View Full Version : A gamming clubs in south london/north kent?

15-03-2006, 12:38
As it sais on the tin - getting a bit bored of pick up games in GW on a tues vs noobs and in cramped contitions. Need some body(s) who knows what their doing so i can get my butt kicked now and again.

Brother Edwin
15-03-2006, 15:00
Well you are welcome to come down to our club south london warlords in Dulwich village. Were the club who run the event SALUTE you might of heard of.
We are generally vetran gamers who attend the UKGT of both 40K and fantasy plus its quite a relaxed atmosphere compared to GW vets night. We also do games besides GW. Plus theres lots of room and free coffie! ;)
Visisting is free and membership is about 5-15 quid a year depending on circumstance.
Were open mondays 7.30 to 11.00 and the occasional saturday.