View Full Version : Rules hybridization - Mordheim injury table

16-12-2010, 16:56
In light of the extreme mortality in this game, and in order to make it more interesting/fun/survivable, I've started incorporating the injuries table from Mordheim for my long-term character games. So, if someone "dies" during a quest and the rest of the party makes it out (at least one hero must survive), then I roll for each one taken out of action to see what permanent injury he ends up with. I find this even works if they end up fighting in the pits or whatever (just fight a vanilla pit fighter).

I've played this way for a while and my group likes it since it's somewhat less stressful and more fun, since losing a character that's been 4 months in the making can be pretty disheartening. I know that the high mortality is one of the defining features of WHQ, but it's one of those love/hate characteristics IMO.

What are your thoughts on this adaptation? Is it a terrible violation of the spirit of WHQ?

16-12-2010, 19:51
I can see the idea behind it and its definatly worth testing out.

However all it takes is the Wizard to pick up Ressurect, a level 6 spell, and you never have to worry again. There are other methods like the Gems of Life, but they are rarer. It's very rare between Level 2 and Level 6 for your heroes to die easily, its alot more of a problem once your fighting Dragons and Hydras!