View Full Version : First go at 10mm

02-12-2010, 14:44
never painted 10mm before, heres my first go.

did some error in planning the mini, but oh well.

02-12-2010, 19:03
looking good!

02-12-2010, 20:22
thank you :)

15-12-2010, 13:53

my little warband.

cost me 50 gbp and is a start of my 10mm army.

16-12-2010, 01:20
excellent work thus

i love warmaster :)

Cpt. Drill
16-12-2010, 03:08
Wow man that army looks awesome. My only problem with it is.... There are not enough picutres! I want to see shots of the infantry as well as al the characters! That banner carried by one of the characters looks incredible for the scale!

16-12-2010, 22:56
Thanks :)
Ill try and get som better pics, the banner isnt that awesome yet, none of them are, but theyll be redone soon.

i just need to start playing.

Cpt. Drill
18-12-2010, 02:13
i just need to start playing.

I wish you the best of luck finding players. Its hard work getting them together but if you can find some you will have alot of fun!

19-12-2010, 20:34
Its either that, or ill just collect enough for two armies.

Cpt. Drill
20-12-2010, 02:51
I would say that getting two nice looking armies (you should have no trouble) and intro gaming peopleis the best idea. Its how I got people into warmaster in my area. Failing that try finding people that bought some years ago when it first came out. They will be easy to convince to try playing it and may still have a few models.

21-12-2010, 09:36
I actually think theres a group in a town nearby that play alot of warmaster. ill try and contact them.

more pics for the masses :P


Cpt. Drill
22-12-2010, 04:24
They are really looking superb! I should really finish putting together my Isengard force... then visit you in Sweden.

Please keep up the good work. They are a joy to look at.

And definatly contact the local club, sounds like you got lucky there.

22-12-2010, 09:13
found someone to play! :D

uuh isengard, then maybe i shouldnt have painted gandalf the way i did(purple robes and green cloak) :P

I was aiming to have the army not look too obviously as rohan so i could use them for just about anything :P

10-01-2011, 13:43
I've had my first game of warmaster!

I played bretonnia vs empire. at 1100 points.

After a long chaotic and bloody battle it all ended with neither breaking.

After counting the points I lost game with 20 points.

But it was fun as hell ^^

10-01-2011, 19:04
but where are the pictures? :)

10-01-2011, 21:44
sorry ^^ next time ill take some pics. didnt want to bring an expensive camera to the store

18-01-2011, 09:42
Second game played vs high elves.

I took a risky chance then i got severely torn up by that Ld 10 general...

Pics will be comming

04-02-2011, 12:47
Botjer, interested in going 60 km to the east for some WM?
Armagedon in Borås. :D
mvh ola

Pilgrims Games
11-02-2011, 19:45
great paint job really do need more pic so i can dribble over them 2!! makes me really want to finsh my warmaster off

12-02-2011, 10:26
wmchaos2000, not entirely improbable :P i've also been pondering pulling people together for some bigass warmaster games...

pilgrims games, thanks ^^ its not perfect but it works. lots and lots of wash.

14-02-2011, 15:43
Sounds good.
Let me know if you get some people together and need an extra player.
I run Chaos, HighElves and Daemons.
Have access to Undead, DarkElves, Empire and Dwarfs aswell.