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14-03-2006, 17:51
I've just started playing beastmen in Mordheim and am having difficulty finding appropriate names for them (Bob just doesn't sound right). Has anyone got a few 'beastmen' names I could use or know where i could get inspiration?



14-03-2006, 19:16
Beastman names: Borzhar, Brutal, Darkgave, Ghaar-gor, Gorsqualor, Gorthor, Graktar, Greygave, Kartok, Khazrak, Morghur, Rurkhar, Tartail,
Minotaur names: Doom Bellow, Garn, Mugrar, Mund, Ox-roar

So basically beastman names either sound really harsh (with lots of G, K, R, S -letters), or they are combinations of words (like Darkgave and Ox-roar).

Realms of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned, Liber Chaotica: Nurgle and the Beasts of Chaos armybook are good sources for names and description of beastman culture.

11-06-2007, 14:44
Just name them whatever you feel like.
Elanor isn't a very good name for a dreg and neither is Jimmy but it doesn't mean they arn't just as good.