View Full Version : 2500 point Empire ;ist, incl griffon and war altar

05-11-2010, 13:35
Hi guys,

what do you think of this list? I personally think I really like it.

General of the empire, griffon, lance, Armour of Meteoric Iron, 311

Arch Lector (general), van Horstman speculum, second warhammer, heavy armour 267

Battle wizard, level 2, dispel scroll 125

Warrior priest, barded warhorse, shield, heavy armour, Ring of Volans 130

10 crossbowmen, 80

40 swordsmen, full comm 265
10 handgunners det. 80

12 knighly orders, full comm, 316

30 greatswords, full comm 330
10 handgunners det 80

1 great cannon 100
6 pistoliers, musician 115

Steam tank 300

Arch lector lacks armour/protection, but I can get rid of rhe ring of volans for that...

Torpedo Vegas
05-11-2010, 13:54
This is such a cheesy list it is not even funny, but if you insist:

Take a General or Arch Lector. Your Lector dosn't have a War Altar on him, so if you drop the general you can afford one, or if you do must field a Griffon General, then drop the Arch Lector for a Lvl4 wizard.

The Steam tank will be magiced to all hell. Pit of Shades insta kills it. Purple Sun insta kills it. Drop the Stank and grab another cannon and a mortar. Maybe buff up your detachments with some Halberdiers.

Classical Mushroom
05-11-2010, 15:44
Well first things first your Arch Lector can only have a second warhammer if heís on foot. I would give him a Great Hammer instead as it works better with VHS as a lot of Lords and heroes have good saves so the extra str means your wounding on 2s most of the time and they have a worse armour save.

I would switch the generals lance for a great weapon as well, main reason is he already has a 1+ save so he can take a hit and it means he is hitting hard every round of combat instead of just the first. It also doesnít become useless if your noble Griffon dies.

I would get Seal of Destruction on your lvl 2 as it has a chance to remove uber spells (dwellers, Purple Sun etc) to get the extra 20pts I would consider dropping Ring of Volans as its just a bit to random.

Overall I like your list bud has a nice mix :)

I must say though I would get a warrior priest for your Great Swords, they dish out damage by the bucket load and a warrior priest means they dish out even more. Also consider Banner of Eternal Flame, you might as well make use of the generals special rule.

Hope Iíve been of some small help