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30-11-2010, 23:54
Welcome to the Tale of 40k Painters 2010-2011!

What is the Tale all about?
The aim of the Tale of Painters is to get an army fully painted within the next 12 months.

For most 40k armies the size will be somewhere between 1000 and 2000 points, but you can go higher if you want to (and you're crazy enough)! BFG and Epic armies will be slightly different, but as long as you choose an appropriate sized army for your game system then there's no problem.

Once you've chosen your army, your target is to paint roughly 10% of your army each month. For example, if you've chosen a 2000 point army then your monthly target would be 200 points. The Tale runs for one year (September 2010 to August 2011), so if you stick to your 10% monthly target then you'll only need to paint for 10 months of the year.

To cover the months when you can't/don't paint, you get 2 'Jokers'. You can play a 'Joker' at any time (provided you haven't used them both up!), which essentially means that you don't have to meet your target for that month. They can used for real life events (such as births, deaths, marriages, exams, holidays) or if you're just having a bad/slow month. If you use a 'Joker' then feel free to post a suitable image instead (a Joker or something funny).

What is this thread all about?
This thread is to be used as the completed work thread for November, up until the 7th. Please only post last month's completed work until the 7th.

On the 8th it will then become the work in progress (wip) thread for December. Feel free to post any wip pictures of what you're going to be painting this month, army lists, background stories, battle reports, questions, and comments on anyone else's posts. You can post as little or as much as you like in the wip thread, but please keep it wip. Do not post any completed work for December until the next thread opens at the start of January. The next thread will start out as to place the post your completed entries for this month, and after the deadline (initially set as the 7th of each month) will become the next wip thread.

If you have not posted by the 8th, then you will have to use one of your 'Jokers'. If you have failed to post by the 8th and have already used up both of your 'Jokers' (which is now applicable from December onwards), then unfortunately you will be out of the Tale.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : Unless you can post some work for November in this thread before the 7th (also stating which army and how many points you intend to paint), then unfortunately you are now too late! You would also have to play your two 'Jokers' (see above) for September and October in addition to your November entry, and start painting properly from December (to be posted at the start of January). Don't worry though, the Tale of Painters will be starting again next year.

Q : Can I paint more than 10% of my army in a month?
A : Yes, you aren't bound by the rules of the Tale, and it's great to get ahead. BUT, we would like you only to post 10% (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 10% per month. For example, if you're painting 2000 points that means 200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc. This way you won't depress those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 10% of my army in a month?
A : Yes, you aren't bound by the rules of the Tale, but we would like you to try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example, if you're painting 2000 points and you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character/tank/unit?
A : This happens a lot. If your character/tank/unit is over 10% of your army you could simply paint him/it/them over two months (the sort of time your general/tank/expensive unit deserves!). For example, last year my monthly target was 200 points and I painted a Stompa (600 points). I split painting the model into (roughly) 3 months of 200 points, posting new WIP shots each month.

Q : Do I have to use my 2 'Jokers' during the Tale?
A : No, you don't have to use them at all. If you can manage to paint/post for the full 12 months then congratulations, you'll have exceeded your target and truly embodied the spirit of the Tale!

Q : What's with the D6 roll in your post?
A : The D6 roll was an idea introduced in the last Tale to help ensure that everyone gets some comments on their work. If everyone rolls a D6 when they post (I use the D&D dice roller (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm) if I don't have a D6 to hand), then we should have six roughly equal groups each month. Then, if you comment on those people who rolled the same as you everyone will receive some feedback. So, if you roll a 1, comment on all of the other 1's, if you rolled a 2, comment on all of the other 2's, and so on. Of course, if you have the time/want to, there's nothing stopping you from commenting on anyone's/everyone's work.

I'll start off by posting an entry for November. Feel free to copy my post to use as a template (edited to suit your army), but as long as you post your Monthly total, Total to date, Unit(s) painted and a picture then that's fine.

If anyone has any other questions, please direct them to me (misterboff).


30-11-2010, 23:54
Here is a list of who's still in the Tale of 40k Painters. Please can you check your entry and let me know if anything needs changing:

Badgobbla - Blood Angels - 430/2000 (1 Jokers used)
basilbrush - Imperial Guard (Steel Legion) - 990/2000 (1 Jokers used)
bigcheese76 - Imperial Guard - 795/2000 (0 Jokers used)
biginbelgium - Blood Angels - 390/1500 (1 Jokers used)
cerealkiller195 - Orks - 285/1500 (1 Jokers used)
Dangersaurus - Imperial Guard - 170/1500 (2 Jokers used)
djc - Imperial Guard - 495/1500 (0 Jokers used)
Doomseer - Blood Angels (Angels of Wrath) - 630/1500 (0 Jokers used)
Fabian3rd - Tau Empire (Green Tau from Tau) - 185/1500 (0 Jokers used)
Fanny Crowbar - Dark Eldar - 104/1000 (2 Jokers used)
gonzosbignose - Blood Angels - 275/2000 (2 Jokers used)
Hatemonger - Tyranids - 100/1000 (2 Jokers used)
infelix - Epic Necrons - 455/4000 (2 Jokers used)
Inquisitor Pariah - Tau Empire - 100/1000 (1 Jokers used)
Inquisitor Pariah - Epic Titan Legion - 250/2000 (2 Jokers used)
Irondog - Orks (and Grey Knights) - 575/2000 (0 Jokers used)
ironduke - Space Marines (White Panthers) - 455/2000 (1 Jokers used)
kormas - Chaos Space Marines (Bloodwing) - 275/1750 (2 Jokers used)
Maskedman5oh4 - Tyranids - 160/2000 (2 Jokers used)
McLucien18 - Chaos Daemons - 100/2000 (2 Jokers used)
Mini77 - Space Marines (Dead Suns) - 1359/5000 (0 Jokers used)
MistaGav - Dark Angels (Ravenwing) - 505/1500 (0 Jokers used)
misterboff - Dark Eldar - 180/1500 (2 Jokers used)
nkicik - Tyranids - 140/1500 (2 Jokers used)
Norsehawk - Tau Empire - 133/1500 (2 Jokers used)
Norsehawk - Tyranids - 136/1500 (2 Jokers used)
perplexiti - Space Wolves - 580/1500 (0 Jokers used)
Playwithbob - Space Marines (Votum Miles militis - Prayer Knights) - 190/2000 (2 Jokers used)
pudsey098 - Orks - 459/2000 (1 Jokers used)
razcalking - Orks - 110/1000 (2 Jokers used)
razormasticator - Imperial Guard (Ice Drakes) - 425/2000 (1 Jokers used)
Rikk - Orks - 150/1500 (2 Jokers used)
Rutgar - Eldar (Biel-Tan) - 350/1000 (0 Jokers used)
Stormfather - (Imperium) - 290/2000 (2 Jokers used)
superawesomeraptorman - Tau Empire - 345/1750 (1 Jokers used)
sycopat - Tyranids - 125/1500 (2 Jokers used)
sycopat - Chaos Space Marines - 150/1000 (2 Jokers used)
Tekore - Blood Angels - 435/2000 (1 Jokers used)
TheOtherGuy - Eldar - 492/2500 (1 Jokers used)
vargojones - Imperial Guard (Renegade Militia) - 261/1000 (1 Jokers used)
Vimes - Space Marines - 885/2000 (1 Jokers used)
warflag - Tau Empire - 200/2000 (2 Jokers used)
z4carlo - Imperial Guard - 225/2000 (2 Jokers used)
Zander77 - Dark Eldar - 380/3500 (2 Jokers used)
Zark the Damned - Orks - 1421/3000 (0 Jokers used)
Zujara - Witch Hunters - 156/1500 (2 Jokers used)

Here is a list of anyone who either hasn't posted anything or has used up 3 JOKERs, and is therefore out of the Tale. If your name is on this list and it shouldn't be, please let me know why and I'll get you updated.

252nd Fire Dragoon
Brother Captain Lucian
Brother Nidus
Dasqueek-Master Assassin
Ray K.
stephan harkon
The Laughing God
The Marshel

30-11-2010, 23:55
misterboff's Dark Eldar: November 2010 (D6 roll = 1)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 180 POINTS (monthly target: 150 points)
TOTAL TO DATE: 180 POINTS (target to date: 150 points)

I always imagined Dark Eldar looking a bit like British black metal band Cradle of Filth, but I wanted to paint my Dark Eldar purple. In the end I've gone for a cross between the 'Corespur Elite' and the 'Cult of the Blade Denied'.

2 Hekatrix w/Haywire Grenades, Blast Pistol and Agoniser - 114 points
3 Wyches w/Haywire Grenades and Razorflails - 66 points

Straight from the sprue (one male and four females).

I'm very roughly following the painting guide from WD371, but substituting purple in where necessary. The bases are simply Astronomicon Grey followed by Citadel Snow.

Silver: Boltgun/Badab/Mithril
Bronze: Tin Bitz/Devlan/Dwarf Bronze
Black: Chaos/Adeptus/Badab
Eldar Flesh: Space Wolves+Tallarn/Devlan/SWG+Dheneb/Rotting
Flayed Skin: Tallarn(+Vomit/Dark)/Devlan/Tau Sept Ochre/Rotting
Purple: Hormagaunt/Leviathan/Liche
Blue: Mordian/Asurmen/Enchanted/Ice
Green: Knarloc/Thraka/Goblin/Scorpion


Highs: Getting some of the new Dark Eldar painted, although I was hoping to paint about a dozen.
Lows: I've found it really hard to stay motivated this month. We've had to have damp-proofing done (which ate up the savings we had set aside Christmas), my boys have both been off nursery ill and I've been a busy at work too. Everything appears to be back to normal now though, so hopefully I'll get a lot more done this month.

Some generic Wyches to give me a legal Troops choice...


[Hekatrix, Razorflails, Army to date]

01-12-2010, 12:34
Mista Gav's Ravenwing: October 2010 (D6 roll = 6)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 150 (approx)

2 regular bikers, an apothecary with plasma gun and a multi melta attack bike.

Standard build, apoc same as the previous plasma gunner but painted unique to stand out.

Main armour: Chaos Black>Astronomican Grey>Badab Black wash>Astro grey highlight
Metal: Boltgun Metal>Badab Black wash>Chainmail highlight
Wings: Calthan Brown>Bleached Bone>Skull White>Gryphonne Sepia wash>Skull White highlight
Lights: Golden Yellow>Badab Black wash>reapply golden yellow
Red: Mechrite Red>Blood Red>Blazing Orange highlight
Plasma:Enchanted Blue>Badab Black Wash>Enchanted Blue>Skull White
Detail work: Skull white freehand squad number

Basing, this will be done much later

Highs: Nice to finish the squad at long last and build stuff!
Lows: Stress from uni work, crappy paints and crappy brushes means they are not as great as I hoped. Need some advice on brushes and paints used to make it easier on myself.

Squad 4, Sarge with power weapon, 2 Meltagunners



Zark the Damned
01-12-2010, 17:24
Zark the Damned and the aggressive expansion of Waaaagh Kargrak: December 2010 (D6 roll = 4)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 146 + 135 + 120 + 115 = 516 Points
TOTAL TO DATE: 516 + 905 = 1421 Points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Waaagh Kargrak is a largely Goff Tribe currently undergoing aggressive expansion into Imperial space following the Green Kroosade.

Those no good looting Deathskulls have shown up to nick wot's left of the enemy after we're done Krumpin em! Also more Badmoons have turned up to show off their bling, and some more ultra conservative Goffs make their appearance (no messing about with this Red nonsense!)

11 Shoota Boyz, plus Nob with Power Klaw, Big Shoota and Bosspole, all in a Trukk: 146 Points
3 Killa Kanz with Grotzookas: 135 Points
3 Killa Kanz with Big Shootas: 120 Points
Battlewagon with Dethrolla and Big Shoota: 115 Points

BUILD/CONVERSIONS: Slight conversion on the Shoota Nob to get the ammo pack and big shoota to fit. Deathrolla has been left unglued to be swappable with the big gob. Grotzookas are converted from the Skorcha arms, adding Plasticard tubing and bitz.

Blue Cloth: Cygnar Blue Highlight (P3) -> Asurman Blue Wash
Blue Armour: Enchanted Blue -> Asurman Blue Wash -> Enchanted Blue Highlight

Added Blue to the colour list.

STILL TO DO: Not much on these guys, am pretty happy!

Highs: Getting more done than I was expecting to
Lows: Realising I have painted all my assembled Orks and need to stick more together!

NEXT MONTH: Need to get more Boyz done I guess. May possibly start the Snakebite portion of the tribe (OK I already have a Snakebite Warphead...), also would like to get some Tankbustas converted and Lootas assembled.

NOTE: As I have basically done almost all 1500 points in 3 months I will increase my overall pledge to 3000 - however things are bound to slow down now I have to assemble the Orks as well as paint them!


01-12-2010, 18:00
Mini77's Dead Suns Space Marines: November 2010 (D6 Roll = 6)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 744 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 1359 points

DIY marine chapter.

Land Raider Phobos, Multi-Melta - 260 pts
Landspeeder (2), Typhoon Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter - 180 pts
Razorback, Storm Bolter, Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer - 75 pts
Sternguard Veteran (1), Boltgun, Bolt Pistol - 25 pts
Tactical Marines (3), Meltagun, Missile Launcher (2) - 53 pts
Tactical Sergeant (1), Power Fist, Bolt Pistol - 51 pts
Thunderfire Cannon, Techmarine, Servo-Harness - 100 pts

Mostly built straight from the boxes except for the Sternguard and Razorback. The Sternguard have been made from Dark Angels vets with the addition of ForgeWorld Umbra Ferrox boltguns and the Razorback has a converted Twin-linked Heavy Flamer.

These are all finished (thankfully)

Highs: I'm particularly pleased with the Razorback's flamer. It's crap in-game but it looks cool. The Thunderfire Cannon is also very nice and is not nearly as bad as its reputation suggests. The Sternguard test came together quickly as well.
Lows: Hard edge highlighting the speeders and tanks. Took forever. The ForgeWorld parts took a lot of straightening.

Not sure yet. I'm increasing my pledge from 3000 points to 5000 points (it was intially 2000). Hopefully I can get a full Sternguard squad finished and I've started on a rifleman dreadnought, a Damocles Rhino and some more tactical marines.

http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/DSCF0002.jpg http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/DSCF0023.jpg
http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/thunderfire6.png http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/thunderfire5.png
http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/DSCF0018.jpg http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/TacSergeant.jpg

01-12-2010, 18:00
http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/DSCF0027.jpg http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/DSCF0036-1.jpg
http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/LandRaider.jpg http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/RazorbackwithHeavyFlamer.jpg
http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/DSCF0008.jpg http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/DSCF0032.jpg

01-12-2010, 18:01
http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/Landspeeder2.jpg http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/almostthere3.jpg

Sorry its spread over three posts - I can only put in six pictures a post.

01-12-2010, 22:19
djc's beastman guard (d6 roll: 1)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 160 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 495 points

Manticore Rocket Launcher


Highs: I love this model
Lows: I'm not happy with the tips of the rockets; the white is not very smooth and the stars are wonky. Also, the half painted, half assembled infantry I've been telling myself I will finish for the last two months are glowering at me from their tray.

I will paint those guard!

02-12-2010, 21:26
Rotting fists...actualy i have no idea what to call them anymore :p : October 2010 (D6 roll = 3)








this is jsut a place holder, very buisy atm

02-12-2010, 22:25
biginbelgium's Blood Angels: November 2010 (D6 Roll = 4)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 260 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 390 points

Blood Angels. Mostly units I had lying around. This project is to make sure I paint the terminators from the space hulk box. Not really into tanks, luckily we play a lot of city fight and I dont use a lot of tanks

Dreadnought, plasma cannon, storm bolter, extra armour - 130 pts
Death company marines (5), Power fist, power weapon, thunder hammer, infernus pistol, jump packs - 260 pts

Death company straight out of the box.

Paint scripture on the parchment when I feel like it

Highs: Lovely models, pretty satisfied with the power armour.
Lows: Very busy this month working on the new house. Glad that I could finish them.

Brother Corbulo and a Death company dreadnought.




03-12-2010, 03:54
Haha what? I'm making a post? And there're pictures? It must be close to the end of the world.

Zander77's Dark Eldar-Kabal of the Sundered Mind: November 2010 (D6 roll=3)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 380 POINTS (monthly target: 350 points)
TOTAL TO DATE: 380 POINTS (target to date: 350 points)

Theme- Alright, for this part of the army, I wanted a new scheme, that was easy to paint, and looked halfway decent. 90% of what I have now is painted, so I am painting over two or three coats of paint. As these are all old models, the goal is table top standard, and I feel I've at least met that.

Background- The Archon of my force was a member of the high court of Commorragh at the time of the fall, and as a result of the fall, he went insane(I needed a vessel to explain my sometimes shoddy use of tactics :shifty:.)
Ravager-125(Flickerfield/Night Shield/Dissintigrators)
Warrior Squad-255(10 Warriors/Blaster/Dark Lance/Syrabite/Blast Pistol/Agoniser/Raider/Flickerfield/Night Shield)
Nothing big, kinda kit bashed a blast pistol using a flamer from a Wraithlord, and a pistol hand.

Painting- The painting is pretty simple, I don't like making things too complex. In the beginning, when I first started, I wanted to paint an army red, cause, you know...red goes faster. The problem was, I couldn't paint it well enough in my eyes at the time, so I put it off and painted everything blue. I've come full circle, but still couldn't pull off a decent red, so I had to come up with a way to make it work.

Basing-I haven't decided yet, I really don't know what I want to do with them.

Silver-Chaos Black/Boltgun Metal
Black-Chaos Black
Red-Chaos Black/Mechrite Red/Scab Red/Black Ink wash
Eyes-Skull White/Goblin Green
Blue-Chaos Black/Regal Blue/Enchanted Blue
Uhh...I think that's pretty much everything.

Bases....still don't know what I want to do with the bases lol.

Highs: Finding a new scheme and it actually looking like it's halfway decent.
Lows: Got the warriors and the raider done pretty quick, but it was a huge struggle to finish the Ravager. I dunno why, but I finally got it finished tonight. Oh, and those damnable bases.

No idea at this point, all depends on what I end up with for Birthday/Christmas. I wanna build up an archon, and probably another squad of warriors. Ooo, and a Talos, I'ma paint a Talos too.

Edit-I hate pictures of my models...make me feel so much worse about my work :(




03-12-2010, 14:19
Hi there,
after some forced retreat :( and a Joker used for last month here my update for this month:


Astartes Chapter: Space Sharks.

3 Vindicators

Finally painted those vindicators which I built in ’08, but never painted. Converted the command vehicle with better sensors, antenna and the winch ant the rear.

Most colours have 3 stages, either basecoat/highlight/wash or basecoat/wash/highlight.
Metal: Chaos/drybrushed Boltgun/Badab
Black: Chaos/Regal Blue
Grey: Charadon/Codex/Fortress/Badab
Red: Mechrite/Blood/Blazing Orange/Badab
Yellow: Sunburst/White


Highs: Were faster to paint than I thought.
Lows: Had to repaint the first coat, as i had forgotten to use the Charodon first!! :(

Already started painting the next tactical squad, metal rogue trader marines and eventually finish the Techmarine with the Tarantula (Thunderfire Cannon stand in)
the last marker

Here the pic:

Will try to post better pics in my thread by the weekend.

And as i wasn't able to reply to all your kind comments i am going to do this now:
@ dangersaurus: Thanks, but hols helbed a lot here.

@perplexiti: Thanks, the whole Company will be made up of beakies!

@Irondog: They're still iconic for the marines and yeah, you're right, the old missile launcher was and is still also my favourite weapon by GW

@misterboff: Thanks, but the colour scheme and the missing details, plus the hols, helped to be that fast.

@gonzobignose: DERE IS NO SKOOOL LIKE OLD SKOOL... What can i say? OLD SKOOL RULZ!

@Zark the Damned: Thanks and i hope you're not deluded by this update. :)

@The Marshel: Thanks, but i'm not going to start a second army. :))
I think that the Sharks are great, so i might end up painting more than i thought of them! There is always the next Apocalypse game!

03-12-2010, 14:22

WOW, what a great army. Liking the way you paint the Angels!
Hope to see more of them.

03-12-2010, 15:07
Dark Eldar 1000 points: November 2010 (D6 roll = 4)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 104 POINTS (monthly target: 100 points)

the Kabal of the Bloody Tongue

Raider with chain snares, grisly trophies, night shields, flickerfield (90pts)
Kabalite Warrior with Shredder (14pts)

Out of the box.

I want my Dark Eldar to have a neon/Tron feel to them.
The armour is mostly dark blue (Necron Abyss) with light blue (Ice Blue) highlights. Some plates are painted silver.
Glyphs are bright green (Scorpion Green) highlighted to white.
I'm painting the Dark Eldar's skin as I would bone. Dheneb Stone base with a Devlan Mud wash. Highlighted with more Dheneb Stone up to white.
The bases are bits of slate and sand. The slate is painted Codex Grey and drybrushed with Fortress Grey. The sand is painted Snakebite Leather and drybrushed with Dheneb Stone and then given a wash of Devlan Mud. Finally I added some static grass.

Highs: I LOVE these minis and I'm really enjoying painting them. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate painting vehicles, so it says something when it is the first model that I paint :D
Lows: None really. Which worries me :shifty:

I paint stuff from loads of different units at the same time so it's anyones guess really. I feel fairly confident that I will have some Wyches painted next month maybe with a Mandrake, Incubi or Reaver thrown in for good luck.

03-12-2010, 15:42
Angels of Wrath Blood Angel Successor Chapter

Monthly Total: 295pts
Total So Far: 630pts
Jokers Used: 0

Dice Roll = 2

Unit(s) this Month: Librarian and Honour Guard including Sanguinary Novitiate and 4 Honour Guard with Lightning Claw and Flamer.

Build/Conversions: Honour Guard Kit-bashed from the Space marine Commander, Command Squad, Death Company and Sanguinary Guard Sprues. I gave the Librarian a head-swap by removing the ridiculous 'Bruce Willis' head and replacing it with a helmet from the Death Company sprue. His left arm is the command banner arm with the hand/pole removed and replaced with one from the Sanguinary Guard sprue.

Highs and Lows: Working to a tournament deadline meant pushing myself harder than ever for this unit but it was definitely worth it.

I had originally intended to post the tanks I've been working on but I need to do a bit more on the weathering first as I rushed them for the tourny!


05-12-2010, 12:13
Hi all,

Apologies been a bit busy this month xmas shopping, finishing BL books and painting for ToFP.
Have about 75-100 points painted up.
Going to use a joker this month but aim to get a block of Nobz and Lootas done to cover me for next two months

05-12-2010, 12:58
Pudsey098 Evil Sunz Orks : November 2010 (D6 Roll = 1)


Mega Dread with 2 x Power Klaws
12 x Storm Boyz (inc Nob)

Mega Dread is such a great kit that it was build straight from the box it came in, the base was a bit of fun as a poor dead kan left in its wake (but at least my Mek gets the scrap!)
Stormboyz were a combination of the set and my bits box. Trying to make some with flying poses and had a little fun with a ork who is going the wrong way (rather unexpectedly!)

The bases were made from various gravel sizes painted with Astronomican grey and then washed with Badab Black then dry brushed again with Astronomican grey.

Well not actually a points scoring model, but as I like to have a 'stupid' ork with every unit, I had planned to paint a grot to accompany the Mega Dread, but have run out of time so will be doing him next month.

Really enjoyed the Mega Dread I guess the level of detail really helped inspire me with this model. But as for the Stormboyz, I lost heart with them a while ago and have really struggled to paint them to any standard, too plain for my liking and the smoke didn't really work, oh well at least there done!

Nobz squad with hopefully some interesting conversions, and of course their own wagon to drive them around, don't want them to walk any where now!

05-12-2010, 17:18
(edit to add dice roll) 4

MONTHLY TOTAL: 141 (monthly target: 100 points)

A renegade militia that's being subverted by Nurgle

Completed this month Renegade Armoured Fist Squad

Cadian legs with forgeworld renegade torsos and arms

Black undercoat on all figures.

The cloth element is painted using adeptus battle grey basecoat, followed by astronomican grey with a splash of Thrakka green was to tone down the colour, this is then washed with a one to one mix of baddab black and thrakka green wash.

The armour elements are base coat of orkhide shade followed by knarloc green with a thrakka green wash.

Metal is just boltgun metal washed with a 1/1 mix of baddab black and devlan mud.

Leather hood is simply scorched brown followed by vermin brown and a wash of devlan mud

Rust is forgeworld orange rust.

The eyes are blazing orange highlighted with white then with a wash of tamiya clear orange.

On these guys nothing, but for next month and beyond, i need to finish building my Ogryn Besrker Squad, and undercoat them and my rogue psykers

Highs: I've painted a whole squad in a month! A MONTH!! I've never done that before!
Lows: The arms man the arms! Dear lord they are a royal pain to match and and fit.

Ogryns (well maybe) i may have to Joker December.

And now pics:







06-12-2010, 07:32
Badgobbla's Blood Angels

Painting for november: 190 points
Total painted: 430 points

Dice Roll: 4

What: 2 Predators with storm bolters and extra armor
I tried out some freehand-designs on the Predator-turrets. One (the laurel) is a bit better than the other one ("roman" design), in my personal opinion. The laurel actually wasn't that hard and it's a design that I plan to use on lots of other vehicles, banners, etc. The "roman" design didn't quite work out as planned as I first tried to just freehand it. Later I found it was easier to paint lines all over the surface and then just black out the lines I didn't need. Although I'm still not convinced about it all, but for now it'll have to do.


And a group shot:
- the freehand work which turned out easier than expected

- the one design is not to my liking, so I might have to redo that.

Next up is a Furioso Librarian Dreadnought with his ride, a drop pod.

06-12-2010, 21:08
Tekore's Blood Angels, Month 3!

Dice Roll: 2


Blood Angels Fourth Company "Knights of Baal"

Five Death Company with two hand flamers, two power fists, a power weapon, and a plasma pistol. I'm not sure that they'll run as such in games all the time (esp. the hand flamers), but I wanted to use all the cool toys on the sprue.

These are built using the Assault Squad and Death Company Box.

Painting follows the idea I used from my Raven Guard years ago, which is using shades of gray to paint the figures and then washing with black. I use bright colors, such as the greens and red, to "pop" out.

Highs: These are some of the nicest models I've painted. Seriously, every one of them is like painting a character.

Lows: Working on ungors after doing these is a bit tough.

The rest of the DC.


06-12-2010, 22:03
Sorry Guys, gotta joker. My stuff is not as far as long as I had hoped. But I will return with 400 points of stuff next month for sure.



07-12-2010, 20:18
Rutgar's Biel-tan Eldar army

MONTHLY TOTAL: 133 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 350 points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Eldar army, Biel-tan theme.

UNIT: Farseer with spirit stones, doom, guide and singing spear.

PAINTING: I wasn't sure how the red would turn out, but now that it's finished I think it's quite cool. I was going for a crystalline effect (WD 362) for the spear, but it didn't work out so I settled for something simpler. May go back and redo that at a later time.

Also, my first try at NMM. Not sure that anyone is going to mistake the yellow for gold, but I'm still pleased with the result, so I'm keeping it.

STILL DO TO: Basing. This will be the focus in december. After I'm done with the bases, I'll post a pic of the army as it stands now.


07-12-2010, 21:04
Sadly I'm going to have to bow out. Looking at my calendar it seems certain that I would have to drop out at some point over the next three months. There is one positive in that I will be able to concentrate on getting a load of stuff converted and built all ready for next years Tale. So until August next year TTFN.

07-12-2010, 23:22
I'll also be tactically jokering this month too for both my Tau and guard - I've got a platoon nearly finished for my guard along with a vets squad. If my bits turn up I should be able to build some more vets, a colonel, and possibly another platoon if I have time.

My Tau have gone on a slight back burner though. Half tempted to pull them from the tale as I'm not really making any headway on the infantry beyond more Grymn :D

08-12-2010, 04:17
Well, I hope this is in before the buzzer. If it's not too late, put me down for 1,000 pts of Tyranids. Here goes...

Hatemonger's Tyranids: November 2010 (D6 roll = 4)
MONTHLY TOTAL: ~100 POINTS (monthly target: 100 points)
TOTAL TO DATE: 100 POINTS (target to date: 100 points)
FINAL GOAL: 1000 points
JOKERS: 2 (missed first 2 months)

I've had most of this army assembled for two full codex editions now, but completely unpainted. I never finished working out a color scheme, so I never even started painting them, and then moved on before they went anywhere. I'd like to fix that, and I figure once I get the color scheme worked out, I can always grind through painting a few more bugs when the mood catches me. So, this is the first step on that journey of a thousand miles.

Assorted gaunts and Genestealers as test models.

Most are simply out of the box, some out of the Battle of Macragge set. A few of those have some slight conversions, such as 'stealer limb positions.

Although I've never worked out the color scheme before, I started with this vision in my head of the Tyranids appearing on a scanner just like a mass of black-and-white TV static, all bunched up in a big pile of monochrome noise.

Broadly speaking, I've been shooting for that "black and white" look, while trying to make it look more interesting than, well, black and white. I've gone through a few tests (detailed more in my plog (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=284961)) and settled on this so far:

Sprayed with Duplicolor gray auto primer (very close to Adeptus Battlegrey).
First wash of Badab Black to add depth.
Carapace and claw areas painted Astronomican Grey. Second wash of black to shade this, and make dark areas appear more like black than gray.
Detail areas painted Astro Grey and washed to tint with color.
Highlight carapace/claws with Fortress Grey in a striated pattern to give a textured effect.

Bases are painted VMC Flat Earth and drybrushed Astronomican Grey.

Lots. :( I'm still not settled on the "spot" color(s), so lots of that, some of the highlights, and most of the bases. Eventually I will have to go back and repaint at least some of these, but I knew that going in. I will also need to figure out how to paint a few other things, such as the fleshy bits on tentacles and lash whips, and how to do unit markings.

Highs: Finally seeing paint on these after 5+ years of bare plastic.
Lows: Figuring out color schemes is a glaring weakness for me. This part has taken me far longer to work out, even after a dedicated effort, and it's still not really done.

More of the same, trying to round out some units' worth. Maybe another odd model or two to try out another type.

Pic shows the current state of things. I should be able to finish up the highlights tomorrow, and detail colors will be a day at most once I try a couple more options and reach a decision. You can also see some of the earlier rejects in the back rows.

- H8

08-12-2010, 04:27
Nicely detailed. They should really good when they've been based.

You do yourself a disservice. They look really nice with a uniform style. I like them.

@Zark the Damned
Love the Bad Moons. Anyone who willingly paints that much yellow deserves a medal in my eyes.

I think the rocket tips are actually OK. NIce work on the tracks and the weathering.

Very nice, and my favourite models this posted in the tale this month. Any chance of some more pics of the (FW Chaplain?) Dreadnought?

I like how the red almost looks metallic. It's a nice effect and it's quite striking. I'd try and keep the basing light so keep that effect.

Classic Vindicators. Enough said really.

@Fanny Crowbar
Nice scheme and very clean highlighting. Is that icon on the sail freehand?

Nicely done with the bone and the highlighting.

Mega Dred is lovely. Very nice weathering. The photo of the Stormboyz is a little dark and hard to make out details.

The squad is as nice as before, but those Ogryns? Awesome. Hopefully they'll be painted soon.....

Nice and tidy freehand. All three look excellent.

On the whole, good job. The eyes look a little sloppy but apart from that they're fine.

The cloth is nicely done and makes the mini. Very clean and tidy.

Love the colour scheme. The light carapaces gives them a nice contrast.

I think generally the standard of the whole tale is pretty good and its nice that the Dark Eldar guys can finally get involved too.

08-12-2010, 06:05
4th try now... crap hardware problems here.



sorry, but inevitable, it´s the season.

However, will post wip pics of my new suits, company for the commander.


08-12-2010, 07:17

All the internet buzz lately about the Grey Knights release coming up in Q1 2011 has got me thinking. The buzz, combined with a recent commission job (http://www.irondogstudios.com/commission/DH_01/com_DH01.html), means that I've got Grey Knights on the brain something fierce. I'm still painting Orks, but the blue steel power armor is calling to me as well.

To that end I would like to change my entry in the tale if I may. Instead of 2000 points of Orks, I would like to do a 50/50 split of 1000 points of Orks and 1000 points of Grey Knights. Without further ado:

Irondog's Orks (and Grey Knights)

Total Painting for November '10: 200 points of Grey Knights

Total Army Size: 575 points (Orks - 375 pts / Grey Knights - 200 pts)

Die Roll: 5

In addition to my Orks from previous months, I've just painted up a small squad of Grey Knights in power armor. Justicar and 5 Grey Knights, one of which has a Psycannon.

None needed in my opinion. The things are solid metal and frikkin' beautiful.

The armor is Mithril Silver basecoat over a black undercoat. The joints in the armor (back of the knees, inside of the elbows and hips, etc.) are painted with Boltgun Metal, and the gold areas are basecoated Shining Gold. Once the metallics are dry I used Badab Black wash to darken the armor a bit. Once the Badab Black was dry I highlighted the upper areas of the armor agin with Mithril Silver. Finally, a thinned wash of Asumen Blue (50/50 wash to water) was used to tint the armor.

The purity seals and the tabard on the Justicar use a Bestial Brown basecoat, followed by Bubonic Brown, and finally Bleached Bone.

Gravel and pebbles, then painted with Chaose Black, followed by drybrushes of Codex Grey and Fortress Grey in that order. After dullcoat is applied, I added a few small tufts of static grass

Still to Do:

Highs and Lows:

Highs: Finally getting some paint on these models. I've had them since they were first released back in '03 and I'm just getting around to painting them now. For shame :D

They also make a good break from my Orks. Totally different palette of colors and they're expensive as hell in terms of points. Small numbers of expensive models are easier to get painted during the holiday season. :D

Lows: None




08-12-2010, 19:10
Army:Green tau
Points so far 185 + vehicles drones
This month 15 (marker drone) + vehicle drones

Hi all
Sorry to be a bit late, this month I got very little done. All I have to show is some drones. However I can also show you a shot of what I've done so far and what I am working on for the future. I need to ask you a favour regarding painting my kroot, ethereal and transports as I cant decide on a successful scheme. In particular I need some ideas for the cloth and quills of the kroot and what design and colour camo for my vehicles.


A couple of comments:

@biginbelgium very nice really like the black armour youve done and the bases are nice also (Can I ask what brand of grass that is??)

@Tekore I like your models but the eyes are annoying me, I think it would be real good to go round the edges again in black and maybe add a dot highlight in the near corner

@Inquisitor Pariah (below) Nice to see your Tau skimmers, I feel your pain with the flyer bases btw. Anyone reccommend any alternatives/solutions??

Inquisitor Pariah
08-12-2010, 19:45
Army: Tau (boys) This month I decided to bring out the gimp and start painting the cadres' armour pool - this'll be a WIP until next month so the points total will only be added when they are all finished

Die Roll: 3


1 Hammerhead (Railgun, smart-missles)
2 Devilfish (gun drones)
2 Devilfish (smart-missles)

Painting: Base coat of Dneb stone (ran out *sigh*), heavy dry-brush of skull white (the later washes should tone this down). I then broke out the spray gun, built a cardboard spray booth of of cereal boxes and sprayed on some Gnarloc green...like a lean green tau spray-painting machine!

Still to Do:
1) Brown detailing (you know, like you see of every Tau vehicle!)
2) Metallics (will be limited)
3) Washes (watered down black+brown)
4) Heavy weathering - the rest of my tau look pretty shabby, so these have to fit in

Highs: Spray-gunning on a snow day :)

Lows: Stupid breaking flying bases


08-12-2010, 20:28

misterboff; Love the new DE models, and you've done a good job on them - I really like the choice of colour.

MistaGav; Nice work - the red guns work really well with the black.

Zark the Damned; Nice and colourful work on the bad moons and deathskulls, and I really like the detailing you've done on the goffs.

Mini77; Nice crisp blacks and whites, and all round well painted minis - good stuff.

biginbelgium; Superb - not much more to say really!

Zander77; I really like the way the red fades into the black on your models - suitably sinister looking!

Vimes; I always like seeing the classic minis and you've done a really good job on them.

Fanny Crowbar; Excellent! The neon effect works really well.

Doomseer; Nice looking squad. I like the blood drops and the lightning effect on the sword.

pudsey098; Great mega dread, and I love the stormboyz - the posing really works well.

vargojones; Outstanding! Hope you don't joker next month!

Badgobbla; Very good, and all your freehand designs look great.

Tekore; Nice squad. I like the bright splashes of colour on the dark scheme.

Rutgar; Excellent paint job on an excellent mini. Enough said.

Hatemonger; I like the idea that your scheme comes from, and you've done a good job with it.

Irondog; They are beautiful minis and you've really done them justice.

Fabian3rd; Shame you didn't paint more, what you've done thus far looks really good.

08-12-2010, 20:38
Comments for everyone! Apologies for misspelled names!

Misterboff - I like the color scheme and the great eyes. They could possibly use some shading and highlighting.

Mistagan - Excellent Blacks and Whites!

Zark the Damned - Having an Imperial Fists army, I know how tricky good yellow can be. Keep it up!

Mini77 - Very neat, clean painting.

Djc - I enjoy any tank that has arrows on it!

Big in Belgium - These are some gorgeous Death Company, and put mine to shame!

Zanda77 - Nice color scheme for the Dark Eldar!

Vimes - I love the grays. Any Space Shark army is just awesome!

Fanny Crowbar - Excellent sharp looking lines on the ship!

Doomseer - Looks good. Could possibly use a highlight.

Pudsey098 - Love the metallic, rusty look.

Vargojones - These definitely have a dirty, muddy theme to them. Big groups on the table will look good.

Badgobbla - Nice freehand and checkering!

Rutgan - I like your colors. They are a bit flat, however.

Hatmonger - Looks good so far, and congratulations on getting some paint on those fellas.

Irondog - Those are some exceptionally nice Grey Knights. Good eye glow!

Fabian 3rd - It's nice to see a different color scheme for the Tau.

Inquisitor Pariah - Great start!

08-12-2010, 20:43
I wasnt going to comment until I posted my pictures, but Irondog your Grey Knights almost forced me to post. They are awesome!!!

09-12-2010, 06:58
Well done to everyone who managed to post this month. I'll provide some comments first, and update the '3 JOKER' people later:

@Pudsey098: I like the pose of your Mega Dread, and love your Big Choppa wielding Stormboy Nob. What a brilliant idea putting a Rokkit Pack on a regular Nob!

@vargojones: You've got a fair few models painted this month - good going. I think their dirty/rusty look if very appropriate for Nurgle, and I'm looking forward to the Plague Ogryns.

@Badgobbla: That's a fair chunk of points you've painted. They look very neat and the freehand really personalises your army.

@Tekore: Some more lovely Blood Angels. I like all the little details, and the charging pose suits the Death Company very well.

@Rutgar: I've never attempted NMM myself, but it looks like you've done a good job on your Farseer. The rest of the paintjob is very neat too.

@give_me_a_d: Sorry to see you go #give_me_a_d#, you've been a stalwart of the Tale and I look forward to seeing your work again next year!

@Hatemonger: Welcome to the Tale Hatemonger, I've signed you up for 2 JOKERs (which you can 'earn back' if you get ahead) and 100/1000 of Tyranids. Your first lot of models look great - I've always liked icy/snowy Tyranid colour schemes, it makes them look suitably cold/evil.

@Irondog: It's a shame to reduce your Orks, but those are some gorgeous Grey Knights. Does that mean your Orks will be 185/190/Joker and your Grey Knights Joker/Joker/200? Let me know if this needs changing.

@Fabian3rd: That's a whole lotta drones, and they look good. As for your Kroot, how about a brighter colour like orange or yellow to contrast the green?

@Inquisitor Pariah: Wow, you've got plenty to be getting on with! I've put you down as 0 points for this month, and I'll put you down as the total points for next month.

For the 60+ 'No Shows' that we've had, I've put you down as a JOKER for November. Now that we're three months into the Tale, some people will have played 3 JOKERs. I'll update the people who have now played 3 JOKERs a bit later.

My Dark Eldar haven't received any attention so far this month, as I've either been too busy or naughtily repainting Orks instead (I repainted a Truk and added some Grot Riggers and a Wreckin' Ball). The target that I've set myself for the next two months is my remaining 25 Wyches, and this month I'm hoping to get at least half of them done.


09-12-2010, 07:25
@ misterboff

I was thinking of switching off Orks and Grey Knights on a month to month basis. So I wouldn't be playing jokers as much as doing 200 points a month, but with alternating armies, ending up with 1000 points of each at the end. Is that possible?

10-12-2010, 01:17
I was thinking of switching off Orks and Grey Knights on a month to month basis. So I wouldn't be playing jokers as much as doing 200 points a month, but with alternating armies, ending up with 1000 points of each at the end. Is that possible?

No worries Irondog, I've sorted that for you now.

I've actually managed to get some painting done tonight, for the first time in over a week! My camera needs some new batteries, but I can assure you all that I've basecoated and washed 3 Wyches with Hydra Gauntlets.

I've also posted up a couple of recent battle reports (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=286072) using my Ork army from the previous two Tales (no pics though), if anyone fancies a read.


10-12-2010, 15:18
Bit late but here we go

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs400.ash2/67815_10150137708899972_692009971_8089749_5480100_ n.jpg

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs933.snc4/74688_10150137709239972_692009971_8089757_7436200_ n.jpg

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs1201.snc4/155366_10150137709309972_692009971_8089759_8046373 _n.jpg

225 pts this month


11-12-2010, 13:47
First thanks everyone for all the great comments. Makes me want to paint a lot more.

And the comments:
@ misterboff: love those new dark eldar models. Purple and green always go well together.
@ MistaGav: nice looking squad, I like how the plasma gun is done.
@ Zark the Damned: great work on the grotzookas, I also really like the checker pattern .
@ Mini77: one of my favorites, looking great.
@ djc: don’t worry about the rockets, they look fine.
@ Zander77: I kinda like the dark deep red color. You could touch up the flesh parts though.
@ Vimes: this picture makes me feel warm inside, love the old rhino chassis. Great eye for detail, nice.
@ Fanny Crowbar: the skin on the driver looks great, keep it up!
@ Doomseer: simply amazing, original good looking unit. The only thing that is not my cup of tea is the green on the purity seals.
@ Pudsey098: awesome looking orks, I might have to get me a mega dread.
@ Vargojones: the cloth on these models is nice, I also like the antennae. Keep it up!
@: Badgobbla: again I’m jealous of your freehands. Great army so far.
@ Tekore: original go at the black, looking good.
@Rutgar: sweet, I like red on models, makes them look more aggressive. I don’t know about the nmm but it look fine by me.
@ Hatemonger: more nids, always a pleasure, it’s tough all those small critters but hang in there.
@ Irondog: Love your work, you’re right, those grey knight are sweet models, aargh now I have to paint up mine as well.
@Fabian3rd: it’s nice to see more Tau, the army looks solid so far. I used grass from army painter.
@ Inquisitor Pariah: impressive, looking forward to the finished result.
@ Ironduke: great work so far, what chapter is it you are painting?


11-12-2010, 14:00
Its a variation of the White Panthers scheme. I am thinking of adapting them and making it more wolf themed just because I can cheat and use space wolves transfers to save me the task of freehanding on over a hundred space marines.

12-12-2010, 01:12
Hi all great work so far, I'll post commments in a day or two.

Perplexiti’s Space Wolves: 2010 (D6 roll = 5)




BACKGROUND/THEME: Ragnar Blackmane’s Great Company.

UNIT(S): The man himself, Ragnar Blackmane

BUILD/CONVERSIONS: The only building for this guy is gluing him to the base and then sticking his backpack on.

PAINTING/BASING: Pretty much the same as the rest of the guys, just with a little bit more time spent.


HIGHS AND LOWS: No lows again, but it’s nice to get him painted as he is the first ever model I bought, waaaaay back in ’94 or so.

NEXT MONTH: Probably more Grey hunters, or maybe some armour, I’m undecided at the moment.



Army so far.


12-12-2010, 09:27
Yeah! Absolutely loving this Ragnar model. Are you making banners for his backpack?
A rare sight these days, specially since the SW design has changed, like in all 40k.
However, well done, can´t wait till the backpack is on.

While at it,

Ironduke, what a nice scheme, so crisp and cleanly painted. Do you consider weathering? AT least imho not necessary. They look real good.

Inquisitor Pariah, nice to see some Tau armour. I like the colours, although I must honestly say that I miss some detail. Could be the pic though.

Fabian3rd, more Tau is always good, in green even better. Nice job, quite productive.

Irondog, good you continue the tale with these superb GK. The eyes are real cool. Nice, as would be expected.

Rutgar, what a nice fingerpose that Farseer has. Well painted aswell. I am no Eldar expert, but this scheme seems unfamiliar. I like them though.

Tekore, that´s an interesting recipe for black. I actually used a similar one some 20 years ago. Your results are waaayyy better :p

Badgobbla, always delivers to maintain a minimum quality level in each tale. I like the turrets with different markings.

Vargojones, these are excellent. If painted in a limited palette they look so gritty and actually evil, it is not too often to see with renegade guard. The spirit of the IA artwork well captured. Like!

Pudsey, apart from me envying you for having a Megadread I think I am able to say: A very nice paintjob. The Stormboys pic could be better, but they look nicely bada$$ orky.

Doomseer, now that´s a HQ squad. Very venerable looking, painting top, posing top, all very well. How did the you do in the tourney?

Fanny Crowbar, very nice DE. The banner is worth to mention. Freehand?

Vimes, oldschool Space Sharks Vindies. How awesome can you get?! One of this months faves for me.

Zander, oldschool DE will get rarer. All the more interesting you do it in the hype of this winter. Solid painting. For the bases I would recommend the sanded and dry brushed black and gray variant. If you go light enough it will contrast your models. That would be a nice effect.

Biginbelgium, very cool BA. I like the bases a lot. It looks like the boxes contain some variety in bits today. For the pic, try auto light adjustment in photoshop or gimp, the latter being free.

djc, well doen. I am not a big Manticore fan, but the fact you made it renegade and painted those stars on the heads made it worth while.

Mini 77, very, very nice black Marines. good bases too. I like the red robed guy a lot. Has a bit adechy feel to it.

Zark, colourful Orks, very well painted. Though I must say the blue-yellow-green guys do hurt my eyes a bit :p

Mistagav, nicely done Ravenwing. When the bases are done you´ll be more happy with them. If I can serve with a bit of advice, do not use artificial hair brushes. they bed, the colour clutters, they cause rage. Use rather long ones, bigger ones, like 1.0 or 2.0 rather than 00.1 and 0.1. The small ones are nice for detail but won´t help you with the bigger areas.

Misterboff, thanks for hosting the tale, btw, I wonder, is that one of those fabled 40$ explosion markers? :D Still laughing that someone really bought it at that price from ebay. Your DE are coming along nicely, I like the green hair. The new models are real cool, was worth it to wait for them.

Through it.


12-12-2010, 17:48
Well, I hate to do this but...

I'm out. My mojo's been seriously off this past month or so, with even simple paint jobs turning out terrible. I'm swinging between the best painted stuff I've ever done one day, and some of the worst painting I've ever done the next. The tale really isn't for me right now, but it definatly was last year and I'll certainly be back next year.

I've still got another month if I find my groove but, I doubt it. Good luck guys.

12-12-2010, 17:51
Ok, comments time for everyone so far.

Page 1:

@misterboff: Cool looking Dark Eldar man, hehehe Soulcaliber ftw! the girls look like ivy
(I think her name is) off that game.

@MistaGav: Nice work, it's good to see people still using Dark Angels.

@Zark the Damned: Great stuff man, it's really nice to see someone doing an Ork army old
school style with a mix of clans in it.

@Mini77: Awesome work mate, they all look great. It still buzzes me out to see that badge
change, it's such a good idea.

@djc: Good looking manticore, the stars on the rocket tips aren't too bad, better than I
could do anyways, and I think it kind of fits, I can just see a beastman braying at his
mate to pass up the bucket of human blood(or paint) as he sits on the warhead.

@biginbelgium: Really, really really great stuff mate. You've done a great job on all the
detail on these guys, and that dread looks fantastic.

@Zander77: I don't really like the old Dark Eldar, but your paint scheme looks pretty cool

@Vimes: Great looking Vindacoators, and it's great news to hear of a full beakie army....:D

@Fanny Crowbar: Those new Dark Eldar really do look fantastic, and you've done a great job painting them too.

@Doomseer: Nice work mate, the black and bone go toether well.

@pudsey098: Good work man, that mega dred is pretty imposing.

@vargojones: Good looking traitor guard man.

@Badgobbla: Nice clean armour mate, and that freehand work is great.

Page 2:

@Tekore: Looking good, I don't know if you were going for a glowy eye effect, but I'd tidy up around the lenses on the helmets. I know my guys at least look like pandas untill I go over the edges again.

@Rutgar: Nice Farseer, the red and green look pretty cool together.

@Hatemonger: Cool looking nids, that's gonna look like a huge wave when there's more of the little gribblys running with them.

@Irondog: So, it's not just Orks you can paint awesomely then! They look great man.

@Fabian3rd: Nice simple drones, I think maybe the light coloured skin for the Kroot, with
green cloth/leather to tie them into the army and maybe a green jacket for the ethereal.

@Inquisitor Pariah: Looking good so far, can't wait to see them finished.

@Ironduke: Nice clean armour, looking good. I was going to ask if they were white panthers as well, it's a cool looking scheme that's for sure.

Keep it up everyone, all the stuffs looking good!

12-12-2010, 18:58
Thanks to everyone for the comments so far. As many people have said before, it is very motivating to keep me going when I easily could have given up, so as far as I'm concerned, the Tale has already been worth it for only 1 month.

Comments for the painters so far:
@misterboff: Good start to the army. The green and purple works better than I would have guessed.

@MistaGav: Very nice bikes. It's some serious dedication to do that much edge highlighting, but it certainly paid off.

@Zark the Damned: Talk about a prolific painter! I can't imagine running out of assembled things to paint. Three different color schemes and they all look good.

@Mini77: And another person who paints more in a month than I do in a year! The shame of it! Fantastic work on all of it, too. I'm impressed with how well you've done the shading/highlighting with the white on black.

@djc: I wouldn't sweat about the stars. The roughness of the white is a little bothersome, but the stars just look like they were hand-painted by some turncoat cultists, so I think that could actually works well.

@biginbelgium: Very nice looking figures. I don't care so much for the green on the weapons - reminds me of the 'Eavy Metal era during 2nd edition 40k - but it's well executed.

@Zander77: Glad to see some old school DE what with all the new faces running around. You said you were struggling with the red, and it does look a little muddy to me, especially on the Raider's prow. I think I might try a little less wash, or maybe use Devlan Mud instead of Black, so it's not so harsh?

@Vimes: I love how you have the old models updated with some newer parts. That's one of my favorite things to do. I think it works well to tie the "generations" together, like what Forgeworld has done with their armor marks.

@Fanny Crowbar: That looks a *lot* like my old DE color scheme, but updated and better executed. In other words, it's exactly what I want to do with my army! Expect to see some imitation in the future.

@Doomseer: Wow, beautiful! Flame + stabby = win. I love the Librarian's pose, also.

@pudsey098: That mega-dred looks like a great kit to build. I love the smoke trail on the Stormboy.

@vargojones: Congrats on finishing a whole squad, I know exactly how you feel. You can't Joker! I need to see those Ogryns!

@Badgobbla: I think all the designs look fine, at least what I can see of them. Your painting style looks familiar - did you have that army on show at Games Day Baltimore this year?

@Tekore: The "gray as black" is the same technique I'm using on my Tyranids, and I like the way it's working so far. I agree with Mini77's comment on the eyes. Seems like a minor detail, but they're such a focal point of the model, I think a few minutes of touchup would do wonders for the overall look.

@Rutgar: Your experiments may not have turned out the way you intended, but as you said they look worth keeping anyway. ;) I like the highlights on the robe.

@Hatemonger: You miserable wretch, you need to paint up more models to keep up with everyone else!

@Irondog: Great work on the details and the glowing eyes.

@Fabian3rd: Drones turned out well. As for your quill question, I've always thought Kroot look best in 'natural' colors. I'd suggest leaving the quills gloss black, with a small band of brown on the end and a tip of bone/white. That would give some contrast without looking too extreme.

@Inquisitor Pariah: Spraying is the only way to go for vehicles, IMO. Once you go spray, you'll curse yourself any time you ever have to handpaint a hull again.

@ironduke: Looking good there. You seem to have nailed a good technique for the white, which I would think is the hardest part. Suggestion: drill the barrels! (pet peeve of a Space Marine snob ;))

@perplexiti: Just putting paint on a model you bought 15 years ago? I thought I was the only person who had painting procrastination like that! Congrats, looking solid so far! And just so ironduke won't think I'm picking on him: you drilled bolters but not meltas? :p

Thanks again for everyone's comments. Keeping my motivation high is critical to getting through the little swarms.

- H8

12-12-2010, 21:03
@warflag, no banners for Ragnar, I cut the posts off a long time ago. And his backpack is on, gold wolf heads poking over his shoulders.

@Hatemonger: Lol, I got hasseld a bit last month about not drilling my stuff..:D and thought I'd done them all this time round but completely forgot about the meltas....:o I promise I'll have them done by next month......honest....;)

Also he was painted ages ago, but very very very poorly. So that doesn't count....:shifty:

13-12-2010, 05:20
@Hatemonger: Lol, I got hasseld a bit last month about not drilling my stuff..:D and thought I'd done them all this time round but completely forgot about the meltas....:o I promise I'll have them done by next month......honest....
Ok, I'll hold you to that. :) The thing that always picked at me was that no one says that to, say, Guard players.
"You need to drill out you bolter barrels."
"Oh yeah, well you need to drill out all 1,000 of your teeny little flashlights, you @#$@$!#$..."
I want to see all those cocky new Dark Eldar players drilling out splinter rifles. :evilgrin:

Also he was painted ages ago, but very very very poorly. So that doesn't count....:shifty:
No, I'll give you credit for that one. I was just hoping to share my shame with someone else. I *wasn't* joking about *me* having 15-year-old minis unpainted. :cries:

- H8

13-12-2010, 06:57
Lol, I got hasseld a bit last month about not drilling my stuff.. and thought I'd done them all this time round but completely forgot about the meltas.... I promise I'll have them done by next month......honest....

That might've been me, sorry :angel:.

My painting for December is going to be a bit random, because I'm having trouble deciding what I want to paint. My wife has bought me a Titan for Christmas and I've made myself a promise that I won't touch it until everything else I have is painted, so this month will likely be a mix of odd models here and there. Here's some WIP shots of another tactical sergeant and a techmarine with servo harness.

http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/techmarine1.jpg http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/techmarine2.jpg

http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/serg3.jpg http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/serg1.jpg

13-12-2010, 16:46
@mini77: Np mate! It's good to have the help to notice the little things. I've been playing 40k since the mid 90's and fantasy from around 2k and never had a fully painted army for either game, so it's good to have the finally have the motivation.....:D

14-12-2010, 15:57
I would like to start my post with an apology for being so late with my post. I just havnt had the time or oppertunity to get the camera out and the photos on my phone werent worth posting.

So the plan was to paint between 20 and 40 guardsmen this month. What actually came out was a leman russ battle tank and a vanquisher and 20 nearly finished guardsmen.

Points painted: 170+185= 355
Total painted: 355+200+240= 795

The photos

15-12-2010, 10:31
Apologies for the lack of comments but I've been a bit busy with my kids!

To all of you who commented on my work, many thanks for the encouragement.:)

To everyone still in the Tale - Keep it up there is some great stuff on here!

Comments for the 2 (only one?!)

@Tekore - good work fellow Angel, as others have mentioned its just the eyes letting you down, keep it up.


@Tekore - Highlight where? Maybe it's my camera but the models are highlighted, I like a subtle contrast. ;)

@biginbelgium - Thanks for the support, I went with the Green Seals as they were getting lost on the red! Seems to split people down the middle that one!

@Warflag - Thanks, I came 3rd in the tourny behind 2 similar 'Leafblower' Guard lists that took a lot of people by surprise!

I'll be back a bit later with some more comments:D

15-12-2010, 19:57
Well, I hate to do this but...

I'm out. The tale really isn't for me right now, but it definatly was last year and I'll certainly be back next year.

It sucks that you have to drop out dude, but I look forward to seeing you again next year.

I would like to start my post with an apology for being so late with my post. I just havnt had the time or oppertunity to get the camera out and the photos on my phone werent worth posting.

No worries bigcheese76, I've added you in. If you need to, you can always post your points and add pictures later if it's more convenient.

I've finished the 3 Wyches that I started the other day, and will soon start on another batch of 5...


15-12-2010, 22:14
I've finished the 3 Wyches that I started the other day, and will soon start on another batch of 5...

Good for you lol, I haven't picked up a brush since I finished off my ravager. Gonna run out a bunch of stuff once break starts I think.

16-12-2010, 18:33
Just thought I would post my plan for next month.

1. A commissar to join my platoon. Painted already.
2. Finish 20 guardsmen.
3. Start and hopefully complete painting a Grenadiers squad.
4. Paint final squad for the first platoon.

I dont intend to get all of these done this month, but hopefully over the next couple.

23-12-2010, 23:01
Just thought I would post my plan for next month.

1. A commissar to join my platoon. Painted already.
2. Finish 20 guardsmen.
3. Start and hopefully complete painting a Grenadiers squad.
4. Paint final squad for the first platoon.

I dont intend to get all of these done this month, but hopefully over the next couple.

Good luck dude, I found painting 20+ models a month pretty hard going. The Commissar will be a nice points boost for you though (compared to standard Guardsmen).

I've only managed 8 Wyches so far this month, but I seem to be constantly busy and/or tired at the moment. Hopefully Christmas will rejuvenate me a bit, and I'm hoping to get another 6 Wyches painted before the deadline.

My Ultramarines Movie also finally arrived this morning (2 weeks after it was dispatched), so I'm hoping to get that watched sometime over the holidays.


23-12-2010, 23:05
Not really WIP but I painted this up for a club competition. Merry Christmas to all the Tale painters.


24-12-2010, 22:28

Misterboff was kind enough to allow me to join the tale at this late date.

Hi Playwithbob. If you can manage to post some work for November in the latest thread before the end of the year (also stating which army and how many points you intend to paint), then I could add you in to the Tale. You would have to play your two 'Jokers' for September and October in addition to your November entry, and also post some work for December at the start of January too. If you can't make it though, the Tale of Painters will be starting again in August/September next year.

If I read this correctly, I need to post up Novembers work now and Decembers work in January. Luckily for me, I restarted my project in November. It took a month to look and see if a new Tale had started and I was dismayed that I had just missed the boat. I found the tale to be a great motivator last time around and I'll be the first at admit it, I need the motivation sometimes. My thanks go out to Misterboff for allowing me in.

For this tale I will be continuing off where I left. I pledge 2000 points of Space Marines.

So without further ado I give you

Playwithbob's DIY Space Marines: November and WIP December 2010
D6 roll for comments = 5

Unit 1: The Chapter Master aka Forgefather Vulkan
Cost: 190 points



The chapter symbol is a yellow sun with an inverted Y embossed in black. The sun represents the light that is the Emperor and the inverted Y are 2 hands pressed together in prayer.

Chapter Name is "Votum Miles militis" or Prayer Knights. Background is still being kicked around. Perhaps a successor chapter to the Mentor Legion that is charged with the keeping of the Astartes Military history museum.

These old figs dont require building so much as cleaning. Many were painted and needed stripping before they could be worked. I decided against converting to preserve my collection in their original poses. While I could have chosen any space marines for this project, I limited myself for figures made before 1992. That date was selected so that I could include some terminators that I have in my army.

I am a LAZY painter. I primed white then quickly brushed on a light coat of white over the entire fig. I blocked on the green then picked out the details on each fig. NO dry brushing, blending, highlighting, lining, or any other civilised technique. Once the color was blocked on and some touch up done where I noticeably went over the lines, every fig got the dip. I dip first in clean water then in water based min-wax wood stain. I have found this method works well for me on everything I paint.

When everything is dry (24 hours) I base the figs then seal with Krylon Matt.

Elmer's glue with a little brownish green paint is slathered onto the base then the base is dipped in sand. I then apply a drop or 2 of super glue and sprinkle a little static grass for effect. The edge of the base is cleaned of any sand or grass then painted black.

November is done

Highs: Getting back to this project and getting back in a tale.
Lows: Committing to finishing all the half finished guys before I start on new guys. We'll see how well I stick to that, an ebay box is here with some cool stuff in it.



25-12-2010, 05:37
Merry Christmas everyone!

(I know they're not 40k, but they are festive)

And welcome back to the Tale Playwithbob! (how many points are you aiming for, 1500/2000?)


25-12-2010, 07:17
And welcome back to the Tale Playwithbob! (how many points are you aiming for, 1500/2000?)


I'm shooting for 2000

26-12-2010, 07:56
I'm shooting for 2000

Coolio, I'll update the list for you.

So, what did everyone get for Christmas? I got the Citadel mixing pallet and paint pot, and was very pleasantly surprised to get a Stormlord too!

Must resist temptation to convert Stormlord into Skullhamma for my Deathskulls at the expense of my Dark Eldar... Must... not... loot...

The Marshel
26-12-2010, 10:44
hey guys, i just wanted to apologize for my complete lack of progress. I have been stuck in hospital for 2 weeks now and unfortunately one of the problems involves all the tendons in my right arm being severed. as such, i wont be painting anything for at least 9 weeks, so i'm just going to drop out now. I'll see if i can at least get photos of the 200 or so points i have done up when i get home

good luck to the rest of you

26-12-2010, 19:54
hey guys, i just wanted to apologize for my complete lack of progress. I have been stuck in hospital for 2 weeks now and unfortunately one of the problems involves all the tendons in my right arm being severed. as such, i wont be painting anything for at least 9 weeks, so i'm just going to drop out now. I'll see if i can at least get photos of the 200 or so points i have done up when i get home

good luck to the rest of you

That really sucks dude. I hope you heal up well, and get back to normal nice and quickly.

28-12-2010, 16:50
Well as if the situation couldn't get worse. It got worse. One of the people that I care about about the most (My Grandma) was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. I can no longer pledge to finish my army. Thank you for all your support. But my situation has progressed to a point that I just cannot continue painting anymore. I would like to spend more time with my grandma.


30-12-2010, 02:18
@Playwithbob: Bonus street cred for old school minis! I actually have that guy, and one of the dreads.

And no shame in the dip! Do what works! If you do have any control over the technique, though, there are a few splatter spots on the dreads that maybe could have been avoided.

So, what did everyone get for Christmas?
I got beer, mostly. Although not strictly 40k-related, it will hopefully help keep me motivated to paint more. :D

I have been stuck in hospital for 2 weeks now and unfortunately one of the problems involves all the tendons in my right arm being severed.
One of the problems? What's the other problem, your leg fell off?!? My God man! Best of luck with the recovery - just remember one of the Perry twins still sculpts with only one arm!

Well as if the situation couldn't get worse. It got worse. One of the people that I care about about the most (My Grandma) was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

Ok, well from this point forward I officially have no excuse whatsoever for not having my monthly entry done. Damn. I think I'm gonna go get one of those beers.

- H8

The Marshel
30-12-2010, 04:04
One of the problems? What's the other problem, your leg fell off?!? My God man! Best of luck with the recovery - just remember one of the Perry twins still sculpts with only one arm!

Lol. Thanks Hatemonger. Leg is intact and everything is either healed or nearly healed. just the arm preventing me from really going at the minis (which is incredibly annoying as i not only got a few marine and ork bits for Christmas but also a large number of lizardmen minis arrived while i was away)

I am as we speak trying to see if i can assemble a slann though so we'll see how that goes.


30-12-2010, 09:20
Well as if the situation couldn't get worse. It got worse. One of the people that I care about about the most (My Grandma) was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. I can no longer pledge to finish my army. Thank you for all your support. But my situation has progressed to a point that I just cannot continue painting anymore. I would like to spend more time with my grandma.


Sorry to hear your bad news Calvin, but family always comes first. Best wishes for you and your family for the future.

I got beer, mostly. Although not strictly 40k-related, it will hopefully help keep me motivated to paint more. :D

You could always proxy your empties as Carnifexes...


Not long left until the new year another the next monthly post. I've finished 8 Wyches up to now, and have basecoated/washed another 6, which I'll hopefully finish over the new few days.


31-12-2010, 15:57
Oh yeah, the end is nigh...

Last contribution before the new year, mainly to show off I´m still in.
It´s one of my next battlesuits. The guy on the right, If you wondered.

More on this in the respective log. Which I have not sigged. Yet.




A happy new year everybody.