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22-11-2010, 20:35
I am a total noob when it comes to 'dungeon crawl' games. Never played one, never known anyone who has. I used to read white dwarf back in the 1990's, loved looking at the scenarios and always liked the idea of playing.

Unfortunately none of my gaming circle played then, it was pure rpg or rogue trader and fantasy. I could never afford to buy both Advanced Heroquest and Hulk so I plumped for Hulk. Now I am older, I fancy giving dungeon crawl a go, Not just because it always appealed to me for fantasy/story/gaming fun but the modelling side has lots of variety to to it too.

So. Which is the best ruleset? Advanced Heroquest? Warhammer Quest? Descent?

What shall I buy? And where from? Is it ebay only? Or are there secret stashes around? What should I expect to pay?

I would value any advice as my wife says she will try to get me a 'surprise' crimbo present!

Bring it on! I apologise for my ignorance! :p

22-11-2010, 22:01
I reckon Descent would be your best bet, it is essentially heroquest for the 21st Century. That said I think you can still obtain the rules for heroquest online, so with a little creativity and time you could get together the miniatures from existing ranges. That said it seems D&D 4th Edition has leanings towards the Dungeon Crawl style of gaming, what with the reliance on miniatures and the seemingly dumbed down rules.

22-11-2010, 22:25
Right, IMO

Heroquest: Great great beer and pizza nostalgia. Costly on the eBay but lovely parts and some great (expensive) expansions. Be prepaired to pay but there is plenty of stuff on the web, make sure you get a copy of the "winter edition" magazine thing with the Traps expansion, very much fun.

Advanced Heroquest: Great beer and pizza nostalgia, this is the halfway house between HQ and WHQ. Nice, fun, little in the way of official expansion but plenty of support on the web. Probably my least favourite.

Warhammer Quest: Here is where its at, although the game has balance issues in some regards but lovely parts, fun, easy to play, makes full use of your current (and old) models and plenty of official and unnoffical expansion. Very very pricey on the eBay (I just sold the Pits and Traps expansion for over 100) but you can get a bargain if you dont mind a used game. The fact you have the advanced rules makes it good for longevity. We played once a week for a year and a half, 8 players and we only just got to level 8.

Descent: Not played but I love the look of it, especially the pirate ship expansion. Massive, huge, looks good, plenty of bits although FFG do have a rep for using loads of bits to cover problems with the rules etc. I was hideously upset with WFRP3 but having got other products of thiers, it looks good and while its also pricey, you wont have to battle collectors on eBay to get it.

Personally then, I had Warhammer Quest with Heroquest furniature and props, a massive mix of monsters from Warhammer, Heroquest, Dark World and many many more. Getting hold of the old Dungeon Floorplans, AHQ and so on that GW made back in the day adds more but this was the result of many many years collecting. If I was doing it all again I'd get Descent.

Good Luck

23-11-2010, 10:26
Thanks very much. :)

All information and opinion will help make a decision, anybody else?