freaky ogre, nice rats mate.

Page 7:

@harthag12: Cool, more Dwarfs. They looking good too. And even better more green elfs. Those Orcs look good too, very brutal.

@BeatTheBeat: Nice classic savage orcs man, love the string on the bows a really nice touch.

@Hilte2: Good looking knights mate. Really clean heraldry.

@Paull: Wow, that looks great. Seeing so many hordes is pumping me up to do mine.

@Fechik: Nice dirty rats.

@Leggo1927: Cool tomb kings man.

@Wulf: Great old mortar man.

@Baggers: Looking good so far.

@mccomma03: The bell does indeed look fantastic.

Page 8:

@Badgobbla: Nice work mate, I like that old mage throwing the horns.

@Jardain: Sweet man, I like those new seaguard.

@Khorneguy: Great dragon mate, can't wait to see it done.

@sssk: Looks good, neat idea to use the trolls as tree kin.

@richy376: More well painted classics.

@Solun Decius: Wow, that yellow is fantastic. They look geat all ranked up.

@MrMiscast: Heh, they look like a completely different unit from the back. They look really good man.

@Idle Scholar: More nicely painted rats. Good job man.

@jason: Nice one man, good idea with the base too.

@nabeshin1106: Cool plague monks man.

Page 9:

@Jericho: Wow, those have to be some of the best dwarfs I've seen. They put my little fellas to shame, great work bro.

@Doi: Good looking ogres man.

@the1stpip: Cool, more dirty, dirty rats. I like them.

@jahorin: Very nice carrion and swarms man.

Page 10:

@Braad: Very cool chariot man, looks great.

Whew! that was hard work, I think I'll do the dice roll then every 6th post next month.

Keep up the pace everyone, and have fun.

07-10-2010, 20:24
Page 2 comments:

Tonberry: Are you using him as a dark elf? The purple and dark skin makes it seem so.

Arduhn: Nice to see you made each horse different.

unheiling: My computer isn't loading the pictures...

Ramius4: Good start. Once thing you'll want to do is buy a box of non-starter set warriors to break up the pose.

Zujara: Beautiful damsel. That rich red is fantastic!

SamVimes: That detail work on the everqueen must have taken forever! But it was worth the work.

Ego Ninja: Both are looking good so far (I think the orc side would win though ;))

pointyteeth: I like the skin, and the spawn makes a perfect unit filler.

Daniel36: Too many pictures/posts but I have to admit that I like them :)

Sliver: I like the WLC conversion and the green lighting effect on the BSB (looking forward to the banner).

sinnir: Shooty shooty death! The simple paint scheme works well.

Aenarion: Don't worry about what's not painted, take pride in what is painted.

Malakai: Sorry to see you go already.

Bueno: Looks like the ogre is about to swat away the ogre ;)

Crusius: Cool that you magnitized them. Must have been a lot of work. Keep it up!

07-10-2010, 20:46
Ramius4: Good start. Once thing you'll want to do is buy a box of non-starter set warriors to break up the pose.

Thanks Malorian (and everyone else). :) I have lots of those. For my fantasy stuff I don't mind a regimented look, although I may paint up 10 or so of them with great weapons to thrown in the front ranks when I want to use them that way. I've got about 80 of the skull pass warriors alone...

I'm almost done with my non-starter Longbeards too, which I've posted the wip shots in my plog. Doing my best to get ahead:D

Page 1 comments. Phew! That took a while...

Harry: As I've mentioned in your plog, Nagash looks great. Rikard really did a spendid job with the resculpted face, and you've captured the feel of the old artwork with the glow.

Menathorn: I too have Bretonnians, so it's always a treat to see more of them. I like the regimented uniforms. Will you be doing something similar with Knights? Or...? If you're doing individual heraldry on Knights it can get a bit tedious, so you may want to mix things up a bit (in other words, keep a few commoners to paint in between!)

KHolbourn: Good grief, did you do nothing but paint for the entire month!? And I thought I had a great start... I like the grey color scheme a lot. I especially dig the look of the warhounds.

Red Skullz: Brainssss!!! This unit reminds me a lot of one my friend did using Empire and Zombie parts, which is a good thing! Very characterful, and it's great that you're continuing the theme with the skellies. LOVE that there is a mounted zombie! Good colors, and the banner looks good. That Vamp model works perfectly.

Leaf: Your dryads remind me a lot of the ones I painted, only I did mine with 3 heavy coats of ink and some drybrushing. My one recommendation is maybe to go back and give the leaves a quick touch of green? The look great as is, but it's still a nice touch. The archers look awesome. Really good choice of colors on them.

Chicken Pig: Some damn fine Warriors there. I'm glad you went with the red shields, they add great contrast to the understated armor. Any plans to add a design on the banner? How about something really stark black and white?

Lebenski: Excellent job on the red armor plates. Good to see the extreme highlighting you did here. I'm a huge fan of the splash of color that the banner adds to the unit.

Harvey: Wow, that really pops with color! The scheme is great, and I think I'd look at using black as a contrast color to make the banner stand out. Looking forward to seeing more of these.

Harvey again: Oh yeah! Love the Gobbos. And you went with a good sized unit of them (not some paltry number like 20-30...) Classic black and yellow really is all they need, so good work!

Emperor Norton: Those elves do like bright pretty dresses don't they.. Don't worry about the sand, it may be crappy to use but it looks great. Stick with this color scheme, it's very eye catching!

Emperor Norton again: Nice looking Ogres! You are a painting machine with all the projects you take on. Do you have brushes for hands and an airbrush built into your chest?

Skipster: Those are some really great looking Skaven. They're going to be sweet to look at as an army. Great consistency between the different troops here so far. I'd love to see those 60 clanrats too.

Harvey yet again!: Man you took on a lot for this tale didn't you? Nice bones there. The bases look a little plain, but the unit is good. What did you have in mind for the banner design?

Mouldsta: Really well excecuted paintjob, though I'd like to see a little bit of brightness somewhere on the models. That's a very cool ice effect on the bases. What did you use for that?

Rik a Kadrin Kazad: Wow that's a bright unit! Very cool split helmet colors, that's something I haven't really seen anyone do with Chaos troops. Good idea. The Snotling? lol! Love it!

Gaarew: That's a great looking unit man. Very crisp painting, something I really appreciate. The blue facepaint works great to give some much needed contrast on models like these that have large, flat areas.

Juicytomatoes: You're rockin' the 'Heavy Horsemen'... Gotta respect that! Hopefully they perform as well as they're painted because you did an awesome job. The bone is clean, consistent and just all around nice to look at. The magenta is quite a unique looking choice in a good way. Going to be great to see those Ushabti done!

To everyone: Kick ass painting, keep it up! And good luck to all.:D

07-10-2010, 20:51
As I said I might I'm definitely dropping the dwarves and just joining the mens league with orcs, I'm just not feeling the stunties.


UNIT: Black Orc Warboss

BACKGROUND/THEME: None at all, I'm just trying to paint up what I have left and also get some new stuff in to make my army more 8th effective.
BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box, just the Grimgor model.
STILL TO DO: He doesn't look fully finished to me but I have to draw the line somewhere so he'll do for now.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Lots of quick points and I'm quite pleased with how he's turned out, lows are just that he just isn't quite right and he's only one model which feels a bit cheeky :) Clearly his base needs touching up as well, he's been to a game this weekend and I guess that's the wear and tear!

POINTS: 248 with equipment
TOTAL: 248



Rik a Kadrin Kazad
07-10-2010, 21:28
I'll do a quick comment on the post that caught my eye the most (exept the black and flamy chaos warriors one on page one), wich is the goblins at page 8.

@Solun Decius: A great paint job on those goblins, really liked the fanatic and his painted ball&chain :)

@All of you other guys, there's a lot of great work in this thread :D

About my own work and the pink boots - they've taken your attention away from the halberds haven't they ;) What other sick tricks the chaos gods have up their sleeves one can only imagine...

07-10-2010, 21:57
I wish I had the strength to comment on everyone's work... But I had a tough couple of days...

I did, however, read everyone's comments to my work, and thank you all very much! It is very much appreciated!

07-10-2010, 22:22
@ Har666 (WoC): Excellent work. How did you achieve that red?

@ Har666 (HE): Not one to vary his colour scheme I see! Lots of red and gold to come from you then. Nice work.


Thanks for the comments Doi.

For the Red on the Jugger:
Base coated Melacite Red
Washed all over with Badab Black
2nd wash of Badab just into the hollows
reset the base coat
50/50 melacite/blood read
blood Red
50/50 Blood Red and GW Dark Orange (Flaming or blazing Orange I can't remember)
dark Orange
50/50 dark Orange / light orange
glaze of blood red.

The Jugger was my first attempt at layering on a large fairly flat surface, I am really happy with the way that it came out, especially on the back legs with the curved plates.

I have about 4-5k high elves painted blue and white, so I thought I would try something different, and seeing as I had all of my red paint out...

Also painting red is a bit of a challenge for me as I am red/green colour blind, so I have to go on faith that the colours/tones I am using work OK.

I get comments up on everyone else's work over the week end.



07-10-2010, 23:37

Wow, you said you were going to comment on everyone's work, and you did, colour me well impressed. To address your comments: those shields will remind you of those Empire ones you have knocking around, as they are indeed Empire shields; as for the Khorne bases, I'm just doing a very simple Red and Bronze thing, all the detail will be on the wine cork "rock" bases.

So I wasn't imagining things, very good!

So how are we commenting on people's work?

Would it be an idea (but maybe a lot of work) to separate this into a thread for each race? Might also be nice for in the future when you are looking for inspiration, you can just look at the single thread?

We normally have a D6 method but it got accidentally left out of the first post, so this month you can comment however you like. Separate threads for armies might sound like a good idea, but sadly after a few months most people have dropped out. The numbers of comments become manageable for everyone at that point but separate threads would end up having only a few contributors.

It isn't over here! Now my post will be buried in countless words of mindless babble... :(

Well, my fault, should have hurried a bit with taking pics...

Not my fault your part of the world is running late :p.

Thanks Doi. To be honest, they aren't all that "forest-y" yet. I've got an abundance of dryad bits and sprites to scatter around etc, but I thought I'd get the basic models all painted up and then spend one month basing and adding bits.

They look rather like Birch (http://www.madras.net/keith/trees/birch.jpg)trees in those colours to my eyes.

Ok, just like Doi said it's the 8th where I am too, so comment time.

It would have been the 8th for you even earlier than me :p.

Thanks for the comments Doi.

For the Red on the Jugger:
Base coated Melacite Red
Washed all over with Badab Black
2nd wash of Badab just into the hollows
reset the base coat
50/50 melacite/blood read
blood Red
50/50 Blood Red and GW Dark Orange (Flaming or blazing Orange I can't remember)
dark Orange
50/50 dark Orange / light orange
glaze of blood red.

I'll have to keep this in mind. I'm guessing Melacite Red = Mechrite Red?

@ Braad: Very nice chariot. Think I might steal that Gretchin idea.

@ nkicik: Great work, I've always liked the Grimgor model.


07-10-2010, 23:50
I'll have to keep this in mind. I'm guessing Melacite Red = Mechrite Red?

Lol yeah I fail at spelling, and I'm at work so don't have the paint pot here in front of me :)

07-10-2010, 23:52
Page 1
@Harry: Looks Great Harry, once you have brightened the gold up a bit, I think he will really "pop".
@Menathorn: Yellow and red looks good, probably the 2 hardest colours to get good coverage. For a simple banner Idea, you could repeat the half yellow half red design of your shields onto the one on the banner.
@KHolbourne: Massive effort for the first month, looking good
@Red Skullz: Love the conversions, looks like a true shambling horde of the damned.
@Leaf: the Dryads look awesome. the faces on the archers look a little flat compared to the rest of the mini, but apart from that cool colour scheme well executed
@Chicken Pig: Nice Warriors, I like colours you have used. What colour/s have you used for the boots? (looking for ideas for my entry next month ;))
@lebenski: Another great WoC entry, love the fade on the banner, and the armour looks great too.
@Harvey: Empire- Do you use foundations to base coat your red & White? I have found that they make a huge difference, and helps to get a smooth finish with far less layers.
@Harvey: Gobbo's- So many mushroom filled maniacs, looks awesome in the big units.
@EmperorNorton: Elves - Love the Blue, what colours did you use?
@EmperorNorton: Ogre's - Great work on the skin tones, they look great
@Skipster: Love the Doom Wheel, seeing this makes me want to start a skaven horde of my own. huge amount of work done for the first month :)
@Harvey: Undead- Looking good mate, starting to wonder how you get sooo much done in a month :)
@Mouldsta: Looking good, would like to see some pics with some better light, bit hard to see the details. looks good though.
@Rik a Kadrin Kazad: You have to tell me in detail how you did that armour :)
@gaarew: Are these ogres Scot football fans by any chance, love the face paint.
@juicytomatoes: Skellies look great man, what's your method for the bone?

More to come latter, better get some work done for a bit

08-10-2010, 00:38

Okay. So just bad news from me… for now I hope. Last week of August I was asked to head up north to a remote fishing lodge to help their chef get on his feet. New chef + new digs + middle of nowhere = very little Internet access. Coupled with leaving camera being left at home means I'm hoping that I'm just Jokering for the month of September. I do have a pair of bolt throwers completed at home so once I get to civilization I'll post picks and hopefully buy back my Joker next month. Hoping for forgiveness and a swift paintbrush for all.


08-10-2010, 04:40
Ok, just to make sure that everyone gets a comment, even the late comers, I’m going to start in reverse. Last person to post before I start this thing is the first person I’m commenting on! This is for pages 8, 9, and 10. I’ll try and get the early pages throughout the week, but this takes a lot of time!

@nkicik: Grimgor (Blorc Warboss) looks pretty good. There’s some touching up that the edges of the base might need. The yellows you are using look really good! The axe head looks a little splotchy, but I don’t know if that’s the angle and the pic or not. Its begging for some blood from that head he just severed (and I think that might be the something that you think looks missing)!

@Braad: Love the gretchin crew! The grass looks soft and inviting for a nap ;)

@Jahoran: Those Carrion look great. The bone is an excellent color, and really looks like slightly aged bone. The pink of the muscles looks truly desiccated! The tomb swarms look good, but I think they could use a little love on the bases where the molded part and the plastic base meet (just some fine sand painted should work)

@the1stpip: Good start on those rats! You might want to try to break up the monotony of billions of basic rats by painting something more unique with each set (will also help to get you to the 100 points each month without having to slog through 20 rats all at once!) The red looks great!

@Doi: Ogre sound! They look really good, shame that the pics are so grainy ‘cause I can tell that you spent a fair chunk of time getting those large areas of skin nice and smooth. I think maybe the banner is missing something, but I can’t really tell at this angle (I’m guessing the top of it is the part that’s conveniently hidden?)

@Jericho: Beautiful old dwarfs! I love those old, character models before the dwarfs got all serious and regimented. Simply gorgeous painting, especially the metals. I hope next month is more productive, purely because looking at such nice dwarves is a real pleasure!

@Nabeshin1106: Good looking plague monks. You’ve got a nice, dirty looking gray without being messy. The blades are nicely done, but are just somehow too clean for plague monks. Maybe a green or brown wash over them would help without causing too much more work for you?

@Jason: I like the dark, sludgy green of the GUO. His poor sword needs to be bent back into place though! I dig the sinister glowing effect of the skull’s eyes in the plague flail.

@Idle Scholar: I really like the bright, warm colors of these plague monks. It’s something new and refreshing. NMM can be really hard (I know I can’t do it quite right), but the golds are looking really good (especially on the chains of the censers). I’m looking forward to the fresh pics in the daylight.

@MrMiscast: I think the idea of taking the gods’ colors and combining them on the undivided units is an inspired idea. The green/red combo manages to skirt the dreaded Christmas syndrome well. I think all that’s missing is the skin on the musician could use a wash and the skull on the banner needs finishing.

@Solun Decius: Technicolor nightgobs! What can I say? it’s a freaking awesome paint scheme and excellent execution. My favorite is the detailing of the fanatics ball where you can tell that he’s slammed it into something. I look forward to seeing what new things you bring next month!

@Richy376: Nice, clean high elves. I think its totally fair to count half the cost of the bolt thrower for the crew. I do see a couple places where the metal has gotten on another part of the model (like the sash of the bolt thrower crewman), but I don’t think it’s anything you need to worry about if you don’t want to.

@sssk: I like the forest trolls. The skin looks nice and ashy, and I buy the scales as autumn leaves. The Treeman looks good from what I can tell, but it’s hard to see in that small photo. I do like the base a lot! Can’t wait for the trolls’ bases to get done too!

@Khorneguy: I like the dragon rider, and I wouldn’t have guessed that you swapped out the wings. You got rid of the high elf details nicely. I think that the wing membranes could use a light dry brushing to help bring them together; right now they are a little splotchy. The pics aren’t the best for making out details. Maybe try shooting them in daylight next time.

@Jardain: Nice IOB seaguard. I like the heroic unit filler, and I think the flaming blade ads that little bit of warmth that helps the unit pop. I think a couple of the shields could use one more thin coat of white along the edges. I wish there were more pictures so we could fully appreciate all the work you put into them! The bases totally rock, btw.

@Badgobbla: Nice mage. The NMM gold is really nice. I think that the sword blade might be a little too dark overall. Lightening the one side with the sheen just a tad would fix that. The painting on the rest of the model is really nice. I agree on the base:; static grass would be too much.

@Perplexiti: I like the green skin you’ve got on the skink. I can tell that the details are well painted, but unfortunately the photography lets the model down. A couple more shots would be really cool, too. I want to see that shield! Your gold is pretty awesome as well.

08-10-2010, 07:04
@Doi: Ogre sound! They look really good, shame that the pics are so grainy ‘cause I can tell that you spent a fair chunk of time getting those large areas of skin nice and smooth. I think maybe the banner is missing something, but I can’t really tell at this angle (I’m guessing the top of it is the part that’s conveniently hidden?)

Thanks. The banner top is hidden (it is the Bretonnian Knight helmet with antlers) but actually finished. The conveniently hidden bits are a piece of cloth on the Bellower's arm that I forgot to do and the odd small detail. Admittedly the banner itself is a bit plain because I didn't mold enough curves into the paper I used to scratch build one to suit the pose so it looks a bit flat.


08-10-2010, 09:02

So, warflags a coupla-thousands-a-Orcs, err, points wise.

I have a massive greenskin army. It´s old, and I mean old. The minis are all metal models from the 80s and nineties with few exceptions. I love me Orcs and Gobbos and will paint them to what I call a classic paint scheme. That involves reds, yellows, browns and cheesy banners.

UNITs: 30 Goblins (common) and 20 Black Orcs.
POINTS: WhatdoIknow? I guess around 280-300.

PAINTING: Lots of greens. Ten pots or more involved I set myself the goal to paint them all different. As most folks the green guys have different shades of skin aswell. So I paint them to the fact.
Rest is mostly natures colours for hides and all.

BASING: Sand and grass. Method: Paint it brown, drybrush to favoured lightness. Ink it with reddish browns and wood glue for muddy effect. Create pools at will, or leave it. Put grass of favourite shading on. There goes your swampland base.

HIGHS/LOWS: Getting it going on them greenies again is great. I love the way the skintones turn out, definitely something fellow orc friends should try out.
But it takes a lot of time. I can only hope to stay disciplined enough to organize my time over the course of each month.

UP NEXT: Boar riders. I think... I have quite some choices to pick from.


Aaaaargh Technogod says no. Sorry, I´ll put them up when my crap is fixed here.


08-10-2010, 11:12
*Cracks knuckles* Sure I got an hour.

@Harry: I like him, though I'd probably added a bit more of the green stuff. He is a sorceror dude afterall.
@Menathorn: Good combination of red and that nasty kinda green. Pulls the group together. I'd add some wash though.
@KHolbourn: I love the bases. You did quite a bit. Looks nicely put together.
@Red Skullz: Undead empire, sweet. I especially like the skeleton heads on empire bodies.
@Leaf: Let is be said you are a master of different shades of brown. Love the trees.
@Chicken Pig: Solid block of chaos warriors. Looks like a disciplined unit.
@Lebenski: I totally dig that armor. The red edges makes it sorta special.
@Harvey (empire): Very active unit. Like the poses. Could use a bit more washing to add shadows.
@Harvey (Night goblins): A horde of night goblins always looks good.
@EmperorNorton (HE): I also like the gold, and think the bases lack something. Some grass?
@EmperorNorton (Ogres): Bit dark picture wise, but looks neat.
@Skipster: A typical doomwheel, the trick is that it really blends nicely with all the weapon teams.
@Harvey (VC): Skeletons! Now I know skeletons (TK player). I think you could go with a little bit more of a messy look. VC skeletons always appear like that to me.
@Mouldsta: Very dark unit. Obviously not a bad thing. Whats on the bases though?
@Rik a Kadrin Kazad: Two words. Pink. Boots. wtf :P It's unique!?
@Gaarew: Ahh more ogres! Saw in your blog the facial hair is now orange. It's original.
@Juicytomatoes: Fellow TK! I dig the looks, though I can imagine it being pretty boring to paint skeletons with just bone, red and gold colours. ;)

@Tonberry: Simple, decent, I like it. I just never particularly liked the snow from GW.
@Arduhn: Heavy on the wash, but it gives it a very natural and real look.
@Unheilig: Ok that just kicks ass. The armor is magnificent.
@Ramius4: An interesting start. I think the unit will come together once it is based. They always do. ;)
@Zujara: Ah that sorceress, units that are mainly one colour are always a challenge. You seem to manage it.
@SamVimes (O&G): I like the conversion. O&G tend to be able to do that a lot. Btw your blood/gore is ewww! :P
@SamVimes (HE): Wow the detail on that robe is really amazing.
@Ego Ninja (Skaven): Very, very, nice shading there.
@Ego Ninja (O&G): Ah more shading! Nice blue on the spiderriders.
@Pointyteeth: Give us some bases and they'll be all finished hm? Nice.
@Daniel36: There is just so much you can do with flagellants. So very nice. Love em.
@Sliver: You got a gift in pulling the looks of different units together in a big whole.
@Sinnir: I like how the blue pulls out from the generic grey.
@Aenarion: Skeletons! Woot! Bases indeed. Otherwise mabye a bit more shades of blue (I am guilty of that with my red btw)
@Bueno (Ogres): Ha that ogre is pulling the giant! Sweet.
@Crusius: Love the armour especially.

@Bueno (VC): Original idea. He doesn't look quite dead enough to me, though that could be the lighting. The ribcage is a nice touch.
@Ister Flersson: Awesome shading on the reds there.
@Bueno (Skaven): I have actually never seen that 'basket' around. Where is it from? Is that standard?
@The Lost Hobbit: Amazing detail. Simply amazing.
@Ironduke: I simply like it. Give us more of each unit please.
@Lord Shadowheart (HE): Mabye try to use a bit more colour on the gripphon. I dig the rider.
@Lord Shadowheart (Beastmen): The base is indeed nice. I also like the boar a bunch.
@Mich: Nice filler! I love filler.
@Fabius Bile: Eewww so much blood. That banner draws attention nicely.
@Elfboy: The detail on these is amazing. I also like the extra bushes on the bases. How long does one of those take?
@Vaiuri (HE): With so much armor it is really tricky to get a good look if it is just gold. Yet you do so.
@SimonN: Nice traditional colours. A friend of mine is doing the same colourscheme.
@Oglog: Show us more next month.
@Ironbreaker: I like the red/yellow pants.
@Xsergg: Keep it up, finish that big dude.
@Kaos: Ok this is totally the batch I like best in the thread. This would make me wanna play Chaos Warriors. The conersions, the blues, love it. The bases almost seem out of place due to their 'normalness.'
@Tristessa: He's a bit brownish, mabye add some color to his eyes. Make him look at you evilly like "Imma gonna kill you dead"
@CaptainFaramir: The snow stuff looks better when combined with those rocks. Those guys must be cold.

@Shadowmancer: I am seeing some nice blending on the robe near the cloak. Neat.
@Illuminus79: I think the bases will really make this unit look more finished.
@Draco: That's one insane courage lady, sitting like that on a jumping horse.
@Dark Apostle: That banner is very, very, nice work.
@Doc_cthulhu: I hate warriors priests, a friend of mine makes them kill me all the time. Yet I like this one's paint job.
@Huitzilopochtli: I really like the smooth look you have achieved. This is why I can't paint lizzies nicely. Bases do indeed need to be finished thouogh.
@MunkeyKungFu: I'd like to see the other side, but the writing in the book suggests you put a lot of effort in this one.
@Setha: Best part is definately the cloak imho. :)
@Caphalor: Bit dark of a picture, but it's nice to see green HEs instead of all the blue/white.
@8bitMummies: My favourite is the chariot.
@Maglok: Me!
@Sturen: Isn't the buncha arrows from the bolthrower set? Interesting filler, logical choice. I'd put it on row 2 though.
@Clobbersaurus: Reaper mini's are very nice. I intend to use some myself. I like this guy, his hand is like 'flame on!'

@Someone2040: This is the kind of unit that will look great while battleling. The deep grooves stand out very nicely.
@Desert Rain: Good start, needs more spearmen. :P
@Waagghh_Logan: Gah it's the snow bases- no wait, it's glue. The unit looks neat though.
@Mike_the_magi: Nice details on the sword.
@Purplebeard: It'd say it's more like pinkbear not purplebeard. Hehe.
@Grimmjow: Very nice beards there.
@Shadow Fall: That wing/arm is tricky, nicely done.
@Jericho: It seems empire just draws the people with a lot of attention to detail. Very nice.
@Confessor_Atol: Front guy is gonna trip on his (nicely painted) beard!

@Pluch87: I like the yellow, it is not to strong. Good job.
@Lord Dan (VC): Very colourful, nice.
@Lord Dan (Empire): Like the hats of the cannon guys.
@Har666 (WoC): I'd say this is a classic colourscheme. I like classic.
@Har666 (HE): Amazing usage of golds.
@Fredox: Wolves nice! Riders... zomg no riders. ;)
@Andrewdrexler: Lots of white, white is hard. Nice.
@Malorian (Lizardmen): Nice conversion, but that yellow Mazdamundi needs something more.
@Marlorian (Orcs): Think they could benefit from some more different shades of metal.
@Reddevil18: Nice hounds, in their very grassy environment.
@Ujio: Blue! You don't see that very often. I like blue.
@DeadInTheHead (HE): That is one unit that looks like a nice whole. Disciplined HEs.
@DeadInTheHead (Deamons): Think the base can use a bit more work.
@Necrothrall: Huge mess of stormvermin, just the way they are. Swords and armor going everywhere.

@Harthag12 (Dwarfs): Nice usage of gold there. The left most dwarf has a bit of a slip on the gold though. Add some bases to really make these look nice.
@Harthag12 (HEs): Mabye a bit more highlighting/drybrushing perhaps. More lighter colours would help make them stand out I think. Then again I am no expert myself.
@Harthag12 (O&G): Bit on the dark side, but getting there. :)
@BeatTheBeat: Ah savage orcs, my favourite kind of orcs. I love how you gave them actual wires there. Hope that sticks up to the rigors of play.
@Hilte2: Knights always look impressive, but these all have a personal feeling and identity. Love that.
@Paull: That is a lot done. Great unity.
@Fechik: Interesting choice of base, it works. Yellow/red is also a nice combination.
@Leggo1927: Ah! Fellow TK. Direct out of the tombs sun bleached skeletons. I approve.
@Wulf: It's a barrel, on a base. Woot. ;) Seriously though, nice mortar.
@Baggers: Small pictures, can't say much yet since it's a WIP.
@Mccomma03: You are right, the bell is neat.
@Perplexiti: No golds for you, just silvers. Nice, give us some bases.

@Perplexiti: But of an unclear picture, but it looks neat.
@Badgobbla: Awesome detailing. More please.
@Jardain: The shields are very nice.
@Khorneguy: It's a bit dark. If the base is snow, shouldn't there be snow on the rock as well?
@Sssk: I like the autumn look of the treeman.
@Richy376: Nice shading on the bows!
@Solun Decius: Wow that's bright. But it really works.
@MrMiscast: The red and green gives me a nice christmassy feeling inside.
@Idle Scholar: Orange and yellow, nice! Basing and voila.
@Jason: Very nicely painted green monster of doom.
@Nabeshin1106: White-ish robes on Skaven, odd, but they work.

@Jericho: I really dig these dwarfs. They have so much character. A+
@Doi: A bit hard to see, but looks like a good start to a bigger unit.
@The1stpip: Lets see a full unit of these.
@Jahorin: Fellow TK! I am totally digging the carrion. The tomb swarms are awesome as well. I have tried starting on mine, but I get distracted every time.

@Braad: Simply love the vivid colours, just the way I like goblins.
@Nkicik: The picture looks like it flashed. Shame. I think it looks neat, but hard to see with the over-brightness.

08-10-2010, 12:36
all comments about my models are about the grass, and i dont think its a good thing, any tips on what to do in future with it?

Also i will add more comments when i get to a pc :-)

08-10-2010, 12:45
Sorry for my lack of update, but my digital camera is currently in egypt with my parents. Will hopefully get it back next week and post an update then.

Dark Apostle
08-10-2010, 12:49
OK, here goes - comments for all fellow empire generals out there, plus a selction of other posts that caught my eye. Kudos to all of you that have commented on everyones work, but I'm not up for it. Overall great painting and very inspiring to see the line-up for this year.

@Harry: Nagash ftw! That's one ugly old b***ard, but I like the dark touch you've managed with your painting. Not so much of an undead clown as the official version of old.
@lebenski: Great job on the armour!
@Harvey: Empire:Solid work, and good use of parts from other kits for some variety.
@Arduhn: Nice to see a WP in non-conventional colours.
@unheilig: Great conversion - pretty simple, still very effective. I love how you've painted the axe blade!
@Daniel36: The zombie head fits really well - and what's to avoid when it comes to painful situatione? They are flagellants after all...
@Sliver: Superb conversions!
@Bueno: Very nice giant! I like the build, hard to say anything about the painting due to the quality of the pics, but it looks solid too. The zombie griffin is very cool.
@The Lost Hobbit: Now that's a nice colour scheme :) Welcome to the legion of the grey!
@Elfboy: Love the neutral, earthy tones you've used.
@Kaos: Stunning! I don't think you need to add extra stuff to the bases - they are excellent as is.
@doc_cthulhu: Great mini for a WP. I like the basing, will you cast cobble stones for the whole army?
@Purplebeard: Suiting sig! Never seen a beard painted that way before... :)
@Jericho:Very nice painting - this army will look fabulous. I really like the darker red colour on the warrior priest, and the gritty metallics are flawless.
@dwarfhold13: come on man, make more painting and less excuses ;)
@Wulf: Hello old-school! Great ideas with the basing and wound markers!
@Solun Decius: very colourfull interpretation of the blackrobes. Me like!
@Doi: Now that's a way to use a banner! Great painting as usual.

08-10-2010, 12:52
Comments for page 3:

Bueno: Very cool undead griffin

Ister Flersson: Doesn't seem to have enough armor for a hero. But in a marauder themed army it would fit right in.

Bueno: (How many armies are you painting?) The warlitter is very well done. Good use of your bitz box! The Bone breaker one seems a bit out of place though.

The Lost Hobbit: It all looks great but the thing that really stands out is those pages that you wrote on. Nice detail!

ironduke: Interesting head swap with the bloodletters. I like it!

Iron Shadowheart: The lion part seems fine to me. the razorgor chariot looks very cool and must have taken a long time.

Mich: Sold your orcs for school? I'd rather sell my kidney!

Fabius Bile: Great stuff. That banner looks VERY good.

Elfboy: The jumping one looks liek he would fall over a lot, but otherwise they look really nice.

Vaiuri: That's a big chunk of sword masters! My black orcs just ran away...

simonN: Textbook lizardmen. Great stuff!

Oglog: My lizardmen are yellow so your steg seems right at home :) And all he is missing is 5 skinks, which would be 25 points, so I figure you have 210 painted ;)

Ironbreaker: Nice design on the pants. I'm sure it took a while but it's worth it.

xsergg: Obviously needs some work, but interesting so far.

Kaos: These are my favorite models for this month. Extremely cool!

tristessa: The lighter the base the easier it is for cannons to miss!

CaptainFaramir: I've never seen those models before, but I like them. Especially that unit champ!

08-10-2010, 12:55

firstly gotta say amazing work by everyone so far, really looking forward to next month thread to see more amazing models.

Thanks for all the comments, really gonna help keep me motivated i think.

Doi: Sorry to disapoint, but i've changed my ogres skin tone, after trying it out on some bulls it just wasn't wokring for me i'm afraid, next month i will hopefully show my new skin tone.
I know, i did kick myself about the rib cage, looked ok before it was painted up, oh well.
Yea i'm working on my lord for next month so should be able to post picks of him in both mounts, he will be a conversion based on the new queek and the old ikit klaw model, hopefully will work out well.

Lord Dan: Cheers, the idea was that one side would be fairly normal and the other very battle damaged, kinda like how they do that in films when you see the person and think thier ok then they turn around for the big shock

Perplexiti:Thanks, i'm wokring on my second giant, similar theme but the Bull is behind with a WIP, i'm just trying to think of something else to use as the giant Gut Plate if you have any ideas?

Maglok: Thanks for the comments, Yea i think the lighting does make the griffin look slightly less washed out, hopefully next month i can show the rider and it in better light, any suggestions on how to make it look more zombified?

I made the basket/palaquin thing on the rat ogre using 2 lots of the gnoblar lookout baskets from the ogre bulls box, instead of putting them 2getha as one small one, just use 2 to make it larger and some plasticard and greenstuff to make a new floor. the palaquin on the warlitter is just the standard orc boar chariot conversion.

I really wish i could comment on every photo, by net connection is my work or my iphone (which is not great for masses of typing) and i think work may notice if i took an hour of to write my comments, so i decided to comment only on my fave post for now.

I'm not much of a painter, but like to think i have a good imagination for conversions, with that in mind i gotta say Silver's post blew me away, amazing conversions and a great paint job too, best warp lightning cannon i've eva seen and a nice original take on the IOB warlord, looking forward to seeing more even if it will make my own skaven army pale in comparison :)

08-10-2010, 13:36
Thanks for all the feedback guys really appreciated.

I started commenting and am running out of steam by Page three as there is just to much good stuff.

@Harry: Loving the conversion you’ve done. Can’t wait to see him finished
@Menathorn: Looking good, for the Standards maybe look at Celtic crosses? They are the men of Albion after all
@KHolbourn: And I though I over did it for the first month (: Looking good.
@Red Skullz: Really good kit bashing, looking forward to seeing the hell stead next month
@Leaf: Your Dryads are awesome.. Really like the Woodelf look and these are making me want to do some myself.
@Chicken Pig: Good block of warriors.Really like your basing I may have to steal your ideas there
@Lebenski: These look really good the highlights on the edges of the armour really make em stand out.
@Harvey (empire): Good strong looking block, like the colour scheme
@Harvey (Night goblins): Looking good.. You must be a machine man that’s a lot of painting in a month.
@EmperorNorton (HE): I like the gold and seeing some high elves not in white is great to.
@EmperorNorton (Ogres): These look really good, loving the banners.
@Skipster: Your lazy and haven‘t pained a thing yet this month get to it !
@Harvey (VC): I like the way the metal has come out here will be lifting your technique for sure (:
@Mouldsta: Would like to see some brighter pics here as these look good but a bit dark
@Rik a Kadrin Kazad: I like the scheme, the boots will sure make em stand out.
@Gaarew: I like the face paint looks really good
@Juicytomatoes: I really like how these have come out.. Not tried Army painter stuff other than their base coat spays. These look really good did you do much work to them after the dip?

@Tonberry: Looks good, I like the way the gems have come out on the staff.
@Arduhn: I like the warrior priest a lot really good use of yellow.
@Unheilig: Just wow, great conversion and a really good paint job, really like it
@Ramius4: I like the purple, really ties them all together. Looking forward to seeing another few units.
@Zujara: Really like the Damsel, the men at arms will look awesome ranked up if you keep that level of detail.
@SamVimes (O&G): Great conversion and the skin tone on the wrym looks really good.
@SamVimes (HE): Brilliant free hand on the robes and I really like the way the gems have come out, I can never seem to pull that off
@Ego Ninja (Skaven): more Skaven ! Wicked… Like your rat Ogers a lot I have some sat looking at me in their undercoat these are a great inspiration for painting my own.
@Ego Ninja (O&G): Really like the Bright green flesh tones. Looking good.
@Pointyteeth: Your Gors are really good, the banner looks great.
@Daniel36: Really good unit.
@Sliver: Love your conversion work the WLC is awesome amd the BSB’s warlock optics are great
@Sinnir: Really neat and crisp painting. Been following your plog and really like how they are coming out
@Aenarion: Looking good, bases will finish em off nicely
@ Malakai : Shame your dropping out I really like your High elf
@Bueno (Ogres): Sweeeet really good figure… The Giant is brilliant.
@Crusius: Really like the skin tone on the unit Champion

@Bueno (VC): Looking forward to seeing him finished, really good.
@Ister Flersson: Really like the pose and the shading on the Jugger is great
@Bueno (Skaven):Really good looking War litter
@The Lost Hobbit: Good cohesive unit with a lot of detailing really like.
@Ironduke: Like the Hero a lot.
@Lord Shadowheart (HE): The Skin tone on the claws is really good.
@Lord Shadowheart (Beastmen): Look forward to seeing the beast lord when he’s done
@Mich: Good looking unit
@Fabius Bile: I like the skin tones you have here a lot and the Gnoblar in the crows nest is a nice touch,
@Elfboy: Awesome unit, the free hand tatoos are really good
@Vaiuri (HE): Like the look of the unit a lot the armour is really good
@SimonN: Looking good
@Oglog: Looking forward to seeing this completed
@Ironbreaker: I like the metals a lot
@Xsergg: will be good to see him done..
@Kaos: Um just wow.. Amazing
@Tristessa: Sweet… would like to see some lighter shots. Been pondering a vermin lord and this one makes me think yes.
@CaptainFaramir: Nice detail on these. I miss the Malal stuff looking forward to seeing more.. Will you do a kaleb daark ?

Will come back with some more comments another time.

Yet to paint anything this month so time to get to it I guess (:

08-10-2010, 13:45
Page 4 comments:

Shadowmancer: Looks spot on to me.

Illuminus79: Like the master engineer. Is the bird suppose to be a pigeon bomb?

Draco: You know I've owned that model for a LONG time, but since I hadn't painted it I didn't realize just how much cleavage that model had!

Dark Apostle: Just like last tale I love your banners :)

doc_cthulhu: That model makes a great warrior priest. And congrats on the baby!

huitzilopochtli: I like the skin of the skinks too, but the salamanders don't look too red to me. They are suppose to be red ;)

MunkeyKungFu: Nice bright model. That while beams out.

Setha: Nice Crom!

Caphalor: Isn't that always the way... just as you take the picture almost everyone blinks! ;)

8bitMummies: Although I'm not a fan of the models it's always good to see something different.

Maglok: Looking good so far. Green and gold always looks good on tomb kings.

Sturen: Not a fan of unit fillers in the front row, but I like your highlighting.


Clobbersaurus: always nice to see wizards from other ranges.

08-10-2010, 13:53
@Bueno: Making the hippogryph look more undead. I am unsure, perhaps consider using more zombietones, rotting flesh, more eww factor. Mabye just a bit more messy. I am also not a great painter myself. :)

08-10-2010, 14:05
Unfortunately I have been very busy this September, so all I have is about half my points at about 80% completion. So I will have to Joker this first month, and hope to come back with better results at the end of October.

08-10-2010, 15:05
Thanks to the people who have commented on my work. I will try and get comments together but I have barely had any spare time this week:

In response to my 2 requests:

I started off with the Vallejo Grey Primer:
and then severl thin layers of VGC Gory Red
50:50 Black & Blue Wash focusing on the recessess
Gory Red
50:50 Gory Red & VGC Bloody Red
Bloody Red
50:50 Bloody Red & VGC Hot Orange
Hot orange

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4131/5016600851_28c1dd6425.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/20532671@N00/5016600851/)

08-10-2010, 15:12
Page 5 comments:

someone2040: I really like the different tones of the flesh.

Desert Rain: Looking good so far, and nice to see the free hand banner.

Waaagh_Logan: I think the mix of weapons would be confussing so you would have to state at the start of the battle what they had, but other wise I like them :)

Mike_the_magi: The first picture dulled some of the detail out, but I can still see you did a lot of highlighting.

Purplebeard: The purple beard is odd... but I guess that is your name... also, where is his anvil?

Grimmjow: The blue and white on them is nice. Good to see you put different colors in the beard.

Shadow Fall: That's quite a contrast between the red and blue. Really brings out the wing.

Xasandra: The saurus are looking good so far. Keep it up!

Jericho: That warrior priest looks VERY good. Well done.

Confessor_Atol: Very cool banner. Simple but very effective.

08-10-2010, 16:00
Looking at my picts I can see I slipped on the Dwarves w/ the gold on the closeups, I'll have to touch it up. The Elves aren't quite that dark a green, I did put a light drybrush of lighter green on them, just doesn't show to well. I really need someone to show me how to highlight / drybrush correctly I think, I'm not good at it. The blackorcs I thought about adding a light amount of purple to the armour but once again I got hestitant that a poor highlight job would be worse than just the plain boltgun metal / badab black wash look.

Comment time:

Harry: Love the purple / gold, more mini's need more purple

Menathorn: Love Bret's, nice green, basing will really make them pop

KHolbourn: Dang that's alot of models, nice basing and conversions on Gors

Red Skullz: Bitz box armies are always great, nice usage of parts and man that's alot of models again

Leaf: I like the white undercoat mostly wash idea that you and others used, going to give it a try myself.

ChickenPig: I hear ya bout the Chaos battalion, mines been sitting for awhile, good start on it and can't wait to see the rest finished.

Lebenski: Nice use of the Red, very Khorne looking (gooo Nurgle)

Harvey: Wow that's some strong Red, nice strong theme there.

Harvey: That is a buttload of Goblins, how many more hordes of em are you painting?

EmperorNorton: I know it's not pink, but nice use of pink there, strong looking elves, love em

EmperorNorton: Love the effect you used on the metal, the verdigris / worn look is very nice.

Skipster: Love the nice clean we're fighting in a field basing, the doomwheel looks like a hard model to paint so good job.

Harvey: More Figs, you were busy this month, nice

Mouldsta: Nice DE, love Slaanesh & Nurgle so looking forward to how you work this out.

Rik A Kadrin Kazad: Love the pink boots and banner.

Gaarew: Nice wrestling mask ogres, I like the green you used to

Juicytomatoes: nice work w/ army painter, I think it turned out real nice

Tonberry: nice IOB mage, hope mine turns out half as well

Arduhn: Nice pistoliers, love the look on the warrior priest's face.

Unhelieg: Top 5 of posters in this thread, very very beautiful fig, if the rest of the army is half as good it will be outstanding

Ramius4: BFSP dwarves, love the purple & blue, I have a ton of these to paint & agree mixing in a box set would help to diversify it, but looking good.

Zujara: Love Bretonnia, the mage looks great, for some reason I can't see half the peasants but based on the mage I'm sure they look good.

SamVimes: Great work on the Wyvern conversion and having the mounted & unmounted version of your commander.

SamVimes: Love the beadwork, for your first time at it it turned out fabulous, love her face as well.

Ego Ninja: Nice rat ogres, the inking washing on the skin worked eral well. Painting over the clothing was a good idea.

Ego Ninja: Spider Riders are looking great, working on a unit myself for this month.

Pointyteeth: The white on the Gors face looks real nice and I like the Banner alot, the arrow and bottom portion turned out real well

Daniel36: Flagellants are awesome mini's, nice use of the yard for photographing the rampage, the mini's look real nice.

Sliver: i love the Jezzail team and plan to steal that idea to make myown, thank you :)

Sinnir: really like the blue & the basing you've done on those De, accentuates the dark armor very well.

Aenarion: Don't concentrate on the bare plastic, just plod along, looks good & you said you did em quick. good stuff.

Malakai: Well your 1 mini looks good, it's a nice preview for what you can do in next years tale. Good luck.

Bueno: I really like the Ogre towing the Slave Giant, I have 2 giants but may have to make a 3rd like that for my Ogre army.

Bueno: the bull look good, not sure I'm a huge fan of blue flesh but personal tastes aside I think he looks great, love the shield on the back and fur.

Crusius: I think the champions head turned out well and they are nice rank and file troops. If you can get 10 done a month for a Woc army at that quality than no complaints.

Ok, work is actually making me work this morning so this took 3 hours, I'll work on page 3 on after lunch. Phew.

08-10-2010, 16:43
@MunkeyKungFu: Ahh there we go. I dig that it is a very bright mini, but doesn't really have that 'one colour' feel, but actually some depth.

@Harthag12: Highlighting and drybrushing is seriously something I need to learn myself. :P

08-10-2010, 17:03
Page 6 comments:

plunch87: The highlights helps a lot.

Lord Dan: How are you gong to mark these as ghouls rather than zombies? And the ghast (marksmen) seems rather out of place ;) On the flip side I'm really liking the DOW

Har666: The pictures of the front of the jugger are blurry, but it looks good to me! And noice to see all the detail of the sword masters.

Vinsanity: The slann looks perfect. And I agree, putting that thing together can be a pain.

Fredox: Nice wolves! Can't wait to see the riders!

andrewdrexler: Looks like a good start to me. Just add a character next month and you'll be back up to speed.

Malorian: You suck!!!

reddevil18: Love the mounted model, but I'll have to see the rest of the army to see if the paint scheme works.

Ujio: Nice archer. Blue isn't typical of WE but it looks great here.

DeadInTheHead: That banner is amazing!

Necrothrall: Where is that rat ogre from?

Lord Dan
08-10-2010, 18:28
the army won't have zombies, malorian. The marksman was supposed to be hiding in the back...

08-10-2010, 19:07
Hi all, my first month is Tyrion, champion of the High Elves at 400 points including his steed, Malhandir.

08-10-2010, 19:19
Awww you guys are all making me blush!

Hey Cathexis, welcome to the forum, and very, very nice start of your army! Very colourful, but not overdone. Exactly right! And the base is a really nice touch! Like he is about to stomp on the Dark Elf. Coolness!

08-10-2010, 19:36
Page 7 comments:

harthag12: The metal might look off on white, but seriously you don't notice it unless you're up close.

BeatTheBeat: Love your orcs as always, and amazed you took the time for strings.

Hilte2: Those knights look very nice and clean.

Paull: As a pure knight bretonnian player I hate peasants, but even I have to admit that unit looks awesome :)

Fechik: After the pain that is the doomwheel you'll miss the mindnumbness that is handfuls of rats ;)

Wulf: For being older models there seem right at home with the current models.

Baggers: As far as I know all the slann models are like that (at a slant). Really annoying and don't know what they were thinking.

perplexiti: I know ironbreakers can be quite plain, so it's good to see you actually sneaked in some color.

Page 8 comments:

perplexiti: Blurry, but he looks good.

Badgobbla: Very nice highlighting and effects on the blade.

Jardain: Are you using a mage as a unit filler?

Khorneguy: The sword is bigger than he is!!!

Rikk: Those boar boys look perfect! The screaming banner made me smile.

sssk: Interesting idea with the forest trolls. Certainly look better than the treekin models.

richy376: What did you use for snow?

Solun Decius: Great looking unit, but the best by far are the blades.

MrMiscast: Looks good so far. Capes look nice.

Idle Scholar: Interesting choice for colors, but fitting with the season ;)

jason: Wise idea with the base.

Nabeshin1106: Looking good, but they do seem too clean for what they are.

08-10-2010, 19:57
@Malorian - that's funny! but after the Doomwheel I'll be back to the masses of rats for a month.

08-10-2010, 20:29
Five more rats painted.



Thats 60 points done so far this month.

08-10-2010, 20:33
Munkey Jung Fu - That is a fantastic cloak, very nicely done.
Braad - Those rebel grots look great in the cab.
knicik - I think you've got too much flash, try a different setting, as he looks too bright at the mo.

08-10-2010, 22:21
Yeah the lights awful here, I took pics with an without flash and you just couldn't make anything out without. I'll add one without as well seeing as that seems to be a repeated criticism but don't say I didn't warn you!

08-10-2010, 22:25
Nice colours on those rats! Very vibrant, yet also earthy... Did that make sense?

08-10-2010, 23:31
I finally understand the "support" in Warseer Painting Support Group... logging on and seeing your name in lights next to comments really is supportive and motivating...

I will return the favours tomorrow. Am going to the Throne of Skulls Tournament and (as I am going alone this year) I intend to sit in Bugman's over lunch and use their wi-fi to catch up on some commenting! If you are there come over and say "hi" - I'll be the guy with the blue laptop commenting on Warseerites!

@CaptainFarimir: Yay! More classic models, and also some classic fluff too. Great stuff.

CaptainFaramir: I've never seen those models before, but I like them. Especially that unit champ!

I bought these models in one of the store stock clearance sales when I was 14 (so over a decade ago). I only bought two Chaos Warrior units before getting bored but now I wish I had bought more Marauders! I've been scanning Ebay eagerly in the hope of getting some more, but they seem pretty rare! The unit champion was a Marauder Hero (when such things existed) and used to have a small banner on his back. He's such great model - especially the furrowed brow!

@CaptainFaramir: The snow stuff looks better when combined with those rocks. Those guys must be cold.

I love the northern wastes Barbarian look. I think the only models that really deserve snow are Hordes of Chaos and Ogres so choosing HoC for the tale was partly motivated by the ability to use snow for the first time! I intend to make the rocks bigger and craggier when it comes to the smaller units (Chosen and Ogres!)

@CaptainFaramir: Nice detail on these. I miss the Malal stuff looking forward to seeing more.. Will you do a kaleb daark ?

Oh yes! Complete with all his kit - axe, shield and mount! All of which will involve some inventing sculpting - so I'm going to practice my skills elsewhere first.

09-10-2010, 00:42

UNIT: 20 swordsmen with command and a Great Cannon

HIGHS: First human army I have ever painted suprisingly and I actually really enjoyed painting them, I tried to make the colors vibrant as the bright colors are kind of representative of human armies.

LOWS: Nothing really, I'm not too thrilled with the faces, but for rank and file, it shouldn't be a problem.

POINTS : Swordsmen + command = 145, Great Cannon = 100
Total = 245 points



09-10-2010, 00:43

UNIT : Beastlord + Wargor

HIGHS : I decided to not dip the character models for my Beastmen army as I plan to do some additional work on them later on

LOWS : Not too thrilled on how they came out, even with using colors on the armor, they still seem pretty dull.

POINTS : Beastlord = 145 + Wargor = 85
Total = 230 points


09-10-2010, 00:51
Halelel: I am liking the 6th edition Empire models. Much preferred over the newer ones.

09-10-2010, 01:39
Well, I pretended I rolled a 3 (random choice really), so picked the following to comment on. Everybody looks like they are off to a great start though, even if I don’t comment on your stuff.

KHolborn: Are you mad?!!! That is a lot of painting. I like the retro minotaurs. Is the pink for a slaanesh feel?

Harvey: Great start on your horde.

Rik a Kadrin Kazad: The dip looks nice – not too thick.

Ramius4: I like the purple, gives your army a unique feel. Any thoughts on how you are going to do the bases?

Zujara: This is out of order, but I love the damsel model. Very few GW female models are nice, but you put a great paint job on this one.

Pointyteeth: Again with the old school models, I am really liking this group! Your paint really gives the models some pop!

Bueno: A little tough to evaluate the paint, as your photo has a yellowish cast to it. Nevertheless, clean lines and the hanging gnoblar is a nice touch.

The Lost Hobbit: Clean painting, great detail – nothing ‘soft’ about them now.

Vaiuri: I really like the metallics. Sometimes they can be overpowering when used a lot on the models, but you have brought them up nicely.

CaptainFaramir: CLASSIC! Nicely painted, I really like the snow bases – it really brings home the northern chaos waste feel.

Huitzilopochtli: I loved dinosaurs since I was a kid (who hasn’t?!), so I may be biased. The contrast between the skinks ands salamanders is really well thought out. I’ll be waiting to see the army without metal – keep it stone-aged!

Sturen: NMM FTW! Looking forward to it on the characters (they are the ones who are supposed to stand out anyway).

Mike_the_magi: Painting an army for your dad? You are the man! Looking really good, it will be fun to see you army grow from a single individual into an army.

Confessor_Atol: Great paint job. And you painted the pony cart too?!! That’s extra effort. Will it be used as a unit filler or just for show?

Vinsanity: Good start on the slaan. I can see you are doing it my way – one huge points sink to start the tale off.

DeadInTheHead: Officially I am suppose to comment on your high elves – but we both know the true calling. Therefore, I will say “Blood for the Blood God!” I like the dynamic repose, and the magnetic bases for Daemons are a must. So will it be all Khornate, or will you be mixing it up a bit?

Hilte2: Very nice job here. Brets are a tough army to paint, and you are doing them proud. It will be fun to see this army grow, as each unit will add more and more color/uniqueness as you go on.

Mccomma03: The bell turned out nice. Good luck with the 120 vermin up next – let’s see if you can keep up the quality before you go crazy.

Rikk: Good start to your horde. The blues really pull the army together.

Idle Scholar: Again, NMM FTW! Nice bright colors. This army will be quite an eyeful when it’s done.

Jahorin: I’m a sucker for Tomb Kings. Good palette for the Carrion. Any close-ups on them?

Great job everyone, keep up the good work!

Rik a Kadrin Kazad
09-10-2010, 04:53
Rik a Kadrin Kazad: The dip looks nice – not too thick.

I used a brush to get it on there :) My wash brush is a bit stiff now, but yeah - helps contolling the layer with a brush.

@har666: The armour was done easily with layering codex grey, fortress grey and then skull white. Whit the red parts of armour it was blood red, highlight with fiery orange, then highlights covered with thin layer of blood red. The gold was shining gold, burnished gold and highlighted with skull white. At last the whole model was finished of with an army painter dip applied as a wash.

09-10-2010, 05:12
Thank you to all that commented about my un-finish work. Its a 400+ point model and I started late but I will have it done by the end of the month.
I will post some update pictures probably tomorrow.

Thanks again and keep up the good work everybody!!

09-10-2010, 08:56
Hi all,

I'm going to try to comment on all the pics from the even numbered pages as there's so many.

Tonberry - nicely painted mage, I really like the green on the base and orbs
Unheilig - I like the converted head, the nnm on weapon is very good also
SamVimes - really like the pattern on the cloth
Daniel36 - great start to the army
Malaki -
I really like how clean the white looks, I can never get mine like that, goes well with the dark blue too
Bueno - Nice start to the ogres, I like to lighter skin colour

Sorry for rest who've posted on pg2 but I can't view the pics for some reason.

09-10-2010, 09:10
@ Doi

I do my bases in 4 stage process. Stage 1: sand. Stage 2: apply a coat of devlan mud to the sand. Stage 3: apply graveyard earth to the base edges. Stage 4: glue a bit of static grass to the top.

@ Malorian

It's one of the really old metal ones, the 4th/5th ed kind

09-10-2010, 09:55
Not my fault your part of the world is running late :p.

I'm never late. Nor am I early. I arrive...

Well, never mind.

@ Braad: Very nice chariot. Think I might steal that Gretchin idea.

Looting is the orc and goblin way!

@Braad: Love the gretchin crew! The grass looks soft and inviting for a nap ;)

Exactly the reason why my orcs came to this green and fertile land!

Wednesday Friday Addams
09-10-2010, 12:18
Skaven 2000 points

UNIT: Unit of Stormvermin with upgrade and shields

Queeks lads

Just basic Stormvermin

(I got it from th GW how to paint a clan rat)

Haven't done it =C

20 stormvermin with sheilds 220

I wish I had got a better Picture but alas my camera died from lack of batteries just as I decided to take them.
I hope to give you a better picture along with Queek or his general and a Storm banner and finish off small details and fix the halberds which I just noticed after I took the picture next month.
Again I am very sorry for the crap photo

09-10-2010, 14:04
@juicytomatoes: Skellies look great man, what's your method for the bone?

Thanks Har666! Well, it's embarrassing really. It was just white undercoat and then dipped in Army Painter Strong Tone. Good thing is, if you're thinkin' of giving it a go, it shouldn't be hard ;)

Ah... I have decided I will give comments by randomly selecting a page! This month, it will be page... 3!

@Bueno: Nice conversion! The ribs are a nice touch. Good work on the war litter. My favorite among your work must be the bonebreaker though. What's going on top in the howdah?

@Ister Flersson: Lovely, lovely painting! The red is smooth and beautifully highlighted.

@The Lost Hobbit: Your painting is so smoooooth, and you paint whites magnificently! Now get them bloodied in battle!

@ironduke: Nice work on the exalted hero's cloak!

@Lord Shadowheart: Luvvin the chariot... keep it up!

@Mich: The phoenix guard are GOLD! ;)

@Fabius Bile: Fantastic ogres! The skin tone is amazing and the banner is brilliant stuff!

@Elfboy: Flying wardancers! Superb execution!

@Vaiuri: You've made those swordmasters look great!

@simonN: The saurus are looking good!

@Oglog: All things bright and beautiful! Such a huge model takes a lot of effort! Good going!

@Ironbreaker: OGres in stripey pants! Looks like we have the same taste...

@xsergg: Sorry, I can't seem to get the pics to load when I click on them. Are they huge?

@Kaos: Wooooaaah! That is crazy painting! Can't wait to see more of your stuff...

@tristessa: "Uncle Verminlord wants you! Do your part for all Skavenkind!" Lookin forward to seeing the Verminlord finished.

@CaptainFaramir: Old is gold! Great job on the vintage stuff!

09-10-2010, 16:48
Will post some thoughts on everyone’s excellent work so far soon, but as for me....



All the best laid plans bought to ruin by the belated birth of my son, Noah on 05/09.

So this month is catch-up, will finish the Lion Chariot and try and get a Sword master unit done too (crying baby permitting :))

09-10-2010, 16:53
Will post some thoughts on everyone’s excellent work so far soon, but as for me....



All the best laid plans bought to ruin by the belated birth of my son, Noah on 05/09.

So this month is catch-up, will finish the Lion Chariot and try and get a Sword master unit done too (crying baby permitting :))
That paint job is extremely realistic. Slayer sword, here you come?

Solun Decius
09-10-2010, 19:25
@Thoras: Congratulations on the Joker! I had to play that Joker in the To40KP two years ago and I expect to play one sometime around the middle of this tale too :D

@warflag: Good thing you finished, but you can't leave us hangin without the photos. Can't wait to see them dude!

@ Solun Decius: Not much to say other than 'wow' and 'good luck keeping up that standard for the rest of the TOFP'.
Like I said earlier, here's hoping, but no promises...

@Solun Decius: Wow, that yellow is fantastic. They look geat all ranked up.
Thanks man! I'll try to make sure there's plenty of yellow parts on next months models too :D

I'll do a quick comment on the post that caught my eye the most (exept the black and flamy chaos warriors one on page one), wich is the goblins at page 8.

@Solun Decius: A great paint job on those goblins, really liked the fanatic and his painted ball&chain :)
Wow, thanks man! You're gonna make me blush by singleing me out like that :D Now I've got to make extra sure I hand in some proper painting next time. Maybe I'll throw another Fanatic into this month's batch.

@Solun Decius: Technicolor nightgobs! What can I say? it’s a freaking awesome paint scheme and excellent execution. My favorite is the detailing of the fanatics ball where you can tell that he’s slammed it into something. I look forward to seeing what new things you bring next month!
Thanks! I put alot of attention into that ball, and I'm looking forward to adding more Fanatics, hopefully even crazier than that one.

@Solun Decius: Wow that's bright. But it really works.
Thanks. I always feel Fantasy gives more room for the ridiculously bright than grimdark 40K does (and I'm using a whole lot of that room :D)

@Solun Decius: very colourfull interpretation of the blackrobes. Me like!
Thanks. Me like colors ;)

Solun Decius: Great looking unit, but the best by far are the blades.
Thanks man, and thanks for noticing the blades (not that they're very inconspicuous). I really want to do all the army with that sort of NMM but then I've got to find a quicker way of doing it well.

09-10-2010, 19:38
My thanks to everyone who commented on my pics, in particular jason whose "stone age" remark has prevented me from contemplating a hideous mistake.

Unfortunately, despite my intentions I will not be able to do a full comment on everybody's work. I'm simply too busy with college. It all looks great though and I can't wait to see how people develop their styles and colour schemes.

Good luck with the rest of this month.

09-10-2010, 21:42
@Halelel: That's the first time I see a blue/green combo and I must say, I LIKE IT! Good job!

Oh, and Beastmen will always look dull... It's just their earthly look that only really works with earthy colours. Don't worry about it.

EDIT: Oh, and those with a keen eye, YES!! I won my second 8th ed. match today!! Against my pal's Undead, from whom I have never ever won before!!! AWESOME!!

09-10-2010, 23:36
Will post some thoughts on everyone’s excellent work so far soon, but as for me....


All the best laid plans bought to ruin by the belated birth of my son, Noah on 05/09.

So this month is catch-up, will finish the Lion Chariot and try and get a Sword master unit done too (crying baby permitting :))

Best miniature ever:D I personally give you credit for at least 200 points this month;)