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15-03-2006, 11:27
Just starting to dabble in Warlord right now and I'm considering a Reven Goblin sub-list. Does anyone have any hints as to what I should concentrate on/avoid when playing with the little fellers ?

16-03-2006, 09:17
The main advantage of the Noghra list is its huge numbers. You can get enormous volleys out of your archers, and almost every leader has the mob special ability that allows your troops to outnumber the enemy very easily.

16-03-2006, 12:57
Well.... Every leader has at least Mob/5 - and you can upgrade a basic Goblin to be a unit leader for free.... So... Tons of foot troops. As for 'many archers' the cheapest they have is 44 points and their basic arrow-chuckers are over 60 a model.... I've been considering a Horde army backed up with some cheap Clerics and Mages and a Hill Giant. Basic Goblin Warriors are Movement 6 with Run/2.... Give them a musician and standard and they're quite speedy little fellows.... Just not sure how they'll fare when they reach their opponents lines......

16-03-2006, 13:47
You should really head over to the Official Reaper Forums (http://www.reapermini.com/forum). They really are the friendliest gaming company forums on the internet, and the folks in the warlord sections (and factions and tactics in particular) will be able to help you out much moreso than I.

I'm more of an elves player...

18-03-2006, 06:51
Thanks, Heheh, there already, jus seeking as many viewpoints as I can )_)