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01-10-2010, 00:12
Welcome to the Tale of 40k Painters 2010-2011!

What is the Tale all about?
The aim of the Tale of Painters is to get an army fully painted within the next 12 months.

For most 40k armies the size will be somewhere between 1000 and 2000 points, but you can go higher if you want to (and you're crazy enough)! BFG and Epic armies will be slightly different, but as long as you choose an appropriate sized army for your game system then there's no problem.

Once you've chosen your army, your target is to paint roughly 10% of your army each month. For example, if you've chosen a 2000 point army then your monthly target would be 200 points. The Tale runs for one year (September 2010 to August 2011), so if you stick to your 10% monthly target then you'll only need to paint for 10 months of the year.

To cover the months when you can't/don't paint, you get 2 'Jokers'. You can play a 'Joker' at any time (provided you haven't used them both up!), which essentially means that you don't have to meet your target for that month. They can used for real life events (such as births, deaths, marriages, exams, holidays) or if you're just having a bad/slow month. If you use a 'Joker' then feel free to post a suitable image instead (a Joker or something funny).

What is this thread all about?
This thread is to be used as the completed work thread for September, up until the 7th. Please only post last month's completed work until the 8th.

On the 8th it will then become the work in progress (wip) thread for October. Feel free to post any wip pictures of what you're going to be painting this month, army lists, background stories, battle reports, questions, and comments on anyone else's posts. You can post as little or as much as you like in the wip thread, but please keep it wip. Do not post any completed work until the next thread opens at the start of November. The next thread will start out as to place the post your completed entries for this month, and after the deadline (initially set as the 7th of each month) will become the next wip thread.

If you have not posted by the 8th, then you will have to use one of your 'Jokers'. If you have failed to post by the 8th and have already used up both of your 'Jokers' (only applicable from December onwards), then unfortunately you will be out of the Tale.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : No, you are not too late! Yes, you can still join in! Just post in this thread (after the 7th) stating which army and how many points you intend to paint. The first month's work (painted in September) was due to be posted at the start of October, but you could play one of your two 'Jokers' (see above) for September and start painting from October (to be posted at the start of November).

Q : Can I paint more than 10% of my army in a month?
A : Yes, you aren't bound by the rules of the Tale, and it's great to get ahead. BUT, we would like you only to post 10% (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 10% per month. For example, if you're painting 2000 points that means 200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc. This way you won't depress those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 10% of my army in a month?
A : Yes, you aren't bound by the rules of the Tale, but we would like you to try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example, if you're painting 2000 points and you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character/tank/unit?
A : This happens a lot. If your character/tank/unit is over 10% of your army you could simply paint him/it/them over two months (the sort of time your general/tank/expensive unit deserves!). For example, last year my monthly target was 200 points and I painted a Stompa (600 points). I split painting the model into (roughly) 3 months of 200 points, posting new WIP shots each month.

Q : Do I have to use my 2 'Jokers' during the Tale?
A : No, you don't have to use them at all. If you can manage to paint/post for the full 12 months then congratulations, you'll have exceeded your target and truly embodied the spirit of the Tale!

Q : What's with the D6 roll in your post?
A : The D6 roll was an idea introduced in the last Tale to help ensure that everyone gets some comments on their work. If everyone rolls a D6 when they post (I use the D&D dice roller (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm) if I don't have a D6 to hand), then we should have six roughly equal groups each month. Then, if you comment on those people who rolled the same as you everyone will receive some feedback. So, if you roll a 1, comment on all of the other 1's, if you rolled a 2, comment on all of the other 2's, and so on. Of course, if you have the time/want to, there's nothing stopping you from commenting on anyone's/everyone's work.

I'll start off by posting an entry for September. Feel free to copy my post to use as a template (edited to suit your army), but as long as you post your Monthly total, Total to date, Unit(s) painted and a picture then that's fine.

I'll only have very limited access to the internet for the next week, but if anyone has any other questions, please direct them to misterboff (me), GomezAddams or give_me_a_d.


01-10-2010, 00:13
Here is a list of who's signed up so far. Please can you check your entry and let me know if anything needs changing (people in italics still need to confirm something):

252nd Fire Dragoon - Imperial Guard - 0/1500
252nd Fire Dragoon - Orks - 0/2000
AlexHeap - Blood Angels - 0/2000
alim192 - Eldar - 0/1500
andyg2006 - Space Marines (Scythes of the Emperor) - 0/1000
Apathyman - Eldar - 0/1500
ArtificerArmour - Chaos Daemons (Slaanesh) - 0/1750
Badgobbla - Blood Angels - 240/2000
Baron_Konrad - Space Marines (Red Scorpions) - 0/1500
basilbrush - Imperial Guard (Steel Legion) - 0/2000
bigcheese76 - Imperial Guard - 200/2000
biginbelgium - Blood Angels - 120/1500
BossBootFang - Orks - 0/2500
Brother Captain Lucian - Imperial Guard (Death Korps of Krieg) - 0/1000
Brother Nidus - Space Wolves (The Flame Hounds) - 0/2000
Bryan - Imperial Guard (Chaos) - 0/1500
Cal585 - Tau Empire - 0/1500
cerealkiller195 - Orks - 150/1500
daismith906 - (Kroot Mercenaries) - 0/1750
Dangersaurus - Imperial Guard - 170/1500
Darkenedsquire - Blood Angels - 0/1500
darkstonelich - Dark Eldar - 0/2000
DarthSte - Chaos Space Marines (Alpha Legion) - 0/2000
Dasqueek-Master Assassin - Black Templars - 0/2500
dave - Chaos Daemons (Slaanesh) - 0/3000
Deusmex - Dark Eldar - 0/1500
djc - Imperial Guard - 145/1500
Doomseer - Blood Angels - 0/1500
drmarco - Eldar - 0/5500
Fabian3rd - Tau Empire (Green Tau from Tau) - 80/1500
Falkman - Chaos Daemons - 0/1500
give_me_a_d - (Chaos) - 0/1500
GomezAddams - Tau Empire - 0/2000
GomezAddams - Imperial Guard - 0/2000
gonzosbignose - Blood Angels - 275/2000
gwarsh41 - Space Wolves - 0/2500
gwarsh41 - Chaos Daemons - 0/1000
Hauk - Space Marines (Ultramarines) - 0/1500
Hypaspist - Dark Angels (Deathwing) - 0/2000
infelix - Epic Necrons - 455/4000
Inquisitor Pariah - Tau Empire - 0/1000
Inquisitor Pariah - Epic ???? - 0/2000
Ironbreaker - Orks - 0/1000
Irondog - Orks - 185/2000
ironduke - Space Marines - 230/????
Konstantine - Imperial Guard (Vostroyan) - 115/2500
kormas - Chaos Space Marines (Bloodwing) - 275/1750
Maskedman5oh4 - Tyranids - 160/2000
McLucien18 - Chaos Daemons - 100/2000
McLucien18 - Dark Eldar - 0/1500
Mini77 - Space Marines (Dead Suns) - 165/3000
MistaGav - Dark Angels (Ravenwing) - 205/1500
misterboff - Dark Eldar - 0/1500
Mozenrath - Space Wolves - 0/????
nkicik - Tyranids - 140/1500
Norsehawk - Tyranids - 136/1500
Norsehawk - Tau Empire - 133/1500
NotMyIfurita - Orks - 0/1000
perplexiti - Space Wolves - 180/1500
Queekvondrak - Chaos Space Marines (Thousand Sons) - 0/1000
Ray K. - Black Templars - 0/2000
razcalking - Orks - 110/1000
razormasticator - Imperial Guard (Ice Drakes) - 230/2000
Rcgothic - (Imperium) - 0/1500
ReclusiarchMonty - Witch Hunters (Sisters of Battle) - 0/1500
Rikk - Orks - 150/1500
Rutgar - Eldar (Biel-Tan) - 0/1000
sigur - Space Wolves - 0/2000
sigur - Eldar - 0/2000
ssorck - Space Marines (Astral Claws) - 0/750
ssorck - (Slaanesh Lost & Damned) - 0/750
stephan harkon - Blood Angels - 0/2000
Stormfather - (Imperium) - 290/2000
superawesomeraptorman - Tau Empire - 175/1750
sycopat - Tyranids - 125/1500
sycopat - Chaos Space Marines - 150/1000
Tekore - Blood Angels - 0/2000
The Laughing God - Dark Angels - 0/2000
The Marshel - Orks - 0/2000
TheOtherGuy - Eldar - 342/2500
Tuckbone - Dark Eldar - 0/2000
vargojones - Imperial Guard (Renegade Militia) - 0/1000
Vimes - Space Marines - 585/2000
warflag - Tau Empire - 200/2000
wolfy2194 - Necrons - 0/2000
z4carlo - Imperial Guard - 0/2000
Zander77 - Chaos Space Marines - 310/2000
Zark the Damned - Orks - 485/1500
Zujara - Witch Hunters - 156/1500

01-10-2010, 00:14
misterboff's Imperial Guard: September 2010 (D6 roll = 6)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 110 POINTS (this post is just an example - I'm actually using a JOKER for September)

My colour scheme is grey Cadians, very roughly based on the Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers.

Imperial Guard Infantry Squad (A) w/Vox Caster - 55 points
Imperial Guard Infantry Squad (B) w/Vox Caster - 55 points

Straight from the sprue.

Most colours have 3 stages, either basecoat/highlight/wash or basecoat/wash/highlight. The bases are simply Vomit Brown followed by Citadel Sand.

Metal: Boltgun/Badab/Mithril
Black: Chaos/Adeptus/Badab
Dark Grey: Adeptus/Astro/Badab
Light Grey: Astro/Badab/Astro
Flesh: Tallarn/Bronzed/Ogryn
Yellow: Iyanden/Sunburst/Gryphonne

I still need to finish their bases, but other than that they're done.

Highs: Getting the majority of the the majority of my Cadian Battleforce painted whilst I wait for the new Dark Eldar to arrive.
Lows: Having spent the past 2 years assembling/painting over a hundred Orks, I found the Cadians rather fiddly to put together. Also, not getting everything 100% finished, and I don't enjoy painting human eyes.

I intend to stop drooling at the new DE long enough to finish off my Cadian Battleforce (Platoon Command Squad, Heavy Weapons Squad, Armoured Sentinel)...


[Cadian Infantry Squads]

01-10-2010, 01:25
Mini77's Dead Suns Space Marines: September 2010 (D6 Roll = 2)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 165 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 165 points

DIY marine chapter.

Captain on bike, lightning claw, storm shield (165 points)

Bashed together from various kits. Space Wolves Pack (head), Space Marine Commander (torso, backpack, lightning claw), Ravenwing (legs, bike), Terminator Assault Squad (storm shield). Some jewellery chain to attach the storm shield to the right arm.

Black - Black primer, Chaos Black/Water, Codex Grey hard edge highlights
White - Astronomican Grey, Skull White
Red - Mechrite Red, Asurmen Blue, Blood Red, Blood Angel Orange
Flesh - Elf Flesh, Ogryn Flesh, Elf Flesh, Elf Flesh/Bleached Bone
Seals - Dheneb Stone, Gryphonne Sepia, Bleached Bone
Metal - Boltgun Metal, Badab Black, Devlan Mud, Mithril Silver
Bases - Slate Ballast, Devlan Mud, Codex Grey, Bleached Bone, Scorched Grass
Vallejo Gloss Varnish topcoat.


Highs: Went together and painted in an evening. Very happy with the mini considering my limited ability.
Lows: I'm terrible at painting flesh and avoid it like the plague. This is better than most of my attempts but the eyes are still poor.

A squad of terminators plundered from 3rd edition Space Hulk.

http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/40k/Warseer%20Tale%20of%2040k%20Painters/Sept10_02.png http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/40k/Warseer%20Tale%20of%2040k%20Painters/sept10_01.png

01-10-2010, 02:06
superawesomeraptorman Tau: September 2010 (D6 roll = 4)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 175 (1750 total = 10% done)

Black and White, with small strips of red. Inspiration is just the combination of black and white :D

Piranha Fusion Blaster, 2 x Targeting Array 75
Piranha Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array 70
2 Shield Drones - 30

Converted the shield drones - very simple. No true conversions yet though! I like Tau mostly the way they are!

Most colours have 3 stages, either basecoat/highlight/wash or basecoat/wash/highlight. The bases are simply Vomit Brown followed by Citadel Sand.

Black: Chaos/Shadow Grey/Chaos Black/Fortress Grey
White: White/Space Wolf Grey Shading
Red: Blood Red/Blazing Orange Highlights
Gems/Glass: Hawk Turquoise

100% Done

Highs: I love the way black and white combines together, and still loving the red and hawk turquoise
Lows: White is very unforgiving -_- VERY. White also is a bit of pain requiring upwards of 6 layers to get a smooth finish

Gah Dark Eldar look amazing :rolleyes: But still sticking to Tau until they're finished. 2 Broadsides for October, already taken great steps for getting them done!


01-10-2010, 12:05
D6 roll = 6

Small offering for the first month, still getting to grips with the chapter colour scheme. If anyone had to guess they are White Panthers

Assault Squad -100 pts
Captain with Thunder Hammer - 130 pts

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs709.snc4/62892_10150093001449972_692009971_7372841_5925921_ n.jpg
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs200.ash2/46344_10150093001444972_692009971_7372840_5451703_ n.jpg
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs007.ash2/33719_10150093001454972_692009971_7372842_3712682_ n.jpg
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs291.snc4/40887_10150093001459972_692009971_7372843_692170_n .jpg
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs693.snc4/63372_10150093001464972_692009971_7372844_6200954_ n.jpg


01-10-2010, 13:23

Astartes Chapter: Space Sharks.

Tactical Squad, sergeant with powerfist, ML + Flamer - 195 points
Tactical Squad, sergeant with powerfist, ML + Flamer - 195 points
Tactical Squad, sergeant with powerfist, ML + Flamer - 195 points
Marker with injured marine

RTB01 marines bought via ebay. Had to repair some and was unable to change any positions as the former owners used too much glue on them.

Most colours have 3 stages, either basecoat/highlight/wash or basecoat/wash/highlight. The bases are simply scorched brown, snakebite leather, drybrushed with bleached bone.

Metal: Chaos/drybrushed Boltgun/Badab
Black: Chaos/Regal Blue
Grey: Codex/Fortress/Badab
Red: Mechrite/Blood/Blazing Orange/Badab
Flesh: Dark/Dwarf/Elf/Ogryn
Yellow: Sunburst/White

Decals still to apply, but I will wait till Forgeworld releases a decal sheet for them with IA 10 and then decide if I use those or my own.

Highs: Were fast to paint as I had hols and they lack the details of the current marines.
Lows: none. :)

I intend to start painting the next tactical squad, metal rogue trader marines and eventually finish off some vehicles I started more than a year ago and didnt finish painting.

Here the pics:

All together.:)

A single squad.

01-10-2010, 18:12
Konstantine's Vostroyans: September 2010 (D6 roll = 2)

TOTAL TO DATE: 115 Points

My scheme is Vanilla painted Vostroyans with Conversions thrown in.

Infantry Platoon Command Squad (2/5) - 35 Points
Infantry Squad (8/10) - 80 Points

There is no conversions yet, straight out of box.


Uniform: Red Gore -> 1/2 Red Gore / 1/2 Blood Red -> 1/4 Red Gore / 3/4 Blood Red -> Blood Red Highlight
Metals: Shining Gold -> Gryphonne Sephia -> Either Gold or Silver Highlight
Metals (Iron): Boltgun -> Gryphonne Sephia -> Boltgun Highlight
Bone: Bleached Bone -> Gryphonne Sephia -> Bleached Bone Highlight

Bases. and I cheated, I actually only painted 4/8 of the infantrymen. Notice you never see the guys in the back in the log. I never finished them! I'm sorry! Had lots of Conversions I was doing.

Highs:Holy Calvin painting is a pretty good high
Lows: "Why are they so detailed?"

MUST finish the Command Squad, that squad and another squad. AT LEAST.




02-10-2010, 02:46
Norsehawk's Tau: September 2010 (D6 roll = 3)


Going for a quick and easy to paint scheme was the idea. Previous attempts at Tau armies caused lots of stress since it took tons of painting to get a good looking squad. So I am in fact using a dipping method to get the basics down. Of course, I always seem to make things harder on myself so after giving them a nice matte sealer coat, I am going back and painting more details onto the models.

12 Fire Warriors, Shas'Ui with EMP grenade, Drone Controller (No drones so no point cost added for it yet) 133 points.

Straight from the sprue.

Prime with Army Painter Bone, paint soft armor vermin brown, metal bits boltgun metal, paint on Minwax with brush (more control, less wasteful) let dry for at least 24 hrs, matte seal, then paint helmet side white, ink with blue ink, repaint around the ink, paint blue part of helmet, do white accents on rest of armor, blue wash the shoulder symbol. Basing to be done later.

Metal: Boltgun
Bone: Army Painter Bone/Bleached Bone
Teal: Hawk Turquoise
White: Skull White
Soft Armor: Vermin Brown
Dip Medium: Minwax Antique Walnut (gloss, they didn't have satin)

Basing. Work on the head antennas on a few of them, another coat of sealer.

Highs: Getting minis painted that have been an army of gray for a long time.
Lows: Heavy semester worth of school that is currently happening really cutting into the time that I can just sit down and devote to painting

Not sure, I may start on some stealth suits that I have sitting around. I may also start work on a pack of Kroot for a future month (but they are points cheap, so doing a full month of Kroot in a single month would be pain.) I also have a commission coming in for Imperial Fists (yay yellow paint! NOT)


02-10-2010, 03:39
There is so much amazing work on this thread!

I have to use a joker already, but I plan to come back strong in October! Starting back to school for the first time in 12 years was a bit of an adjustment, but I'm starting to settle in and I'm getting back on it. Keep up the awesome work, guys!

02-10-2010, 14:37
djc's traitor guard (d6 roll; 1)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 145 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 145 points

Beastman guard.

Company command squad, 4xMeltagun and Chimera (145 points)

I want to try adding snow to the bases, however this is unlikely to happen until I've completed more infantry models.

Highs: Painted my first tank \o/
Lows: I'm never happy with my painting

30 basic guard

02-10-2010, 18:06
razcalking's Orks - The Fungi Boyz: September 2010 (D6 roll = 4)


The Fungi Boyz are Speed Freakz with a Snakebite-ish colour scheme, so going for more natural colours. I use Orange as the main army colour.

Warboss w/ twin-linked shoota, power klaw, bosspole and ATTACK SQUIG!

AOBR Warboss with the attack squig cut off of another Warboss model.

Most are a foundation paint + normal colour + wash. I don't really do basing - it's always looked odd for me to see models with grass at their feet running around on snow board. Maybe someday.

Metal: Boltgun + Sepia wash
Skin: Gretchin Green + Catachan Green + Gretchin Green drybrush
Clothing: Khemri Brown + Graveyard/Khaki/Scorched Brown
Orange: Mechrite Red + Bestial Brown + Blazing Orange drybrush
Squig: Ilyanden + Golden Yellow + Sepia wash
Bone: Dheneb Stone + Bleached Bone + Sepia wash

All done, unless I decide to do basing at some point.

Highs: Very happy with how the attack squig fit on.
Lows: Pretty easy model; I'm happy with it.

Not sure yet. Likely 10 boyz and a Nob.

http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj6/razcalking/WarbossFront.jpg http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj6/razcalking/WarbossBack.jpg

03-10-2010, 16:12
Mista Gav's Ravenwing: September 2010 (D6 roll = 2)


Well I initially had this painted but it was very basic in terms of paints, highlighting and overall detail. So I did a little research on the internet and then went to town with adding more details from new lights and purity seals. I also stepped up the painting by not only upping the initial colours and highlighting but also adding new colours to contrast and make it stick out such as the gold, red and also the power weapon (Which is probably my best PW to date)

Master of the Ravenwing on custom land speeder.

Land speeder straight from the Ravenwing sprue and then adding a load of bits for added detail. Also (tried) sculpting a cloak onto the master which looks a little thick and not realistic but oh well.

Lots of different paints so really didn't get round to listing them all...


Highs: It's a HUGE improvement over the last one which looked very generic. This one stands out much more!
Lows: Probably took too much legwork to make it individual which also meant it got very dull to paint and look at the miniature.

150pts of Ravenwing bikers. 3 bikers, one is the sergeant with a power weapon and the other has a plasma gun.
Also I am working on a captain with Relic Blade (or power weapon) on a bike which can pose as a second in command to the Ravenwing...just so I can use the SM codex should I choose to.
In summary 4 bikes...

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4131/5047859824_c7e1436155.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/carlrjones/5047859824/)

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4129/5047238151_653d1b678a.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/carlrjones/5047238151/)

03-10-2010, 17:53



This month guys, and major apologies, I'm in the process of selling my house, and as you can well imagine that's taking up a large amount of my time, i've painted a couple of figures, but i think jokering this month is probably necessary.

My theme for this army is going to be a renegade militia that is in various states of corruption by Nurgle. Command units will be the most corrupted with various other units such on conscripted less corrupted.

The army will be made up primarily of Forgeworld renegade militia, supplemented with normal cadian troops.

The only figure completed so far is this chap:


update to add a pic of the finished dude:


I don't have completed pics to hand at the moment but i will upload one when i get time.

Forgeworld renegade militia command squad is built and base coated and in various states of completeness.


Lots! I need to complete building my first militia unit and finish painting the command squad

Highs: Deciding on what i think is a great and sinple paint scheme!
Lows: Not getting much done, and feeling i've let down the thread already.

Hopefully a bit more, but i suspect i will have to joker next month as well :(

03-10-2010, 19:04
Dangersaurus's Imperial Guard: September 2010 (D6 roll = 5)


Stygian 422nd, 1st Armoured Rifle Company. A mixed mechanized force with scout elements. This particular unit is made up of veteran troubleshooters from 1st & 2nd platoons.

Imperial Guard Veterans - 110 points
Ministorum Priest - 60 points

All plastic except one meltagun and the priest. Shotguns from Orlocks and Goliaths. Beefy shotgun from Gorkamorka. 2e+Modern chainsword = Eviscerator on Mordheim priest. Rack of ribs from some Kroot.

Colors by Citadel, Apple Barrel, Ral Partha (!), and Reaper. Simple, "Three Foot" paintjobs. Mixed sand basing.

Tone down the eyes (they honestly aren't as shocking though in RL as in the photo - the camera really brought out the whites). Matte Varnish.

Highs: These guys, barring the priest, have been primed for almost 2 years. It feels good to have them done.
Lows: Mere hours before the deadline, I was inspired to to start kitbashing a Hellblade. Finished building it and half painted it before I returned to these.

More troops, I think. I've painted too many tanks and ignored my ranks...


Edit: comments to follow after more people have their pics up!

03-10-2010, 21:26
drmarco's Eldar Insanity: September 2010 (D6 roll = 5)

MONTHLY TOTAL: http://i1083.photobucket.com/albums/j388/thedrmarco/Warseer%20images/Death_Jester2.jpg


Well the plan is to create about 1500pts of Iyanden, and a 1500pt 'Counts as Harlequin' Eldar force, along with 3 lovely Revenants, and a few characterful bits and pieces for my own amusement along the way.


First paint has made it onto the first of the revenants, but sadly due to a rather stodgy can of skull white spray paint I have about 450pts worth of a wraithguard/warlock squad soaking in Nitromors, hence the joker!


Some wraithguard head repositioning, and a rather fetching spiritseer conversion, even if I do say so myself. :D


The Revenant is sporting a black to midnight blue to icy blue transition on its head, the pilot is all coloured up and the wraithguard? Well they're somewhere between a 'too-thick-to-paint-on' white, and bare metal...


If the plan comes together, get new spray for undercoating the wraithguard, get them and the rest of the revenant finished off for next month, and buy back that joker!


Highs: My first time putting paint to resin - the revenant is a lovely model, and the detailing has encouraged me to paint with due care and attention.
Lows: The undercoat debacle, and the fact that I failed to realise I needed to rinse the resin first, leading to some chips and flaking of paint on the revenant (which thankfully were easy to touch up).


Well the undercoat set-back isn't really too devastating, and if I follow last month's guide in White Dwarf about how to paint Iyanden colours quickly and easily I should hit 1250pts by the end of the month putting me back on track, with both Jokers back in hand.

Of course, by then the Dark Eldar will be hitting the shelves, and I'll have a few more conversion options to play around with for the harlequin part of the force...

Good luck all!


Zark the Damned
03-10-2010, 22:51
Zark the Damned and the aggressive expansion of Waaaagh Kargrak: September 2010 (D6 roll = 2)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 80 (Grots) + 150 (Snots) + 135 (Kanz) + 35 (Trukk) + 85 (Mek) = 485 Points
TOTAL TO DATE: 485 Points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Waaagh Kargrak is a largely Goff Tribe currently undergoing agressive expansion into Imperial space following the Green Kroosade.

20 Grots + 2 Runtherds: 80 Points
15 Snotling Bases + 3 Runtherds: 150 Points
3 Killa Kanz with GrotZookas: 135 Points
1 Trukk: 35 Points (to accompany next month's Ardboyz)
1 Big Mek with Kustom Force Field: 85 Points

BUILD/CONVERSIONS: A few of the Runtherds are converted from AOBR Boyz with spare Runtherd Bitz (there are a couple of spare Runtherdz)

Grot/Snot Skin: Gretchin Green -> Thraka Green Wash -> Gretchin Green highlight
Ork Skin: As Grot Skin but with Knarloc Green instead of Gretchin Green
Black Armour: Ironhull Grey (P3) -> Black Ink wash (old GW Ink)
Black Clothing: Ironhull Grey -> Badab Black wash
Red Armour: Mechrite Red -> Blood Red Highlight
White Armour: Ironhull Grey base -> Menite White (P3) -> Devlan Mud wash
Metal Bitz: Pig Iron (P3) -> Boltgun Metal highlight
Glowy Bitz: Menite White -> Fluorescent Yellow (random acrylic) -> Thraka Green wash
Purple Bitz: Hormagaunt Purple -> Leviathan Purple wash
Bone Bitz: Scorched Brown -> Bootstrap Leather (P3) -> Bleached Bone
Leather &= Wood: Scorched Brown -> Bootstrap Leather -> Devlan Mud wash
Bases: Builders Rough Sand -> Undercoated Scorched Brown -> Drybrush Snakebite Leather -> Drybrush Rucksack Tan (P3) -> Re-edge base in Snakebite Leather

Quick and dirty painting, but effective en-masse

STILL TO DO: Having taken the photos I have noticed a couple of details needing a touch up.

Highs: Getting so much done!
Lows: The realisation I have much, much more left to do!

NEXT MONTH: Trukkin Ard Boyz and whatever else I feel like.

Note: have gotten a ton done this month as I need to get a fully painted army ready for a tournament in March - so I will probably get my main 1500 points done quickly and then lose motivation for a couple of months around then! If I don't lose impetus, I'll officially increase army size for the tale. Also note this is a continuation of the Ork army I started painting before the tale began.

Anyway, Pics! Sorry for the low quality, didn't have a decent light source to hand and am still getting used to the new camera.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v133/zarkthedamned/Miniatures/WAAAAARGH%20Kargrak/a4689f72.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v133/zarkthedamned/Miniatures/WAAAAARGH%20Kargrak/119f744e.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v133/zarkthedamned/Miniatures/WAAAAARGH%20Kargrak/9850b480.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v133/zarkthedamned/Miniatures/WAAAAARGH%20Kargrak/7817d628.jpg

04-10-2010, 21:18
Vimes: Love those RT-era marines. Their simplicity makes them easy to paint, but they still look great on the table.

Konstantine: Those Vostroyans are really nice. I wish I was disciplined enough to paint an army like that.

MistaGav: I liked the look of that speeder when you showed the WIP on the other thread. If you find the highlights are too stark you can deull them down by applying a little badab black wash. I'm hoping to add a RT-era speeder of my own shortly.

Zark and the Damned: Look great. I love grots. I don't think I could ever paint an Ork army, but I love the humour.

I have a feeling there's going to be a ton of Jokers this month.....

04-10-2010, 21:44
Army: Imperial Guard
Dice Roll: 3
Target: 2000 points
Total this month: 200 points
Units painted: Valkyrie and Platoon Command Squad.
Highs: I am actually getting stuff painted.
Lows: Will have to base the whole army at the end.
I would like to apologise for the poor image quality. My house and life is rather hectic at present so photography was not easy.


05-10-2010, 02:15
superawesomeraptorman: Great bold (non) colour choice - looks absolutely crisp, clean, and incredibly time consuming to pull off as well as you did. I also like that you didn't go overboard with the accent colours and let the black/white do its thing.

Piranhas are a great model as well; it'll be interesting to see how the Broadsides (not my favourite) turn out.

If there's any criticism, it's that I'd like to see larger pictures!

05-10-2010, 21:41
sycopats Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines! (D6 = 1)

Tyranid Monthly Aim: 150pts
Tyranids painted: 125pts (Oh no!)
Chaos Monthly Aim: 100pts
Chaos Painted: 150pts (Oh Yeah!)
Total Monthly Aim: 250pts
Total Painted: 275pts (An alright start.)

Black Legion Chaos marines, My own as yet unnamed green and red hive fleet

25 Termagants: 125pts
1 Chaos Defiler: 150pts

No conversions, just basic shapes from the sprue.

The defiler was actually sprayed white originally as I had no black spray, then washed a few times with watered down chaos black. This was drybrushed with codex grey before a badab black wash except on the faceplate, which I left with a heavy grey drybrush. The black was then drybrushed with boltgun metal. Claws and Blades were simply painted boltgun metal and drybrushed with chainmail. Gold bits were painted with iyanden darksun yellow, burnished gold and given a chainmail drybrush. The Demons eyes were picked out in red and gold/yellow slips fixed with chaos black and I was done.

For the 'gants, skin is rotten flesh stained with thraka green wash, red is successive layers of mechrite red, red gore and a light touch of blood red for the very edges of the plate. The maw was just liche purple, theeth are just bleached bone, eyes are just ice blue and claws are just washed with watered down chaos black, and the base is just modeling sand washed with devlan mud.


Highs: Delighted with getting so many models done in a month, also I'm overall quite happy with how the defilers paintjob turned out as it is probably the first vehicle I've painted I could look at afterwards and think "You know, that's actually ok."
Lows: Ugh, Mould lines on the defiler are horrible. Also the camera shot shows where I couldn't get paint into the insides of the claws, although that's not noticeable IRL. The gants I did quickly and it shows when they are appraised individually, but I think they work well as a whole.

I haven't quite decided. A squad of genestealers for the nids are definite. Either another Defiler or a handful of Khorne Berzerkers for the chaos marines. I'm leaning towards the berzerkers at the minute.

05-10-2010, 23:18
Irondog's Orks

Total Painting for September '10: 185 points
Total Army Size: 185 points
Die Roll: 5

Since I already have a crap-ton of Ork stuff (enough to fill an F.O.C. and then some), I didn't really paint any 'units' this month. I just kind of finished up a few projects that have been laying around my desk for a while.

Plenty. The 'Squig Trukk' is scratchbuilt from plastic I-Beams, plasticard, Ork bits and other goodies. The Megaboss is a conversion that dates back to late 3rd edition or early 4th. Back then you could use the Klan rules in a White Dwarf to field a Bad Moon Warboss with a Kustom Mega Blasta. This guy has been rattling around my Mek shop for years and I finally got him done, along with his pet Robosquig. The Boarding Planks are some add-ons for my Wartrukks that I've been meaning to do for a while now, they're made completely from plasticard.

The metal areas you see are a Boltgun drybrush over a black undercoat, followed by a Mithril Silver edge highlight and a thinned wash of Bestial Brown. Some of you that remember my Crimson Fists from last year may notice my Orks are a lot 'rougher' of a paint scheme. Tht's intentional as I want them to look all dirty and banged up.

The red areas are simply Blood red painted on in multiple layers to get an even tone, then banged up to look like weathering and battle damage. I don't normally use foundation pint under it, because I like the hue of pure Blood red better, even though it takes a LOT longer.

The Ork skin is a system I developed a while ago, here's a link (http://www.irondogstudios.com/tutor_skin.html) to the full tutorial on my website.

Gravel and pebbles, then painted with Bestial Brown, followed by drybrushes of Bubonic Brown and Bleached Bone in that order.

Still to Do:
On these models? Nada. On my Ork army as a whole? A TON! You guys saw all that stuff in the signup thread.

Highs and Lows:

Highs: Getting the Squig Trukk finished up and finally getting that warboss painted.

Lows: Looking at that stack of stuff in front of me.



06-10-2010, 05:43
Space wolves : 1500 POINTSish

UNIT: Ulrik the slayer


BUILD/CONVERSION: All I had to do for this fulla was glue his pack on.

PAINTING: Black undercoat, Ive forgotten how I did the various bone parts on him unfortunately. Yellow on his kneepad as hes seconded to Ragnars great company at the moment, I left his shoulder pad black though as hes still part of the great wolfs company so I figured his heraldry would stay mostly the same.

BASING: GW sand painted black, with some snow mixed with pva glue smeared on the base, Im unsure whether to completely cover the base or leave some dirt showing through.

STILL TO DO: Only the bases really, I havnt decided how to finish them off.

HIGHS AND LOWS: As I say in pretty much every post I put in the tales, I love me some classic minis, and Ulriks no different to the rest.




06-10-2010, 06:52
Army: Blood Angels

Unit: Librarian and Baal Predator

Build/Conversion: The Librarian has a "Jumppack" (I'm using it as either a normal backpack or jumppack) attached to it and the Baal is actually a normal predator. I used the twin-linked lascannon and cut off the lascannons, after which I glued some assault cannons on.

Painting: the armor Librarian was started from Mordian Blue with a touch of black. Then gradually highlighted up until skull white, after which I applied a wash of Asurmen Blue. For the Baal I used my tried and tested colorscheme from my previous Blood Angels:
- basecoat Chaos Black
- first layer with a mix of 2/3 Dark Flesh and 1/3 Blood Red
- second layer with a mix of 2/3 Blood Red and 1/3 of Dark Flesh
- third layer with a mix of 2/3 Blood Red and 1/3 of Fiery Orange
- then a stark highlight with 2/3 Fiery Orange and 1/3 Blood Red
- finally a wash of Baal Red.
I decided to do something special on my tank and added black and white squares on certain parts and some freehands on the doors.

Basing: the Librarian has a mix of some small and big stones, who're basecoated black, then drybrushed Graveyard Earth and then Bleached Bone.

Still to do: just finishing the base for the Librarian and the gunner and driver of the tank. Also some small details (lights, ...) that I've forgotten on the Baal.

Highs and Lows: painting characters is always a bit more fun than just doing rank and file troops and the freehands on the Baal were lots of fun to do as well. I'm feeling quite confident to do some more and better now.


Next up are 10 Assault Marines without Jumppacks with a power fist, a flamer and a meltagun. And maybe some more tanks.

Thanks for looking.

06-10-2010, 17:52
Stormfather's Forces of the Imperium: September 2010 (D6 roll = 5)

TOTAL TO DATE: 290 Points

My plan is to finish off all loose ends from my Witch Hunters and Imperial Guard forces, and then get started on my Black Templars. This month was Witch Hunters, specifically my Inquisitor and retinue. I wanted a disturbing, Hellraiser-esque feel to my Inquisitor, to strongly contrast with the clean, sharp, 'dress uniform' look of my (previously completed) Sisters of Battle and Imperial Guard units.

Sisters of Battle Exorcist (Forgeworld model) - 135 pts
Witch Hunter Inquisitor with 6 person retinue - 155 pts

The exorcist was the forgeworld model, decorated with additional forgeworld sisters of battle bits. Not happy with the way it went together, the seams are way too visible.

Most (all?) of the Inquisitorial minis are from the 'Dark Age' line, which really captured the look I was going for. I didn't do any conversion, other than give one of the gladiators a shield (a battered bretonnian shield, from an Ogre Kingdoms sprue iirc, that looked like it could have been appropriated from the Sisters of Battle). The shield was not finished at the time I took the pics.

The exorcist was painted in my standard Sisters of Battle scheme: Orkhide foundation, dark angels green, with chainmail, mithril, and gold detail work. Since the Sisters of Battle strike me as just a tiny bit obsessive, I decided to go with absolute minimal weathering for their vehicles- in this case, filthy tracks and some fresh mud along the trackgaurds. The purity seals and parchments on the vehicle have been aged with ogryn flesh wash. Everything else is spotless. I took the picture before finishing the paintjob, there's a few issues I've fixed by now (stain under the prayer in the front, boltgun metal drip under the left headlight, highlights).

As for the Inquisition, I basecoated everything in fleshtones, washed with fleshtone wash, and worked up from there. I'm pretty happy with the way they came out. My resin bases are stuck in mail limbo, so they haven't been based yet, or sealed.

Exorcist is done.

The Inquisition models need to be based, when the bases arrive. They also need to be finished off with some varnish, so I won't have to repaint them this time next year.

Highs: X-files streams on Netflix.
Lows: The Shield doesn't.

HIGHS: Finally figuring out how to paint whites that look white (hint- it starts with astronomicon gray and ends with ~6 layers of watery skull white). Also, the detail on the scar tissue, grafts, and bionics was a fun challenge, and I'm really happy with the way it comes out. Some of these models are pretty tough to look at- for example, Crusader 1 is leaking stimulant fluids down the side of his chest from a loose connection, the witch hunter's entire left torso is scar tissue, etc.
LOWS: My photography skill (The background was actually white, not brown, and those whites I spent hours painting actually look white to the eye, not jaundice yellow). Also, Realizing someone else is doing Black Templars, and theirs are way better than mine are going to be.

A pair of Imperial Guard Valkyries, each half assembled, the other half lost in the chaos of moving. Find the missing bits, build the Valks, and get em' painted.

The left column shows: Crusader, Crusader, Acolyte, Penitent.
The right column shows: Witch Hunter, Chirurgeon, Acolyte.


07-10-2010, 01:08
Norsehawk's Bugs: September 2010 (D6 roll = 6)


Going for a quick and easy to paint scheme was the idea. Previous attempts at Tau armies caused lots of stress since it took tons of painting to get a good looking squad. So I am in fact using a dipping method to get the basics down. Of course, I always seem to make things harder on myself so after giving them a nice matte sealer coat, I am going back and painting more details onto the models.

8 Genestealers, some modern, some classic, toxin sacs, 136 points.

Straight from the sprue.

Prime with Army Painter Bone, paint on Minwax with brush (more control, less wasteful) let dry for at least 24 hrs, matte seal, Next paint claws and soft parts of body (using tentacle pink because I like the contrast) Debating adding a wash of baal red or something else to add more depth to the pink part. Basing to be done later.

Skin: Bone (Army painter spray and bleached bone touchups)
Carapace: Dark Flesh (not extremely evident on the stealers, but it's on the forehead.
Claws: chaos Black
Soft body parts: Tentacle pink
Dip Medium: Minwax Antique Walnut (gloss, they didn't have satin)

Basing. touch up teeth, probably wash the pink,

Highs: Getting minis painted that have been an army of gray for a long time.
Lows: Heavy semester worth of school that is currently happening really cutting into the time that I can just sit down and devote to painting

Not sure, I may start on one of my Trygon Primes and continue working on some hormies that I started this month as well.


07-10-2010, 05:34
UNIT: Canoness with Inferno Pistol, Power Sword and Book of St. Lucius. Inquisitor Lord with Plasma Pistol, Close Combat Weapon and Psychic Hood

STILL TO DO: Base on the Canoness, going to do it in a batch with some Sisters


TOTAL POINTS: 156/1500



07-10-2010, 06:42
I'm gonna have to play a joker this month. I'll get it back next month :)


07-10-2010, 09:12
Unfortunately I am also jokering... I do have a test scheme and such done for my Tau but nowhere near required points. I'll post up a pic later.
Next month: Finished Fire Warrior squad and attached Devilfish.

07-10-2010, 09:56
Blood Angels!

Monthly total: 120 points?, don't know exactly how much a dreadnought with plasma cannon costs in the BA codex
Total to date: 120 ish points?

No background yet, usually that develops when playing against friends. I was inspired to paint BA because of the models from the space hulk set. I also had some dreadnoughts lying around.

Dreadnought with plasma cannon and close combat weapon.

Nothing special, straight from forgeworld.

I try to keep it simple. I am not afraid to just use some washed when it is convenient. I might add some freehands in the future.

Spice up the base, and maybe some freehands.

Highs: Really nice model to paint, I was pleased with myself for getting the gold done in a way that I like.
Lows: The model never looks finished, I find new details and stuff that I can improve.


Some Blood Angel Death company!

Dice Roll: 5


07-10-2010, 11:20
Two big fat jokers from me - works been manic, sky wont give me broadband, and its all been a bit meh this month


07-10-2010, 11:23
I'll have to play a Joker this month. I have made a lot of progress undercoating and basecoating a bunch of vehicles and marines, hopefully this will help later on (at least that's the plan anyway!:D).

07-10-2010, 16:44
Joker from me too. Getting there and technically finished but not yet up to scratch. Will hopefully post double next month.

Inquisitor Pariah
07-10-2010, 16:58
Have to joker this month...lack of internet access other than at work makes posting rather difficult!

07-10-2010, 20:49
Nkick's Winter nids : September 2010

MONTHLY TOTAL: 140 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 140 points

Part of a Tyranid splinter fleet that has become stranded on a frozen world and adapted to better blend in with their surroundings.

10 Genestealers

Straight from the sprue.

Pretty simple in both cases but I wanted them done as quickly as possible

Done for now though I'm not 100% happy with them, but they're just grunts so...

Highs: Getting 10 times as many models painted for this years tale as last years :) Getting an attempt at snow to vaguely work even if it's a bit overdone and cack handed.
Lows: They just don't look as good as I'd like and there's much to much blue on them, plan to rectify that with my later stuff.



I'm thinking some Termegants and maybe a Lictor or if I get pushed for time my Screamer Killer.


07-10-2010, 20:53
Posting mine later tonight working on the mini while at work who cares if I get caught the store is closing down lol

07-10-2010, 23:02
A late entry for me in both meanings, its nearly midnight on the 7th! I'm at uni so thats how things go sometimes. Anyway here are the first 8 of my fire warriors, I'm pretty pleased with the colours and theyr'e 90% done excluding basing, just some touch up to do and some fine datails. Sorry for bad picsand lack of text I will post again tomorrow.

Tau Empire

Monthly total: 150
Total to date: >80


8 tau fire warriors with pulse rifles and upgrades

Cutting off backpacks I stuck on upside down when I was a kid and sticking them back the right way.

Black undercoat, snot green 2 layers for armour then scorpion green highlight then black wash (note I got the wash and highlight order wrong this month). For the cloth, base schorched brown bestiel brown drybrush then mud wash (Ask If you want to know more).

Decide basing theme and assemble painted drones

Highs: Using highlights, washes and drybrushing on 1 model for the first time (to moderate success?)
Lows: How long they took to paint/Distracted by Deldar

http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/5711/new1dscf0012copy.th.jpg (http://img692.imageshack.us/i/new1dscf0012copy.jpg/)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)

Edit:- Sorry the pictures not good its my first real attempt to take picture models. Next month will be gun drones and stealth suits (already started both) I'm also looking for some advice on kroot and my vehicles colours so Wip post, with new pics, in the near future.
Thanks for reading

07-10-2010, 23:28
I've got so much stuff to get painted. Can I up my pledge from 2000 to 3000 points?

08-10-2010, 00:55
Okay, still haven't picked what I'm going to do for my October WIP, but since it's the last few hours of the deadline I'll put up my comments.

@Mini77: Love the bike. I've always wanted to do a SM bike force, and you're not helping me avoid the temptation!

@superawesomeraptorman: My tau have a similar scheme, though I used greys where you use white. Brave man, those whites look super clean.

@ironduke: That scheme looks good to me. I like the chapter master in particular. More brave people painting white.

@Vimes: That's some great (and fast!) painting. 500+ points in the first month! Amazing.

@Konstantine: Winkies... I mean Vostroyans! Sorry, first thing my daughter says when she sees these. Creepy blue eyepiece on that last one.

@Norsehawk: Very clean lines on those helmets. I'm jealous.

@djc: This sort of thing is why I never finish an army. I want to start renegades now.

@razcalking: Waaargh. Simple effective conversion. Very naturalistic looking colors.

@MistaGav: That looks like it took some serious time. Very bold highlighting.

@Zark the Damned: That's a nice looking horde of grots and snots.

@bigcheese76: Excellent color scheme. Your massed tanks and valk look very "40k" to me for some reason.

@sycopat: That defiler looks scary. Building up from white is time consuming, but you've got a really convincing color out of it.

@Irondog: 'Eavy metal quality. I'm always inspired when I see your orks.

@perplexiti: Looks good. Is Ulrik still as scary as I remember from 2nd?

@Badgobbla: Those checks on the curved surfaces! Looks like fun.

@Stormfather: Frightening and creepy, just like an Inquisitor's retinue should be.

@Norsehawk: Genestealers look good. Looking forward to seeing your Trygon.

@Zujara: Good looking figs, love the cloth and leather on the Inquisitor.

@biginbelgium: Sweet looking Dread.

@nkicik: Snowstealers? The blue looks better than you think. Those will look sweet on a snow-themed table.

@Fabian3rd: Pretty impressive looking Tau.

08-10-2010, 01:56
TheOtherGuy's Eldar: September 2010


my scheme is a dessert Biel-tan army

Eldar Howling Banshee w/exarch - 187 points
Wraithlord - 155 points

Straight from the sprue.

Nada all done with those
Highs: getting two very good looking units.
Lows: Not getting the dire avengers done that i wanted to and all the gemstones
one more wraithlord the dire avengers and one other squad if i my schedule allows

08-10-2010, 02:22
Zander77's Chaos Space Marines: September (D6 roll = 2)


The unit started off as completely a Tzeentch dedicated squad, as part of a Tzeentch army, but the army then became a Black Legion army. As over half the squad was already painted, I wanted to save myself the trouble of repainting everything. It actually ended up looking halfway decent, despite my less than great painting skills.

Chaos Marine Squad: 310 points
10 Marines(yeah, there's only seven there...but I had to post what is more or less completely done, and the other three aren't.)
-Plasma Gun
-Plasma Gun
-Mark of Tzeentch
Aspiring Champion
-Power Weapon
-Plasma Pistol
Rhino Transport
-Daemonic Possession

A weapon swap here, a random piece there, but more or less straight from the sprue.

The painting is pretty self-explanitory. Most of the colors are as they're seen. Black is black, boltgun metal is boltgun metal. The only things that are more fancily done are gold, which is Chaos Black/Brazen Brass/Shining Gold, and the blue is Chaos Black/Enchanted Blue/Regal Blue.

A bit of detailing here and there, especially on the rhino, and then the other three marines, which are almost finished...just the heads and backpacks left to finish.

Highs: The scheme actually ended up working out/looking better than I expected, plus the squad is just about finished, a first for this army.
Lows: Trying to finish in about two weeks was tough, but I managed to pull it off in the end(more or less...they'll be done before bed, but not necessarily midnight.)

NEXT MONTH: Not quite sure yet, but it'll be something heavy support I think, but maybe Abaddon...I dunno, ask me when this turns WIP.

Yeah...the pictures are big...get over it ;)




08-10-2010, 03:35
Army: Orks
D6 roll: 3
MONTHLY TOTAL: 150pts exact!

BACKGROUND/THEME: Attempting to do an "old school" ork army painting each unit different according to clan and fitting them into the new codex one way or another. No real established fluff as of now.

Kommandos x6, nob with bosspole and 'uge choppa
Nob w/ bosspole, eavy armor and power fist
Ard Boyz x2





The Snakebite orks (kommandos) were Snakebite boar boys with gorka morka boys (plastic) legs. The ard boys and bad moon nob were stock models.

It was my first attempt at using white primer though there are a few spots that i missed (doh) I am very happy on how the colors came out and can't wait to touch up the models.

Have to paint and base the models possibly adding some static grass for flavor. Pictures show a few spots I have to go over.

Highs: Love the way the colors came out I have always tried to get vibrant colors on my orks but I have always been afraid of white primer.

Lows: White primer proved way different from the 12 or so years of painting on black primer. It is both a high and a low. Mistakes are definitely more visible but I am glad that I am learning a new way to paint.

NEXT MONTH: I have a Malifaux tournament at the end of this month for which I must paint up 2 entire crews. So I think I will lean towards point heavy models/vehicles for next month. This time I hope to post more WIP along with the based models.

08-10-2010, 04:05
MONTHLY TOTAL: ~160pts (Total for 2x Screamer-Killers is 320pts- I will catch up by doing a Ravener this month)
TOTAL TO DATE: ~160pts

Tyranid Splinter Fleet known as Hive Fleet Agamemnon. This Tyranid Hive Fleet utilizizes blitzkrieg style atacks. Most common broods include massed hormagaunts, massed gargoyles, genestealers, raveners and shrikes. These broods serve as shock troops. This splinter fleet has additionally been witnessed eschewing ranged weaponry; instead, employing winged hive tyrants and screamer-killer carnifexes to provide support to the shock-broods.

2x Screamer-Killer Carnifexes

These were originally assembled in the hunched-over-carnifex style. I chooped them up, cut off arms, inverted the torso and reassembled the 'fexes upside down. This results in a much more upright standing MC.

The model is primed grey with Krylon Outdoor Grey primer. Most colors require atleast two layers. Flesh is bubonic brown, bleached bone drybrush, bleached bone highlight on raised areas, then start bleading (uncomplated stage on these) mixing in increasing amounts of skull white.

Carapace is simple with a good finish. Base Dark Angel Green. Drybrush Goblin Green all over. Additional drybrush Goblin Green along the edges. Then drybrush Scorpion Green on the extreme edges.

Base is drybrushed scroched>bubonic>bleached.

Bones will ben blended grey to white.

Carapace on one model; then skin, faces, talongs and details on both.
Highs: I have 2-3 job opportunities this month.

Lows: I should have finished these

NEXT MONTH: I will probably start on my WoC WFB army.

P.S. I will make you pretty pictures when I finish the 'fexes.


Last update:


08-10-2010, 09:19
Perfect, just found out that I have problems with my pics. So for those who just want to see pics, skip to next post.

All others, my entry, in words at least.

Warflags TAU, about 2000.

THEME: Mecha inspired, converted suits, urban uniforms, maybe, just very maybe scratch tanks.

UNIT: Eight Firewarriors and A suit. As of now it is my Commander, but that might change.
POINTS: About 100 + 100. Depends on wargear and weapons of the suit, which are exchangeable.

PAINTING: Basically grey to white, with lots of additional marking in bright colours. As the Marines say, camo is for pansies.

BASING: The very easy way, sand, rubble and stuff that makes them urban. Some grass.

HIGHS/LOWS: I really like the minis. It was a bargain, 1500 p for 50. And I found out how to strip plastics, one of the hobby highs of the year. The suit conversions are tons of fun, not having to convert basic infantry as in the last tales has to be THE highlight. :D
However, it has to show whether the scheme comes together to a good army overall. Some ideas might turn out very cool though.

UP NEXT: Prob Kroot. Funny creatures. Paint scheme still pending, but likely dark. Well see.

Pics when this craps sorted out...


08-10-2010, 09:39
Going to need till this evening to post pics. But will have them this evening.

08-10-2010, 11:45
Aaaargh...camera has gone AWOL so earliest I can get pictures up is the weekend...bugger.
If it's okay I'll post now and edit with the pictures when I have them?

ARMY: Chaos Daemons 2000pts. Die roll: 1
This month: 100pts
TOTAL: 100/2000...not very good.

UNITS: The Masque of Slaanesh.

Flesh: Tallarn base, Sepia wash, Tallarn layering, 1:1 Tallarn/Elf Flesh highlight, 1:1:1 Tallarn/Elf/Kommando Khaki highlight, Khaki highlight, light sepia wash.

Cloth and masks: 2 thin coats Graveyard Earth base Devlan wash, sepia wash, Earth layering, 2:1 Earth/ Khaki, 1:2 Earth/ Khaki, Khaki highlight, Necron Abyss detail highlighted with SW grey. Masks get alternate purple (happy face) and red/ pink ( sad) washes.

Hair: Abyss base, Badab wash, Abyss layering, 1:1 Abyss/SW Grey highlight, SW Grey highlight

Armour: Boltgun base, Badab wash, Boltgun layering, Mithril highlight.

Base: Citadel sand, Codex Grey, Badab wash, drybrush Codex then Fortress Grey. Rim black.

MODELLING/CONVERSION: None, straight out of the blister.

HIGHS/LOWS: Excellent mini to paint, and I am happy with the result. However, it did take a veeery long time to get right, so I might not overengineer it next time. Plus the hassle with the camera is VERY frustrating.

On paint station: A Great Unclean One that would have been finished this month if I had any 'Ard Coat, and the previously mentioned seekers that I have barely done anything on due to college ( and the characters).

Misterboff or Gomez, sorry to be annoying if possible could you change my 1000pt Space Marine army to 1500 Dark Eldar. I wasn't sure if I was going to do another DE army but the new range is too stunning to pass up. In advance thanks.

Pics up soon... Hopefully:eyebrows:

Brother Captain Lucian
08-10-2010, 16:53
Meh forgot this.. a family member died this last friday so had a few other things on my mind that warhammer ^_^

08-10-2010, 18:03
Hi all,

Here's my first month's submission.

Army = Orks
Unit\s = 4 Burnaz (Mek to be done for month 2), 10 Grots and Herder (with prod) and 1 Trukk (with ram)
Points = 60 + 45 + 45 = 150 points
Dice roll = 2

I'll try for better pics for next month

08-10-2010, 23:36
alim192 scorpion eldar army: September 2010 (D6 roll = 2)


My colour scheme is the colour scorpions go under uv light

I did have a unit of 20 guardians but have ditch them after redoing my army list

started doing my striking scorpions in various poses

guardians were painted apart from there bases but have ditch them as they dont fit in with my army

paint my striking scorpions.

Highs: my painkillers
Lows: braking my ankle and spending 2 weeks in hospital:mad:

doing a striking scorpion squad and hopefully starting my viper

09-10-2010, 06:23
Razormasticators 75th Logres Prime Ice Drakes IG

Total Painting for September: 165+65= 230

Die Roll: 4

1 (10) Model Psyker Battle Squad & 1 Multilaser Armored Sentinel w/Hunter Killer Missile

I used the grayscale wash method first, white prime, badab black, then white dry brush, asurmen blue for the coats, ogryn flesh for flesh areas. Went into details with Black, Codex Grey, Blazing Orange and Solar Macharius Orange, Shining gold, Chesnut Ink,

The Sentinel was similarly done, but I used some masterclass techniques on the weathering. A burnt umber and turnpentine wash, highlights, etc. Charadon Granite sponged on. I like the look.

Gravel Flock, 2 grains. Badab black, white dry brush, More white. Shadow Grey Rim.

Still to Do:
Some details & Highlights on the squad, especially cleaning up the coats and flesh and highlighting the coats and gloves. Dullcoat, Static Grass. Dullcote for sure on the sentinel a decal or two as well.

Highs and Lows:

The Greyscale washing technique is a big time saver. Im loving it.

The damn oil paint wont dry, been 5 days in front of the fan and its still tacky. I need a hair dryer I think.

Next Month:

A full 3 model sentinel squadron, 1 Hydra Flak Tank and wrapping up the weathering on a baneblade I have been working on for over a year.

Comments for everyone else tomorrow night. Im tired, but great work everyone!







09-10-2010, 08:50
Um, the month's over already? *swears under breath*

OK, OK. I'll update as soon as physically possible.

My Light Cruisers for October haven't arrived yet, so I'm thinking of doing command squads. My Ultrahawks 2nd Company, has found itself leaderless since the edition change, and my fledgeling 3rd/4th Company (currently consisting of 2 sgts and a captain!), and 1st company (25 terminators and counting).

10-10-2010, 08:30
D6: 4


TOTAL TO DATE: 275 (well i guess i could say 550 cause i have two of him :p )

“We are the lost, the forgotten and the ignored. The Emperor and Dorn never saw our true potential. We were shunted to the very edge of space, set to guard a threat that wasn’t there. For 3 millennia we waited, doing our duty without question, what fools we were. We fought many battles against foul xenos, put down rebellions caused by the great powers and resolutely stayed true to the imperial creed. Through all this we believed that we would be relieved, sent to a new grand crusade to rid the stars of its filth, for you see we had not received news that the imperium we believed in was rotting, lead by the corpse of a great man. Our eyes were opened by the Prophet of the Gods, a man named N’Gal. He came to us In one of our intakes there was a boy who outshon the rest, tasks that almost killed the other aspirants only seemed to be mildly tiring to this man. N’Gal provided several centuries of dedicated service, finaly being elevated to the rank of high Chaplin. This, my friend, is where the chapter as you know it started to emerge. Our eyes were opened to the horrors of the Imperium, this was no longer the bastion of humanity we had sort to protect. Bitterness took hold in our hearts, Horus had been defeated but humanity was still dying, the great crusade had soured and become stale. N’Gal taught us about the great gods that had gifted Horus with the knowledge of what was already happening to humanity, the knowledge that lead him to wage war on what he had helped to create. In Our bitterness and hatred we renounced our oath to the Emperor and made a pact with the great god Nurgle. We would wage eternal war against this travesty of justice and take our revenge on the Imperium that had forgotten us, in return our bodies would be made to be stronger and tougher and life eternal would be ours. So that is it my friend. We have renounced the heraldry of our for fathers in favour of the famous Death Guard. We have become an offshoot of this noble legion, naming ourselves the rotting fists after our heritage. Fighting the long war to save humanity from itself. Come, I still have much to tell you and you still have much to learn.” – Arch inductor kalael of the Rotting Fists to a neophyte. M41

(also, just had a name change :p )

both my 'counts as' logans, might use the termi lard as a rune priest or something though

pretty much standard (although the termi lord has grey knight arms)

yellow is:
basecoat lyanden darksun
overbrush golden yellow
heavy devlen mud wash
golden yellow over the top
some highlights with bad moon yellow
finaly a light overbrush/drybrush of bleached bone

want to fix up that armour oh and these pics the robe isnt done on ethagy, but that has been done now (same style as the termi lords cape)

Highs: LOVE painting ethaggy, absolutly love this model, pity i hate most legion (actualy, it is actualy probably a good thing in the long run...:p)

Lows: still really frustrated with painting yellow, not happy at all

some of my power armoured wolf guard...since it looks like i will be getting some warmachine so have had to cut off a lot fo the conversion bits i was going to get for the army as well as a unit of termies :(


10-10-2010, 13:36
Ok comments time, I rolled a 4, so In keeping with that I will comment on 4's only, and maybe one or two others that were really impressive.

@ superawesomeraptorman = wow your Tau look great Bro, very cleanly done in a nice scheme. I think Tau look really good in white i really do.

@ razcalking's = handsome warboss man, good semi muted color scheme.
I think he could benefit from a really light badab black wash. but thats just me.

@ irondog = (a non 4 roll) those orks are gorgeous, knowing your work from the last tale I can tell you your still spot on in quality. they look fantastic!

@ badgobbla = (a non 4 roll) great looking BA's and some impressive freehand on that Baal, quality work from you as always.

@ biginbelgium = (a non 4 roll) the dread looks bad assed, very well painted.
nice model too. gotta love forgeworld. I would have liked to see more black on him. He is a chappy dread after all. Still a great job and an interesting take on him.

@ Rikk = (a non 4 roll) Great looking orks, love that yellow. any tips on how you did it? I am a warboss in training in the future, I would like to know how you got such a great looking yellow. *yes I am thinking of doing bad moons.

Nice work everyone who posted, seems light for the first week given how many sign ups we had. Come on folks, we CAN DO IT!!!!!!

10-10-2010, 18:48
Dead Suns Space Marines (3000 points)
250 points per month
Terminator Squad (5) (200 points)
Rogue Trader Land Speeder (70 points)
Kor'Sarro Kahn (counts as) (160 points - to make up the difference from last month)

Some WIP for October; a squad of Space Marine Terminators plundered from 3rd edition Space Hulk. Getting the iconography removed wasn't as bad as I expected but removing the moulded bases was a nightmare and an exercise in tediousness.


10-10-2010, 20:40
So now I finally have my months contribution completed..


Infantry Phalanx
1x Tomb SPyder
1x Parihas
3x Immortals

A mix between GW parts and miniatures from DRM.

Simple techniques made to get them on the table asap.


I love the DRM miniatures, among the best I've seen, great detail and no flash what so ever.

10-10-2010, 21:09
@perplexiti: Looks good. Is Ulrik still as scary as I remember from 2nd?

Thanks Dangersaurus, I don't think any special characters are as scary as they were in 2nd. Which is definatly a good thing IMHO.

Okay, on to the comments.

Page 1:

@Mini77: Great looking bike captain man, I really like your use of the DA's badge for your one too, sweet idea man it looks really good.

@superawesomeraptorman: Pics are a bit small but they look great, very clean painting mate.

@ironduke: They look sweet as, love your captain.

@Vimes: Those beakies look awesome, can't wait to see the rest of the army.

@Konstantine: They look good man, heh I never paint the eyes though, my hands are too shaky.

@Norsehawk: Nice painting man, the blue ink around the details looks great.

@djc: Nice beast-guard, I like old fluff that brings out great ideas.

@razcalking: Great work, very snakebitey.

@MistaGav: Cool looking master man.

@Dangersaurus: Nice guard, I'm always impressed when people paint the eyes.

@Zark The Damned: Great Orks, that's a heap of work in a month too, well done.

@bigcheese76: Nice work on the guard, I do enjoy seeing Valks all p[ainted up.

Page 2:

@sycopat: Wow! those are some bright nids, they look pretty cool though. Nice defiler as well.

@Irondog: Awesome work mate, your Orks are just fantastic. And the conversions are madly Orkish as well.

@Badgobbla: Nice freehand work on the Baal, the Librarian pics a little dark, but what I can see looks really great man.

@Stormfather: That's a mad group of minis right there mate. Very suitable for an inquisitorial retinue.

@Norsehawk: Nice to see older stuff coming through, very good looking stealers mate.

@Zujara: Great looking minis mate, really well painted.

@biginbelgium: Awesome looking dread, love the way you did the bone.

@nkicik: They look good man, I'm having problems with snow basing as well, not quite sure how to get it to work properly.

@Fabian3rd: Nice Tau, if I had still had mine I'd do something similar, they look good green I reckon.

@TheOtherGuy: Awesome Eldar man, love the freehand on the Wraithlord.

Page 3:

@Zander77: I like the two-tone idea, have you thought of using the washes to bring the detail out and take some of the flatness away from parts like the horns and weapons?

@cerealkiller195: Ohhhh, that's what I want to do, every unit a different clan within the same tribe. I'm looking forward to this one. From what I can see they're looking good man.

@Maskedman5oh4: Looking good, can't wait to see them done.

@Brother Captain Lucian: Sorry to hear about your loss mate, but you've got some good looking krieg there man.

@Rikk: Nice looking orks mate, really nice yellow on that trukk too.

@razormasticator: Very uniform squad mate, that greyscale way of washing is taking off, I'm trying it out myself at the moment. The sponged sentinel looks good, like old photo's of whitewashed tanks.

@kormas: Great looking chaos, that's a big fella the 2nd guy, where's he from?

@Infelix : Heh, epic necrons, nice work man.

11-10-2010, 00:46
Hi guys and gals,

Firstly, congrats to everyone who managed to post this month, we've probably got the best part of 7000 points painted in total. I've not long got back from holiday, so I'll leave comments when I get a bit more time over the next few days.

Secondly, I've updated the second post with the totals from everyone who's posted so far, and for anyone who hasn't posted yet I've put you down as a JOKER (0 points) for last month (September). Please can everyone check that I've got your details correct (Mini77 and McLucien18, I've updated your changes), and can the following people confirm the following:

Inquisitor Pariah - Epic ???? - JOKER/2000 - Epic army (if still painting)
ironduke - Space Marines - 230/???? - points total
Mozenrath - Space Wolves - 0/???? - points total

Thirdly, on a slightly related note, due to sudden house related problems that need fixing immediately, I may not have too much cash to splash on the new Dark Eldar straight away. I can probably afford to get the Codex and 2 plastic boxes, so my question is this:

For those who have seen the Codex, can you tell me which of the following would be the most points for me to start painting - 20 Warriors/20 Wyches/6 Reavers/2 Raiders?

I'm not looking for stats or points costs, simply for someone to state which unupgraded unit(s) would cost more points (for example, saying that a Land Raider is more points than a Scout squad). If this is against any of the forum rules then please ignore it, as I don't want to get anyone (myself included) into trouble.


11-10-2010, 05:58
ah sorry it should be 455 I'll edit my post.

11-10-2010, 07:57
Hey all, after comments about the size of my photos I have gone back and made them much bigger. Enjoy!

11-10-2010, 12:04
My points total for september is 240 points.

11-10-2010, 12:20
Thought I'd do an update with what's going on this month. So far I've managed to complete 2 out of 4 (technically 3) bikers so it's just a plasma gunner and the commander.
I really need to look into trying to take better pictures though being a photographer and all :/

http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/7360/img0008g.th.jpg (http://img823.imageshack.us/i/img0008g.jpg/)

11-10-2010, 12:35
MistaGav: Very nice. I like it a lot!

11-10-2010, 12:37
Indeed the quality looks excellent Mista Gav.

11-10-2010, 12:41
One thing you could try that does make a big difference is drilling the exhausts and bolter barrels out. Increases the look no end.

11-10-2010, 13:12
Ah yes the bolter barrels were on my list of things to do but never thought about doing the exhausts, suppose theres no harm in doing that either.

11-10-2010, 14:31
I recently moved and cannot for the life of me remember where my 40k went!
I will have up a TDA wolf lord with frost blade and a saga I have not decided on yet. Hope to have it up tonight!

You know what, I hate to do it but Ill throw in my joker for the first month. I will submit my lord for next month. I realized I dont have many free weekends left. With a full time job (teaching college) while attending college for a bachelors (in teaching lol) I find less time to paint.... and the big WoW patch is tomorrow, so I wont be painting for a few days.
I will shake off the fears of my air compressor annoying my neighbors and get to painting tonight!

I will also post some WIPs tonight, I could use some advice on a lord.

11-10-2010, 19:59
ah sorry it should be 455 I'll edit my post.

My points total for september is 240 points.

Thanks for the quick replies guys (and/or gals), I've updated the list for you both.


12-10-2010, 09:38
Hi guys and gals,

Thirdly, on a slightly related note, due to sudden house related problems that need fixing immediately, I may not have too much cash to splash on the new Dark Eldar straight away. I can probably afford to get the Codex and 2 plastic boxes, so my question is this:

For those who have seen the Codex, can you tell me which of the following would be the most points for me to start painting - 20 Warriors/20 Wyches/6 Reavers/2 Raiders?

As I'm not stating points this should be okay. The Wyches are the most expensive when unupgraded, although it is marginal compared to the warriors. The other two are drastically less. Hope that helps, I'm personally going for Warriors as they fit my list. Lady Malys is going to be a lot of fun to convert. :D


12-10-2010, 14:31
to my fellow 3's

@Norsehawk - the miniatures look great who would think that a small change in a stock color scheme would make them look ten times better. Now all you have to do is base them and they will be perfect.

@Bigcheese76 - lookin' good my only suggestion would be to make a shoulder insignia or some sort of symbol to spruce them up. The vehicles reminds me of Vosty color scheme.

12-10-2010, 16:04
Sorry... Wrong thread! :S

13-10-2010, 07:27
As I'm not stating points this should be okay. The Wyches are the most expensive when unupgraded, although it is marginal compared to the warriors. The other two are drastically less. Hope that helps, I'm personally going for Warriors as they fit my list. Lady Malys is going to be a lot of fun to convert. :D


Cheers Lucien, I was hoping it would be the Wyches, so I'll start out with 2 boxes (or 3 if I can spare the cash). I'm halfway through an IG heavy weapons team at the mo, so I've not much left to paint before the DE are out.


13-10-2010, 07:57
Cheers Lucien, I was hoping it would be the Wyches, so I'll start out with 2 boxes (or 3 if I can spare the cash). I'm halfway through an IG heavy weapons team at the mo, so I've not much left to paint before the DE are out.


It's no problem. Contrastingly I have about 800pts of Daemons still to paint. My next purchase though is going to be Samurai war fans from Dixon miniatures for my Malys conversion. :)

13-10-2010, 14:07
thats me started painting my scorpions this month trying to have 3 done each week all things going well.

13-10-2010, 15:45
Hello all...

We'll its the 13th today, and considering I should have posted these at the start of the month, my apologies for being a bit slack...


My name is Daniel and I am a wargamer September 2010 - And i rolled a 5...

275pts ish...

Background - BLING WING BABY

Unit - 5 Sanguine Guard

Painting - NMM gold and silver

Still to do - One base which i managed to misplace

Highs - Glorious models

Lows - If you havent done NMM before you will know how mind numbingly slow this can be...

Next Month - Sanguine Priest for this squad


Couple more pics will be on my blog I'm about to start in the imperium forces of good section in the other forum...

hugs to you all


My name is Daniel and I am a wargamer

13-10-2010, 20:23
So yeah.... Now I dont want to post my stuff... embarrassed....

Amazing work, I am envious.

14-10-2010, 00:08
Well, heres my WIP for the last two days.



Still got lots to do. Also Misterboff, can you change my army to 2000 Points? I'm not gonna do Russes.


14-10-2010, 19:10
Well here is what I am working on... sigh... I cannot paint to the standard of anyone else in the thread.. so lets say I paint to tabletop standard :D

I think that my nurgle stuff is way better, I just havent been in the mood to finish up some of the stuff.

14-10-2010, 20:27
Hi Guys,

Have been away for the first part of the month so been unable to post until now. last month i painted a command squad - and as i was unable to get my army painter sprays in time these were done by hand.. hopefully the colour difference will not be too great! Also got in a Leman Russ and a Chimera - total for first month - 300 points (trying to get ahead as this month was always goig to be short for me due to trip!)

Went heavier on the drybrushing on the chimera than the Russ and can't decide which i like best.

Pics as soon as i can get to the models

14-10-2010, 20:45
Well, I got distracted by scratchbuilding again, just like last time, so my WIP is more like just a W. The IP comes this weekend. Here are my "guilty pleasures" if it's not too OT:



...and here's my WIP for the month:



16-10-2010, 15:27
So at work I had a window open all day to write you guys some comments. It took me a while. When I tried to submit all the stuff got lost because the site logged me out. Pissed of now so comments will arrive next month.


16-10-2010, 22:53
Just remembered that I had forgotten to update in this thread. I had to use a joker in for the first month because of lack of time.

17-10-2010, 20:59
@Bigcheese76 - lookin' good my only suggestion would be to make a shoulder insignia or some sort of symbol to spruce them up. The vehicles reminds me of Vosty color scheme.

I like that suggestion. I think I will add some sort of symbol to one shoulder pad and once all the guardsmen in the platoon are finished, I will add numbers to denote squad and things.

18-10-2010, 11:16
Ok! #3's here we go:

@bigcheese76: Good solid start to your army, looks like a good paint scheme that isn't too demanding to get done in large quantities and it looks good on the vehicle as well.

@cerealkiller195: I love the old school Orks. neat conversion using the gorka morka legs to make riders into infantry troops.

As usual, when I roll a number, very few other people do as well.

On to the number 6's

@misterboff: Good example for showing people how it's done

See what I mean about rolls?

18-10-2010, 16:57
Thanks Norsehawk, I was wondering if anyone would notice that I actually nabbed the idea from the Gorkamorka rulebook. I believe Andy Chambers did it for his orks and I thought it was brilliant. Now if only I had more plastic gorkamorka legs I would flesh the mob out some.

I am currently converting a big mek and two burna boys (evil suns of course!) to fill my 150pts since I am painting for a local Malifaux tournament this weekend. I may add on a few more miniatures pending if I have time.

18-10-2010, 19:36
Ok gang, comment time.

To my fellow 5's out there:

@Dangersaurus I'm liking the IG, especially the priest. The "Skullet" hair-do (bald top-of-the-head and long hair behind) makes him looik like a psychotic Benjamin Franklin wielding an eviscerator :D

@Stormfather The funky models are a great choice for an Inquisitorial Retinue. I've always been of the opinion that Inquisitors should be accompanied by the weirdest people/critters/beasties the galaxy has to offer, and sometimes you gotta go outside the 'official' GW model line to find them.

@Gonzosbignose Nice work on the NMM. I know what a %$#@! that stuff is to do! Congratulations for pulling it off, and for having the cajones to try it in the first place.

... and to couple of others that caught my eye

@Superawesomeraptorman Dude... White?!! Are you serious?! And here I thought ol' Gonzo was nuts for doing NMM. Good for you man, good for you :D

@Vimes Sweet models. RTB01 for the win! I still have some of those guys still on the sprue. That missile launcher is my single favorite weapon in the entire Games Workshop model line, and has been for the last 20+ years.

Nice work so far everybody!

...and a bit of a W.I.P. from me. I'm working on a Foregworld Mega-Dread for this month's entry:

this is how he started out....


... and here's what he looks like after about 3 hours....


Zark the Damned
18-10-2010, 20:30
I really must put aside some time to comment properly... probably later this week as my last good brush is about dead!

Making good progress - no WIP shots yet as camera is in another house - but have gotten the Ardboyz and a couple of Deffkoptas done, plus am nearly done with the Bananaboyz (well, Bad Moon Shoota Boyz), just a few details, touch ups, and the bases to do on them.

18-10-2010, 23:05
Well, it's taken me a while to find the time, but here are some comments for people's Septmber entries:

@Mini77: I don't think I've seen that wargear combo before, but the paintjobs's beautiful - especially considering you did it in an evening!

@superawesomeraptorman: I understand the trouble you've had with white, although Orks don't need it to look quite as crisp as Tau do! They look great though, and I particularly like the Tau symbols.

@ironduke: I really like your Chapter's colour scheme, and your Captain is a lovely looking model.

@Vimes: What a colossal start to the Tale - congrats! A simple, but very effective colour scheme.

@Konstantine: Good work on your Vostroyan's. The Lasguns look nice and antique-ish, which is very appropriate.

@Norsehawk: A solid start to the Tale with some basic Troops. The turquoise/white helmets look great - very Tau. I like the pink on your Genestealers too.

@djc: Wow. You've certainly 40k'd up thos Fantasy figures. I love the shields on the Chimera too, it makes it look a re feral/primitive.

@razcalking: It's great to see some Orks in the Tale, and you can't beat a big ole Squig!

@MistaGav: Awesome work on your Landspeeder. I like all of the little extra Ravenwing details you've added.

@vargojones: If your test model is anything to go by, I can't wait to see your army!

@Dangersaurus: That looks like a very characterful unit, and the work on the priest's book is great.

@Zark the Damned: A very busy month to start with, but well done! I think that your extra Runtherds look fine, and the Snotlings fit really well on circular bases.

@bigcheese76: Some good looking Guardsmen you've got there. The grey/red colour scheme works nicely.

@sycopat: Both entries are looking good. In particular, I think that the green/red colour scheme really suits your Tyranids

@Irondog: Brilliant work all round. Highlights for me are Robosquig and the huge wheels on your Truk.

@perplexiti: Ulrik's looking good (a great model like you say), and I think his base looks fine too.

@Badgobbla: That's some fantastic freehand work on the Predator, and your Librarian is very nice as well.

@Stormfather: I've never seen those models before, but they make for a unique looking retinue. I also like the green colour scheme on the Exorcist.

@Zujara: You've given your Inquisitor a great paintjob, and I love the variety of colours on your Canoness.

@biginbelgium: That is a beautiful looking model, I particularly like the lenses/lights.

@nkicik: I think your 'Nids look fine, the dark blue really does makes it look like they've evolved to fit the colder climate.

@Fabian3rd: The green you've used goes really well with the Tau armour, and contrasts nicely with their skin. Did you get any inspiration from Halo?

@TheOtherGuy: Looks like it's been a busy month - well done on getting so much done! The gems on the Wraithlord really stand out, and all of the weapons look great.

@Zander77: I think the half and half colour scheme looks pretty good, especially the silver/gold contrast.

@cerealkiller195: I used to use that old Bad Moon model as my Warboss back in 2nd edition! Great paintjobs, and the Snakebites look like Krukskul's Krims from Gorkamorka (anyone else remember them?).

@Maskedman5oh4: In my mind, a Carnifex isn't a real Carnifex unless it's a Screamer-Killer, and your's are looking pretty beastly so far.

@warflag: Sounds interesting, looking forward to your pics.

@McLucien18: I'm interested in seeing how the happy/sad faces turned out.

@Brother Captain Lucien: Sorry for your loss, but you've some fantastic looking models there. They look really gritty, like they're straight out of the trenches.

@Rikk: Your Bad Moons (the yellow in particular) look great. I love how you've painted the ram.

@razormasticator: Psyker squad looks good, the little conversions add make up for the lack of poses. The Sentinel is nice too, I like the turquoise wires.

@kormas: Both models look great, and I love the bases too.

@infelix: Nice work on the Minicrons, I wouldn't have known they weren't all GW if you hadn't said.

@gonzosbignose: Brilliant work on the SG. The blades and the scenic bases really help them stand out (not that they need it of course).


As for me, I'm making slow progress on my IG battleforce, having completed the Heavy Weapons squad and about to start the Platoon Command squad. I will have them finished before I get my DE...


19-10-2010, 00:46
at the moment i havnt had time to comment, sorry everyone :(, but the comments will be coming :).

also i have now ordered the 30 terminators that will make up my army so i am a very happy man right now :)

19-10-2010, 09:03

Too corny? Probably true. GO GO comments and W.I.P

@Dangersaurus Also a huge fan of the priest, I like the detail on the tomb and the flame. Also like the extra movement on some of the guard, lots of characterful positioning!

@Stormfather Glad to see someone fully embracing their creative potential when gathering a unique and crazy squad like inquisitors. Big fan of the gladiatorial influences, like the helmets honestly haven't seen that before!

@Gonzosbignose Yeah I haven't been brave enough to attempt NMM, from your shots loving the clear, but subtle shift of colours. I love sanguinary guard, painted mine gold and must say yours look awesome. Glad to see someone putting lots of effort into their minatures bases as well!

Onto my W.I.P. This isn't actually this months W.I.P...or next months...but it is a month! My Commander (very very early stages - magnetised Missile Pod) and Devil Fish (about 70% stage? lots of high lightning, small details to do!)

19-10-2010, 09:08
The terminator squad is finished so here's part two of my WIP for October. It's a 'counts-as' Kor'Sarro Kahn on foot. The basis of the mini is the vanguard vet with the relic blade, but with the torso removed and replaced with the plastic one from the Space Marine commander box with the cape attached. Backpack is also from that box and I think the head was from the Space Wolves pack kit.


19-10-2010, 13:35
Ok some replies

Misterboff Like lambs to the slaughter... Your guardsmen are starting to come on a pace. But knowing how many you have to do, I don't envy your mission.

Mini77 I think the bike looks fab. Flesh is a tricky one to handle. I found doing an ork army helped alot. Although its green, the principle is the same...

Superraptorman Having done white over black on both Tau and Marines i really feel for you, but your finish i superb

ironduke Really love the start on the marines...

VIMES DERE IS NO SKOOOL LIKE OLD SKOOL... Rogue Trader marines looking amazing... Jez's original skulpts still keep me inspired.

Norsehawk officer 'kroot on the horizon... Dont shoot till you see the whites of their eyes - squady 'but sir... theres eyes arent white' - officer 'oh!....'

DJC loving the beastmen. Reminds me of beastmen in the guard army back in the 80s. nicely done

Razcalling Simple but affective... the squig looks lovely and bright!

Mistagav Just yes yes yes... (ill have what she's having) :)

Zarkthedamned The luminous yellow is SOOOO vivid... it looks fantastic

Bigcheese Le Grande Fromage... i love the antique feel to your gaurd... very nice

Sygpat I won't lie im not fond of the green nids, but the do look very alien. The defilers great though

Irondog As ive said before.. i cant get enough of your stuff. Get quality to the finish and good modelling. Re megadread... after my meltapistols are done with you... youll have to resort back to picture 1 lol.

Perplxity Ulrik looks ace and i love the snowy basing

Badgobbla The cheque affect on the baal is superb and i really admire your free hand

Stormfather Busty girlies!!! whats not to like!!! Your initial post is an S&M dream come true...

Norsehawk Chompy chompy chompy chompy chompy chompy chomp

zujara The cannoness looks great. Vivid colours and a great deal of skill in the finishing touches...

biginbelgium firstly your name makes me smile... biginbelgium... its like... the best looking girl... in the room... the whole wide room... lol...

anyhow... i digress. Very nice indeedto look at. i particularly like your gems.

nkicik Chompy chompy chompy chompy chompy chompy chomp

Fabian Not great pics fab, but the green looks great. nice highlgihting

Theotherguy I love the winding weeds up the fantastic bone finish. BUT DO YOUR BASE!!!

Zander Its tough to pull of 50/50 armour on chaos marines i think becuase of how busy the armour is but it looks good

Cerealkiller Need to lighten up your photos by giving more light onto them. But the old skool figures look great. Nice vivid yellows

Rikk Love the yellow on the trukk panel

Razor Think the psycher battle squad have turned out fab, its just a shame GW couldnt be more adventurous with theres poses really.

Kormes Rotten!!! in a good way


In response to the people that have commented on my work so far.

Thank you...

The NMM on the Sanguinary guard has been pretty time consuming. Initially I thought some people tackling these big points totals were mad... and that my poxy 20 odd models would be a doddle... but actually, it takes such a long time to get the right finish on the sanguines, in some respects I wish I was painting a handleful of guard or orks.

That said... it is a great challenge and so far I am pleased with the results.

I have a nice simply task of one sanguine priest this month, but im trying to get him to look super fantastic, once again in the gold.

I do have some WIPs... but will be saving his piccies for next months update.

Please everyone... keep commenting... keep updating... and keep this years TO40kP doing what its designed to.. which is keeping us all bubbly and thrilled to be taking part.


My name is Daniel and I am a wargamer

Zark the Damned
20-10-2010, 09:49
Finished the Bananorkz last night, so am officially out of Orks to paint until I get back home at the weekend. Will try get onto commenting tonight.

20-10-2010, 18:15
I picked up some army painter primer, but it goes on really grainy and I have no clue why. 2 of my termies are now... grainy as hell. My painting is going slooow though. Taking online classes for a bachelors while having a full time job is a bit rough.

Hoping to get a good chunk at last base coated tonight. Pick up some primer that isnt crazy as hell.

20-10-2010, 20:28
Gwhars which color did you use for army painter? I was thinking about picking some up myself but now I am wary

20-10-2010, 20:29
This month has been slow but I've been trying to catch up on my painting. I finished my 1st striking scorpion tonight he took just under 15 hours. I've just got another 19 to go. I've got 2 heavily converted vipers coming up.

20-10-2010, 20:58
Gwhars which color did you use for army painter? I was thinking about picking some up myself but now I am wary

My LGS was out of P3 (which I love) so I picked up a can of army painter blue. It seemed to go on fine, then when I got inside I noticed the little bumps all over it. The blue color works well for my SW though, so I wish it did not have the problem.

It might have been humidity, I have read that can cause problems. I am going to try it again tonight on some bits I have lying around. Possibly do into my bathroom and lie down some newspaper.

20-10-2010, 23:01
Yeah I am thinking of using the bleached bone spray for a friends dark eldar project. The humidity/cold weather usually does that to primer. I better get my priming done before the winter hits here..

21-10-2010, 16:19
@Fabian3rd: The green you've used goes really well with the Tau armour, and contrasts nicely with their skin. Did you get any inspiration from Halo?

Fabian Not great pics fab, but the green looks great. nice highlgihting
Ty guys, some better pics hopefully below. THe armour wasnt halo inspired but Im certainly glad of the comparison as I was going for a futuristic enhanced armour look.
Hope to see less jokers next month, keep up the good work all......


http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/6619/dscf0019o.th.jpg (http://img229.imageshack.us/i/dscf0019o.jpg/)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)
http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/1015/dscf0020h.th.jpg (http://img844.imageshack.us/i/dscf0020h.jpg/)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)
http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/1076/dscf0026p.th.jpg (http://img443.imageshack.us/i/dscf0026p.jpg/)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)

21-10-2010, 16:42
I picked up some army painter primer, but it goes on really grainy and I have no clue why. 2 of my termies are now... grainy as hell. My painting is going slooow though. Taking online classes for a bachelors while having a full time job is a bit rough.

Hoping to get a good chunk at last base coated tonight. Pick up some primer that isnt crazy as hell.

You have to prime with the can a LOT closer than you would with other primers so that it does not dry up before getting to the model. If you did get a grainy primer coat, giving the model a scrub with a soft toothbrush will usually solve 90%of the problem.

21-10-2010, 17:21
I don't have a photo at the moment but I've managed to finish the last of my 3 Ravenwing bikers, though there is the impromptu commander still to work on. I may have a go over the weekend. I also took the liberty of drilling out the barrels in the bolters and on the exhaust though they are not perfect.
Seeing as the project is spread over a month I'm keeping busy by trying to build up a DA battle company too. Got two full tac squads and a full Dev squad built which need to be painted and when I get money I'll try and buy some marines to build more.

Zark the Damned
22-10-2010, 18:38
I used army painter spray a while ago on some Siege Towers and had the same grainy problem you describe - however it worked out fine after a couple coats of paint and ink.

Anyway, comments (finally!):

misterboff - Decent looking guardsmen in a classic colour scheme, should look great en masse.

Mini77 - Excellent work on the Captain, very neat. Not too sure about the upside down DA symbol fot he chapter badge though.

superawesomeraptorman - Very neat painting on the Tau - I don't envy you with all that white to do! Scheme reminds me of Stormtroopers :)

ironduke - Neat work ont he marines, I like the colour scheme. Not too sure about the mishmash of animals ont he Captain - the Eagle backpack and Wolf hammer don't mix well to me.

Vimes - A classic in the making I think, am looking forward to seeing more.

Konstantine - Your pics seem to have been deleted, but from what I remember the Vostys were looking good.

Norsehawk - I like the adaptation of the 'classic' tan scheme for the Tau, the turquiose sets them apart.

djc - Great conversions on the Beastguard, they should look ace as an army.

razcalking - The colour scheme works very well for a Snakebite-ish feel, I will have to remember this when I add some to my Waaagh.

MistaGav - Fairly neat, but I think the highlights are a bit too extreme - I would have used a darker grey to highlight the black areas.

Vargojones - The renegade militia guy is looking great, hope to see a unit soon.

Dangersaurus - Good looking guard, though your Priest's flame is backwards ;)

bigcheese76 - Nice enough scheme but could do with some neatening up, especially around the gold areas (though I know GW Gold is a pain to work with)

sycopat - The defiler looks very plain, it could use more of the details picking out - but what is painted is nice. The gaunts look luminous, and should stand out on the battlefield nicely.

Irondog - Excellent work, I have a feeling you'll be putting the rest of Da Boyz to shame.

perplexiti - A good stat to the army, though the photo's a bit too blurry to make out his helmet.

Badgobbla - Good looking Librarian and tank - it's always neat to see checks on Marine armour.

Stormfather - Painting looks neat in general, but those silver areas really need a wash to bring out the details, especially on the Sister.

Norsehawk - The pink n green scheme is certainly unusual, should turn a few heads.

Zujara - Good looking Inquisitors, if you keep that up the army should look great.

biginbelgium - Cracking job on the Dread, though I'd have added more black to keep with the Chaplain feel of that sculpt.

nkicik - The pale blue areas could really do with more shading, a wash or two of Asurman Blue will help.

Fabian3rd - Good looking Tau, the green works really well. Though I'd advise resizing your pics to 800x600 ish before uploading.

TheOtherGuy - I love the intricate work on the thorns and the crystal swords.

Zander77 - I like the split colour scheme idea, it seems to work well, though you really should drill out those barrels and give a wash to the metals.

cerealkiller195 - The Orks are looking good. Dig the classic Bad Moons and the conversion work on the Snakebites.

Maskedman5oh4 - A good start on those Nids, should look great when finished.

Rikk - Love the yellos, especially on the trukk. The Burnaz are well painted, but could do with a bit more colour to really 'pop'.

razormasticator - The psykers look decent enough, it's just a shame GW don't make many variants for sanc. Psykers. Sentinel looks very battleworn, a full squadron would be ace.

kormas - Very Nurgley, I especially like the blending on the sword on the first guy and the second guy's armour.

infelix - Great looking epic 'crons, the glowing green really works well.

gonzosbignose - Excellent minis, the NMM is very effective, especially on the swords.

The Marshel
23-10-2010, 11:45
Sorry about the lateness of this, but obviously i'm jokering the first month. The good news is i have finished this months painting.

Misterboth, i am switching over to orks for the tale of 40k painters, still 2000 points.

unfortunately no wip photos, so everyone will have to wait a few more days to see my orks.

now for comments
Misterboth - I like your colour scheme. simple and effective but most of all repetitive. makes each guardsmen seem less individual and less valuable, as they should be, ya know.

Mini77 - Very nice, but the captain looks a little awkward on his bike. I can't really see a way to avoid this with the wargear set up though. love the use of transfers on your homebrew chapter. wip termies looking good.

superawesomeraptorman - very clean and crisp paint job, i like it

Ironduke - nice colour scheme, and i'll always be a sucker for any conversions using that particular marine captain as a base

Vimes - Retro marines = win. also, you painted a lot in one month, you'll be finished in no time! any plans for a second force for the tale, seeing as at your current rate you will be done by month 4 - 6?

Konstantine - unfortunately i cant see your pics, which is a shame cause i quite like Vostroyans

Norsehawk: Always good to see some fire warriors. Nice colour scheme, reminds me of something unrelated to 40k but i cant put my finger on it.

Djc: nice beastmen guard. the dark green looks really good with the browns and flesh

razcalking: interesting to see a pale ork, works nicely. cant really say a great deal of the model though, the aobr warboss bores me after seeing it god only knows how many times. I cant say i look forward to painting mine any more then i do the fodder.

Mista Gav: i really like the twinlinked heavy bolter. is that stollen from another sprue or built with two heavy bolters?

vargojones: the one guy you posted is very well painted! loving the head

Dangersaurus: nice bit of kit basing there. very varied squad. have you got some background attatched to this guard force? it looks like it'd be an interesting read. nice scratchbuilds in your wip shots

Zark the Damned: lots of grots and snottlings eh? guessing snotlings are an imperial armour deal, fun to use?

Bigcheese76: awesome valk, and i like the various tanks in the background too. I really like the colour scheme on the infantry too, but the yellow tubbing looks kinda out of place tbh.

Sycopat: ya know, i dont recall ever seeing green skinned tyranids before. looks pretty good. Nice defiler too. are the legs glued in place? a mate of mine has one and tbh i think those things really need a base. the moving legs dont seem to steady to me

Irondog: I love your stuff. I egerly awaited every one of your crimson fist post for the last tale. can i get some advice on whethering?

perplexiti: the angels a little difficult, but he looks pretty good

Badgobbla: love the librarian and great free handing on the pred

Stormfather: interesting bunch of non gw minis there, will there be more?

Norsehawk: is it the modern ones or the classic ones that lack carapace? interesting to have it mixed.

Zujara: both very nicely painted minis. i do like that inquisitor model.

biginbelgium: i quite like this dread. all the details are very easy to pick out with just a quick look. good job

nkicik: interesting colour scheme. snow themed armies are always cool (no pun intened)

Fabian3rd: very nice green armour, though it kinda looks odd with the tau skin imo. maybe minimize helmet less tau?

TheOtherGuy: really interesting painting effect you got going on the armour and swords. very nice

Zander77: love the possesed rhino. I have always been tempted to try a half and half/checkered marine colour scheme too. Do you intend to keep this oing throughout other portions of your army? like half black half red khorne berserkers?

cerealkiller195: i havent seen many older ork sculpts. beyond the dull posing of the mega nobs they dont look half bad! nicely painted. it is interesting working with a white base after using black for so long.

Maskedman5oh4: they look a lot nicer in a taller pose then hunched over. are these the only two carnis you will be doing?

Brother Captain Lucian: very nicely painted guard.

Rikk: Nice orks. the yellow looks great with them

razormasticator: the only criticism i got is over the lack of variety, but this is hardly your fault. you would think gw would have made slightly more varied sculpts for this unit rather then one wth minor modifications. i dont believe i have actually seen an actual psyker battle squad before. very nicely done faces. sentinels are always cool to me

kormas: cool background, cool minis, cool paintjobs! cant wait to see more!

infelix: epic necrons eh? is it hard to paint on that scale? they are looking very good and the snow bases work great!

gonzosbignose: whats not to like about these sanguinary guard? great nmm, great powersword effects, great bases!

gwarsh41: i like the wolves and the thunder wolf cavalry. is that power or termi armour in the second pic? it looks very bulky, i like it.

23-10-2010, 14:29
can i get some advice on whethering?

Sure Marshel, no problem. The way I weather vehicles is to finish the paint job completely first. Like it's fresh off the factory floor. Once that's done, figure out exactly where you want the weathering and battle damage. Battle damage (like impact hits and such) can go anywhere you like. I try to do them over certain areas where they'll be noticed, like across the chapter symbol on a Space Marine vehicle. I usually do the weathering in places that will see a lot of wear (edges of doors, edges of armor, the bottom of vehicles, etc.)

Weathering starts with a mix of Black and Brown paint. The mix doesn't matter, just so long as it looks like dingy and dark, kinda like coffee. Paint thios mix wherever you want scratches and dents. The paint Boltgun Metal over the same area, leaving the Dark Brown/Black mix visible around the edges and in the recesses. Any deep damage, like a blast mark or bullet hole, will then get a highlight of Mithril Silver to make the edges of the damage really pop. Once all that dries, I generally will do a diluted wash of Babad Black or Devlan Mud to help blend it all together a bit.

Once the scratches and battle damage are taken care of, I generally do another light drybrush of Boltgun metal along the edges of the vehicle, around the doors, etc. This helps to add some minor scratches and wear to the vehicle, the kind of small scratches that don't have a lot of depth to them.

Once all the wear is taken care of, I use a wash of thinned down Bestial Brown paint to add a dirt and mud layer. Use it anywhere that might get dirty on a vehicle, concentrating mostly on the lower parts, especially around tracks and wheels.

I'll have to a complete tutoril with pictures at some point, but hopefully this will help you out for now. :)

23-10-2010, 15:35
Mista Gav: i really like the twinlinked heavy bolter. is that stollen from another sprue or built with two heavy bolters?

MistaGav - Fairly neat, but I think the highlights are a bit too extreme - I would have used a darker grey to highlight the black areas.

The twin linked heavy bolter is from one of the ravenwing sprues on the big battleforce set. I think they just interlock into each other if I remember.

I realise my highlights are very extreme not just in colour but in the paint strokes as well. It's just down to the crappy brushes I got plus the fact they arn't well taken care of. Though what is a good colour to highlight the blacks as I use astronomican grey, badab black wash and then tiny bits to brighten it up again. The next box I get I will try and use different colours.

23-10-2010, 16:15
@Mini77: I don't think I've seen that wargear combo before, but the paintjobs's beautiful - especially considering you did it in an evening!

I rarely paint more than one or two minis at a time. Even when I'm doing a full 10-man tactical squad I'll tend to paint them in pairs. I lack the discipline to batch paint. From a gaming perspective the wargear setup is effective as it makes him a pain in the ass in close combat, yet he can still shoot with a twin-linked bolter and have the relentless USR. Bikes can be useful. ;)

Mini77 - Very nice, but the captain looks a little awkward on his bike. I can't really see a way to avoid this with the wargear set up though. love the use of transfers on your homebrew chapter. wip termies looking good.

I did consider hanging the storm shield on his backpack at one point which might have alleviated that issue. I've wanted for a while to do a captain on a bike with a pair of powerfists. That could be a minor modeling nightmare.

Mini77 - Excellent work on the Captain, very neat. Not too sure about the upside down DA symbol fot he chapter badge though.

Thank you. I'm happy with the chapter symbol, though others seem to love it or hate it (see the above response). For what it is supposed to represent (a setting sun with a sword through it) it works well enough for me, plus it gives me access to off the shelf moulded icons, transfers and brass etch parts.

I realise my highlights are very extreme not just in colour but in the paint strokes as well. It's just down to the crappy brushes I got plus the fact they arn't well taken care of. Though what is a good colour to highlight the blacks as I use astronomican grey, badab black wash and then tiny bits to brighten it up again. The next box I get I will try and use different colours.

The highlighting on my army is very similar, and I use Codex Grey followed by Fortress Grey using a flat brush. I find using a flat brush and dragging it across the edge makes it much easier than trying to fine line everything. For a while I actually used regular brushes with the tips cut off instead and that worked well enough.

24-10-2010, 16:08
Sorry for lack of updates fallout new vegas has dropped in the states along with being recently laid off has resulted in a deep non painting void. Lol in fact I haven't even touched my computer in the last few days... good thing my phone is net capable lol. Don't count me out though I love working under pressure hope that everyone is doing good on their end

24-10-2010, 16:19
Sorry for lack of updates fallout new vegas has dropped in the states along with being recently laid off has resulted in a deep non painting void. Lol in fact I haven't even touched my computer in the last few days... good thing my phone is net capable lol. Don't count me out though I love working under pressure hope that everyone is doing good on their end

Hah - I'm keeping the drybrush handy for all the crashes and freezes I'm getting...

24-10-2010, 16:22
Haha so true I have it on the xbox and even after patch there are little to no glitches but I still crash playing it 6 to 8 hours straight can't help though lol

24-10-2010, 18:49
Sorry about the lateness of this, but obviously i'm jokering the first month. The good news is i have finished this months painting.

Misterboth, i am switching over to orks for the tale of 40k painters, still 2000 points.

unfortunately no wip photos, so everyone will have to wait a few more days to see my orks.

I'll update your entry in the first now, it's good to see another Ork army!

@everyone who's commented on my Guardsmen: cheers! Although I found them fiddly to assemble I've actually quite enjoyed painting them, so may add another Battleforce to my army in the future.

I've finished my Heavy Weapons squad and am going to finish my Platoon Command squad after I've had some tea. All that leaves me to paint is the Sentinel and Lt. Varras from the Battle for Macragge, who I'll be counting as a Primaris Psyker.

I reckon that I should be able to finish them both over the coming week, which gives me just over a week until the Dark Eldar arrive to play Dawn of War 2, which I've had since it was released... I won't let myself play Fallout: New Vegas until I've finished DoW2, so the sooner I finish it the better!

Keep up the good work everyone, and let's all try to make this last week of the month a constructive one!


24-10-2010, 23:29
well, i now have time to comment :).

@superawesomeraptorman: love the tau, i really like how you have gotten a nice white :), looking forward to seeing more

@razcalking: love the colour scheme, also like the skin on the orc, it is nice to see an orc that isnt really dark green :p

@Badgobbla: i love the freehand, i seriously wish i had your skills

@razormasticator: very nice work on painting all those pretty much mono-pose guys, i am amazed by your self-disiplen lol

well that is my fellow 4s done, onto people comments on my stuff.

@perplexiti: the big guy is ethagrosh from warmachine, one of the best models i have ever painted :).

@misterboff: cheers

@gonzosbignose: cheers

@Zark the Damned: thanks, this is my first real attempt at blending, so i am glad it worked out :)

@The Marshel: cheers, this is also the first time i have ever bothered to write a backgound story for an army :). and yes, many more will be coming.

25-10-2010, 01:42
You have to prime with the can a LOT closer than you would with other primers so that it does not dry up before getting to the model. If you did get a grainy primer coat, giving the model a scrub with a soft toothbrush will usually solve 90%of the problem.

Thanks for the info! I couldnt get it to work for me close up either, I ended up just buying some P3 primer and using it instead.

On another painting note, I found out why my air brush has been sucking up a little. One of the connectors was loose. I tightened it up and was blown away at how well it was working.

I have turned my attention to painting two runepriests this month instead. I also have logan grimnar about 50% done. I will try to get some pics up soon.

@The Marshel
Its TDA, the model is one of my wolf lord in TDA. I got the model from a russian sculptor on ebay. Same person who made the TWC model.

Finally got some more pics up, here is the model you had in question on a base for size reference. I also have up my rune priests, and some progress on logan grimnar.




Airbrushes are freaking great.

Zark the Damned
25-10-2010, 10:22
Zark the Damned: lots of grots and snottlings eh? guessing snotlings are an imperial armour deal, fun to use?

They're an Apocalypse Formation, part of the Shokk Attack Battery - it was a lot of fun in a previous game, so I decided to get my own :)

25-10-2010, 11:39
Well I finally got around to painting something. Well when I say painting, I mean spray painting, and when I mean something I mean guardsmen from last years tale :P

I have a full platoon ready for the quick paint treatment, and hopefully a vehicle and a vets squad (wouldn't be a platoon with out a vet squad :D) in ghillie suits. I'm also going to try and get some Tau done but with the deadline approaching and assassins creed needing my attention its looking doubtful.

Not to mention I've been eyeing the victrix sets again for yet another platoon...

29-10-2010, 06:23
My bad good people, all pics were reorganized, forgot to change them. Updated back.


29-10-2010, 06:53
I've been distracted by an upcoming Apoc game. I've painted over 500 points, but it's all for the wrong army. May have to take a joker this month... unless I can add an army (CSM) and 1,000 points to my "pledge."

30-10-2010, 12:08
Sadly i have to withdraw.I dont have time for both tofp and to40kp

30-10-2010, 13:40
I just recieved my new dark eldar this week, so I think it's just time to join TO40KP. so...

2000 pts Dark Eldar army

and of course, 1 joker for the first month.

Thank you.

30-10-2010, 23:13
Sadly i have to withdraw.I dont have time for both tofp and to40kp

Sorry to lose you Lainer, but best of luck with the Fantasy side of things.

I just recieved my new dark eldar this week, so I think it's just time to join TO40KP. so...

2000 pts Dark Eldar army

and of course, 1 joker for the first month.

Thank you.

Welcome to the Tale darkstonelich. With you already having received your DE, do you think that you'll be able to paint/post something for October (by the 7th November), or will you have to Joker that month too (like me)?

I've managed to finish the last of my Imperial Guard battleforce, and have just finished reading the latest (DE) WD, so am all ready to begin the Tale properly when my initial stuff (Codex and 3 boxes of Wyches) arrives...


01-11-2010, 06:56
Hi guys and gals,

The new thread is now up:

The Tale of 40k Painters 2010-2011 MONTH 2 (& NOV WIP) (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=281382)

Please only post last month's completed work in this thread until the 8th. On the 8th it will then become the work in progress (wip) thread for November, so please continue to use this thread for wip until then.


02-11-2010, 14:42
I think I may have to joker this month. been a crazy month at school, but it is starting to lessen up. I might be able to bash something together over the next few days. I did prime some stealthsuits for my tau, but haven't gotten past that yet.

08-11-2010, 15:35
I'm sorry to say but I'll have to drop out of the Tale.. as I don't have as much time to paint as it requires.

15-11-2010, 02:32
Sorry for the long over due post.
One eldar wraithlord 150pts

next month fire dragons

i love this kit
test model i think i hit what i was looking for