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The Tale of Fantasy Painters 2010-2011

MONTH 3 (November's work and later December's WIP)

This is the thread where you can post your finished work for Month 3. (November's Work)

640x480 seems to work best OR use thumbnails
Bigger than this results in the scroll bar of doom for many.

What is it all about?

The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to start and complete an army in the next twelve months.

We made a decision early on to split the Tale into two separate 'halves' one for 40K and one for Fantasy. (Just because of the numbers of people involved) They have continued to evolve in slightly different ways but this is how the Fantasy Tale works.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months. Starting with their first post on the last day of September 2010 and finishing with their last post on the last day of August 2011. So we have this month, whilst everyone signs up, to collect, build, convert, undercoat and otherwise get yourself ready to go with the first work in progress starting in September.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. That is 200 points for 10 of the next 12 months.

At the end of each month a new thread will appear for the painters to post your previous months painting and the rest of the painters to offer words of encouragement.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.
(Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end ... it's harder than you think!)

Men and Boys

Because this is harder than you would think ... As last year rather than try and hold everyone to 200 points a month I have decided to allow folks to join in and paint only 100 points a month. Whilst the goal for many remains getting a 2000 point army painted in a year the original and ongoing intention of this whole thing was to encourage and support folks to get stuff painted and 1000 points is better than no points! As a result we have two catagories. 'Men' (painting 200 points/month) and 'Boys' (painting 100 points/month).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : No you are not too late. Yes you can still join in. Just post on this thread saying which army and how many points you intend to paint.

Q : Can I paint more than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes (we are not here to tell you how and when to paint your stuff, it is great to get ahead) BUT we would like you only to post 200 points (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 200 points a month (200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc.) so as not to depress the hell out of those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes. But we try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example oif you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character?
A : This happens a lot. If your character was over 400 points you would simply paint him over two months (the sort of time your general deserves!) So You start posting him one month and post nothing the first month (unless you want to post WIP) then the second month you post the finished model and all the points get added on.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. We love background stuff. Write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.

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Thanks for the table Braad.


01-12-2010, 22:15

Going to have to take a joker this month - november was crazy. I'll try to buy it back down the road.


01-12-2010, 22:15
It's OK I am not trapped under a heavy object ... Just along day at work. (Left before 7:00 only just got in and sat down now ... 16 hour days ... great laugh.

Thanks for starting the thread.

Looking forward to seeing everyones work ... and posting my own when I am in the house during daylight hours to take some photographs.

01-12-2010, 22:24
Really? I have to be first? Well, I guess that means I wont have to follow any big acts. :D

ARMY : Wood Elves (started the Tale as Beasts, but I hate them...:mad:)

UNIT: Dryads...well....Dryad, but there's more coming I swear. I just got the models a couple days ago.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Basic dryad model with the bark apron removed. Replaced head with that of a gnoblar. Added a couple extra back branches and extended the branch wig down both sides of the head. Add greenstuff until it all looks like it belongs there.

PAINTING: Was trying to do a birch pattern but it was crap so I switched to good old brown. Scorched brown undercoat, Terracotta basecoat, highlight of Terracotta and Golden Yellow, another highlight with Golden Yellow and Terracotta. Leaves are Blazing Orange highlighted with Golden Yellow/Blazing Orange. Forest Spirit is Ice Blue base highlighted up to nearly pure white. Face is a mix of...Dheneb Stone and Goblin Green...in various quantities.

BASING: Scorched brown basecoat, Khemri Brown Highlight. Dark Red and Burnt Green flock. Edge painted Calthan Brown

STILL TO DO: 11 more and a Branchwraith

HIGHS AND LOWS: Was a bit disappointed that the birch scheme didn't work out, but this looks pretty good. And it was SO MUCH better than painting beastmen

POINTS : A whopping 12points. I will make it up next month though.

TOTAL POINTS : Beasts panned out at about 465. Woodies start at 12. I will go all the way to 2000 with Woodies though, no copping out.


Ister Flersson
01-12-2010, 22:26
http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/2961/pc010044.jpg (http://img253.imageshack.us/i/pc010044.jpg/)

ARMY : Warriors of Chaos (WoC) : 2000 Points (MEN)

UNIT: Battle standard bearer

BACKGROUND/THEME: An angry chaos warrior finds love in the hands (or hooves) of a capable juggernaut. As an engagement present, Khorne gifts them with an impressive icon.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Basicly a chaos knight on a bloodcrusher juggernaut. Beastman arms, warrior head, bloodletter banner top. A saddle made from green stuff.

PAINTING: Undercoated black. Drybrushed boltgun metal, then mithril solver. Badab black wash. Lots and lots of skorne red, shaded with skorne red mixed with black, then highlighted with skorne red mixed with white. Lots and lots of Baal red (about three washes). Tin bits followed by rhulic gold and devlan mud for the brass details. Idrian flesh, followed by dwarf flesh, followed by elf flesh for the arms. The blood on the icon was basecoated scab red followed by (you guessed it) blood red. Blood red mixed with white for highlights. Then washed with good old red ink.

BASING: Scorched brown basecoat, beastial brown drybrush, followed by bestial brown mixed with jack bone brybrush. The rocks were painted adeptus battlegrey, then drybrushed with astronomicon grey. Yellow and green static grass.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: This model was a blast from start to finish, though painting the skin tones is always extra nice. Don't know why, I just like painting skin.

POINTS : Exalted hero with battle standard, mark of Khorne, juggernaut and flail (204), plus any magic items I might like.

TOTAL POINTS : over 600


01-12-2010, 22:59
Orcs & Goblins: 2000 POINTS (MEN)

Dice Roll: 3!

UNIT: 30 Night Goblins w. full command & 3 Night Goblin Fanatics.

PAINTING: Undercoated black. Drybrushed Fortress Grey, washed Badab Black. Wood: undercoat Scorched Earth, basecoat Graveyard Earth.
Yellow: Iyanden Darksun, wash Devlan Mud, Highlight sunburst Yellow. Skin: Basecoat Dark Angels Green, Snot Green on top of that, highlight Goblin Green. Yellow (hood): Iyanden Darksun, wash Ogryn Flesh, highlight Rotting Flesh.

BASING: Basecoat Scorched Brown, Heavy drybrush of Vermin Brown, then a light drybrush of 50:50 Vermin Brown/Bleached Bone. Glue on dead grass

HIGHS AND LOWS: Finishing ANOTHER unit of 30 Night Goblins was a definite high... Working on 30 Night Goblins is a definite low... Still have a long way to go, but am glad I have made a dent in the number of models I need to paint!!!

POINTS : 30 Night Goblins W. Full Command - 140
3 Night Goblin Fanatics - 75

Total - 215
Total to date - 475... stupid joker. :p

And the army to date :)


Work for Dec:

I'm split, I REALLY want to work on 50 night goblins... but I don't think I'll get it done in time since I'll be very busy over Christmas. So I think I may work on Skarsnik this month instead :). We shall see...

01-12-2010, 23:37
I would have posted a pic of my Runesmith here, but got entailed in some weirdness.

Basically, started painting the figure (the Runesmith from Grudge of Drong) and just did the face, then lovingly painted up the beard with lots of layers to a lovely white finish (didn't paint the rest of the figure).

Then I decided to do the cloak - built up a couple of layers, and guess what I noticed - holes - one or two. I thought to myself 'hmm - maybe this is supposed to be a ragged effect'. So I carried on, and found more holes, and more holes, and more holes. A really good inspection of the figure showed holes all over the cloak and extending round to the side of the figure too.

So it looks like the figure is a duff or a recast, and I spent ages on it! :(

Hence there is no Runesmith today and it will not count for about 75pts. I will post a couple of pics later in the month plus pics of some more stuff I have been working on :D

02-12-2010, 07:45
BAM! Extreme painting this month!

ARMY : Empire : 1000 Points (BOYS)

UNIT: lots of various stuff.

BACKGROUND/THEME: After the Storm of Chaos the forces of Empire are mixed and in bad shape. I plan to build an Empire army with mixed units. For example using dwarfs as part of the army and my Coreheim warband as militia. I've continued this theme during this month with troops from various provinces uniting in one unit.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Halberd unit is a mix of state troops and random bits (from marauders to Bretonnia). Looks like this is going to be a horde unit with lots of conversions. Knights are quite basic as is other stuff too.

PAINTING: Base coat with brown, foundation paints shadowed with washes and highlighted with basic paints.

BASING: Most models have their base decorated with resin casts or slates GW's basing kit. Other than that there's saw dust, painted black, highlighted with dark grey, space wolves gray (I think) and bleached bone and white. Some flock added also from various sources.

STILL TO DO: Again more of the same.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The "halberd users from other units" look really great and were fun to build. I think there'll be more of these. Low point was the urge to return to beastmen, undead, skaven and other armies... I suck at finishing these kinds of projects. However I managed to paint nearly three times the boyish 100 points.

POINTS : 4 x Knights (with musician and banner) 116p., 9x halberdier 45 p., great cannon 100p.

TOTAL POINTS : This month 261p. / Overall 442p. (Three months painting and No Jokers)


Knights from Knight Panthers and Reiksguard:


Great cannon:

02-12-2010, 07:57
I gotta use my last joker already, didnt manage to finish my 200 points of rats. But December will save me I think, should have time to finish the 200 points I started this month (jezzail team, converted plaguemonk command (6 rats), warpfire thrower team and 5 slaves). I'll most likely try to paint up a screaming bell with grey seer too.

02-12-2010, 08:35
Army: High Elves

UNIT: 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

BACKGROUND/THEME: The High Elf garrison of the Citadel of Dusk at the southern tip of Lustria.

STILL TO DO: Nothing that needs to be done, but some details could be looked at again.

HIGHS AND LOWS: My attempt at painting wood grain failed.

POINTS : 633


Dice Roll: 2

02-12-2010, 08:40
Army: Ogre Kingdoms 1

UNIT: 2 Leadbelchers


STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Being done with these very early last month was nice.

POINTS : 645



Army: Ogre Kingdoms 2

UNIT: 2 Lead Belchers


STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: More of the same.

POINTS : 690



Dice Roll: 2

02-12-2010, 08:41
After last months super late post, where only the rather lovely Hatemonger (and Jericho) commented on my work :cries: (I know, I know, it's my own fault), I thought I'd get in early doors with this months entry.


Army: DoC (2000 pts)

Unit: Herald of Khorne

Skin: Mech/Mech+Blood/Blood/Blood+Solar Mach Orange/SMO
Metals: Calthan Brown/Bronze/Bronze+ Shining Gold/SG Highlight.

Basing: Magnetic wine cork madness. Am I allowed register for the Tale of 40K painters with the same army :shifty: ?

Still to Do: I'm getting some FW khorne brass etchings, so I'll pimp this up with some of that. Also need to get some gloss varnish for the black spines on the back. Going to have some water effect blood flowing on the bases (hopefully). Will be doing that much later in the tale though.

Highs & Lows: The end of the tongue somehow snapping off ? I'm sure I didn't drop this on its head any more than happened to me when I was a baby.

Dice Roll: 5

Points: 150 (inc gifts). Total: 600.




I'll post my High Elves entry next month, as I'm already on target with them, points-wise.

02-12-2010, 09:00
ARMY : Oge Kingdoms (2000 points plus)

UNIT: Boisterous Boomer Blackhead & the Weapons of Ass Destruction. Or Ogre Leadbelchers.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Boomer had always been a Ogre with a penchant for loud noises and destruction. Following a spectacularly devastating (and tasty) mishap involving some firecrackers and an immature Rhinox, he was banished from the Skull(pl)uckers, until he had found a way of making good use of his talents. A chance meeting with a travelling merchant pointed him in the direction of Nuln, blackpowder capital of the Empire, and so off set young Boomer, his faithful Gnoblar in tow.

Boomer caused quite a stir in Nuln, however, his immense bulk was soon put to use in the smithy's where he picked up some rudimentary knowledge of smelting and forging. Or melting stuff and hitting it. Despite his desire to play with the toys, Boomer managed to bide his time, acting as a pack mule, until he was given leave to enter the areas where the blackpowder was stored.

Whilst helping with repairs one day, a damaged Great Cannon was brought in, and upon being unloaded from its hitching, promptly lost a wheel. The smiths and engineers stood around debating what to do, however, Boomer strode over, hefted the cannon up and carried it to the forge. A chance remark of 'That looks like it was made for you' sparked a cunning idea in Boomers infantile mind. That night, when the workshops had closed, Boomer snuck in, as only an Ogre can, and left with the cannon and as much blackpowder as he could carry. Which was rather a lot.

In the morning, the engineers found the door hanging from one hinge, and a grubby note bearing the single word 'TAR'.

Young Boomer made his way back to the Skull(pl)uckers, cannon in tow, and after a few succesful (and many more unsucessful) demonstrations, was welcomed back into the arms of the tribe.

From that day, he gathered a crowd of eager (and destructive) young Bulls, and taught them the art of gunnery. He lead many raids on Imperial and Dwarven trade caravans, in order to increase the store of blackpowder and cannons available to the tribe, and has even started planning to build a gunworks himself. The most able of Boomer's proteges are known as the Weapons of Ass Destruction, however, it is still under debate whether they were given this moniker due to the pant-filling terror they cause in their opponents, who, just getting used to the idea of huge Ogres running screaming at them with clubs, now have huge Ogres running screaming at them with Cannons and Mortars, or due to the practice of mixing blackpowder into everything they eat, a practise which ravages their digestive systems, and causes no small amount of panic when, in the wee small hours of the night, a thunderous cannonade roars out from the camp. In this case, nobody knows whether the Weapons or the rest of the tribe end up with the messiest trousers.

As for how Boomer eventually garnered the name Blackhead is best left to the imagination, as it has nothing to do with powder stains on his face and a lot to do with his rather unique method of ramrodding his Cannon...

BUILD/CONVERSION: Pretty much straight from the sprue, with some distressing of the metalwork with a triangular file.

PAINTING: As before, mostly Foundation paints and the Devlan Mudbath. Followed by facepaint, flames, and metal highlights.

BASING: As before.

STILL TO DO: That soddin' banner from month 1...

HIGHS: Another unit added to my now growing Ogre army. Actually getting the best part of the army built - 10 Bulls, 4 more Leadbelchers, 5 Ironguts, a converted BSB and 2 converted Bruisers.

LOWS: The weather. Working in the pre-Xmas retail sector. A backhanded promotion that meant I had only 2 24hr periods in November when I wasn't a work...

POINTS : 230 (3 Leadbelchers @ 55, 1 Bellower @ 65)

TOTAL POINTS : 716 (Assuming one of the Bulls is actually a Champion, as I used Champion bits on him...)



EDIT - Here is what I did with my free time last month. I'm not saying he is my December submission, but he will be part of the finished army. Especially as I need to do at least 1 more Unit, and bulk out my Core points allocation. Hmmm, Bulls, Ironguts, or Gnoblars...




Desert Rain
02-12-2010, 09:24
Since I am 100 points over I'm skipping this month. Hopefully I'll be back next month with some painting.

02-12-2010, 11:12

Joker for me, November was a crazy month!

02-12-2010, 11:25
Joker for me this month. Far too much work on at the moment.

That said I will be putting on a good show next month, and I will comment on...

Dice Roll: 4

02-12-2010, 11:27
Army: Hordes of Chaos (2000 pts)

Units: Two Khorne Chariots and two units of 6 Warhounds.

Painting: Very fast painting... no fancy things. Just basecoat + wash + highlight.

Dice Roll: 3

Points: 2x150 (Khorne Chariots) + 2x36 (6 Warhounds): 372 pts.

Since this is my first post it almost buys back one joker... but this month I am finishing up a Dragon Ogre Shaggoth, so that should put my right back on track, or at least a little less behind on schedule ;)!





02-12-2010, 11:37
I will have to use my first joker. But I shall be back next month, great work so far to everybody.

02-12-2010, 12:38
Army: Skaven

League (rat)men

Dice roll: 4

This months work: 3 ratogres, Skweel Gnawtooth and Deathmaster Snikch

Points this month: 498

Total points so far: 888

Next month: Vermin Lord




02-12-2010, 14:31
Army: Dwarfs

Dice roll:5

Unit:14 Miners with full command and steam drill


Highs: Love the models, love all the extra stuff you get on the sprue.

Painting: I failed to finish the basing. Makes me sad...Struggling to keep myself interested in painting.




Special bonus!! Dwarven Ancestor stone!!!

02-12-2010, 15:47
ARMY : Empire

UNIT: Empire Cannon

BUILD/CONVERSION/BASING: I based the cannon on a round base, and put that in a movement tray for a nice effect. Also gave me the opportunity to do some more work on the basing itself, which this time was done by making it a road. Next cannon I will build is probably going to have some water or something cool on it.

PAINTING: I finally decided to go for the official Marienburg colours of Red, Yellow and Blue. At first this felt wrong, because I dislike using more than two colours in an army, but as I chose blue to be the off-colour for accessories, it actually turned out quite nicely. I gave the vibrant colour scheme some dark brown washes to dirty it up and to make it look more gritty, and whilst this turned my models into something I would consider mediocre paintjobs, I am actually quite pleased. I have come to accept the fact that I am a mediocre painter.

STILL TO DO: One of the guys has something of a horn/water bottle/gunpowder bag which, until I find out what it exactly is, I will not paint. I also forgot to do something about that lighter the pointing guy is holding. Also, the grass is too green. My Flagellants have more brownish grass that I like the look better of, so I am going to repaint the grass soon.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Basing was massive fun. The fact that I did everything in a month was yet another high. The realization that I will never be a super awesome painter was somewhat of a low, but whatever... The water effect using PVA glue was cute though!

POINTS : 100





02-12-2010, 15:53
Daniel36 - I'm not familiar with 40K base sizes so what did you use for the cannon? I had something similar in mind but I have to order the bases so I would like to have them the right size.

Ego Ninja
02-12-2010, 16:32
Army - Skaven

This months painting - 30 clanrats, shields, full command - 155

Total this month - 155

Total so far - 443

Dice roll - 6




Ego Ninja
02-12-2010, 16:34
Army - Orcs and Goblins

This month painting - 5 Boar boyz, big uns, Full command, nogs banner of butchery - 213

Total this month - 213

Total so far - 593

Dice roll - 6




02-12-2010, 16:38
ARMY : Goblins

UNIT(s): 20 Night Goblins with shields, 22 Night goblins with bows, 30 Night goblins with bows, Common Goblin Big Boss, Night Goblin Shaman, limited edition fanatic.

BUILD/CONVERSION/BASING: All straight out of the box except for the big boss, which is possibly my most converted model to date (certainly my most successfully converted model). The base model is the empire warrior priest with 2 hand weapons. I removed the hammer from the left hand and the whole right hand. Then drilled out the head. The right hand and the head are from a spider rider from the battle for skull pass box set. Because goblins are (obviously) quite a bit shorter than warrior priests, I had to hack the bottom part of the priest's legs off (notably a task which I managed with a fairly blunt pen knife...those things are life savers). I still wanted my big boss to cut a fine figure on the battle field, and be noticable (he's the general, and is going to end up as a warboss in 2000 points), so I decided to put him on a rock (some form of modelling rock which I got with the flock on ebay) and then used green stuff to rebuild the bottom of his robe and his feet. I might put some more photos of him up in a while.

Bases are GW grass (what was described to me as "happy clappy green", as opposed to a darker green version), and a mix of various orange, brown and yellow flock.

PAINTING: Robes are bleached bone covered in flesh wash, then bleached bone on top. Skin is emerald Green with orc flesh wash. The rest is many and varied colours.

STILL TO DO: These are all painted purely to "table top standard" so there's a lot of detail which I might get round to in due time (like teeth for instance), but for the time being they're fine as they are. The characters are done in a bit more detail, but there's still more that can be done if need be. The big boss is going to have a shield from the common goblin sprue on his left hand when I go home for christmas.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Massive high, getting this many goblins done in a single month. Massive low, I still have nearly 100 left to do, however I'm taking a couple of months break from painting rank and file to regain my sanity.

POINTS : 368 (ish, depending on equipment)

TOTAL POINTS : 368 + 32 (last month's big boss) = 400 on the spot, so I've caught up on the first months, and indeed I'm ahead! (though that's only really because I got bored so did my characters earlier than intended)


Next month, doom diver and possibly some scenery or a couple of spiders (more likely scenery). Now for the pictures (sorry if this doesn't work, it's my first time using photo bucket, might need to shrink them down or just do them as thumb nails like last time).

Night goblins with shields (and the limited edition fanatic)

30 archers

22 archers

Dennis the night goblin shaman

Desmond the common goblin big boss

Sssk's thought of the day: Black orcs and boar boys are really really good models....and there's nothing actually stopping me from taking orcs in the army....hmmmm........

02-12-2010, 18:30
Army: High Elves

Unit: Seaguard * 5, Swordmasters * 10

Points: 210

Dice roll 3

Highs: painting in groups of 5 and the feeling of satisfaction when they were finished.

Lows: the Seaguard models took ages to paint! But i do like the new plastic models.
Also having bought 5 metal swordmasters 2 months before the new set came out.. Painted them this month anyway, still to base them all though.

02-12-2010, 20:08
Month 3 Lads:

9 Orc Boyz with additional choppas (63 pts)
There is a picture of the whole unit of 20 in my log.

9 Night Goblins with short bows (27 pts)
Again, there's a picture of the whole unit in its new movement tray in the log.

5 boar boyz with full command (148 pts)

In reflection, I will probably go back to the boyz and rust their choppas up to match the metal on the boar boys.

Total for month 3: 238

Total total: 631


02-12-2010, 20:54
The knights of Bretonnia rides onwards into glory! This month I bring a Paladin on foot, determined to keep the lowborn in order, and a part of a larger Knight of the Realm Unit.

Together with this, a WIP pic on my BSB to be. Guess where he came from;)

The Palladin will probably get some more work done on him, but he is play ready.

I have now painted around 410pts.


ARMY : Bretonnia

UNIT(s): 6 Knights of the Realm, 1 Paladin on foot

BUILD/CONVERSION/BASING: The knights have been given a different helmet from the sprues, all hooded and the Champion is the symbol of death; skull and reaper. The Paladin have only had a shield change from Sigvald, yet became somewhat succsesful.

PAINTING: Very basic, I am not that great a painter so they are only made for tabletop Q.

STILL TO DO: Some washes should be aplied to the Knights, and the flames done on the Champ. What do you think I should have as a colour for the horses?

HIGHS AND LOWS: I didn't get the Paladin to look as I wanted, the shield have been a lot in the way for my painting.

POINTS: 232pts



Paladin & KotR


02-12-2010, 22:51
ARMY : Bretonnians

UNIT(s): 22 Peasant Bowmen and a Damsel

BUILD/CONVERSION/BASING: All straight out of the box. Bases are GW grass and sand

PAINTING: Bowmen are done in the way as my earlier men at arms, mainly washing blues and reds over a white undercoat, then a black wash over the top to darken. Damsel's hair and cloak were done the same way.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs - Feels great getting all my grubby little peasants done and out of the way. 90 of the buggers finished (i could never manage an O+G or Skaven horde army.. kudos to those that can paint many troops). Enjoyed painting the Damsel.

Lows - opening my army box to see masses of grey barded horses blankly staring at me to paint....

POINTS : bowmen = 132 points
Damsel = 70 points
total = 202 points

TOTAL POINTS : Month 1 = 250 points
Month 2 = 165 points
Month 3 = 202 points
Total = 617 points


Next Month: Can't decide between the Green Knight, Knights of the realm x 8 or 2 x trebuchets...


Bowmen close up (breath mints needed)


TOFP army shot so far

Close up


02-12-2010, 23:41

UNITS: Liche Priest, Tomb Scorpion, Khalida (counts as Liche High Priest)

BUILD/CONVERSION/BASING: Straight out of the box.

PAINTING: Primed white, painted with flat colors of Coat d'Arms Warlock Purple, Vallejo Old Gold and GW Foundation Paint Tausept Ochre, and then dipped in Army Painter and given a coat of matt varnish (RJ Dull Lacquer)

HIGHS AND LOWS: Didn't actually get much done this month, despite the speed paint method. One thing or another got in the way.


NEXT MONTH'S TODO: A tomb king and 3 birds...





03-12-2010, 00:13
Well here we go, my first update since we started. I am using all of my 200 points on my goblins this month and none on my WoC.

ARMY: Goblins
Build Conversion: Satandard out of the box models and configuration.
Paint: Primed black, Knarloc green foundation with goblin green highlights. Mechrite red and boltgun metal for spear. Bleached bone for ropes and cloth. Eyes are mechrite red with blood red highlights.
Highs/Lows Painting the Warboss was a blast but the monotony of rank and file burns!

Here I have a night goblin warboss with great weapon and light armor
30 night goblins with spears and full command.

Points this month - 204 points.
No Magic Items. :angel:
Please excuse my amateur photography.

Dice roll = 3


03-12-2010, 02:57
1000 point Boys League - Army: Forces of Order (3 small armies of Empire / Dwarfs / High Elves)

Accomplishment - 19 additional miniatures painted, but they are identical figures from October. Army is slowly getting bigger, but nothing really new. Progress though! Completed bases for all of them.

Tale of Fantasy Painters Boy League Status: 210 of 1000

November Completed Work - 132 points for month of November [10 Halberdier + Shield (6 points each, 60 points); 9 Archer (8 points each, 72). Completed bases (painted and flocked).


History - 475 points of planned 2046 points total
November - 132
October - 78 points
September - 0 points (Joker)
August (Pre-ToFP) - 265 points

9 more archers:

10 more halberdiers:

No new figures, just completed bases of these figures from last month:

Over the head view of army so far

Fabius Bile
03-12-2010, 15:12
Army - Ogre Kingdoms
Unit - Slave Giant
Points - 175
Total Points - 579

Highs/Lows - no real lows to speak of - Highs, IT'S A GIANT! I had fun painting this bad boy, great miniature, added a few manacles and chains here and there. The face was a lot of fun to paint, I'm really pleased with how peeved he looks.

Dice roll = 4


BTW apologies for the poor lighting in the pics - haven't seen the sun in two weeks here.

03-12-2010, 15:58
Army - Dark Elves (Mens League)

Monthly Total: 400
Total So Far: 400

Dice Roll = 2

Unit(s) This Month: Level 4 Supreme Sorceress on Dark Pegasus with Talisman of Preservation, Black Dragon Egg and Tome of Furion.

Build/Conversions: Morathi straight from the box!

Paint Scheme: Scaly Green/Codex Grey

Highs and Lows: I finally got round to painting the Druchii after concentrating my efforts in the 40K tale. It was a pleasure painting this model as it's a personal favourite and it allowed me to regain some lost ground on my 200pt monthly target having employed 2 Jokers already!

(Could I redeem 1 Joker please?:))


Next Month: 20 RXB Warriors

03-12-2010, 18:19

Yep, a joker for me :/. No excuse really, just not enough painting, will have my started mage finished for next month though.

03-12-2010, 19:09
This has been a crazy month!
Between my best friend returning from Afghanistan, my work being bonkers, trying to get my house ready to sell, planning a cross country move, and 3 weeks on the rifle/pistol ranges...I'm amazed I got anything painted.
But I did.
Even if it was only half what I had planned for.
As far as comments for last month, I have them and will post them, hopefully Monday. I appologise for my tardiness on those and want to thank everyone for thier comments on my work thus far.

On with the show!

ARMY : Empire : 2000 Points (MEN)

UNIT: Middenhiem's 4th Regimental Halberdiers

BACKGROUND/THEME: The 4th Regiment left Middenhiem with Arch Lector Hansmier in order to secure the pass leading to the Brass Keep. It is the hopes of these brave men that their efforts will secure the area, making their homes safe again.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Pretty basic other than the kit-bashing between the verious Empire boxes availible. I did struggle a little with trying to get the second rank to fit while looking like they were attacking around the front rank. It wasn't until after I had them glued down that I realised that I should have used regimental bases. Opps!

PAINTING: Undercoated light grey. GW Blue Ink was used for the dark blue areas. Several thin layers of Skull white used on the vests to help unify the unit. Details picked out with Snakebite Leather, Boltgun Metal, Sunburst Yellow, Tin Bits and Burnished Gold. Pretty basic painting with no real tricks or advanced techniques used.

BASING: Still need to do that, but it will be Snakebite Leather just like the rest of the army.

STILL TO DO: The bases.

HIGHS AND LOWS: My High would have to be getting another unit done, while my low would be the crazy schedule I had to keep in order to do so.

POINTS : 15 Halberiers (75)
http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/th_Halberdiers.jpg (http://s908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/?action=view&current=Halberdiers.jpg)

UNIT: Kapral Stewardsonís Redemptors (The 5 that didn't get finish in month 1)

BACKGROUND/THEME: Due to a rising threat within Brass Keep, Kapral Stewardson has been directed to lead the group of derelicts known as the Redemptors. These men are outlaws and lawbreakers who have turned themselves in so that their service to the military can clear their debts to the Empire. For many of them, they fight to survive not only on the field of battle, but to avoid the gallows.

BUILD/CONVERSION: The only real conversion work worth noting is all the kit bashing I did to ensure that no two guys looked the same. There are parts from Zombies, Flagellants, Chaos Marauders as well as several different Empire boxes.

PAINTING: Same as before; Undercoated light grey. Codex grey was used to cover all of the clothing, before I began picking out details with Desert Yellow, Kommando Khaki/White (2:1), Bleached Bone, and Snakebite Leather. Areas were washed with Delvan Mud and/or Badab Black. To tie them into the rest of the army, I added a small amount of blue to every model.

BASING: I will come back to the bases once the army is finished.

STILL TO DO: Details for the bases.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I really like the way the torch turned out. No real low here, in fact Iím very happy that this unit is now finished.

POINTS : 5 Free Company (25)
http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/th_FreeCompany.jpg (http://s908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/?action=view&current=FreeCompany.jpg) The full unit: http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/th_IMG-20101122-00020.jpg (http://s908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/?action=view&current=IMG-20101122-00020.jpg)

UNIT: Protectors of Middenhiem's Blade

BACKGROUND/THEME: Arch Lector Hansmier assigned the Protectors to guard the Corvi Croce Legione from Nuln. Even with this assignment, these swordsmen stand ready to move wherever they are needed on the battlefield.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Pretty basic other than the kit-bashing between the various Empire boxes available.

PAINTING: Undercoated light grey. GW Blue Ink was used for the dark blue areas.

BASING: Still need to do that, but it will be Snakebite Leather just like the rest of the army.


HIGHS AND LOWS: Well, they are started.

POINTS : 10 Swordsmen (60 if they were done)
http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/th_IMG-20101203-00033.jpg (http://s908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/?action=view&current=IMG-20101203-00033.jpg)

Total This Month : 100pts (Does this mean I used a Joker? No matter, I should be able to make up the points soon.)

TOTAL POINTS : 482 (Two months painting and No Jokers(?))


To do this month: Arch Lector Hansmier and I will try to make up what didn't get finished this month.
http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/th_IMG-20101204-00034.jpg (http://s908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/?action=view&current=IMG-20101204-00034.jpg)

03-12-2010, 21:02
ARMY: Ogre Kingdoms

UNIT: Hunter wearing Mastodon Armour - 195 points


BACKGROUND/THEME: I wanted to go for a winter theme with this guy (this model is the reason why I started collecting ogres...) as it would help him blend into the snow when he's out hunting

PAINTING: Undercoated black, skin base coated with tanned flesh, highlighted by adding dwarf flesh in several layers. hair highlighted with codex grey and skull white, stone done in codex grey with skull white edging (the model looks better in person, trust me!) the coat was basecoated codex grey and highlighted with fortress grey, then a fortress grey and skull white mix. The neck fur was base coated with fortress grey and drybrushed white, I then added a very thinned down chaos black wash. the other fur was drybrushed over a black undercoat then washed. The skull was basecoated with a mix of graveyard earth and bleached bone, then washed with devlan mud, I then mixed bleached bone into the base colour and progressively highlighted it in multiple layers.

BASING: The front resin detail is from the GW basing kit, the rest is as my ogre bulls were last month.

STILL TO DO: Finish his crossbow..... paint the sabretusks!

HIGHS AND LOWS: The sabretusk models are an absolute horror to paint, no detail, big flat open areas... I've restarted them twice now....


front view

skull detail

Next month: my nuln leadbelchers (plus sabretusks and month 1 bull command group!)

Alex Under
03-12-2010, 21:19
Hi everyone,

This month I have an Engineer on Mechanical steed with a Hochland Long Rifle and light armour (115 points). I wanted to start painting some militia, but haven't had much time (1 month old baby in the house!) so I switched to a character.

Painting this miniature was a pleasure, and even though in gaming terms I don't think he's all that great, he sure fits in nicely with the Nuln scheme I'm going for.

Dice roll: 2

03-12-2010, 22:10
ARMY : Warriors of Chaos

UNIT: Chaos Giant of Nurgle

BUILD/CONVERSION: Built with DAS, Greenstuff, Stuff, bits, blood sweat and pus.

PAINTING: Experimental layering with lots of ink and washes. Big Brush Heaven!

HIGHS AND LOWS: Superfun to paint and build and i cannot think of any lows really.. Well might be that the big lump of DAS the rock is made from have made the base to bend a little. Does not bother me tho.

POINTS : 265

TOTAL POINTS : 755p wich means that next month i will not post a finished work i guess. Wich is fine since December seems to be getting heavy with other stuff to do.

STILL TO DO: Well.. Since i have overstepped my points i can paint a bit of this and that over the next few months but what needs to be done are the core units. Must buy myself a couple boxes of Warriors i think.. Or a Battallion box.



As usual i add more pictures in my WOC thread, check it out at your own risk!


Chicken Pig
04-12-2010, 09:18
ARMY : Warriors Of Chaos

UNIT: Exalted Hero of Khorne on Juggernaut.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box.

PAINTING: Mainly red, lots and lots of red. The odd gold brass or steel bit as well.

BASING: Sand, double coated in pva glue then drybrushed black to grey to pure white and finished with static grass. Brown edging.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Hmmm, not that sure whether it looks any good really. But it does seem to fit in with the rest of the army and I am 50 odd points ahead of where I should be.

POINTS : 180pts.

TOTAL POINTS : 652 pts.







04-12-2010, 14:05
Army: Skaven

Dice roll:3

Unit:4 Rat Ogres, 1 Warlord, 1 Skweel Gnawtooth


Highs: Actually painting something as I have been lacking the Motivation of late.I was very nearly on a second Joker ):

Lows: Really don't like the old Rat Ogre kits and wish Id spent some more time on them cleaning up mold lines and sorting out the arm joints.





Dark Apostle
04-12-2010, 14:28
JOKER for me this month.
I have been working on my Wissenland army although it's been more green stuffing than painting. I plan to be back with a vengeance next month...

04-12-2010, 16:37
Army: Bretonnians

Dice roll: 6

Unit: Prophetess of the Lady

points: 265

Highs: I actually like the way she turned (for the most part), I started off thinking I was going to end stripping and re-painting her. I really don't think that's going to happen now.

Lows: There are a few things I don't like, that I'll be changing later on. I don't like the base, the glow effect on her eyes isn't very good, and the green crystal that tops her staff was rushed.


aaand, because I really couldn't hold it in...my wip questing knight musician.

04-12-2010, 17:40
Army: WoC

Dice roll:1

Unit:One Giant

Total points: 374 + 236 + 225 = 835


04-12-2010, 21:39
Malorian's Third Month:


Two units of 20 saurus with full command (500 points)
Goblin giant (205 points)


The giant has a green stuff nose and cloak, plus a few more nght goblin stuff added. Other than making rope, this was my first experience with gree stuff (I did it about 2 years ago) and so it's pretty poor, but at least it's countered by the cool factor ;) (I think)

Highs and lows:

I know I keep saying but I REALLY am getting tired of dotting all those scales black on the saurus... At least now they are all done, plu it's nice to finally have that giant done.


Next up:

I'm painting 250 guardsmen for a buddy so that's going to keep me busy for a couple of months, but I'll try to sneak in some characters so I won't need jokers ;)

05-12-2010, 02:34
Dice Roll: 5

Army: Men, 2k points of Beastmen
Unit: Wargor Battle Standard Bearer
Points: 207
Total Points: 542 + 207 = 749
Highs and Lows: Technically I didn't paint anything for my Mens Beastmen this month, the BSB had been painted in a previous month. So I'll have to do my fair share of painting this month for my Beastmen.

Army: Boys, 1k of Beastmen
Unit: 2 Minotaurs with GW
Points: 126
Total Points: 215 + 126 = 341
Highs and Lows: Really enjoyed painting the Minotaur models. Still need to do some details on them which I just didn't get around too in the end.

Army: Boys, 1k of High Elves
Total Points: 185
Highs and Lows: I found trying to paint the Seaguard problematic, as there's a lot of detail to cover. I did manage to get a test model mostly done eventually, so we'll see how it goes.

I think you perhaps got a little confused by my message last month. I was signing up additionally for 1k points of Beastmen in the boys.
So for my Boys, it should read
Beastmen : 135 first month, 80 second month, 126 3rd month
High Elves : 185 first month, 0 second month, 0 third month

05-12-2010, 06:39
ARMY: Dwarfs

UNIT: Ironbreakers Command

BUILD/CONVERSION: Nothing special.

PAINTING: Same old scheme, with the new style/technique. The unique thing was the Champion, who has black armor. Ever since I got these Dwarfs, there were two models that were just screaming for a black and brass color scheme. This guy and the similar gromril plate wearing dude with GW. The other one has a fuzzy hat and eye patch. He'll be leading the great weapon horde.

BASING: Same as the rest, cork rocks with sand. Snow as always will be done in bigger batches at a later date. I hate doing small batches of snow, I always end up mixing more than I need.

STILL TO DO: Tiny bit of detail work on the banner and Musician. Just haven't decided on the colors for the horn and the banner topper. It'll only take a few minutes to polish that off while working on the next batch.

HIGHS AND LOWS: These guys were a lot of fun, and fairly quick as well (which was exactly what I was banking on). Painting that unit champ has probably been the most fun I've had painting in a while. No real lows for these guys this month.

POINTS: 95 pts, probably would have some Runes on that banner to boost it further but we'll worry about that later.

TOTAL POINTS : 326 pts (ever so slightly ahead!)

NEXT MONTH: I will be finishing up the front ranks of all three regiments for the small force. That will mean 3 more Quarrellers, and 5 more Warriors w/ great weapons (including Banner and Champion). That should mean another 101 pts if my mental math is correct.


05-12-2010, 06:48
ARMY: Empire

UNIT: Swordsmen Detachment.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Actually made of the Huntsmen set, with some arms taken from the regular State Troops.

PAINTING: Same color scheme that's driving me slowly insane. Thank god for the wicked fun Dwarfs to break up the chore of painting yellow :)

BASING: Just sand, and a couple of skulls on the filler/diorama, arranged to compliment the composition of the two fighters.

STILL TO DO: Lots, sadly. Some of the back rankers are much closer to finished than the rest, but it's hard to see them in the photo. They will definitely need a lot more hours this month, which should be fine as I plan to just paint my 100 pts in the form of a war machine.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The diorama/filler model was fun to arrange. Looking forward to painting the metal leader fig w/ pistol and lantern. Just a random Mordheim figure to add some character to the unit. Pretty disappointed with how damn long I worked on these guys to not finish them.

POINTS: 90 pts

TOTAL POINTS: 282 pts (but again some work to do before it's official)

NEXT MONTH: Finishing up these damn Swordsmen and working on a war machine. Probably either a cannon or Helstorm battery. Depending on how much painting time I get during the holidays, I'd like to get started on either Greatswords or a Stank next. The latter would be good just to eat up a ton of points and give me lots of time to slowly grind out some State Troops after.


05-12-2010, 10:02
ARMY : Warriors Of Chaos

UNIT: 12 Warriors of Khorne, Full Command Shields and Halberds.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Weapon swap for Champ, a few knights heads scattered around and Maurder Horsemen Trumpet.

Red (Mechrite, badab black, blood, blazing Orange)
Gold (Bronze, Devin Mud, Shining Gold)
Leather (Cathan Brown, Badab Black, Cathan Brown)
Bone (Khemri Brown, Bleached Bone, White)
Blades, chainmail (Chainmail, Badab Black, Chainmail)



HIGHS AND LOWS: Lows - Cleaning the mould lines from the fur

POINTS : 264pts.

TOTAL POINTS : 684pts.



HIGH ELVES: Joker again :( hope to catch up this month)

05-12-2010, 12:06
Hi all,

Joker for me again this month for both daemons and orcs and goblins.
Haven't done any extra daemons but well on way with 10 spider riders, 40 spear goblins and fanatics.
So should have finished the final details by end of December so next few months will be covered giving me time to get some daemons done.

05-12-2010, 12:17
Army: High Elves

Points: ~200 (just the bird)

Hereís my offering to the paint god for this month. The prince is also currently finished but Iím not going to have much painting time this month so Iím saving him :)



06-12-2010, 07:46
Army: High Elves (boys)

Points painted in november: about 100
Total painted: 200

What: Six Sword Masters from the Island of Blood boxed set.

How: Basecoat Skull White. Then I wanted to try and just use different kinds of washes to paint them. But halfway through I couldn't bear the look of washed models and I started layering them. I used Hawk Turquoise as a main colour on these guys (just like my mage), but introduced some other colours as well (some Tausept Ochre, Mordian Blue, Mithril Silver and Shining Gold). Seeing as I paint these in between my other projects (40K and Blood Bowl), I have no problem with the long drying times of the washes.

Still to do: the bases actually. I ordered some more of those awesome Dark Temple bases, but my order still hasn't arrived. This means my guys are still baseless for now.



- none really

- my decision to paint them complete the opposite of what I wanted, which means they'll take a lot more time to finish.

EDIT: pics are up
Next up: the rest of the Sword Masters and some Lothern Seaguard.

Rik a Kadrin Kazad
06-12-2010, 08:24
As announced in the previous thread, I'll pull a joker for my WoC army this month too.

Good work so far this month too by all you other guys :)

06-12-2010, 10:18
Joker month for me. I had a tomb scorpion nearly done, and then it fell to the ground. Losing 6 of it's 8 legs and mangling the tail. Haven't had time to fix it. :(

Next month he shall be repaired!

06-12-2010, 12:00
I'm afraid I have to play my joker this month

Moving flat and uni deadlines have taken their toll and stopped my painting in its tracks, so I'll be back in January with a finished dragon and a hell of a lot of painted stuff, thanks to a two month christmas break

06-12-2010, 13:45
Okay, this month was interesting. First up, for my Orc and Goblins I have to play a


Joker. The reason is the high-elves...

Army: High Elves

Unit(s): 3 Tiranoc Chariots, one with a hero with the Reaver bow in it.

Build/Conversion: Totally scratch built chariots. This is my first time ever using plasticard, and for organic shapes I have to say I don't really like working with the stuff.

Points: I'm dividing these into thirds: One third for the crew, one for the chariots, and one for the horses. I get full points for the crew since they got painted, half for the chariots since scratch building them took way more time than I wanted to spend on it, and nothing for the horses, making that 1/2 way finished with the models for a grand total of 199/398 points

Highs: Finishing building these stupid chariots

Lows: Having building these chariots take up all of my hobby time. Plasticard.

Dice Roll: 3!


All three together for a sense of scale


Battle bus with an archer platform. This thing is huge!


Normal Chariot 1


Normal Chariot Number 2

06-12-2010, 15:01
Just wanted to give a message of support to you all, great efforts (especially skaven players!). I guess I should really join up one of these sometime, I enjoy reading them so much!

06-12-2010, 16:08
Army: Undead

Unit: Skeletons

Highs: Managed too get my rythm going and got these done quite quick.

Lows: This finishs off the previous (1st) entriy to an entire unit, how ever I have been very busy with work and other painting and haven't had the time too buy my joker back from last month. I would say hopefully can do that next month but it's going to be very busy time for all I'm sure. Also Left the shields off until I can think of a theme thus painting something on to them. Also notice the musican? Arms off is intentional, as I'd really like to get some drums for them to bang...they don't have lungs after all ;)


06-12-2010, 17:31
Skaven: 2000 points

UNIT: Clanrats (25) and Warpfire Thrower Team

BACKGROUND/THEME: The Yellow Tide of Scritch. Only real theme I have is that I wanted the main color to be yellow, with red and tan/beige secondary colors and I want them to be invading an Imperial city. I'll write a background later.

BUILD/CONVERSION: These models are straight from box and blisters.

PAINTING: Undercoated black, then coated them in a nice looking brown Rustoleum spray. Paint by numbers then dipped them. I normally donít dip models but if I am to stay motivated to paint all 300+ models in this army I needed to find a way to speed it up.

BASING: Iím doing a cobblestone look from sheet styrene, I want my horde to be over running an Imperial city.

STILL TO DO: Need to add artwork/iconography to banner, maybe some icons on the shields, and a few of the bases arenít finished. Also I'm going to do custom movement trays when I finish the army.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I feel a little cheap dipping the models, but I have to. I wonít be dipping all the models. Just the en masse ones.

POINTS: (25)Clanrats w/ full command and shields = 133
Warpfire Thrower Team = 70

Total for the month = 203

Total for the Tale: 597


Pics are a little crappy.


Warpfire Thrower and Ratling gun. The Ratling Gun I had included in last month's points but didn't have a pic. So here it is.http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y160/Fechik/month_3_04.jpg


Group so far

06-12-2010, 21:14
ARMY : Tekore's Beastmen

UNIT: 25 Gor with Full Command

BUILD/CONVERSION/BASING: Out of all of my (100) Gor, these are the most straightforward. They don't have any particular extra gribbly bits, nor do they have any captured banners. Basing is as always a mix of gravel, pale green grass, and yellow grass.

PAINTING: Orange fur, purple leathers, dirtiness, and fun! These gor make up the second group, and have green face paint instead of red. The banner is a dirty flesh, which is what Beastmen banners should be made of.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I cannot tell you what slogging through this immense number of gors is like...but it pays off big to get them all done and see the results!

POINTS : 225



06-12-2010, 21:56
ARMY: Empire (Boys)

UNIT: 1 Mounted Warrior Priest and 9 Greatswords.

BUILD/CONVERSION: The priest is a Gamezone miniature wizard that got a remodelled green stuff coat, chainmail armour and leg plating. I also armed him with a hammer and shield.
The greatswords are also from Gamezone but with some GW heads and plumes added (the originals are on the flanks on each photo - all the others got adjusted).

PAINTING: Golden yellow and regal blue - with shades and highlights. The armour plating is chainmail with badab black wash and highlights added.

BASING: Sand with static grass.

STILL TO DO: Some touch ups. I had to rush some things to get them done to a tournament last weekend.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The greatswords got painted pretty quickly with all that metal. Nice to see them all blend so well with GW miniatures.

POINTS : 200 pts (Priest 110 pts + Greatswords 90 pts) So I can buy back last months Joker. Yay!

TOTAL POINTS : 275 pts (still 25 pts behind...)




06-12-2010, 23:09
ARMY : Goblins

THEME: goblins with a few various monsters brought along. Starting from scratch as I have moved to Australia from N Ireland and left all my models behind:cries:

UNIT(s): 10 Night Goblins with spears and shields, Goblin Battle standard, 3 River trolls
BUILD/CONVERSION/BASING: straight out of the box

PAINTING: liche purple, warlock purple and 1:1 warlock purple/tenticle pink for robes on night goblins. Foundation orange and foundation yellow on the hoods

STILL TO DO: bases need static grass, donít have any at the moment

HIGHS AND LOWS: an arm fell off a troll, doesnít fit the best. Otherwise all good
POINTS : 282

TOTAL POINTS : 282, I mentioned in last months thread that id be in the little boys league for goblins, this brings me up to date, no jokers




07-12-2010, 08:00
Ok, here's my first go at this.

ARMY: Daemons (Boys)

UNIT: 7 Horrors, 1 Nurgling base

BACKGROUND/THEME: As I mentioned at the end of last month, I'm trying to make a WFB army out of my 40k daemons. This is a "round peg, square hole" kind of problem, not only for the bases, but re-jiggering units that have vastly different point costs and org slots. Filling out some Core is a big priority.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Mix of 1st and 2nd edition models; a few horrors' limbs were reposed to be more dynamic and less "YMCA" dance, but otherwise straight out of box.

All models undercoated with gray auto primer.

Skin was basecoated Enchanted Blue, drybrushed with 2 progressively lighter layers of E. Blue/Ice Blue mix. Recesses shaded with several layers of Devlan Mud and/or Asurman Blue.

Teeth/claws painted Dheneb Stone, washed Devlan Mud, highlighted Bleached Bone. (My universal bone/claws recipe at the moment.)

Eyes/tongue painted Iyanden Darksun, washed with Mud, re-highlighted with Darksun as needed.

Jewelry painted with Brazen Brass (R.I.P.), washed Mud, Highlighted VGC Polished Gold, a little Gryphonne Sepia in some places to tone it down again.

Skin was painted Dheneb Stone for coverage, to make it lighter, then had their various skin tones applied. Two had Rotting Flesh washed with Thraka Green; one had Gretchin Green washed with Thraka; one is just Khemri Brown.
"Open Guts parts" painted with mix of Hormagaunt Purple + Pallid Flesh.
Bone parts and maggots painted Dheneb Stone.
The whole thing was washed with Devlan Mud, then bone parts highlighted as above for the horrors.

BASING: Sand only, painted VMC Flat Earth, drybrushed Astronomican Grey.

STILL TO DO: Just need varnishing. I was less than happy with the shading on the horrors, but when I almost dropped one into a paint pot trying to dab on a fourth shading wash, I decided to leave well enough alone.

HIGHS: Nurglings were painted solely because I found one more Nurgling in a bits bin, which made an even number for another base, and now all my Nurglings are done, at least until they come out with plastics. :)

LOWS: Finished yesterday and realized I still need one model to fill out the 20-man block, since I was leaving the leader to be pink. Maybe I'll tack him onto next month or paint the Changeling.

POINTS : 119 pts (Horrors x12 = 84 pts + Nurglings x1 = 35 pts). With a little work I'll earn back one of my Jokers next month.

TOTAL POINTS : 119 pts.


1st pic is this month's work. Second is the (almost) full unit. I also painted a proper square base for my GUO to magnet onto.

07-12-2010, 19:49
ARMY: Bretonnians - 2000 points.

UNIT: 10 Knights of the Realm - the red lance.

BUILD/CONVERSION: straight out of the box.

PAINTING: Every model in the lance has some red in it. There is one model which is mostly white, so it doesn't realy fit in. IF I ever do a white lance, it'll move there and the red lance will get a new recruit :)

STILL TO DO: Basing...

POINTS: 264 points

TOTAL POINTS: 625 points. I believe this gets me my joker back. Go me :D



This month I will concentrate on getting the basing done, then I will post an army shot. After basing, I will focus on the BSB.

08-12-2010, 00:03
Sorry guys, I've been really busy this month. Looks like it's a Joker for me, maybe another one next month, but I'll post work in progress pictures later.


08-12-2010, 07:47
Sorry guys, I've been really busy this month. Looks like it's a Joker for me, maybe another one next month, but I'll post work in progress pictures later.

If I got it right, you painted 600 points up to now, meaning you don't have to use a joker. Am I right, or did I get the points wrong?

@ Everyone

Malorian posted the tables with all the entries up to the first of this month on page one. You can check those for correctness if you like. Errors can be posted here or in PM to me.

08-12-2010, 18:26
This month on my warriors of chaos I have semi started an exalted hero on a juggernaut and semi done some khorne warriors of chaos with two hand weapons. So say 200pts. Couldnt get any further, as ran out of required paint. Should be rectified at the weekend.

On the dwarf army I have done 8 crossbowmen and two thanes of 226 points.

Will post up some pics nearer the weekend.

08-12-2010, 18:30


Just haven't been strict with myself this month, hopefully I'll be able to buy it back next month with Christmas holidays coming up soon.

08-12-2010, 19:23
All right... comments time! (for the 3's)

pluch87: Impressive quantity and quality on those goblins. Subtle basing.
doc_cthulhu: I especially like the variety on the uniforms of the halberdiers. Nice work on the gritty metallics.
Matrim_Cauthon: Content to have finally started on my chaos army ;)
Cathexis: Fantastic work on the Seaguard models. The Swordmasters look very coherent, despite the plastic/metal mix. Nice!
Menathorn: Original work. As for the horses... I would paint them in all sorts of colours. Astronomicon Grey highlighted up to Dheneb Stone, Calthan Brown washed with Devlan Mud, Scorched Brown washed with Basab Black, Adaptus Battelgrey washed with Badab Black. That's how I paint my horses in a fast way. And it looks decent too.
Paull: Very dark and realistic paintjob. I don't really like Bretonnia, but you might just make me want to change my mind.
Christophbs: Great paintjob on those little fellas. Too bad the bottom picture focusses a little too much on the background, but they look to be superbly painted.
akai: Always good to see a fantastic paintjob on those classic minis. Vey well done!
kyussinchains: I have that model and your paintjob makes me want to try it too. Those Sabretusks are indeed awful models. Some freehand stripes on them would look great, but my freehand skills suck. Maybe yours is better ;).
Skipster: I really like the skin/fur tones on your skaven (Rat Ogres as well as rats). Care to share your recipe with us?
Malorian: Very original Giant, and superb work on those lizards as usual. Good luck on the 250 guardsmen!
SamVimes: Never ever call those chariots stupid again. They look amazing and will look very original on the tabletop!

Sorry if I missed anyone!

Big cheers for everyone. Every single entry looks great!

Inquisitor Pariah
08-12-2010, 19:56
ARMY : Empire (boys)


UNIT: 2 Great Cannons WIP (crew next month)

CONVERSION: Does spending an hour looking for wheels count as a conversion?

HIGHS: Using a painting technique from an army book :)

LOWS Using a painting technique from an army book!

POINTS : 50% of 100 = 100 points


08-12-2010, 20:16
Comment time for the 6's:

Ego Ninja: I like the shading on the clanrats, and am especially jealous of your awesome movement tray. Your orcs have a nice bright green to them, but somehow the pig's heads look a bit flat.

Rorulmesp: I love how the Orcs' Teef really stand out. It's a bit hard to see the Night Goblins.

Cool Whip: The Damsel looks very clean, although the picture is fuzzy. The glow from the eyes does look like a mask, though.

Smokemeakipper: I love the purple robes, but would love to see all your models with a bit more shading.


08-12-2010, 22:36
Alright, comment time!

for the 2's

@ Emperor Norton - High Elves: nice work on the bolt throwers, quite like the warm tones on high elves. Something new.
@ Emperor Norton - Ogres: I like how weathering on the gut plates turned out, well done.
@ Doomseer: Nice colour selection, turned out quite well. The glowing eye effect is excellent.
@ Illuminus: Nice job, but the pics could use some improvement.
@ Alex Under: well done.
@ Fechik: I really like the bases. We'll forgive the dipping since everything you did this month barely met the 200pts. Its a bit sadistic if we wanted it any other way :evilgrin:
@ Wulf: Excellent work. I really like how the greatswords turned out after the head swaps, and very nice conversion of the venerable thaumaturge.

Fabius Bile
09-12-2010, 10:52
Ok, here are my comments for the 4's:

@Ister Flersson - Nice combination of parts from various kts, I really like the shading on the red areas - well done!

@Necrothrall - a decent start, very ratty looking colours, should look great when they are finished.

@Daniel36 - Nice base and diorama - if you want to improve the look of your models, I would recommend that you invest in a set of washes. Your metal, wood, cloth and flesh areas would benefit from shading washes, trust me!

@Hatemonger - The horrors are very vibrant, and they contrast well with your bases - nice to see the old school minis!

As there are so few 4's (so many jokers!), I will also comment on my fellow Ogre Kingdoms painters:

@EmperorNorton - Nice Leadbelchers, I particularly like the verdigris effect on the metalwork.

@Gaarew - I Love the background to your army - very characterful! The dark, sooty look works very well on your Leadbelchers. Your Battle Standard Bearer looks great too, can't wait to see him painted!

@Kyussinchains - Great looking Hunter model, I really like the way the cave beast skull came out. The only thing I would change is the Ogre's fleshtones. The rest of the model is beautifully weathered and dirty looking, which makes the flesh really stand out as being too clean - my opinion anyway, for what it is worth.

This month I am working on a pair of converted maneaters. Seasons greetings, y'all!

09-12-2010, 15:50
Some comments for the 3's.

Sorry if i missed anyone

pluch87: Nice clean work on the goblins, particularly like your skill with yellow, not and easy colour to work with. Very nice work.

doc_cthulhu: Love the vibrant colours on your knight and particularly the blue cannon wheels. For some reason it just works for me. :D.

Matrim_Cauthon: I like the dark coulours you've painted your chaos with, very grim and dark. I like how the bone has turned out on the horses heads. Nice work

Cathexis: Excellent job on the elves. I've seen these up close and these photo's don't do them justice. Unbelievable tekkers and silks.

Menathorn: A fellow bretonnian player, always nice to see more lords of the real submitting work. Your knights look unique and I like the usage of prince Sigvald as a paladin on foot.

Paull: me? meh

Christophbs: Another well painted batch of goblins, I love how your use of the background really makes your impressive paintjob stand out.

akai: very clean colours, not always easy to do with white, so excellent job. Love seeing ranked up files of empire troopers.

kyussinchains: I love the detail on the face of your mini. Your style of painting really makes the mini stand out. Good job.

Skipster: There is something about your painting style that suits your skaven models (in a nice way). It just seems right. They look really good almost as they've just emerged from a stinking sewer and are all diseased ridden, excellent work.

Malorian: Haha, loving the night goblin giant! And great work on the yellow saurus, nice seeing some originality on the thread.

SamVimes: nice work on the converted chariots. Can't wait to see them finished.

09-12-2010, 16:25
Photos to follow when I get home from work tonight

Will post up some pics nearer the weekend.

I do have to inform you that, since I already looked past this point in the thread, I'm not likely to look back since I tend to press the button to go to the newest, unread posts, which aren't these.
And so will probably many others. Putting down placeholders and posting pics in them later is not the best way to showcase your models, and not necessary since the 7th is not a hard deadline.

POINTS : 50% of 100 = 100 points

Since I'm considered the man of the numbers around here, I do have to inform you that 50% of 100 is not 100, but in fact... yes, 50! Nonetheless, I'll add 100 to the list, since I got a strong feeling that that's what you meant (and I know a bit about how much the stuff costs that tends to tear my orcs apart a lot lately).

09-12-2010, 16:34
Bonus Comments!

rorulmesp: Loving these greenskins. Boarboyz especially. The colors on the pigs and the rusty metal are both excellent.

Pointyteeth: Love the Dryad conversion! Stellar paint job as well, reminds me of the good old days painting Wood Elves before I got burned out on them. Spites are a joy to work on for some reason, they're just so vibrant.

1's and 5's:

DeadInTheHead: Cool, that's Forgeworld right? Can't wait to see how it looks with the basing you mention. Sounds very very cool. You have some nice ideas and I like the thought you're putting into these guys. I can't remember the last time I've done this, but please do drop me a line if you would ever like any in-depth tips, advice, or anything of the sort. It's always a pleasure to get into all the gory details of painting and converting when the other guy's got a lot of passion for what he's doing :)

gaarew: Honestly man, how do you expect to get any comments on your (very nice!) Leadbelchers when you post a conversion like that. The BSB is looking stellar.

Confessor_Atol: I really like the cork bases ;) Those are some very fine Miners, my good man. I approve.

Juicytomatoes: Very neat color scheme for Khalida and her crew. Never seen them done in pink/purple before, but it actually contrasts well with the bone and gold. Should have figured as much, with Emperor's Children being one of my favorite 40k color schemes :D

sssk: You painted HOW MANY models this month? In an alt color scheme that is actually more time consuming? That's incomprehensible to a slow painter like me. I don't think I could ever handle a horde army.

Kaos: That thing is nuts. The conversion work, the vibrancy of the colors, the basing, very good stuff.

Chicken Pig: Very nicely done Jugger rider. Should be a solid leader for the force.

someone2040: You know what, with those colors I actually don't mind those Minotaur sculpts so much. They look pretty good in a well thought out scheme :)

Har666: Ugh, I feel your pain on cleaning the fur from Chaos Warriors. That was miserable. Should be a mighty fine unit when the basing is finished up.

Rutgar: Nicely done, it's not often that you have Bretonnians that have a good mix of variation without looking random. Looks like red and black are pretty constant in these models, which helps keep them look coherent when grouped together. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I look forward to seeing them based up because models really come together at that stage (no matter when you do the basing it always appears as a big step during painting!).

That seems to be about it for comments at this point ... I think there's a lot of people who haven't reported in just yet. Keep the faith! Letting yourself get into a bigger hole is the worst thing you could do. Laying paint on a regular basis, even if it's not for a huge extended session, will add up.

Anyway, I'm at work so I probably should go do something productive... :D

Lord Dan
09-12-2010, 17:02
Don't count me out yet! I finished everything I intended to paint for this month, however it's all currently packed away in boxes as my wife and I move into a larger place across town. The move day is this Saturday, so I should be able to get pictures up by Monday.

09-12-2010, 18:08
Comments: (page 1 and 2)

pointyteeth: Very cool conversion. It makes them look a lot mroe aggressive.

Ister Flersson: Great looking model, but why the flail? Was this a model you converted in 7th?

pluch87: Keep it up! It might start feeling like the same thing over and over but it's the only way to get them done.

doc_cthulhu: The care you take to make every model different is amazing.

EmperorNorton: Those are some shiney bolt throwers :) And the ogres are coing along too.

DeaInTheHead: That's weird about the tongue, but you coudl always sharpen it with clippers.

gaarew: the leadbelchers are nice, but I'm really looking forward to that BSB :D

Matrim_Cauthon: WoC really need a new chariot model... good to have you back though.

Necrothrall: Your way of doing skin looks patchy, but overall I think it could end up fitting for skaven.

Confessor_Atol: those are some beautiful miners, and I see you even took the time to drill a hole in the horn :)

Daniel36: Cool water effects but it seems you missed the inside of the cannon. Probably can only see it due to the flash though.

Ego Ninja: I really like your skin. Looks nice and smooth.

sssk: Interesting big boss conversion.

Cathexis: Like last month, I really like you white and waves.

rorulmesp: Good work on the shading of the skin and shields.

Menathorn: Neat idea for a paladin on foot. He's actually very fitting.

Paull: Your painting is really good, and I think if you took the time to add the eyes it would be amazing.

juicytomatoes: I really like how the robe turned out.

Christophbs: The back drop is a nice touch ;) I have that big boss too and you're making me want to paint him.

akai: Oh funny funny mono-pose.

Fabius Bile: That is one cool model. Between him and your yhetee it's looking like you are going to end up with one crazy looking army.

Doomeer: Green and white looks good on her. Is white the new black? ;)

Illuminus69: The army is comnig along. Should look a lot better once the bases are done.

kyussinchains: Oddly enough it's the rock he is standing on that stands out to me. Good high lighting.

Alex Under: I've always loved that model. Good to see you do it justice.

Kaos: Um... wow. The blue doesn't seem fitting on Nurgle but otherwise I love that model.

09-12-2010, 20:14
I haven't had time to post my entry, but I have comments!

@ pointyteeth - wow, great conversion, I love the gnoblar head on the dryad, it looks way cooler than the normal model =)
@ Ister Flersson - it looks like you did a really good job on this mini, though it's hard to tell with the angle and light - take some more pics, that armor looks amazing!
@ pluch87 - These night goblins are gorgeous -really very clean. I like them a lot! The group shot is awesome too, the yellow static grass was a great choice.
@ doc_cthulhu - interesting to see the disjointed colors across the units, but it might just work! I really like the state troops carrying stuff - easy and in-character conversions like this make armies stand out.
@ Confessor_Atol - great dwarfs even with the unfinished bases. I totally know what you mean about motivation but your results are great, keep it up man =)
@ Ego Ninja - Very clean Skaven and orcs - two horde armies, you're a madman! Great job, cant wait to see more.
@ juicytomatoes - loving the color on both liche priest's cloth, its going to look great complimenting your units, very good contrast.
@ Fechik - loving those cobblestone bases, they look amazing. BUT you already knew that because we talked about it in PMs months ago! It makes me really excited to base my Empire in a similar way, and your painting is also really clean. This army will look amazing when you're done!
@ smokemeakipper - liking the purple and yellow color scheme. the trolls look cool too, post some more closeups if you can!

Everyone is doing awesome, It's really motivating to see so many of these cool armies comming together, reminds me i gotta keep chugging along with my Lizardmen. =)

09-12-2010, 21:17
More comments! (page 3 and 4)

Chicken Pig: Looks good to me. Then again, that model never looks bad ;)

Skipster: Yeah, I've heard the old rat ogres are horrible for mold lines. Easy to see how you would lsoe motivation.

coolwhip1: The glowing is a big much. Tone it down a tad and it would be perfect.

reddevil18: The skin turned out very well.

Malorian: For the love of god man! Get a better wash and learn how to paint better! You are ruining this thread!

someone2040: The shading looks off up close, but I'm sure it looks great on the table :)

Jericho: With such individualistic models I bet it was a lot of fun painting the dwarfs, but the orc in me hates your unit filer...

Har666: Mold lines in fur sucks. Well worth the effort though.

Tonberry: Looking really nice so far. Can't wait to see it finished.

Badgobba: No pics at time of comments

SamVimes: Those chariots look amazing. If I ever start high elves I'll be sure to kidnap you and force you to make me some ;)

Aenarion: Is that hair or a dented helmet on the second one?

Fechik: Still liking the look of your army and amazed at the time you spend on bases.

Tekore: It is worth it in the end to paint core units like these. It might make you insane, but you only have to do it once... per unit... per army... and then again when they are stolen... I'm not helping am I? ;)

Wulf: That warrior priest looks very funny. Now I want him as a bret lord!

smokemeekipper: I think you should convert the model to have a bigger banner. It just seems small for an armies main banner (even for goblins).

Hatemonger: Make the changeling for sure. He's a nice surprise to add to a horror block.

Rutgar: the knights look a bit dark, but I'm sure that will change once they are based.

Inquisitor Pariah: Well they look good so far so that new technique must be working.

Kholbourn: No pictures at time of comments

09-12-2010, 22:35
If I got it right, you painted 600 points up to now, meaning you don't have to use a joker. Am I right, or did I get the points wrong?

@ Everyone

Malorian posted the tables with all the entries up to the first of this month on page one. You can check those for correctness if you like. Errors can be posted here or in PM to me.

Even if you count the Wizard as a lord, I'm still short of 400 without items. I'll probably be able to buy the joker back soon though.

10-12-2010, 00:26
@Mal: Lol I know a whole bunch of Orc players so I couldn't resist using the wounded one :D It's the first greenskin I've had a chance to paint since the Scrap Prospektor I entered into the Golden Demons in 2009. Man that guy was a blast to work on!

Anyway I should either be painting or playing Black Ops right about now :p

10-12-2010, 00:51
Month 3 Dark Elves:

Ok so I chopped and changed my mind this month - it was going to be 17 black guard, but I painted 5, started on 7 more and got bored. So I painted a cauldron of blood instead, but then found I had time and finished those 7 off, so I present (usual ropey photos):

12 black guard (156pts) and a cauldron of blood with death hag (200 pts)

Need better photos of the hag, these are blurry as sin, but at least you can see the cauldron. It was going to be a cauldron possibly of spoo, but went with blood instead.

Dice roll: 5


10-12-2010, 01:04
Fantastic looking Dark Elves. Super dark and muted colors = win for them.

Not knowing what "spoo" is, I assumed it meant something similar to "spunk". That would have made a fantastic alt scheme for the Cauldron. And with your snow effects you could pretend it was a snow cone maker when you take it to official GW events / tournaments ;)

10-12-2010, 01:23
You are indeed correct on your guess as to what spoo is. Hmmm might actually paint up another cauldron I really liked the hag model anyway and I could always have another cauldron.

Also trying to descide if I want tongue in cheek minor perversity on the banners - was tempted for the witch elves to possibly have (maybe in chaos rune script just for my own amusement)

Some girls beg and some girls borrow
Some girls lead and some girls follow
Some bring joy and some bring sorrow
But all the best girls suck then swallow

Spoilered just because it's not totally PG.

But I haven't descided if i want to go down the route of sensible army slaaneshi colour scheme, or "hahaha slaaneshi is boobs"

10-12-2010, 06:36
But I haven't descided if i want to go down the route of sensible army slaaneshi colour scheme, or "hahaha slaaneshi is boobs"

I vote B (4 boobs). :D

10-12-2010, 06:42
Time for comments! Dice Roll 5s...

@DeadInTheHead: Nice work! The base is cool. Will it be left like that or are you going to add flock?

@Confessor_Atol: Lovely paintwork! Those dwarfs look good. Do the basing! They'll look fantastic with them. And the ancestor stone is a great addition!

@Juicytomatoes: Oh wait... that's me...

@Chicken Pig: It IS looking good. It's not the bright, in-your-face sort that you get with like the more comic-like painting, but it's gritty and realistic, and it's neat, all of which is good stuff!

@someone2040: The BSB Banner is awsome sauce! Also, nice freehand your the lone ranger Seaguard.

@Jericho: Great painting on the Empire swordsmen! They will look really nice when finished, so here's cheering you on...

@Aenarion: Great to see the skeletons done! Keep going! BTW, do the dice roll, otherwise people might skip commenting on your work ;)

@Mouldsta: Nice work on the dark elves there. I love the skin color and the almost monochrome effect. Very atmospheric.

And thanks to all those who commented on my work... :)

It seems that this Tale is petering out a little eh? Fewer pics than the first 2 months. C'mon guys! Let's bald those paintbrushes that keep pointing at us ever so accusingly! Bald them, I say!

the eater of pie
10-12-2010, 10:02
well, i have been away from both the forum and the hobby for quite some time. but recently, could no longer fight the urge, and decided ToFP was a good way to go about starting up again.

so for the last couple months i have been trying to decide which army to continue. Originally i continued with my pirate ogre army, building and converting the entirety of my batallion (or what was left of it) and painted up 3 or 4 models, each taking a good 2 days. I played and won a few games with them, and though i finally beat my disabilitating urge to always swap armies. Apparently not.

So i've been tossing it up between my ogres, warriors of chaos, vampire counts and wood elves.

And after painting models from each army have decided to pick up my asrai army once more.

They were originally green/brown and then winter themed (some may remember my snowman [treeman] from a couple years back), but yesterday i stipped them all and have undercoated the lot of them, painting the first up in a nice autumn theme. it is finished bar the static grass, of which i need to get some more (i only have the green one, and want some scorched grass for thia army)

anyway, got kinda carried away there, just saying i am gonna try for the third year in a row to get these god damn elves painted :D

The Eater Of Pie

10-12-2010, 13:53
Going to have to JOKER again this month! Getting my Dark Elves on track. Will be back in next month! And all the rest from there on in!

10-12-2010, 14:20
I'll be posting my finished entry from last month hopefully in a week or so. No biggie though, the highlights made the unit better of course, but it's not so drastic that it'll feel new to anyone. With Christmas time coming up and shopping for the gf and 5 kids and my large family my hobby time has evaporated temporarily. I still have 5 models to finish the highlights on, but that's going to go quickly. I will NOT use a joker! Just need a moment to breathe :p

Awesome entries so far people!

Just going to make one comment here... Just because...

@ Fechik: I meant to mention it last month, but that army along with the extremely nice basing is very very cool. It's just my opinion mind you, but so far your army is in the lead for my favorite. The doomwheel chasing the guy over the tomato/apple cart is just awesome.

10-12-2010, 15:37
Back to the grindstone

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs694.snc4/63480_10150137721684972_692009971_8089972_506367_n .jpg

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs714.snc4/63449_10150137721744972_692009971_8089975_5534428_ n.jpg

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs714.snc4/63417_10150137721784972_692009971_8089977_693297_n .jpg

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs1176.snc4/154841_10150137721829972_692009971_8089980_4530094 _n.jpg

Check out the spectral hands in the background.

223pts altogether this month.


10-12-2010, 16:09
Empire : 1000 POINTS

Dice roll: 1

UNIT: 5 Pistoliers w. Outrider with repeating pistol.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Young noblemen with a talent for riding often form adhoc units instead of enlisting. Mounted on fast horses and carrying black powder pistols they harry the enemy flanks and rear, challenging each other to ever more daring acts of bravado.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Pistoliers with a drum and drum stick arm from state troops.

PAINTING: Skin tallarn flesh, dwarf flesh, elf flesh, wash ogryn flesh. Red cloth base blood red, wash baal red, highlight blazing orange. White cloth base skull white, wash babab black, layer skull white.

BASING: Wash scorched brown, base calthan brown, drybrush khemri brown. Static grass to finish.

STILL TO DO: Finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Wow, it's fun to paint a low model count unit!

POINTS : 114





10-12-2010, 16:10
Orcs & Goblins : 1000 POINTS

Dice roll: 4

UNIT: 50 Night Goblins w. bows.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Picnit's Pinkushions embody the trademark characteristics of night goblin tactics, peppering their targets with arrows from their shortbows with cackling glee, only to turn and flee when charged.

BUILD/CONVERSION: BfSP night goblin archers, with a couple of extras from ebay.

PAINTING: Skin dark angels green, snot green, goblin green, scorpion green.

BASING: Thick wash dark flesh, heavy drybrush vermin brown, light drybrush snakebite leather.

STILL TO DO: Finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Still lots more of the little hooded beggars to come...

POINTS : 150





10-12-2010, 16:11
Vampire Counts : 1000 POINTS

Dice roll: 1

UNIT: 20 Ghouls w. Ghast.

BACKGROUND/THEME: For those that survive battles with the undead, a horrible fate awaits. Forced to feed on corpses to survive, they slowly transform into ghoulish parodies of the men they once were as the craving for dead flesh overpowers all other instincts.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Bog standard ghouls from the battalion set.

PAINTING: Rotting Flesh base, Catachan Green wash. Three layers of successively lighter Rotting Flesh.

BASING: Paint graveyard earth, wash scorched brown, drybrush graveyard earth, drybrush 1:1 graveyard earth:bleached bone. Apply scorched grass.

STILL TO DO: Finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Great to paint something that's not bleached bone.

POINTS : 168





10-12-2010, 16:12
Time to give all the 4's some heartwarming comments and to respond to those that have given me a comment! :)

Braad - I LOVE the table you made us to see who did what and when and where! I love those kinds of things. Thank you for that!

Ister Flersson - Khorne is such a considerate guy. What a pretty engagement present. If I am not mistaken, this is not the first Juggernaut rider you have done so far, right? A group shot sometime would be coolness!!

Necrothrall - Nice gritty colouring. I like the hard edging, it works for Skaven. I would suggest some Goblin Green and Skull White highlighting on the warpfire stone bits though. They look a little flat right now.

Fabius Bile - There's a giant for you! Nice use of extra bitz. Totally creates extra character, and the Ogre Kingdom icon really helps! Smart touch. I like his tattoos. He looks like a biker, haha!

Kaos - Guuuuuhrgle

Hatemonger - Those classic Horrors are just... well... classic! Are you planning on doing anyything as far as ranking goes? It'll take some work, but it would look nice if you still made them sort of rank up, I guess.

In reply:

Fabius Bile - But... but... but... I DID use washes for shading! :S It's mostly my camera that suddenly decided to go weird on me that makes my pictures look really flat. Same reason the inside of the barrel not being black shows so much. The skin isn't my best work, but I tried a new method to see if I liked it. I didn't, by the way, so I will be back to cumbersome highlighting work starting from Dark Flesh. Old school is the way for me.

Malorian - Thanks! It's just PVA glue. Simple really... The barrel doesn't show on the tabletop... It was the camera.... Oh well.

Mouldsta - Teeheeheeh...

Everyone - Keep up guys! Great thing we are doing here!

Harvey - Respect man! Good job!

10-12-2010, 18:38
I started out commenting on the 1s, but then when I found them fairly thin on the ground, I just decided to comment on anything which caught my eye.

Ister Flersson: Loving the shading and particularly fearsome looking BSB. Great work.

Gaarew: I love your fluff (takes me back to when warhammer was very light hearted, and white dwarf had little cartoons of silly things in the corners). The face paint of these guys is awesome. It makes me want to do some war paint on my goblins....but I think thatíll have to wait. The BSB is looking amazing. Canít wait to see it painted. I can certainly see the troops rallying around him.

Confessor_Atol: Those miners are great. I was sceptical when the new miner models came out, as I liked the old ones so much, but youíve really done these guys justice. I hope you donít lose interest in the painting, I canít wait for the next entry.

Ego Ninja: Yet another person trying to force me to get some boar boys! The weathering on the armour is great (if you fancy dropping me a pm to say how you get it looking like that, feel free) and some awesome clean colours.

Rorulmesp: I love the grey boars. That photo makes me feel like Iím going to get run down any second. WHY MUST EVERYONE TEASE ME WITH BOAR BOYS!!!!????

Kaos: I hate to think how much time youíve spent on that giant, but it really has paid off. Fantastic modelling, and always one for alternative colour schemes, Iím loving the slimey reds and purples in there.

Chicken pig: Another juggernaught, another brilliant paint job. He really does look like a powerful warrior

Reddevil18: I wonder how many villages were pillaged before that giant completed his trousers (pants if youíre American). I love the various humans stashed about the giant. Can we get a rear view?

Jericho: How old are those ironbreaker models? Lovely paint job on some lovely models. I particularly like the guy in the middle (the champion I assume). Is the rest of the army from the same era?

Har666: Really great painting. The contrast between the red and white is really striking, and makes chaos warriors (classically dark colours) look bright yet still evil. Whatís coming next month?

Fechik: This army is going to look so cool when itís full of models. I just hope you can keep up the empire related conversions. Might I humbly suggest you make some little dioramas to fill out a few units (possibly more because I want to see some dioramas than anything else)?

Rutgar: I really get the feeling these knights have been summoned from across the land, yet with the red youíve still got a unified theme running through them. Can you put up another picture when youíve based them? I recently discovered that simply sticking a big of sand or flock (or both) to the base of a model suddenly takes it from being a good paint job to being a really dynamic model.

Harvey: Iím going to pick up on one word in your background bit: ďBrovadoĒ. These guys have tons of it. I can just picture them thundering off at the enemy and unloading 12 barrels of black powder pain into the enemyís face(s).

Harvey (MKII): Iím increasingly a fan of bright colours, and these ghouls show exactly why. They have a sinister cunning about them. Just great.


Jericho: I did pretty much get home from work every day and just paint till I went to bed, so when you put it in that context, itís not so incomprehensible. Also donít worry, I have got a life (and work has exploded in the pre-christmas deadline rush) so this month itís going to be a grand total of 6 models.

Malorian: thanks, not quite as impressive as your giant, but Iím quite proud of him (for my standards).

10-12-2010, 18:58
Heres the pics as mentioned in an earlier post. I have just started on some models for nexts months with a large unit of dwarf ironbreakers, which will enable me to buy back a joker if all goes to plan.

P.S Hopefully the picture sizes are all right. Im not very got with picture sizing.

Two Dwarf Thanes

Dwarf Crossbowmen (Bases still need to be done) Two of them not in the picture but there are eight pretty much finished.

Khorne Daemon Prince (with finishing touches not done last month)

Exalted Champion on Juggernaut (Still W.I.P)

Khorne Chaos Warriors Two Hand weapons (still W.I.P)

Ister Flersson
10-12-2010, 20:42
First comments on those of you who rolled 4:

@Necrothrall: Nice "fleshy" rat ogres. I like the tone of red you achieved on their loincloths.

@Daniel36: Nice striking colours. Yellow can be difficult to get right, but you have succeeded. Extra points for matching the bases with the movement tray. :)

@Fabius Bile: That is one HUGE giant! I like the way you incorporated the banner top as a gut plate. I didn't realize at first that it was a conversion, which is a good thing!

@Hatemonger: Good to see some classic old school models with an old school colour scheme! Well done. Do you intend on making a special movement tray to fit their round bases into?

@Harvey: You gotta respect a man who can paint that many goblins and keep his sanity. The skin contratsts well with the dark robes. One piece of critisism, the bases seem rather bright. But that's just my preference.

And some more comments:

@doc_cthulhu: Loving the rag-tag feel of the halberdiers!

@sssk: Loving the goblin/warrior priest conversion. That's thinking outside of the box!

@rorulmesp: Great looking pale boars. Do you mind telling me how painted them?

@Kaos: I had to read the description to get what this monster was. Awesome! Your army will be something apart when it is fully assembled if you keep this up. Good work!


Fabius bile: Thanks, 10 points if you can name all of the bits!

Malorian: Flails are awesome, it's a spiked ball on a chain, what's not to love? Also, if I give him the helm of many eyes he won't get to re-roll misses with a great weapon.

Moopy: The picture is rather dark, maybe I will take a new one and replace it with.

Daniel36: I'm going to let you in on a secret. I actually more or less finished the army this month, but since you shouldn't post more than 200p per month I'm keeping the pictures in my personal plog. Four out of five juggers are done. Link in my signature.

sssk: Thanks! I like how he feels menacing without having any horns on his head. that seems to be how you can tell status among chaos warriors in general. If you want the leader, look for the guy with the biggest horns.

Citizen Lame
10-12-2010, 20:54
Is it possible I could join the TOFP this late? I was supposed to be doing this from the start but unfortunately had no where near enough time to get on the boards never mind paint, which I apologize for. I would be painting a 2000 point Orcs and Goblin army.

11-12-2010, 02:15
The Late Post for the loss (sorry) =)


Skink Priest - Lvl 2, Rod of the Storm, Cloak of Feathers 150
Skink Chief - Shield, Light Armour, Venom of the Firefly Frog 69

TOTAL POINTS: 219 (call it 200)

PAINTING: Astronomican Base with a Asurmen Blue wash. Gold is Shining, Chestnut Wash then a Shining 2:1 Mithril highlight. Rest of fairly simple to figure out I hope =)

HIGHS/LOWS: Not too many lows, quick and easy Skink heroes who fill up the 200 fast... I love the Priests cloak, really happy with it. Lots of character on the Skinkies, fun to paint.






The EoTG will defo be finished for next months tale =)

The WIP:


11-12-2010, 08:32
Is it possible I could join the TOFP this late? ... I would be painting a 2000 point Orcs and Goblin army.

Consider yourself in.
And do note: it's forbidden to stop when you do any kind of greenskins :skull:


TOTAL POINTS: 219 (call it 200)

No, I'll call it 219 :p
It's perfectly okay to paint more so to have a little bit of extra credit later on.

I'm painting 250 guardsmen for a buddy so that's going to keep me busy for a couple of months, but I'll try to sneak in some characters so I won't need jokers ;)

Just noted this...

Malorian, come on, you're so far ahead that if you don't paint for a decade, you still won't need any jokers...

If we consider last years tale, we're even talking centuries here...

And on a personal note: I plan to finish 5 black orcs today to secure my place in the tale :D

Citizen Lame
11-12-2010, 08:42
Thank you very much Braad. Go forth my green horde... :D.

11-12-2010, 20:40
Hey guys! Posted my comments now it's time to show my work for month 3 ^__^

ARMY : Lizardmen!!

UNIT: Stegadon

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box!

PAINTING: Painting this guy taught me that people who paint all-red armies (Blood Angels comes to mind) are masochists! lol :p Red is a very difficult color to control and has to be built up gradually through layers and washes to look good. I tend to paint in fairly vibrant colors so to get it right I would say 70 percent of the time I spent on this guy was just working on the skin tone. I don't know that I will ever do another large red monster and I definitely know I won't ever do red as a central color in an army (ill keep it to accents) but I definitely had a lot of fun with this guy and I'm happy with how he turned out. :)

BASING: Im basing all the Lizardmen in broken temple/jungle ground made from white Sculpey. A buddy at work gave me the sheet of brass leaves from the Warhammer Basing Kit because he does 40k and didn't need them and knew they'd be perfect for Lizardmen, so I used those on the base. most fun part about the basing was making it so the Stegadon's foot aligned with the broken ground, which looks cool and saves me the cool bit from the kit to use later on something else.

STILL TO DO: omg the howdah :shifty:

HIGHS AND LOWS: The high was getting this guy to a state I was finally satisfied with! The low is that it took me all month and I haven't done anything but preliminary work on the howdah and crew.

POINTS : 235 baby stega! watch out for initiative tests dude :cries:


Next month: Going to be working on the Slaan. He's so many points and hopefully will be easy enough to paint that I can use him as a buffer to finish up the odds and ends like the highlights on my first unit of saurus and the howdah, or begin work on the frightening 28 Temple Guard I have staring at me on my desk. :eek:

11-12-2010, 22:25
comments for the 3's

@pluch87 - fantastic stuff, the yellow really suits the goblins, the paint job is neat and crisp and the bases tie things together perfectly, the army is getting huge! (mine is only 5 models at present!!)

@doc_cthulhu - love the vibrancy of those models, and I like how you're painting bits of multiple units, it must take ages longer with the different colour schemes!

@Matrim_Cauthon - that chariot epitomises the classic chaos warrior colour scheme for me, I also love the leaping hound and the excellent basing, good stuff!

@Cathexis - fantastic, classic, crisply painted high elves, your finished army will look stunning on the tabletop and would be a pleasure to face!

@Menathorn - the simple, neat scheme on the knights looks great, however I'm not sure about the paladin (Sigvald model...) he looks like his head is about to explode! if I might make a suggestion, the big red cross on his shield may work better as a paler colour, I think it makes him look extremely red-faced....

@Paull - love the dirty peasant look you've got going on, it suits the army down to the ground!

@Christophbs - nice backdrops! it really brings the models to life! nice crisp paintjobs and a classic colour scheme

@Akai - as I said last month, your army looks awesome all ranked up together, are those some of the battlemasters miniatures?

@Skipster - nice rat ogres, they look really neat, and I love the dwarf head detail on the warlord's trophy rack!

@SamVimes - awesome scratch building! I wish I had the patience to sit down with some plasticard and make something that cool

@Inquisitor Pariah - nice work so far, looking forward to seeing them crewed up next month!

thanks to everyone for the comments, much appreciated! great work to everyone so far, keep it up!!

12-12-2010, 01:14
Hi all, great work so far, I'll post comments in a day or two.

Dice Roll: 5

Dawi : 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: Master Engineer (Burlok Damminson)


BUILD/CONVERSION: Another classic mini, so no conversion going on here.

PAINTING: Basically the same as rest of my Dwarfs, boltgun with a wash then chainmail drybrushed over, Tallern skin with an ogryn wash then a Dwarf flesh highlight. Gold is just shining gold over a vermin brown base washed with the last of my chestnut ink .

BASING: Sand, black basecoat, then Fenris grey, shadow grey, fortress grey drybrushes and topped of with some snow material mixed with pva glue.

STILL TO DO: Nothing, well maybe a banner if I can be bothered.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I know I say this every month, but I love the old Dwarfs….so much character.



Master Engineer:


Army so far:


12-12-2010, 01:20
Lizardmen : 1000 POINTS (Boys)

Dice Roll: 5

UNIT: 6 Jungle Swarms.


BUILD/CONVERSION: Mostly the reptiles straight out of the blister, with a few of the not so good looking plastic snakes from the cold one rider box I think.

PAINTING: Various drybrushed colours and stripes over a black undercoat.

BASING: Sand. Black basecoat, then a very heavy vermin brown drybrush.

STILL TO DO: Just need to finish the basing. And I’ve just noticed that I forgot to do the teeth on them, oh well I’ll get those tomorrow.

HIGHS AND LOWS: No real lows, although it’s hard for me to think of colour schemes for all the reptiles, although I shouldn’t have any trouble seeing as how my son is obsessed with them at the moment.



Jungle swarms:


Army so far:


12-12-2010, 03:54
Comments for the 6 rollers and others!

gaarew: Great-looking BSB... hope to see him painted up soon.

Daniel36: Cool idea for the cannon base. I like how you painted the ground to match.

Ego Ninja: Nice solid rat block there. squee! I like the gold toof icons on your boarboyz also. Have you written any fluff for that?

sssk: Damn, you're churning out the gobbos. I noticed that you based the smushed guy there and put him in your archer unit... hehe. Clever.

coolwhip1: I think the glowing eyes look pretty good actually, but I would suggest washing the hair with sepia or something to make it less yella. Sweet minstrel.

malorian: You can do it! That will be a good story to tell later. The 250 guardsmen I mean.

Jericho: Lovely Dwarfs again, sirrah.

SamVimes: Awesome scratchbuilds.

Tekore: I think the redhead fur on those beastmen looks cool, especially with that blue-gray. You could perhaps give the fur a wash to give it more definition, on their upper legs for example.

smokemeakipper: It's kind of hard to see your models in those photos... I am surprised that you were able to travel back in time to take pictures of those trolls that hadn't been released yet, and then forward 11 months again. Cool BSB.

12-12-2010, 08:08
Rorulmesp - Thanks. Again, this was not my idea. I would've put it on a base anyways, but I saw someone do the rotating thing on the GW website, and really liked it. If anything, I hope my bringing the idea here to Warseer will spur more people to do it, as I think it adds a LOT of character to the army as a whole. My second artillery piece will probably have some swampy stuff on the base. :)

12-12-2010, 09:02
sssk: Damn, you're churning out the gobbos. I noticed that you based the smushed guy there and put him in your archer unit... hehe. Clever.

I felt like the guy with a cannon ball for a face was just too good to be left as a warmachine shot marker (or whatever he's actually meant to be) so I figured I'd put him on a base and stick him in a unit. I'm also working on getting the tied up slayer into my army. He might well end up being ammunition for my rock lobba once I get that under way. Incidentally, I'm definitely not churning out gobbos any more.

12-12-2010, 12:01
gonna have to JOKER this month :(
got about halfway through what i wanted to get done then work KO'd me :/
i want to try and get it all done nice and quick this month so xmas work doesn't plant its ugly foot in my backside...

12-12-2010, 12:47
Firstly I want to thank all of those who commented on my Slann. I thought about long and hard if I should change the way I did the Blue and Red tone and I have decided on keeping itís the way he is.

So on to this month.

Lizardmen : 2000 POINTS (Mens)

UNIT: Skink Priest with Engine of the Gods

Points: 320

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box. I guess the only thing I can say I did differently was that I decided to just put the Priest on his own and not with any other skinks as seen in the studio model.

PAINTING: Nice and simple. Scorched Brown for the body and Leviathan Purple for the scales. I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of Dinosaurs and saw lots of lovely colour schemes but found I was not able to translate them on to the beast.

BASING: Usual method, Graveyard earth all over then dry brushed with Kommando Khaki.

STILL TO DO: Just need to add the flock on. I am aiming to do it with a whole batch of other models.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Itís been a model I have not enjoyed painting and I put this down to the amount of stuff you have to paint. I am glad that the Priest skin scheme worked.



So without further ado here he is



And with the Slaan in an army shot, of two models :)


Finally, whatís next? 15 Saurus Warriors with Spears and Shields. I donít have any photos of them yet.

12-12-2010, 13:36
Baggers - We were not the same dice roll, but I feel I must comment on this wonderful job. Many Lizardmen are painted in bright colours, but you chose a muddy one, and executed it marvelously.

Only suggestion I have is do something with the triangular pattern you painted on the sides of the... uhhh... Thing strapped on his back. Mayhaps a simple blue/red pattern to not only make the model stand out a bit more, but also tie it in with your Mage?

12-12-2010, 13:51

Right month 3. Games have been going well with some wins in the league and against some HE in a big 4K game. Sadly with job troubles and illness (daughter not me thankfully) not so much painting done this month. hopefully can pick up next month!

Gawron stared up at the sky foully cursing the dark gods. In a rumble of chariots he had met another tribe at the herdstone and been defeated. His standard and his tribe were lost to him and he was chained to a chariot with a leash made of his own hair. Humiliation burned like a forge deep in his battered body as he watched the new beastlord Kozak the Black strut around the herdstone. The glittering "Axe of Men" clutched in a malformed fist. He would have his revenge, Gawron swore to himself, and he would feast on Kozaks shrivelled heart...

Beastmen A: Chariot, Herdstone Shard, Mini-stones (ungor/gor fillers) = 150
Beastmen B: Beastlord w/the Axe of Men = 220

No conversions this week. Save for the small waystones that I made from slate chips borrowed from my neighbour's driveway. Plus some marauder weapons added on. I like painting chariots. Its quite fast and easy to do and I've been using 2-3 in every game so far to support gor blocks.

Mostly lows as life was stressful so painting was quite a chore. Was planning to do ungors, lots and lots of ungors but after basecoating some I just started to hate their little twisted bodies so put them to one side. Maybe more enthusiasm this month?

Dice Roll = 5



Shard of the herdstone

(I deleted my earlier pictureless post and reposted this one with figures after it jumped form page 4 to 6 in a quick few days!)

12-12-2010, 14:29
So here are my comments.

Gaarew: I like the Leadbelchers. The dark scheme works very well. I especially like the conversion you did for the banner bearer conversion. How did you do it?

Sssk: Interesting choice for the robes. A friend of mine did an all white robe night goblin army. It looks very well. I like the conversion for your big boss. I can imagine the goblin stealing a priest clothing.

Kaos: I like the giant. It’s a bizarre mix of models. How did you do the conversion? I like scheme and the blending between the different colours looks great.

Reddevil18: Great giant. I painted one a few months back and you’ve done a good job. Did you use a lot of washes?

Jericho: Not a lot to say apart from great work on the Dwarfs. A simple, well presented, colour scheme painted well.

Har666” Nice work on the Khorne warriors. May I ask how you painted the fur?

Rutgar: Nice Bretonnians. I like a single colour scheme across the whole off a the knights.

Harvey: Nice Pistoliers, any change of a photo that is looking up at the riders.

Harvey: Nice Ghouls. Nice simple colour scheme that works on the ghouls. I must admit I may steal the idea when I get back to my vampire counts.

Daniel36: Thank you very much. I am glad you like them. I also think the blue scheme that GW use is to bright and ridiculous. I like realism in my schemes. The Saurus follow on with the natural tone.

12-12-2010, 17:59
And with the Slaan in an army shot, of two models :)

Going to be working on the Slaan.

In the bit I just read there's 2 times talk about lizardmen and in both instances 'Slaan', while I'm quite positive that the army book and the GW site really says Slann... Apart from Orks instead of Orcs, this must be by far the most common spelling error in the whole game. Where does it come from?

12-12-2010, 18:05
Maybe from the Slaad in DnD. They are a frog-like warrior race that's pretty much identical to the original Slann army.

12-12-2010, 18:44

Anyway, got my stuff ready.


UNIT: 10 black orcs

BACKGROUND/THEME: None what so ever. Just painting all the remaining stuff I got.

BUILD/CONVERSION: None specifically, though 5 carry 2 choppa's and will be added to a unit of 15 that already carries 2 choppa's, and the other 5 carry great weapons and will also be added to a similar unit.


HIGHS AND LOWS: Getting closer to having painted everything that's standing around black.

TOTAL: 333

Dice roll: 4


12-12-2010, 19:37
In the bit I just read there's 2 times talk about lizardmen and in both instances 'Slaan', while I'm quite positive that the army book and the GW site really says Slann... Apart from Orks instead of Orcs, this must be by far the most common spelling error in the whole game. Where does it come from?

Probably because I spelt it wrongly and I had no clue that I spelt it wrongly.

12-12-2010, 20:58
Ok, comments time for all the 5 rollers.

@DeadInTheHead: Cool looking daemon, I like the base too.

@Confessor_Atol: Those new miners are cool models eh? You've done a nice job on them too. I'd get some, but I've already got 40 miners so probably can't use any more.

@juicytomatoes: I love that mini, I picked it up 2nd hand to paint up even though I don't have a TK army. Your one looks suitably ancient. The scorpion and liche look nice too.

@Chicken Pig: The pics are a little dark, but I think it looks pretty good. You can't go wrong with red, steel and brass for those khorne fellas.

@Malorian: You're a machine mate, great looking stuff. I like the giant too, great idea to night goblinise him.

@someone2040: Great looking beastmen man, those khorne and pestigor models they did back then were really nice IMHO.

@Jericho: Great idea to use the huntsmen box for swordsmen, the more I see of that box the more I like it. And of course they are painted very well.

@KHolbourn: Pretty good looking beasts mate, is your beastlord originally from the chariot?

13-12-2010, 01:11
Ok, comments time for the 4's and a few others.

@Ister Flersson: Amazing work. I love the pose as well as the paint. Would love to see more close up pictures.

@DeadInTheHead: I'm fairly certain you are the only person to ever call me 'lovely'. I think this month's work turned out even better - could still use a bit more in the way of shading, to my eyes, but I like it. Where is the model from? I don't remember it.

@Necrothrall: I like the different fur colors; helps to vary up the identical models.

@Confessor_Atol: I love the ancestor stone. Fun pieces like that tie into armies are what make games special for me. I'll have to think up something like that for mine.

@Daniel36: I like the basing; the round base for the cannon should make it fun to turn like a turret. Don't sell yourself short on painting skills, either. The metalwork I thought was especially good. Everything gets better over time.

@sssk: Dear God, did you really paint 75 models in one month?!? I am filled with both awe and shame.

@Fabius Bile: I agree on his expression: he looks quite miserable! No wonder with all those chains... The weathering on the metals is well done. What's that snow monster mini in the group shot? Not GW I assume?

@Tonberry: Great job on 'just the bird'. I love the spots on 'just the cat'. ;)

@Aenarion: Agree with you on the musician, I never understood why GW insisted on horns for skeletons. What do you do for the bone color, is it just white + some wash?

@ironduke: I like the sinsiter, gritty look to them. "We have enough color to let you know who we are, and the rest is iron for beating your face in."

@Harvey: Another person paints 75 models a month while I struggle with twenty... and they all turned out well. I like the gunslinger pose on the center Outrider. The goblins look impressive if only for the size of the horde, but they appear to be well done individually too. This may only be the lighting, but the ghouls look a bit chalky; maybe a wash, or a darker basecoat to start?

@Hammer49: All excellent so far. The dwarfs have lots of individual character to them.

In response to comments:
Everyone likes old school, eh? I'll try to remember that as I dig out more units. It just kills me to use more metal models though. So tired of metal...

As far as ranking goes, they do actually rank up rather well just dumped into a rectangle frame, which is more than I can say for my first attempts at the new plastic horrors! Once the army gets played some more and I start to settle in on the units' final configuration, I may make up some custom movement trays, which would provide another opportunity for some more interesting basing.

But I haven't descided if i want to go down the route of sensible army slaaneshi colour scheme, or "hahaha slaaneshi is boobs"
You're assuming you can't have sensible boobs? Come to think of it, Sensible Boobs would be an excellent name for a rock band. Or at least a unit, if not an army.

In the bit I just read there's 2 times talk about lizardmen and in both instances 'Slaan', while I'm quite positive that the army book and the GW site really says Slann... Apart from Orks instead of Orcs, this must be by far the most common spelling error in the whole game. Where does it come from?
Maybe because Slaanesh is spelled like that?

Thanks for all the comments so far. I know it's been said before, but this really is a great motivator to keep going on the painting.

- H8

13-12-2010, 03:30
Comments on 3:

pluch87: I really liked the red on the fanatics' ball and chains!

doc_cthulhu: Very vivid color schemes. Except for the cannon's blue wheels (it seem somewhat out of place), everything looks very pleasing to my eyes.

Matrim_Cauthon: The skulls on the horses came out very well.

Cathexis: the time spent on those elves is worth it, they came out looking great.

Menathorn: the Sigvald used as paladin works well.

Paull: I liked the muted colors of your bretonnians.

Christophbs: awesome warboss. The monotony of the goblin infantry pays off. It looks like it will become a great horde (I enjoy the background :D)

kyussinchains: the big skull looks awesome and the scar on the ogre's face is a nice touch (note: yes, those infantry are from battle masters)

Skipster: the dwarf head, not sure if that is a conversion or part of the miniature, but definitely cool miniature! The red on that miniature definitely helps break up are the brown.

SamVimes: looking forward to seeing all the chariots finished.

Inquisitor Pariah: whatever that painting technique was, it looks great on the cannons.


Thanks everyone who had made comments on my figures! This ToFP has really been a motivation for me to not only paint but delved into the hobby. Unfortunately, I won't be able to meet the monthly quotas of the Tale for at least the next 4-5 months (very busy with school/work). I will continue to paint, a figure or two per month, until things settle down.

13-12-2010, 10:16
Comments for 3s.

pluch87 - Great looking night goblins! After painting lots of horde armies I have an enormous respect for someone who can paint that much troops in so little time. Keep it up or you'll regret it later! (Coming from someone who failed last years challenge due too great numbers of skaven...)

Matrim_Cauthron - Great looking chariot! I like your painting style but would have liked to see green stuff instead of assembly lines in chaos hounds.

Cathexis - I like the simple and pure colors. Something I just cannot achieve no matter how hard I try.

Menathorn - These guys take me back... So much actually I had to dig up my old Bretonnians and prime them to be used as knights for my Empire army! You could try to use a little less paint and add a little more highlights.

Paull - Good looking peasants and great pictures. Now we need to see some knights!

Christopbhs - Greenskins for the win! Liking your work and the altered pictures!

aka - Those models rock! I think that one-pose-troops are little under rated as they look great in huge blocks. Keep it up!

kyussinchains - I like the skin, bone and stone but the vest is little plain. Maybe some tiger strips or something?

Skipster - Good painting but the mold lines shine through too much. I wouldn't like to see them...

SamWimes - The chariots look a bit too big... But the detail in them is great.

Inquistor Pariah - And those tires have moldlines... :)


and responses:

@Matrim_Cauthon - Cheers mate. I like them too!
@Paull - The knights aren't as good as I would like but the blue wood in the cannon is something that's going to stay.
@Malorian - Thanks. It's also very frustrating.
@Moopy - As the unit comes together I starting to wonder wether I made the right choice about using different colors. But as comments about them are encouraging I think I did something right. ^_^
@Ister Flersson - Thanks! That's exactly what I had in mind!
@kyussinchains - Yes it takes... After two months of painting I have 19 soldiers ready... and I plan to have them in a 50 soldiers horde...
@akai - I stand by my blue wheels! I like the look on old models (from 80's) and they had coloured wheels. And other pieces. It's also painted according to the fluff book of Empire (Heraldry and something... can't remember). Not that it matters but still! :D Pure blue wheels of WIN!

13-12-2010, 13:29
I was wondering if I might sign up now for Dark Elves in the Men's League? I will be able to get a unit up by the end of the month as I am most of the way through a block unit of Corsairs.......

13-12-2010, 16:45
Ok, comments time for the 4's and a few others.

You forgot me :'(

Maybe because Slaanesh is spelled like that?

I've seen someone else make that comparison, and it turned into some kind of purply, horny frog IIRC...

I was wondering if I might sign up now for Dark Elves in the Men's League? I will be able to get a unit up by the end of the month as I am most of the way through a block unit of Corsairs.......

Yes. As a matter of fact, you're in already! So get in gear and get painting!

13-12-2010, 19:52
More comments! (pages 5-6)

Mouldsta: I love the dark theme, but the pink on the black guard makes me smile :p

ironduke: Taking the time to do the edges around the shields was well worth it.

Harvey: I'm sure if the fact that they aren't looking where they are shooting bothers me or fits pirfectly in with their fluff, but the fact that you managed to paint them AND 50 night goblins AND 20 ghouls means you deserve a big pat on the back.

Hammer49: Really liking the look of the khorne deamon prince. for the dwarf characters it really is too bad they didn't have the imagination to put them in different poses.

Vinsanity: Liking the skinks, but why is the gold different. Is it just a flash thing or did you do them different on purpose?

Moopy: That's a good looking steg, and don't knock yourself for 'only' getting it done. Doing all the detail can take a lot of time.

perplexiti: The old dwarfs is great. I found swarms to be a pain too because they need so many different colors and yet you want to tie it in with the army.

Baggers: Are you going to add the 4 skinks? (Otherwise looks great)

Kholbourn: If can be hard to do the masses of core, but you have to get to it eventually if you want to be done with it :)

Braad: The only thing to do when you run out of black models is to get some more :D

13-12-2010, 19:54

Sorry its late believe it or not i ran out of a few paints this month and being a tight ass ordered them offline and they have still not arrived (hence my vampire counts still not being finished)

Anyway first up:

Ogre Kingdoms 2000pts

4 x Iron Guts inc Standard and Musician 227pts

The standard is not quite finished, need to put an icon of some sort on it.

This will be one of two 6 six strong units made up of 5 Iron Guts and a character.







Dice Roll 2

13-12-2010, 20:10
Vampire Counts 2000pts

10 x Grave Guard with Greath weapons and full command 160 pts

Really happy with the way the red robes turned out on these guys. I've run out of Devlun mud though, which is what i was going to use on the bones, followed by a dry brush of bleached one, will get these finished when i get the paints.





No Army shot of the Vamps as... i have dismantled my vampire lord on abyssall terror, this i because i have made a mk II model as i love the new dragon prince models and so will be converted blood dragons from them rather than the chaos knights and i want all the vamps to fit with each other, MK II shall be seen soon and i would go as far to say its one of my best conversions i've ever done.

Dice Roll 2

13-12-2010, 20:16
Skaven 1000pts

Warlord 90 pts

Here is my main warlord, although i will also be making another one for my bonebreaker and also another one of great pox rat.

In games i will run him with enchanted shield, warlock enhanced weapon and talisman of protection.
He has the old Ikit Klaw back pack and stormdeamon weapon, other than that is the new Queek model with some added spikes.






Army Shot.


Dice Roll 2

14-12-2010, 02:54
You forgot me :'(
Ack! Not sure how I did that. I even remember seeing your post now that I look back. Sorry. :(

I like the look of the two-colored metals, reminds me of my old WAR character. I like the horns too. The metal looks a bit too clean to me (for Orcs anyway), but maybe that was intentional if you want the big 'unz to stand aside from the boyz.

- H8

14-12-2010, 03:25
@akai - I stand by my blue wheels! I like the look on old models (from 80's) and they had coloured wheels. And other pieces. It's also painted according to the fluff book of Empire (Heraldry and something... can't remember). Not that it matters but still! :D Pure blue wheels of WIN!

All that matters is that you like them! :)

14-12-2010, 04:22
@rorulmesp: Great looking pale boars. Do you mind telling me how painted them?

I do not mind! : ) The recipe is as follows: Vallejo dark gray basecoat over everything, fur washed with Badab black and then drybrushed up to the dark gray again. Face was painted with the dark gray and elf flesh blended and then shaded around the eyes with a couple controlled devlan mud washes.

14-12-2010, 11:54
Hi All! Just popping in to say I havent missed this months painting, but I am being slow getting the post up - blame Warcraft!

I'll try get it done this week - promice!

15-12-2010, 04:29
Sorry for being late but im going to have to use a joker this month, its all been a pretty busy end to theyear with last minute assesments and assignments at school but hopefully il get my marauders done next month :)

Fabius Bile
15-12-2010, 13:38
@Fabius Bile: I agree on his expression: he looks quite miserable! No wonder with all those chains... The weathering on the metals is well done. What's that snow monster mini in the group shot? Not GW I assume?

Indeed it is not GW, it is from Heresy Miniatures. I have something else from them, but that's another entry for another month. Here's a link to where it came from:

15-12-2010, 16:32
Braad: The only thing to do when you run out of black models is to get some more :D

Indeed. When I have 1 left, I will buy more. But not yet. I really want to have everything done, and then... dunno, either start on the new stuff, if it turns out to be good enough, or I might start a little side project.

Ack! Not sure how I did that. I even remember seeing your post now that I look back. Sorry. :(

I like the look of the two-colored metals, reminds me of my old WAR character. I like the horns too. The metal looks a bit too clean to me (for Orcs anyway), but maybe that was intentional if you want the big 'unz to stand aside from the boyz.

- H8


Clean? Well... maybe they wash themselves? Dunno, wasn't intentional. I always think drybrushed metal in itself already looks a bit messy.

@ all
By now we already painted 64319 points!

15-12-2010, 19:49
I have some goblins finished:
(I'll do the points thing in a mint)




15-12-2010, 19:53
For my High Elves:
Finished apart from the blue gems...and the rider!


A closer look. I wanted the Dragon to look like it was from the very rocks of Ulthuan.
(I can see in from this photo there are some bits I need to touch up on that inside leg).


Witht the spearmen from last month:


15-12-2010, 19:54
For my Empire army.
A detachment of Tilian Merc's ... all finished.






Zark the Damned
16-12-2010, 08:41
Sorry to butt in to the 'wrong' tale, but I love thosee Archers Harry. Inspired use of Rebel Snots :)

16-12-2010, 09:37

Awesome socks! I bet you own some socks with those patterns! How else do you explain them being painted to such great detail and variety, eh?

16-12-2010, 17:12
Little update from me.

100 guardsmen done so far (not fantasy, but it's what's keeping me from this tale) and no work on either greenskins or lizardmen.

I do have Gorbad and a savage orc chariot that stare me in the face each day but I'm just so driven to get this commission done :(

A nice thing is that I have a week off right away here so I can hopefully fit in something at the last second ;)

16-12-2010, 17:39
I have some goblins finished:
(I'll do the points thing in a mint)

Did the mint pass already?

16-12-2010, 18:16
Harry, those crossbowmen look awesome :) Really reminds me of my beloved greasy Ita -- Dogs of War :D I haven't gone so far as to put varnish in their hair yet, but as my friend Steve's gf is very Italian I have repeatedly threatened to do so when playing against her Wood Elves :D

16-12-2010, 21:21
Late posting I know but here you go.


Points 98 (will make up the difference this/next month depending on time)


High Elves

Points 105


Roll 4

Need better lighting but at least it's not jokers.

16-12-2010, 23:29
My contribution will be late, but a Dwarf Lord and Hero will follow soon. I was slightly waylaid by the tin pest/lead rot nighmare scare. :(

It is over now, thankfully. :)

@Harry: Great work, that Empire army is really starting to tempt me into another army!

@akai: Love your project - your painting is so neat and precise. You really bring the old-school figures to life.

@Everyone else: Keep up the good work! Loving it all. 63000 points would make one sweet game.

17-12-2010, 01:35
I'm just popping in to say that my entry is done but that my camera has finally taken its last breath of electricity ever so I can't get photos up :(. So I'll play a joker and make it up next month when I have hopefully been able to buy a new one with Christmas money...



19-12-2010, 11:04
Comments for the Fivers (and obligatory comment for Harry).

@juicytomatoes - Love that purple accent colour, it works really well with both the gold and the bone.

@Chicken Pig - Great idea to add some steel bits.

@someone2040 - SOme scary looking beastman you have there, I especially like the faces of the Minatours.

@Jericho - This is shaping up to be one of my favourites; love love love that filler, the posing of the ork makes him look almost contrite.

@Mouldsta - Yes, better pictures please, if only because everything looks so good I want them revealed in all their true glory.

@perplexiti - Lovely classic dwarf, the old dwarf scuplts have a lot of character and don't need much to bring out the best. And great swarms, looks like they were fun to paint.

@Harry - +1 for the general sock love that's floating around on here...

Will be back later to respond to comments about my work.

20-12-2010, 11:23
OK, so responses:

@Jericho - It's Avatars of War's daemon Champion. Thanks for your support, and I look forward to picking your brains.

@juicytomatoes - I'm going to add some water effects and try to have some blood flowing down the rocks. It all depends on whether I can get that working and looking good. I've made a spare base to test the theory, but I'm probably going to do everything in bulk towards the end of the tale.

@perplexiti - Thanks for the comment :)

@Hatemonger - I think it was just something about telling someone called Hatemonger that they're lovely, I had to do it. The model is from Avatar's of War, and about the shading, I've been doing a bit of experimenting with this months entry (bloodletters), so I hope this is something I can transfer back to the last two models work.

Thanks for the comments, advice and support, it really does help with the motivation (especially when you want to give up halfway through building a unit of flesh hounds).

20-12-2010, 17:28
Did the mint pass already?
Sorry about that.

Goblins : 20 Goblins with bows. 80 Points. Total so far. 200 + 1 Joker (BOYS)
Empire : 10 Tilian Crossbowmen. 80 Points. Total so far : 160 + 1 Joker (BOYS)
High Elves : Moon Dragon : 300 Points. Total so far: 649 (MEN)

and this guy for my Undead:



and a close up of the base:


And here is with his mate:


Krell in 5th edition was 335 Points all tooled up.
Without Magic Items he still came in at 160!!!
Fullplate armour? 12 Points??? and Two handed Axe: 12 Points
+ 3 skeletons on his unit filling base 27 Points
211 Points???

Sooo ... Undead : Krell 211 Points. Total so far 686 (MEN)

@ Braad.
Hope this helps you keep it straight.

Nothing for my Chaos Hordes this month so another Joker.
and my High Elves are not in your list at all and should be in the Mens catagory. Showing 3 months painting (Spear Elves for two months and Dragon this month and no Jokers).

Many thanks.

20-12-2010, 18:53
It does.

Good to see you going at it again at Harry-speed.

About your High Elves, dunno what happened exactly, but somewhere between making that list and now they already got back in the list, so all is well. I think I missed one entry though... was the second month 349?
You're working on 5 armies now, if I got everything right.

I'm already close to finishing my entry for next month. And still 10 days to go, including a week off from work. Sweet!

20-12-2010, 20:17
It does.

Good to see you going at it again at Harry-speed.

About your High Elves, dunno what happened exactly, but somewhere between making that list and now they already got back in the list, so all is well. I think I missed one entry though... was the second month 349?
You're working on 5 armies now, if I got everything right.

I'm already close to finishing my entry for next month. And still 10 days to go, including a week off from work. Sweet!
It was 349 But I had been painting that unit over two months. So 174 .5 for months one and two. :D
(That isn't the whole unit either .... just the ones I had finished. I will return to those and finish the last few next month ....I just needed a break from spearmen. :D I will take the points when they are finished and based.

I am working on 5 armies but I don't think I will be able to keep that up. :D
Although I am in good shape to finish the painting for 4 armies for this next month. AND I am on holiday now.

20-12-2010, 21:19
@Harry, just goes to show that 'classic' miniatures can fit right in with the right paintjob.... I always loved Krell, and him and Nagash together in that group of skeletons looks amazing!

21-12-2010, 02:42
Fit in with what, they're all super old :D Joking aside, they do look great with the extra work put into them. I'll stick to my classic Dwarfs though, they look cool without the need for extensive conversion, lol :D

21-12-2010, 14:42
Hey guys, I've had a lot of medical problems which is why I haven't posted any miniatures. If its alright with you guys I'd like to submit double points next month.

21-12-2010, 16:11
I am working on 5 armies but I don't think I will be able to keep that up. :D

Yes you will. No excuses now.

Hey guys, I've had a lot of medical problems which is why I haven't posted any miniatures. If its alright with you guys I'd like to submit double points next month.

If it helps to get you stuff painted, everything is just fine!
Wish you all the best with your troubles.

21-12-2010, 16:21
Take your time, rest up and get healthy. That is the important part :D

23-12-2010, 11:23
Thanks to everyone for all the feedback - it's very motivational.


Page 1

@pointyteeh Wood Elves - Great use of the gnoblar head, it gives a lot of character and is well emphasised by the painting.

@Ister Flersson WoC - The blood and skulls on the banner are very striking. From what I can see the paint job is excellent.

@pluch87 O&G - I love night goblins. They look far far better than mine. Well done.

@doc_cthulhu Empire - That's an eclectic month's painting! I love the little details that give the models so much character like the halberdier with the knife rack on his back.

@EmperorNorton High Elves - Solid looking bolt throwers.

@EmperorNorton Ogres - Great untis, I like the verdigris on the metal.

@DeadInTheHead DoC - Very khorney - maybe a little darker in places to echo the spines, perhaps a brown wash on the armour?

@gaarew Ogres - They look great, I like the flame detail and the patriotic war paint.

@Matrim_Cauthon Chaos - Great looking units and the bases really finish them off well.

@Necrothrall Skaven - I love grubby looking skaven. I definitely recommend basing them, it will transform them.

Page 2

@Confessor_Atol Dwarves - Keep going, they look great. Love the ancestor stone as well.

@Daniel36 Empire - I might have to copy that idea, it's very clever indeed. I love your zoomed in details in the picture as well.

@Ego Ninja Skaven - Very nice looking unit - uniform whilst not too tidy.

@Ego Ninja O&G - The armour looks great, classic Orc red and green.

@sssk O&G - Brilliant big boss conversion. Against all expectations I think the white robes look really good.

@Cathexis High Elves - Lovely colours, they look very striking.

@rorulmesp O&G - Some lovely skin tones there. I love the boar colouring.

@Menathorn Bretonnia - Striking colour scheme, well done. If you stick the shields on after painting, it makes life much easier.

@Paull Brettonia - Great rustic colours. Your army is really starting to come together.

@juicytomatoes TK - Love that cloak. Amry painter looks like it works really well on tomb kings. It should give you a great unified colour scheme.

@Christophbs O&G - Looking good. Don't knock you photography, it's fine. Where did you get the backdrop from?

@akai Order - I love old monopose minis ranked up like that, especially with crisp colours. Keep it up!

@Fabius Bile OK - Wow. Very impressive. How tall is the giant?

@Doomseer Dark Elves - Love the colours. The glow around the eyes is very cool.

@Illuminus79 Empire - Nice units, great selection of heads.

@kyussinchains OK - Very striking. Perhaps a wash on the skin for a little more depth?

@Alex Under Empire - I love that mini too, and think you've done it real justice.

@Kaos WoC - Really really impressive. Great modelling skills.

Page 3

@Chicken Pig WoC - Nice combination of brass and steel.

@Skipster Skaven - Yes, mould lines really are a pain. The dwarf head trophy stands out nicely.

@coolwhip1 Brettonia - I quite like the glowing eyes personally - all the blue accents work well.

@reddevil18 WoC - Well done, very colourful giant. It has a lot of personality.

@Malorian - Great night goblin giant, very well themed.

@someone2040 Beastmen - That banner is brilliant. Simple yet very striking.

@Jericho Dwarves - Beautiful painting, somehow muted colours yet very strong.

@Jericho Empire - Very nice diorama, I like the olive huge to the orc's skin.

@Har666 WoC - Solid looking unit. Maybe a little less wash on the shields?

@Tonberry High Elves - Impressive, can't wait to see it finished.

@Badgobbla High Elves - Very classy, like the choice of colours.

@SamVines High Elves - Wow, those are chariots and a half. Well built sir!

@Aenarion Undead - Interesting use of blue, I like it, very different to most VCs.

@Fechik Skaven - The painting is great and I love the bases.

Page 4

@Tekore Beastmen - Good looking unit. I especially like the bases. Very foresty looking.

@Wulf Empire - Nice converstions and a solid looking paint job.

@smokemeakipper O&G - Yet more good looking gobbos! The trolls look excellent.

@Hatemonger DoC - Great looking horrors. I really like the old style.

@Rutgar Bretonnia - The heraldry on the barding really sets the unit off. Well done.

@Inquisitor Pariah Empire - Nice pair of guns.

Page 5

@Mouldsta Dark Elves - Your colour scheme fits in well with the weather in the UK at the moment! They look excellent, very cold and evil.

@ironduke WoC - I love the colour of the shields. They look solid enough to stop a tank round.

Page 6

@Vinsanity Lizardmen - The feathered cloak looks excellent. Two great minis.

@Moopy Lizardmen - Lovely colour scheme. I look forward to seeing the howdah on it.

@perplexiti Dwarves - I like the old models too. Definitely stick a banner on him.

@perplexiti Lizardmen - Colourful creatures!

@Baggers Lizardmen - I really like the combination of brown and purple. Fantastic looking model.

@KHolbourn Beastmen - I love seeing your new models used in your battle reports. Keep up the motivation!

@Braad O&G - I know they're painted for different units, but I rather like them posed with the great weapons in the second rank, ready to whallop over the heads of the others. Good looking unit.

Page 7

@Bueno OK - Great weathered and frost bitten ogres. Any detail going on the banner?

@Bueno VCs - Loveley striking red colour and brass detailing.

@Bueno Skaven - And green to complete the primary colours. Looks good from what I can see. Any chance of some close ups of the bearers?

@Harry O&G - Love the vibrant green skin tones.

@Harry High Elves - Excellent looking dragon, very rocky.

@Harry Empire - With those stockings they should get plenty of Christmas presents...

Page 8

@Fredox O&G - Classic night goblins. Love 'em.

@Fredox High Elves - I like the blued steel of the swords contrasting with the gold armour.

@Harry Undead - I like the way Krell looks imposing with his huge axe until you stand him next to Nagash. Great army.

23-12-2010, 17:10
To Braad, or Harry, or whoever is keeping track of this thing... I'll be posting the second half of my work (I was spreading one 400 point unit over 2 months) next week before the end of the month. I refuse to use a joker!

Christmas time is an absolute nightmare with the size of my family:p A fun nightmare, but still a nightmare;)

I'm thinking for January I'll be picking something easy to paint like my Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers. He's got his basecoat already anyways.

23-12-2010, 20:56
@Braad O&G - I know they're painted for different units, but I rather like them posed with the great weapons in the second rank, ready to whallop over the heads of the others. Good looking unit.

I actually started those units back when you still had to choose whether to buy 2 choppa's or great weapons. But the idea is nice. Would be a bit difficult, though, I think.

To Braad, or Harry, or whoever is keeping track of this thing... I'll be posting the second half of my work (I was spreading one 400 point unit over 2 months) next week before the end of the month. I refuse to use a joker!

Sure, fine.
Just make sure you're on time, because I'll be dealing auto-jokers at the start of next month to those who haven't posted anything :p

24-12-2010, 06:24
Starting to look like a horde ... or the front rank of a horde anyway ;) Time for a shower then a little more work before bed. Hopefully finish or at least get close to finishing during the day tomorrow, before the Christmas shenanigans start.

24-12-2010, 17:16
Sorry about these being a bit late. I’ve gone from being unemployed to having 2 jobs (although they are both contract jobs, so won’t last forever), so I’ve been swamped. Comments for all the 3’s.

@pluch 87: Nice unit of goblins. I like how the leader is subtly picked out by painting his hood in your secondary colors.

@ doc_cthulhu: Liking the theme a lot. The individual warriors remind of desperate mordheim fighters! The American Civil War style wheels on the cannon are too cool.

@Matrim_Cauthon: Nice WoC chariot. I’ve painted a few of those over the years. It looks good. Like the elevated look you got to the platform. Nice wolves too. Not a big fan of the sculpts, but that’s not your fault.

@Cathexis: Those seaguard are looking really good. Love the wave effects on the shields. The swordmasters are also looking quite nice.

@Menethorn: I Like the idea of using Sigvald as a poncy brettonian noble. The KotR are fairly dark and grim with those hoods. However it looks like a few areas, like the horses barding and the knights shields, could use another coat of paint.

@Paull: Nice bowmen. They fit in well with the rest of the army. The sorceress also looks good. Nice, realistic blonde hair.

@Christophbs: The warboss is looking good. Don’t worry about the amateur photography, we can still see everything! The goblin rank and file looks suitably good as well.

@akai: I love those old Battlemasters troopers! I have a box myself waiting for me to slap some paint on it. The army is really shaping up, and I like the Reikland theme. Have you thought about making movement trays that have the battlemasters information on them so you can use them in both games?

@kyussinchains: Like the Hunter. He looks suitably brutal. Too bad you don’t have any sabretusks yet! (I think I’m about the only person on the planet that actually like those models!)

@skipster: I like the muted colors you have going in your army. Unfortunately, the mold lines on those rat ogres really stands out. The dwarf head on the warlords banner is particularly well done.

@SamVimes: (In best Craig Furgeson impression) I know! Making those chariots sucked for me too!

@Inquisitor Pariah: Good start on the cannons. Can’t wait to see them finished up!

And responses to those who commented on me!
Thanks guys for the kind words about the scratch-builds. I really hated making them, but the positive reactions make it almost seem worth it. We’ll see if the encouragement can get me through building the bolt throwers in a couple of months! @ Malorian: I’d let you kid-nap me to make chariots for you, but you’ve got to throw in some good Canadian Whiskey! @doc_cthulhu: Yeah, the chariots are large. The crew isn’t going to be glued in, and I needed enough space so that figures with a base could fit in them without being too cramped, as I plan on using these in a number of different games/scenarios. The ‘battle bus’ however really is far too large. I’m thinking about adding a third crew member just so it doesn’t look so silly. It’ll make a good opulent coach for Mordheim though!

And last we have some WiP shots of the chariots being painted. I free-hand painted the interior of this chariot, and now I’m all upset that I did the fronts of the chariots with physical details since I think the effect came out really good. The wood is painted to look like antique maple (or some other fine-grained wood) and should have a very subtle grain running the length of it. Excuse the crummy photos. I used my iPhone out of laziness.




24-12-2010, 19:01
I am GLAD I still have a week off... I'll need the time to finish!
@SamVines - The Chariot looks nice. Very Tolkienesque detailing.

24-12-2010, 20:25
coolwhip1: I think the glowing eyes look pretty good actually, but I would suggest washing the hair with sepia or something to make it less yella. Sweet minstrel.

@coolwhip1 Brettonia - I quite like the glowing eyes personally - all the blue accents work well.

Glad to see that someone likes it. :) I've really been questioning the whether I should have done that. I will definitely give the Sepia wash a go, on test model first, but yellow is definitely a bit overpowering.

Comments for the 6's
and some others...

@pointyteeth - I really dig that dryad conversion. It's very well executed, and unique to boot. Also, the color usage is superb.

@Ego Ninja - I'm just impressed that you can paint that many minis in just a month, let alone to the quality that you have. I am particularly impressed with the freehand on the Skaven unit's standard. I also enjoy the contrast between the bright red of the Orcs' armour and the brown boars. However, the Orc skin is a little too 'bright' and somewhat dampens the effects of the 'bright/dark' contrast on the models.

@rorulmesp - I really like the contrast you created between the boars and the Orcs, and even more interesting that the boars were used to cause the contrast.

@Kaos - Just wanted to say that I've seen you plog, and I absolutely love it. Simply amazing work, and that giant is pure extract of win.

@Tekore - I like the facepaint on your gors, but I would recommend highlighting it to make it have some more depth. I would also recommend adding another, slightly contrasting, color to the brown pallet your using, it will help make the unit more visually stimulating.

@smokemeakipper - I like the color scheme for your night goblins. Different than the seemingly mandatory black, but you still kept an element of the traditional scheme with the yellow on the hoods. Excellent work.


I definitely won't be posting any finished pics next month, as all of my painting gear is stuck at school whilst I am stuck at home for the break. I also got a brand new droid phone for my birthday, so you'll all notice that my pics will be MUCH nicer than the ones taken with my fossil of a digital camera.

Without further nonsensicals,
I present to you, the viewing public, "Questing Knight Musician with some paint on him"




I am very pleased with this guy so far. I'm also pretty happy with myself; I managed to paint a freehand goatee without ruining the face. satisfactorily painting a freehand over a finished area, without ruining anything, is a first for me. :D

25-12-2010, 20:24
Well, I haven't been abel to get enough time to finish my lizardmen this mounth
(I know that I am very late...), so I will have to use my second joker already.

27-12-2010, 14:31
Sorry everyone - I'm putting in my joker. It is so close to the end of the month already, I'm going to hold onto my next submission for a few days and get back in line with everybody else's time - I don't want to end up getting into the pattern of submitting at the end of every month.

27-12-2010, 14:57
@DeadInTheHead: the water effects thingamaboo sounds really exciting. Will be looking out for that one. And thanks for your comments :)

28-12-2010, 01:07
Hello all. I have, by way of a Christmas present, comments and replies from the frozen North!

For my fellow 2's:

pointyteeth: I like the conversion work. Are you sure you want to do that for all of them though?

EmperorNorton (High Elves): These look good. Might I suggest a scenic base for them? I find them very helpful.

EmperorNorton(Ogres): The skin tones and tarnishing are very realistic.

Doomseer: I like the green and grey mix. It's a good highlight color because it seems like something she would pick out. Also, the work on the hair is great.

Alex Under: The metalwork on the Steed is perfect. How many highlighting coats did that take? If you are doing Nuln, can I ask why you went with Orange for his pants?

Fechik: The ones without helmets creep me out a little. Your bases are amazing...I may have to rebase my Empire models.

Wulf: Nice looking models. The Priest looks great, even if too old to really be in battle.

Vinsanity: The colors you chose for the cloak are fabulous. The skin tones on your Skinks and WIP are wonderful.

Bueno (Ogres): Your army is coming together nicely. You need to share how you did the blue cloth with me so that I can use your technique on some of my Tzeentch models.

Bueno (Vampire Counts): The bases look great, and your cloth work is astonishing...again.

Bueno (Skaven): It's rather hard to pick out any details in the pics. I do like the hoses you added though.

I couldnt go without commenting on such a great Giant!
Fabius Bile: Holy Crap Man! Your work floored me. In fact, when I was scrolling through this forum my coworkers and I thought it was a real person at first. Isn't it too big though?

Now, for my replies:
pointyteeth: What is wrong with the pics? How can I make them better?

Malorian: Thank you. I am working on the bases. BTW, your entry didn't have a dice roll.

Harvey: Thank you for noticing. I have worked very hard to keep variety in this army (while still looking like gruff and burly men from the North), just like my Warriors of Chaos.

As for my WIP:
I already posted the starting picture with my finished work for this month. Finished him up almost a week ago because I knew I would be away from my paints over the holidays.

Good work so far everyone. Keep on plugging away.

28-12-2010, 08:17
Oh my God, so much Black Ops these last few days ... I really should be painting :) Short week, then another long weekend woohoo :D

28-12-2010, 10:19
OK, comments for the 1's, and replies to comments for me.

sssk - Whew, you don't do things by half do you? A very impressive output this month, and the units look good all ranked up. I like the Fanatic diorama in the Spear unit, but I think you should have crammed a few Spear Gobbo's onto the base, as, as it is, it creates a big 'gap' in the middle of the unit.

Kaos - That's one freaky-ass Giant right there dude. Love the skin tone and the vividness of the horns, a real masterpiece.

reddevil18 - Yay, another Giant. I'm keeping an eye on them all for inspiration for my own Slavegiant in the future. A basic paint job, and it shows a real neatness to your work, which makes me think you'll be showing a lot of improvement over the year. Well done.

Jericho - Sterling work dude, the combination of realistic metals and muted primary colours creates a great looking little group. Always nice to see the classic Marauder minis too. They look a little strange all ranked up standing on individual rocky outcrops though. :p

Har666 - A very festive looking bunch of Warriors right there. The fur collar and horns creates a very striking contrast with the armour and immediately draw the eye to the models face. Good stuff.

Rutgar - Very impressive stuff there. I envy your ability to paint straight lines. Looking forwards to seeing these guys based.

Harvey - (Empire) Good stuff. Still don't envy you painting the white. Great that you've mixed up the colours of the horses.
(VC) I love these models, and I dig the colour scheme, I just think it needs a little something to make it pop.

Baggers - I like your Steggy, very natural looking colours. Definitely helps the Slann to stand out though.


@Fabius Bile - Cheers, hopefully I won't run out of euphemisms and double-entendres for a while. I can't wait to get my BSB done either, I have grand plans for the standard, but I might try and knock out a couple more units first.

@Jericho - Well, I got at least one. ;)

@Malorian - I'll try not to disappoint.

@sssk - Yeah, there isn't much room for seriousness when grown men spend all their time playing with toy soldiers ;) Yeah, I can see the troops rallying round the BSB too. Probably because I've already written an army list, so I know what unit he'll be in. :p

@rorulmesp - Cheers dude, I get the feeling I'll have to get him shoehorned into the army as soon as I have enough Core points to allow another Hero level character.

@Baggers- Cheers dude. The BSB is based on the Pirate Maneater with a few select metal Ogre parts, some plastic parts, some brass rod, a steel pin and some pro-create. There was a lot of sawing involved. I'll do a proper write-up when I include him in my army.

@Harvey - Cheers, I quite like the flames myself.

28-12-2010, 10:59
Jericho - Sterling work dude, the combination of realistic metals and muted primary colours creates a great looking little group. Always nice to see the classic Marauder minis too. They look a little strange all ranked up standing on individual rocky outcrops though. :p
Haha yeah, they do look a bit funny at the moment. I'm banking on the snow flock blurring the edges between sand and rock, so hopefully when it's all done it makes a bit more sense visually :D

Anyway, I meant to just do a little painting before bed, and now it's 5am. Yowza good thing I don't work tomorrow!

28-12-2010, 17:45
Another small update:

Whole family was super sick over the holiday season, got nothing done, but I'm now ready to pump out some models over this last week :D

Oh, what's that? I forgot my paints when I commuted to work so they are now 500km away?


I should leave before I start swearing and smashing things... :(

29-12-2010, 22:50
So here come all the roll of 1 comments!

-gaarew Them ogres looks nice and the ogre bannerbearer seems to become a really massive model!

-sssk Wow thats alot of painting! I like the conversion of Desmond.

-reddevil18 Good job on that Giant. I can guess that all the skin was a bit boring to paint?

-Jericho I got those old models too waiting to be finished. I love them and you have made them look really good. At the moment it lacks the snow on the base but i can see how it will be when its done. Keep it up.

-Har666 There is no way to mistake those warriors for anything but Khorne Warriors with the evil red all over them. :) A bit unorthodox with blue-white furs. I think it looks better in real life then on picture since the flash lights it up alot. Good job on them!

-Rutgar Nice looking unit, very striking colors as should be with Brets.

-Harvey Good job on them pistoliers! And the Ghouls looks good too but i would perhaps give them a wash of some darker color, perhaps brown/greenish..

-Baggers That is one massive model. A bit bad light but i think i can see its a good job done. Bravo!

And the Giant i made is scratchbuilt from DAS, Greenstuff, Grey stuff, milliput and bits.

I might have missed someone if so I am very sorry! And thanks all for the comments on my giant. This month there will be no post as i have more points than allowed.

Until later, cheers!

30-12-2010, 02:24
A bit more WIP teaser, as I'm having too much fun with the Dwarfs. I really need to start working on the Empire war machine before it's January all of a sudden :p

The redheaded Dwarf looks about as haggard as I feel today. The sculpt has massive bags under his eyes :skull: Didn't sleep well last night, slept in a little bit, and woke up to find someone had poured a crapload of water all along the seam of my car door. It was -25C last night. I am now the proud owner of a portable car door handle as a result.

So it's 8:23pm and I'm tempted to watch a quick episode of Chuck on my computer while putting in a half assed 40 minutes of painting, then going to bed. First time I've gone to bed on the same day I woke up in ages. Crosby's epic point streak ended tonight, so mine can end too I suppose. Just a tiny bit of work to do on these boys, the axe on the Champion that I somehow forgot to do during the assembly line, and the dude with the fur hat on the right. Not sure how I want to paint the details on him, so he's got a lot of primer showing right now :)

30-12-2010, 08:56
Last second entry coming in for Nov!!! Pics to follow, I'll also make an effort to comment on next months submissions since I've slacked horrible for this one - sorry everyone :(

Army: High Elves
Legue: Boys (1000 points)
Painted: 3 High Elf Dragon Princes (Standard Bearer and Musician included)
Points this month (Nov): 120
Total Points: 545

Highs: Getting the unit finished!!!
Lows: Deciding to add a sixth figure >.< Not knowing what to do about the standard. I'm not the best at freehand, at the moment its just red. I'm a bit intimidated by the large area and was going to just cop out and paint a symbol on it... but I cant even bring myself to do that in case I mess it up! Any thoughts?

Nov pics and pics of what I've been up to in December... a sneak peak for what I plan to add to the High Elves for this years WH Doubles.

30-12-2010, 11:52
Just finishing bases for my December stuff.

One day to go. Get painting if you are not finished.

Don't be toooo surprised if the thread is up a bit late on the 1st of January as I shall be tearing the @rse out of it properly on New Years eve. :D

Fabius Bile
30-12-2010, 12:50
I couldnt go without commenting on such a great Giant!
Fabius Bile: Holy Crap Man! Your work floored me. In fact, when I was scrolling through this forum my coworkers and I thought it was a real person at first. Isn't it too big though?

Thanks Illuminus79 - glad you like it. The Giant stands at 18cm high, so yes, he is a big giant for sure, but the human figure hanging from his belt is standard Warhammer scale, so no, I don't think he's too big. Besides, in an Ogre Kingdoms army, the words "too big" do not exist!:D

30-12-2010, 15:32
Curses! 'fraid it's a joker for me this month. Close to finishing my HE Mage so should be up early next month.

30-12-2010, 19:58
Lows: Deciding to add a sixth figure >.< Not knowing what to do about the standard. I'm not the best at freehand, at the moment its just red. I'm a bit intimidated by the large area and was going to just cop out and paint a symbol on it... but I cant even bring myself to do that in case I mess it up! Any thoughts?

Nov pics and pics of what I've been up to in December... a sneak peak for what I plan to add to the High Elves for this years WH Doubles.Not sure what to suggest for the banner, as I've always found HE artwork to be less inspiring than, say, Empire in this regard. Their iconography just isn't as simple or easy to use as the humies.

Great basing btw. The autumn color foliage stuff is fantastic on the Princes. Can't wait to see the LSG.

Speaking of Empire, those knights look awesome btw. I, too, have often felt tempted to order up Marius, Ludwig, Kurt and a ton of plastic characters to make the big uber expensive Inner Circle regiment. The joke was always to cap it all off by adding Valten Exalted as a Warrior Priest/Lector to lead them :p 10 + Valten would cost $343 CDN at retail, however :D

30-12-2010, 21:25
A joker for me (again). Christmas mayhem and a pile of problems at home and work are to blame. That and my own innate pathalogical laziness.

Good riddance 2010. Roll on 2011.

Have a great new year everyone and keep up the brilliant work!

30-12-2010, 23:02
I forgot to put this link with my comments from this month:
Seeing as I commented so late to last months work, I felt it only right that I let you all know that I had made comments...just in case no one was looking at last months thread.

30-12-2010, 23:19
And yet again I forgot to post my work (or rather, take the pictures) << I've even got a few units done - Well Joker again for December, hopefully I'll have a bit less on my hands next month <<


31-12-2010, 09:37
A very late contribution from me here. This is not my entry for 3rd month but my w.i.p. for next. Since I have not uploaded anything for a long time I thought Iīd share. Also to force myself to finish this bunch ;)

Good, these are marauder Orcs from the late eighties. Twenty men unit with command. No doubles. I still miss eight or nine of this series but Iīm getting there. Still working with different skin tones.




I hope to get them done next week. Until then,

wish you all a happy, not too drunk new year!


Rik a Kadrin Kazad
01-01-2011, 00:07
When's the next thread coming, aye?

Happy NewYear everybody !! :)

01-01-2011, 08:38
Speaking of Empire, those knights look awesome btw. I, too, have often felt tempted to order up Marius, Ludwig, Kurt and a ton of plastic characters to make the big uber expensive Inner Circle regiment. The joke was always to cap it all off by adding Valten Exalted as a Warrior Priest/Lector to lead them :p 10 + Valten would cost $343 CDN at retail, however :D

I know EXACTLY what you mean ^^

I really like the over the top horses on the Empire characters and have used them a couple of times for Chaos Knights and Chaos Characters. This time around its a Warrior Priest of Morr and his buddies (Fellowship of the Shroud), but I just couldnt stretch to having a full metal regiment. Went for the plastic kit bash instead, its taken me about 4 months to spread the cost buying from bits sites and saving pieces from my own Empire dabblings - but I just hate the old Knight models so much, it was totally worth it!