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Hadriel Caine
19-11-2010, 18:05
Recently I have been struggling to find the tim to paint things or, indeed, play many games of 40k. which is a shame. Two friends of mine are in a similar position.

I thought it'd be fun to track our varying progress in one place as a form of motivation and to show warseer in general how my 'gaming' group works!

Those of you familiar with my work will know I'm a long time Dark Eldar and Deathwing player and have recently started a traitor guard army. I have also painted a full vampire counts army on here, which is the only full army I've painted in 14 years in the hobby...

I'm not sure what I'm going to turn my attention to but my mate Martin (Halaker) is currently doing his Space wolves, second ever army after Tyranids. I think they're looking great. My friend George (Salarath) has various projects on most of the time. I think he's focussing on Orks at the moment...

UPDATE// 17/08/2011 Kap'n Krump (James) has joined our ranks, hooray!

So here's the team:




Kap'n Krump

anyway I'll buzz off until I have something painted and relevant and will leave you in Martin's tender care...



20-11-2010, 07:52
I want to see how this ends! Sub'd and that Rhino is Ace!

/From my blue blue chair

Hadriel Caine
20-11-2010, 14:49
Thanks Dreff, I enjoyed modelling the tank. Martin is great to paint with. He's new to it so asks for advice but he's incredibly patient. All the tanks I've ever painted have been thick and streaky as I can't afford spray and am impatient. I told Martin to do thin layers on the main colour and he persevered for aaages. I think it looks brilliant.

I've been building Hellions today, no paint yet as I need to get a better light set up in my new painting area...


check out my photobucket or dark eldar plog (sig) to see the complete assembled squad and my lovely old DE :)

I got very excited about the Space Wolves whilst not wanting to do an army so I made Martin a wolf guard to get him started:


Rhino (GS work by me, painting by Martin)

Blood Claws

George said he was doing some painting this afternoon... but I saw him in town clutching new DVDs and a PS3 game so maybe not :P



20-11-2010, 16:07
Looking lovely so far, and I just have a few comments on Martin's painting. First off, do you have a fine detail brush? If not get one RIGHT NOW. Also, the advice that was given for the rhino still holds true. If you want your guys to look realistic then you need to put less paint on the brush. Either that or water down your paints just a bit. Also, make sure your paints are new. For the faces, I know that the citadel guide to painting has a good tutorial. you don't need to buy the book, just read that page. Other than those two things, your painting can only get better, so keep it up!

Hadriel Caine
20-11-2010, 18:46
Thanks Radical, Martin just had a read of your post before going to work again (he works nights :( ) Think I've got the citadel painting guide somewhere actually... will try to dig it out.

Here's a couple of pieces from Martin's first army.

Broodlord (painted by me)

Zoanthrope (painted by George)
Mawloc/ Trygon (also painted by George, apologies for crap pick think its off my mobile)
needless to say the sybarite didn't survive that particular encounter

I couldn't resist putting my Archon from the old book up before he retires:

I'm really looking forward to painting the Hellions now. might use this guy as Baron what-ever-his-face-is (with a bit of a touch up and some extras from the new sprues)



21-11-2010, 21:23
Cheers Dreff :D

Thanks for the advice Radical, am still pretty new to the ol painting lark so have many things to learn/ work out methods for yet! Still, I've seen a great improvment on the ol wolves over my 'nids so am pretty pleased!

Would post some pics of the rune priest I've painted since the Blood Claws but the pictures are on Hadriel's computer so that may have to wait a couple of days!

Have fun all

22-11-2010, 15:02
Gotta say, I'm loving the Space Wolves mate, its great to see you getting better as a painter (although I'd never actually say something nice like that your your face). Today, I've been busy writing my army list, WAAAAGH Poshgit is coming....

Hadriel Caine
22-11-2010, 15:51
WAAAAGH Poshgit is coming....

Spilt my orange juice. great name mate! nice to have you aboard (so to speak). Just sitting down to base coat my reaver and a hellion :)

exciting stuff!


22-11-2010, 19:49
Anyway, here's a few of the lads-two ork nobz in fact! Both are WIP, but I love these models and think they'll be a great start to the army as a troop choice




Hadriel Caine
22-11-2010, 19:57
looking nice mate. Gritty and angry looking. we really struggle to keep up with Martin these days... painting-wise, man's a machine.

Jetbike (more pics over at my plog as per)

I've got some Dark Angels to get painted too which might tickle my fancy after a couple more jetbikes/ hellions.



23-11-2010, 05:45
Will have to pop over and have a proper gander but tis looking good!

And Adam, painting more Dark Angels having sold nearly your entire army... 'shakes head in dispear'... I do worry sumtimes!

23-11-2010, 07:07
Speaking of the painting guides they released some in white dwarf personally better than the ones in the book if you would like photocopies of the pages PM me

Hadriel Caine
23-11-2010, 11:29
Be good to see you Halaker! your working nights and my all day rehearsals are a bit counter productive. Just painting the DA I have and maybe doing a display unit of termies... definitely won't turn into a Deathwing army based on the Logan Grimnar wolf guard list from SW... no sir...

@ tentonhammer- sounds good to me, will wait til Halaker says something though.

I managed to get some more painting done last night between line learning and watching Serenity

Hellion 1:

couldn't stop myself after undercoating. the models are just so nice. did this real quick too, about 1 hr from black to tabletop readiness.

23-11-2010, 18:59
So finally managed to get round to Hadriel's and thieve his computer long enough to post a pic of my rune priest

Still a few details left to do but am very happy with how he's gone probably the longest I've spent painting a single minature!

C&C welcome!

Have fun all

Hadriel Caine
25-11-2010, 21:05
nice one mate. the hard work has paid off in my opinion.

EDIT// I managed to break the image code, Martin is using my photobucket and I renamed his album. Here is the aforementioned Runepriest:

26-11-2010, 11:22
The runepriest looks great, good work! Is it a conversion btw? It looks like Njal but I didn't think he had a wolf pelt on his back...I could be wrong, it looks ace anyway lol.

The Dark Eldar are also coming along really well. I think purple is the best colour for them and you have pulled it off well. Can't wait to see your Archon :)

PS - I love the genestealer

The orks are looking mean too. I think the skin is looking nice and I like your checked pattern on the weapons.

I'll be back to see how you're all getting on :)

Hadriel Caine
26-11-2010, 18:14
IIRC the runepriest is just Njal without the raven on his shoulder. I resculpted the fur a bit but its not a new cloak per se

I love my DE, favourite army still :)

this is my Dracon (probably now an Archon since I can't use my jetbike guy) for WIP shots look in my DE thread (see sig)

and just because I can here's on of my truescaled sybarites:

I also like the checked patterns on George's orks. really takes me back to the good ol' Gorkamorka days.

keep checking back!

28-11-2010, 08:28
Ach! I Hate rune priest's!!!!!! Kill them! Kill them all!!! thou Good looking mate! :D

Ah, And something I've seen before... Good looking Hadriel!

Cool Nobs as well too...


Hadriel Caine
28-11-2010, 13:07
yeah Fle wanted to know what my archon would look like... so I showed him the one i have :P

30-11-2010, 05:33
Update dudes! Moar! Moar! Moar!


30-11-2010, 18:07
Broodlord (painted by me)

is that a metallic red? or is a gloss varnish or water effect? looks quite glistening/fleshy in a good way :)

Hadriel Caine
01-12-2010, 10:34
The effect is actually just made by about 15-20 layers of red. working from foundation paints through to light highlights with blending with badab black and baal red washes. I think there was a red ink wash early on too (from the old paints)

glad you like him. I'd be more specific but I painted it about a year ago and made it up as I went along having never painted a tyranid before.

I will try to update soon but real life has gone into overdrive recently.



01-12-2010, 11:04
As much as I hate to say it-you probs should be learning your lines! I will post an update soon though, my 5000 word essay can wait....

Hadriel Caine
01-12-2010, 14:40
in fairness I wrote that on a break from rehearsal :P nailed em today so thanks for the help mate.

Hadriel Caine
06-12-2010, 20:48
double posting myself. poor form guys! :P

made a venom for my DE today (see sig for more details)
couple of alien mercs on it atm

oh and I found some termies I want to paint up



09-12-2010, 00:36
Sweet, cant wait for the termies, however one question, where did that skull helmet come from?

09-12-2010, 12:17
and so starts the unstoppable slide into yet another DA army... on a side note I may have sat down and reworked my 'nid list with some exciting new additions so hopefully will have some other updates soon!

Hadriel Caine
09-12-2010, 13:05
@ Radical- thanks for stopping by! The skull helmet is from the WHFB Chaos Warriors Sprue. I'm fairly sure its not an original usage of the part on these forums but I did the original conversion a rather long time ago.

I picked up the very nice new Empire Greatswords the other day at a substantial discount hope to resurrect/ reconstruct my Mordehiem warband using it. assembled a couple already but need to grab my existing warband and bitz box from Salarath and Halaker's house...

speaking of which:
@ Halaker- Lies and slander. I definitely do not want to do a Deathwing army using the Wolf Guard terminator, Logan Grimnar spam list from Codex: SW. not even a bit.



p.s. ok so maybe a bit...

Hadriel Caine
12-12-2010, 18:01
Well. I'm aware this is a general '40k' log.

So here's some Mordheimers:

group shot

It was nice to paint these again, I'll try to get my warband done soonish so it can go into storage/ display before the next campaign. (the one in the middle was done ages ago)

I had some issues reproducing the colour scheme after what seems like years but I think the work as a group :)



13-12-2010, 10:58
Looking good bud, I'm planning on doing an update myself when this essay is out of the way

Hadriel Caine
13-12-2010, 16:49
Yeah. I was in the same boat to be honest... but I needed a break on Sunday so I went and chucked a ball about with Rob and Martin and then I did some painting.

Actually Rob did some too which I might post when completed for general interest. I think its a warmachine diorama, but I'm not too sure.

looking forward to your update Salarath, my final assessment is tomorrow morning and it'd be lovely to do another Hellion or some more Mordheimers before I travel home for Xmas.

Hadriel Caine
22-12-2010, 14:49
So... what have we all been working on?

(you're being spoilt- I haven't even put these in my DE log yet :p)

I now have a separate log for my Mordheim stuff as the project has taken more steps than I was planning and this is a 40k sub forum.
see the link in my sig!

@Halaker- I'll send you those image links this afternoon.

feel free to drop by my DE log and comment as well lots of progress there!



27-12-2010, 12:37
Update time!

So the 'nids were my first ever army and I finally got round to completing them with the help of Mr Hadriel Caine and the first 5 seasons of CSI NY (excellant painting tv, little to no effort to watch but still interesting!)

Anywho I recently sat down with the codex again and had another gander at my army list and decided on some changes...
Hive Tyrant

changed from ur basic hive tyrant to one with lots o scything talons and eventually wings! should be an interesting conversion to do.


Just a carnifex I found lying around that had two barbed stranglers on it (loved that combo in the previous codex!), so Ive simply made it legal for this codex. Probs not gunna use it in my 1500 list.

Tyranids Warrior

New improved warriors now with rending!
Tyranid Prime

And finally a tyranid prime to go with the warriors, sumthing to buff them a little and also stop them from dieing to lascannons/ dark lances from hadriel's darl eldar (bloody annoying that they removed instant death from tyranids).

Anyways thats my update could probably have done this sooner and in smaller chunks but hey its Christmas!

27-12-2010, 18:04
Wow, love the conversions on those things, though is the head carapace on that prime a bit bent? seems like it to me.

Hadriel Caine
27-12-2010, 22:25
Nice work Martins! Going to look cool when your done with them. I couldn't find that other dragon wing. Looks like you'll have to order the balrog ones.

@Radical- the carapace was pretty straight last time I saw it, the picture might be a crappy angle though.

@Salarath- Happy Birthday:

look what I managed to find!


28-12-2010, 11:57
Ghazghull thrakaaa! Nice. Great birthday present! I'd at least love it! :D

Those nids look cool! The only thing I don't really like is that Prime... The head seems just so huge! (Wonder how it can even keep its head without falling to ground) Or then its something lightweight material! :shifty:


29-12-2010, 21:31
Great stuff guys! That Thraka is much appreciated, I have great plans for this model, oh yes...

Hadriel Caine
03-01-2011, 11:50
@Dreffbuilder- The head is smaller than the Zoanthrope one and is on a larger body with legs so I don't see a huge problem with it tbh. It might be my picture taking however as its sort of top down...

@salarath- Glad you like him, I'll bring him down on Wednesday or thursday I reckon.

Happy New Year everyone. I've got a few random 40k things smiling at me on my desk but for now here's a pic of the two or three things I did over the holiday:

More details and pics in my logs as usual (follow sig)

Expect some traitor guard and or Inq28 stuff soonish.



Hadriel Caine
11-01-2011, 12:06
Ok doing nothing for you? how about my Necromunda warband (less a couple of guys that need finishing up)


Goliaths originally painted ages ago with bright mithril weapons and darker skin. I've updated them with further highlighting and strategic washing with badab black. I've also painted a couple of the weapons and pouches again and all the faces since they had got chipped during gaming. I have two more guys at least (possibly a third) to paint for these guys :)



p.s. I'll get salarath and Halaker a swift kicking and force them to update soonish. getting awfully lonely here. (i may have taken all of mine and Halaker's paints home at xmas though :p)

13-01-2011, 15:08
Thoughts? Nope I don't have a one... But recently when I saw your empire guys I remembered that I have my oooold Dwarf army collecting dust at the shelf... Packed them up. two cannons, 50 warriors, 20 thunderers, 20 rangers, 20 miners, Thane, Runesmith, Master engie and a dragon slayer were the ones I found... And now I started to make them up again. Thanks Hadriel! :)

Yeah, Cool guys.


Hadriel Caine
21-01-2011, 19:16
Ok Necromunda update time:


These are the other two painted gangers which make up my starting gang for any campaign. The taller one is converted from a FW renegade, the one from the HQ set with the banner...

I have also assembled and converted some additions which I hope to paint up soonish to add some vareity to my games:

The heavy stubber guy was a particularly involved conversion.


I made a couple more Juves as well, since the game seems to churn out free ones. We've got an old school scout and a digga from digganob with a GS'd beater.




p.s. I swear I haven't killed Salarath or Halaker, nor have I hidden their bodies...

25-01-2011, 19:03
Hello all! apoligies for lack of updates but have been very busy with the work times and hence have found very little time for painting. However managed to sit down this afternoon with Mr Hadriel Caine and started painting my Wolf Lord on a thunderwolf



Very much a work in progress but am pleased with how the wolf itself is turning out, still have all the details and armour plating to do before starting on the marine.

Oh and I just realised looking back at the pictures that his weapon is missing, needs to be pinned but will do that after I've finished painting to make it easier.

Cheers all for looking, C+C always welcome!

Hadriel Caine
26-01-2011, 00:18
Looking good Halaker! Looking very good. I'll leave my paints with you whilst I'm in London for two weeks :)

Hadriel Caine
19-02-2011, 11:57
Bit of a teaser for you today:


e-cookie for guesses as to whom this base belongs/ will belong.


seems a lot of image links have broken. I'll have a look and see if I can fix em...

EDIT// fixed a few. The posts by Halaker are the worst affected it seems. Here's a link to the album which has all the images that are missing from the last couple of pages:

I meant to say as well that Halaker has been making great progress on the mounted wolf lord. I'll get him to post some WIPs today or tomorrow.

no idea what Salarath has been painting... :)

19-02-2011, 14:59
Hello all long time no post, Hadriel being in London for 2 weeks and me forgetting to pick up the paints means that progress has been slow. However since his return, along with actually having some time off, I've managed to make more progress with my Wolf Lord.


More Progress

probably the most detailed model I've ever painted, every time I look at it I seem to find more of them. Saying that, the wolf itself is pretty much finished and so its onto his happy marine friend (who wouldn't be happy riding a large savage wolf?!)

C+C always welcome

Hadriel Caine
19-02-2011, 18:13
Great to see progress on this guy mate (insider information suggests that the wolf is in fact now finished...)

I did something fun today that I haven't done in far too long. I made an Inquisitor model. If you haven't played Inquisitor before I feel sorry for you.

It was one of those moments that I saw a completed miniature in my head and knew I only needed a couple of components to manage it. So here goes!

and a nice scale shot given that the legs are part scratch built and part resin component

I obviously have a long way to go with GS and cleaning up but I'm pretty happy with him so far. He's going to be some sort of hunter character for my current warband (headed by a Rogue Trader).


comments and criticism are always very welcome


19-02-2011, 18:29
Some really nice conversions here. Only crit I can level at your latest inquisitor model is that you need to re-position the legs so it looks like he's walking. But, as you say, it is still very W.I.P right now, so nothing big.

I really like your mordhiem band as well. Very nice work.


19-02-2011, 18:29
So in the time it took me to go to the loo, Mr Hadriel managed to whisk the wolf away to his photography area, take a few pics and then upload them to the internets.


Wolf is now finished I'm pleased to announce, finally ran out of details on him and so can move onto the marine in the near future. Woop!

Hadriel Caine
19-02-2011, 18:46
@lilloser2010- Thanks very much. The character isn't meant to be walking. He's supposed to be fairly static. Hopefully this will be clearer when I do some sculpting. I will pay attention to the issue of his pose though after your comment :)

I'm glad you like the work here. Its been nice working alongside one another on various projects. It'd be nice to fit in a few more games though of course!

If you like my Mordheimers check out the link in my sig for their plog. I have updated today with a new marksman, the first dwarf I have ever painted in 14 years in the hobby!

@Halaker- never underestimate the speed of somebody excited. The wolf is looking sweet. I'm also rather pleased with my photography set-up. The yellow and greens really make it pop. The cabling and iconography tie the wolf together nicely.

I think some snow effects would look good on the brown bases since you've decided to redo them (a good idea to develop contrast to your armour :) )

Not that I have any ideas how to do good snow effects so any suggestions from the community would be welcome.



25-02-2011, 20:45
So, inkeeping with the occasional aspect of the thread, I have made some massive progress with the ork army! I have painted.....

Another Ork! Yeah progress!


Hadriel Caine
25-02-2011, 21:04
I did some sculpting...


Those go on here:


Which myself or Salarath are going to paint for Halaker's birthday (which has already happened but we suck as friends I guess)

I also did some sculpting for myself:

I think Sal's orks are looking nice but kinda lonely...



27-03-2011, 19:18
My it's been a long time! Progress has been slow recently mainly due to work but there has been some. I' pleased to say that the Wolf Lord is finished!




So there he is. Really quite pleased with how its turned out, spent many hours on him. Decided to experiment with the snow effect on the base, looks ok to me so gunna have to rebase what I've done so far.

Next up a 'nid hive guard!

As per, C&C are extremely welcome!!


27-03-2011, 20:16
Halaker - Is the torso for the canis model easy to remove from the thunderwolf body? Asking because you have made me save up for one with the painting! Keep it up!

Hadriel Caine
27-03-2011, 20:24
I may be wrong but I think the only conversion on the mini is the arms. The torso would be removable IMO but you'd have to resculpt the cape onto whatever torso you replaced it with.

Great paintjob btw mate. Looks fantastic. Just needs a transfer on the shoulder pad and you're golden.

Hadriel Caine
15-05-2011, 22:54
Well its been a while. Quite a lot of changes in our group: Halaker has rewritten the majority of his Nids list. There are a couple of SW conversions to post too! Expect lots of Hive Guard and Zoanthropes soon.

I've done a lot of painting on my DE but won't clutter up this thread with it... follow the link in my sig.

Here's what I've been working on this week:


v rough WIP. Working on a Deathwing squad or two that may become a small army at some point, funds permitting. This guy will be receiving a different base and a command squad. He represents Johnson's champion (for use against Russ' champion if Halaker and I ever play against each other) It had been suggested I might make a Lion El'Johnson mini but I would rather do characterful terminators I think. Also I don't currently have the resources to make a primarch.

progress soon I hope... if I find that chaplain.....


Hadriel Caine
11-06-2011, 17:53
Me again, yes it has been a while! University/ employment got somewhat in our way.

Here's the completed conversion of Martin's Hive tyrant:


I just have a bit of filing to do then I'll paint him up!

The guys were very generous for my recent birthday buying me a raider and some scourges. I'll be updating my regular log later if you wanna see some WIPs, for now here's some trueborn with blasters!




12-06-2011, 17:40
Lots of things have happened. But really nothing to comment to. And plus, I have a full annoyance on me so I hate everything I see mostly...

Canis Wolfborn or whatever that guy is looks sweet Halaker.

21-06-2011, 16:04
Update time!

Life in general has stopped me from doing much painting recently (tho hopefully this will be rectified soon), however a friend of mine decided he wanted to paint a space wolf without doing an entire army. He duly offered to paint a lone wolf for me which I can now present to you all



Am most grateful to my mate and whilst not painted by me, I thought it should be shared with the rest of my space wolves.

Hadriel Caine
27-06-2011, 14:43
Wow Halaker! James did a good job on that. Wulfric's head works perfectly IMO.

Hadriel Caine
06-07-2011, 18:12
So what have I been painting all this time?

Warriors of Chaos for a mate:

done in 45 mins, all four from undercoat! 16 more to go :) just TT quality and I'm very happy with them. Highlights much less harsh IRL- its too overcast to ge tany decent photos today...

Deathwing Sergeant:

Venom #4:

group shot:

even Salarath has been getting some painting done. I took pictures today and have hosted them. Sent him the links so hopefully he'll update after we go to see transformers 3 tonight!



07-07-2011, 12:44
proof that i still can paint models




Hadriel Caine
07-07-2011, 22:37
Looking cool mate!

Glad you like the FW minion from my recent purchase :P
I found this guy at home:

not sure if he used to belong to you or Mike but figured he'd do for an INQ warband (with some heavy repainting...)

What's the plan for the army list then? casually interested! Not gonna change what Dark Eldar I take anyway!

four more GKs to paint before you can buy any more!



08-07-2011, 23:51
Yeah I think Sal forgot about that as I've seen a box of grey knights in his room with one built already... So much for painting all he's got before buying more!!

Hadriel Caine
09-07-2011, 00:03
Consider me shocked. At least we might be able to have a game soon.

Hadriel Caine
15-07-2011, 00:22
After months of putting it off I've completed Halaker's birthday present (should've been done in January really). Behold, the Hive Tyrant:






I sat down at 4pm today with Halaker. Put THe Return of the King (extended edition of course) on my MacBook and proceeded to paint. I finished 6 hours later. I had a brief break for curry and beer.

I'm very happy with it and hopefully he will be too (he had to go to work before seeing its completion!) The pictures are a bit over exposed; the highlighting is less extreme and there is a lot more detail and blending IRL (honest).

I can now go about painting my own stuff without feeling guilty.

Happy Birthday Halaker! (better 6 months late than never right?)



15-07-2011, 05:51
you wouldn't want to meet that down a dark ally.....i like

how did you do the bony bits? talons, horn etc.....would like to try that out on something when I get the chance.


Hadriel Caine
16-07-2011, 20:58
thanks @halosghost, the bone/ talons were done with dhenab stone then washed with devlan mud then re-highlighted with dhenab stone. simples!

Hadriel Caine
17-08-2011, 18:01
Ok its thread resurrection time. We've managed to find a time slot at our FLGS in which to paint communally every wednesday. And I'm adding a new member to our group (thread title will change accordingly) big welcome to Kap'n Krump everyone; you may have seen the Astral Ursa on their thunderbears over at my Deathwing log.

All I got painted today was some warriors for Kap'n Krump:


stayed tuned!


17-08-2011, 21:35
so, some progress !



2/5 of the way in 3 months=speed painting!

need to finish my thesis before i finish this unit


Hadriel Caine
18-08-2011, 13:11
Looking good Sal! Halaker and Kap'n Krump should be updating some time today too. I've just realised the base edges were supposed to be scorched brown not camo green on those warriors...

oh and Sal? you forgot to finish the base... :p

Kap'n Krump
18-08-2011, 22:09
Ok so my first update....hear goes.

Bears... 2 bears, before we go any further i should give abit of backing to them. I was going to just paint them some uniform shades and case them. However as i was putting them togther at my FLGS a mate of mine said he'd like to paint one and i had a ider. I had 10 bears and about 8 mates that id love to paint them in there own way... the only consistancey would be blue ish dude and a reddy-brown claw on the pad. Bar that let them do what thay wanted. I did a test model (finished on wed) for the guys to go from. So the bears are not meant to look toooooooo uniform but should still look kinda close to each other(not hard...there on bears).

Anyway moddels

The larger Bright guy will be a character ( most likely called something like kronos .....or bear guy) and i hope to get him finished next week.

And thanks to Hadriel for makeing me feel wellcome, giveing me somewhere to post and sorting the images out for me, cheers bro.

Later guys

Hadriel Caine
26-10-2011, 22:03
Nice work dude. Amazing to see how much these have progressed in the last few months. Will send you those image links over.

Kap'n Krump
28-10-2011, 00:04
6 down 4 to go.

I am pleased with the way they have all turned out so far. The standard bearer was painted by my girlfriend, and i like the intentionally lighthearted approach she took to painting it.

Hadriel's bear he has already posted and all I'd like to add is that i think he did a really good job.
The other four were painted by me. I knocked them out inbetween going to work and shouting at how glitchy Fallout New Vegas is. I touched up the test model ever so slightly. The others i took a bit of time on and actually really enjoyed them in the end. I particularly liked the one with the power fist as he gave me no trouble while painting him.
The only other thing i have to say is Halaker get yer **** in gear!!!

31-10-2011, 00:22
Kap'n you should make one polar bear :p

Keep up the work guys,


Hadriel Caine
01-11-2011, 13:19
As I've said before the bears look amazing matey. Sorry I wasn't up for painting on Monday. If I'd started anything I woulda hated it. just one of those days. U in wednesday?

Kap'n Krump
01-11-2011, 15:06
Heh yeah if someone drops outa painting one ill do a polar bear happly

Yeah man ill be in , we should chill upstairs agen and ponder the lost art of painting white. Its cool, i was so sleepy i would have hated it too i think.

Hadriel Caine
10-11-2011, 00:07
I got around to some sculpting. Game tomorrow. Maybe painting soon? I'm feeeling tempted by INQ28 again...

Today's work: http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h438/HadrielCaine/Deathwing/95cf8549.jpg

Kap'n Krump
10-11-2011, 05:38
I realy like the guy on the left.... paint him first.
Im going to fiddel with this air brush today... see if its capabel of inproving my lothing of painting GK

What you playing Vs?

Hadriel Caine
10-11-2011, 23:58
Played against Space MArines. Alpha Legion. My mate's log is near the top of the imperial section atm. Name of peaoui.

We played control and conquer or whatever its called and it was a draw! Used my dark eldar.

Think you could detail the recipe for painting white? :P

Bob Hunk
14-11-2011, 15:50
Great log guys! :) I especially like the Thunderbears :cool:

Hadriel Caine
15-11-2011, 02:08
Cheers @Bob Hunk! I love the thunderbears too. You'd be very afraid if you had to fight them.



Gathering momentum on my Deathwing at the moment and have a secret not unrelated project part planned in my head...

Kap'n Krump
15-11-2011, 20:04
He looks awesome, mean as hell and slick ...panit him first( il e saying that in your deathlog too... so it counts twice)

Hadriel Caine
17-11-2011, 13:53
cheers dude. Here's the finished (ish) product:


Hadriel Caine
24-11-2011, 23:47
Inquisitor: the battle for the Emperor's 28mm soul


This particular approach to creating models for the game system is by no means new. Indeed our good colleague and friend Molotov has been churning out wonderful pieces for many years and there have been some notable others. I am not here to discuss rules. Everyone knows that Inquisitor is the rules system that should be used. I will truck with no =][=munda, no sir!

Let me introduce you, therefore, to the miniatures that I use and intend to use in my 28mm games of Inquisitor:

Inquisitor Joachim Ramus and retinue

Parts breakdown-
Ramus Hasslefree miniatures 'harby' (not a sin city mini...), brettonian knight errant head, evesor assassin gun, space marine scout arms, knife and accessories, Imperial Guard binoculars
Dave-o, the Goliath extensively converted from a Forgeworld Chaos Renegade using greenstuff, guitar wire and lots of swearing, the head is from s space marine sergeant, the arms are from a WHFB marauder and the chain sword is from an assault marin.
Hassir warmachine miniature, dire avenger shuriken catapult

-this group is a fairly standard Inquisitor warband; a zealous young Inquisitor with full field equipment, a battle worn guard veteran/ necromundan ganger and a bounty hunter with some level of separatist empathy.

High Interrogator Tobias Maw and seconded para military support group

Parts breakdown-
Maw unknown origin, marine bolter, powersword and bolt pistol
Culin Obren forgeworld tank commander, imperial guard vox caster backpack, cadian legs
Private Banks unknown origin, complete miniature

-this group is a fanatical, militaristic grouping. The Interrogator is Machiavellian and considers his comrades to be necessarily expendable.

Viceroy Khonig Grönemeyer with mercenary bodyguard

Parts breakdown-
Grönemeyer forgeworld Renegade HQ commander, Empire Greatswords head, WHFB Chaos marauder champion's daemon sword
Kroot stock miniature
Canus, Tarellian Dog Soldier Kroot body, Ungor Head, Gor Arms, Dark Eldar splinter pistol, Space Marine combat knife

-this group contains the only current character that I have in both 54mm and 28mm. The Viceroy runs a frighteningly large sector of Imperial space and dables in the occult and the enlistment of Xenos henchmen as he is untrusting of those of his own race through his own political experience. Wonderfully heretical to play.

Dracon Mur, Sybarite Halon and Nontr

Parts breakdown-
Mur Old Dark Eldar warrior with elongated legs, trident from a Wych, Head from High Elf White lion chariot set
Halon Old Dark Eldar warrior with elongated legs, sword and tabard from Dark Elf Cold One Knights champion, head from High Elf repeater bolt thrower crew
Nontr old eldar fusion gun as a blaster, Reaver head, old dark eldar warrior torso, new venom crew legs, dire avenger arm

-sometimes I like to play Xenos. and what? These guys are part of a slaving ring just out of the Viceroy's jurisdiction. He has done business with the Kabal through these operatives in the past but their motives are never clear or straight forwards.

That's it for player characters/ models for the moment but I will leave you with a picture of some of the nasty things that my friends have been put up against in INQ28:


I hope you have enjoyed looking at my miniatures and that you have found it inspiring.
I have a few INQ28 appropriate figures left to complete including a heavy weapons specialist, another tarellian and a couple of traitors. I might even be tempted to build some more as a break from my 40k armies.

Let me know what you think and don't hesitate to ask specifics about painting and basing etc.

yours in the Emperor's name


Hadriel Caine
03-12-2011, 19:16
Sister Agnes


I'm really happy with how she came out.

parts breakdown-
SoB tank gunner (exorcist?), sculpted robes, scout bolter, modified stormtrooper back pack.



Hadriel Caine
05-12-2011, 13:25
Well either this subforum is dead or no one likes my work.

Here's some more either way:

back (http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc305/AdamCunis/Traitor%20Guard/DSC04372.jpg)

Iron Warriors obliterator- painting up all of my chaos bitz at the moment so they aren't as much of a wasted investment...


For my Soroitas warband in INQ28

and these two nice FW titan crew chaps (lost the princeps...)


also, GW scales... some of which are my fault...


Nice natural variety there. You don't want to see the titan crew standing next to El Jonson. You really don't


Kap'n Krump
06-12-2011, 10:44
Heh ok so it might be bit dead but you never know i might be planing a vid on how to paint white like a boss... you never know.

looking realy good.. the white(no joke) on the warbander- and nice green stuffing . And im glad to see the oblit done... how many more?

I finished a firebelly ill post it soon ish

Great jobs bro

Kap'n Krump
14-12-2011, 07:15
Ok so some images and i come asking for help ( creative help)

The first is a firebelly that i just wanted to paint and will try and use it in Dnd at some point. loved painting him and loved how he turned out

The 2nd and 3rd image is of a drop pod i ues for my salamanders.... i just like the way it looks etc. I have one allready, i named it hammer, as i have a dread called anvil ( yeh the whittyest thing you ever heard, right)

Well i need a name for this one, dont know what will be in it yet, so im open to just about anything.


14-12-2011, 08:28
Nice! Liking the firebelly!

Hadriel Caine
15-12-2011, 01:56
Wow Krump that firebelly is awesome! I remember looking in the WD it was announced in and you 'going OMG I must paint this.'

The you from that day should be wildly ecstatic.

The pod is looking sweet also. Will give some thought to the name. Think of a famous blacksmith. Charsi is the one from Diablo 2 but thats a bit feminine...

Back in Exeter soon and we can marvel at each others minis and get a game!

EDIT// How about forge? as in Hammer, Anvil, Forge

Kap'n Krump
15-12-2011, 06:18
ok so its like 4 AM, can hear a car alarm from the hale, think ill just have a look at some threads on warseer, kill 5 mins"... read "Charsi" and "Forge"......and got up.

I like that name, i just need a forge like image to paint on, and due to your helpfull nature, all i have to do is bide my time.

Yeah be good to see u agen man , have to have a game.. ill prob make a new list for something, keep it fresh etc

The pod took me like 25 mins to do with the air brush... im going to see if i can brush white

Hadriel Caine
15-12-2011, 11:35
The pod took me like 25 mins to do with the air brush... im going to see if i can brush white

WHITE? WHITE? ARGH! Don't say it out loud. So much white.

It even snowed here last night so I am now trapped by white. Must. paint. Librarian. Must resist painting librarian in order to avoid project stagnation. ARGH.

Curse you my man.

p.s. when did you get an airbrush. Very jealous.

16-12-2011, 18:58
Those bears are awesome Kap'n Krump, where did you get them?

Kap'n Krump
16-12-2011, 19:06
There from Ramshackle Games, same as the pod. The qualty is good and there cheep.

I got the abrush like 8 weeks ago when i whent up north, if u recall i was txting you from the train ?? its a good bit of kit, still seeing what i can do with it

Kap'n Krump
29-12-2011, 15:48
Merry xmas etc and all that.
So i name the pod Charsi's forge, but there's not much to see thats new, so ill not post it.

I did finish this guy over 3 days. I havent painted a ork in ... uh 3 years...ish.
He was alot of fun and i forgot just how much brown i need to do a ork. Needless to say it kinda got me in the mood to do some more orks so thats prob my next move.

I did get some modes from ramshackle for xmas so ill see what i wind up building next.

Allso the bike has the name of its previous owners waaaaaargh (Ty you know who you are)


Hadriel Caine
29-12-2011, 18:17
Mate he looks awesome. Is the bike ramshackle or just some Ork mini I'm unaware of?

Kap'n Krump
30-12-2011, 11:16
yeah man from ramm

Hadriel Caine
03-01-2012, 09:34
I really want to get some of the ramshackle bikes. They're great minis. Will dig out the gorkamorka rules and see what I can come up with. Check out my WIP on el Jonson http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h438/HadrielCaine/Deathwing/DSC04412.jpg

Kap'n Krump
05-01-2012, 08:23
I like the chest plate and robes look promiceing.... but thats all your getting for now, as some kind of push to get you to finish it :P

Kap'n Krump
17-01-2012, 09:53
I finished this guy today, number 7. 3 more and ill start to think about some troops, i dont mind what troops slot thay fill as long as the models are cool and bear like. Any iders would be greatly appreciated

Hadriel Caine
20-01-2012, 13:04
Looking sweet dude. Weren't there some classic WHFB minis with bear pelts. Think they were Dogs of War. Should get some and give em bolters in one hand- use em as scouts. I know how you love scouts.
We need a front shot of the dude!

Bringing your battlewagon tomorrow, are you about? Got my graduation.

Kap'n Krump
01-02-2012, 09:36
No bears this time. This guy has been glaring at me for weeks and weeks now. I wanted to think up a clever paint job for him.... but too hard to say no, so he is green. the shoulder was tricky and whille it could be a lot better im not that good a painter. Realy pleased with it.

Ah no dont talk about scouts! i was young ! nooo
Allso i dont think there troops in SW.


Hadriel Caine
01-02-2012, 17:51
Dude you've done a great job on the dreadnought :D
The shoulder looks cracking.

You may be right about SW scouts. Probably elites. They certainly were in the old book anyway.

Kap'n Krump
22-03-2012, 09:05
Been busy haveing no sleep patern and hateing my self for it (note to self: dont work nights, after 5 years, i feel like its killing me)

But i got some work done
Some storm boys i fig'd id never finish due to how detailed thay are..but i did it. Thay might not look ground brakeing but im just glad to have painted them, and the models are cool so ill not complane.

Also, anyone who knows me , knows that i have a statement about GK's "Humans cant paint silver" ( Note, if you can paint to a high level of skill then you dont count :P). That said i do like GK's and i want to get them painted..not silver. So after the sex that is Hadriel Caine's godly log of "White, i cant stop painting it" i chose to have a go at it with a GK. I think it turned out well and im going to slowly do the lot like it (bar mabe big things, tanks dreads etc). Base is not dont btw

Later 136012136013136014136015

Hadriel Caine
22-03-2012, 11:14
Whilst I feel honour bound to discourage you from painting white I gotta say, dude you can paint white like a total boss. Dead smooth. Cracking job on the GK all round. Tres cool.

Congrats on finishing the storm boys too. They look wicked. Can't believe you got all that detail done! I wants to c more I say!

Kap'n Krump
23-06-2012, 06:56
Just a short one today, moveing house etc etc.

Finished this guy today, wanted to paint him for ages but just never had time/skill.

But damm i loved painting it. Did the rider and stonehorn on there own witch helped alot, made it feel more casual and easy to pick up and put down as time let me.

Might do some more ogre things... there big and stompy, and big and stompy is allways cool.

Anyway, later guys


Kap'n Krump
23-06-2012, 07:00
Oh yeah and base is WIP... need snow

Hadriel Caine
23-06-2012, 22:30
That is awesome! Always wanted to see you tackle more ogre kingdoms stuff. The mount is v cool. Get it based, steal snow from Steve. I've seen he has some.

Hadriel Caine
07-12-2012, 00:17
WIP Genestealer Magus OOC post for Astraea!


Hadriel Caine
18-12-2012, 23:23
Well I enjoyed painting him a lot. He's now finished:


I also managed to put the finishing touches on my home grown genestealer magus:


and painted up an Arbites investigator for Machelor (expect an IC post in the Atstraea thread from him soon)



Hadriel Caine
21-05-2013, 00:39
Long time, but this seemed like the most appropriate place for these guys!

Delaque Gang


Gang leader (my Juves always seem to get promoted)




Bounty Hunter

I was thinking about selling these but I think I might like them too much. Tempted to get some of the heresy trenchcoat guys in fact!


Hadriel Caine
08-06-2013, 10:47
Plastic Goliaths WIP: