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18-12-2010, 14:30
I've only played a couple of the expansion characters, the Trollslayer and Bretonnian Knight. And I have to say the BK is by far my favourite. I prefer him to the main 4 characters even, because of his honour point system and his vastly different life in settlements. His +3S sword and +2T armour/shield also helps - but he's clearly overpowered for a level 1 dungeon. I can take him with a party of 4 (BK, Barbarian, Elf, Wizard) and have very little trouble in a beginners' dungeon, unless I roll 3 minos - but even then, he can singlehandedly kill one in two turns if he's lucky, even without my "critical hit" house rule.

So, my question to you is which is your favourite of the expansion characters, and why? I'm deathblow/white dwarf/home cooked characters count too.

18-12-2010, 14:48
Dwarf Brewmaster. He was mail-order only, but he was awesome. Really fun character to play, especially as all his different beers got him drunk in different ways.

18-12-2010, 15:41
Hmm the BK is good for early levels but he can start to struggle later on. Remember he won't wear armour other than his Knightly armour which really hits about level 4-5 when the good magic armours turn up. A nice character and one of the more interesting ones out there.

Favourite Official guy, the Witch Hunter is nails if you play him right and who doesn't like being Van Helsing. Once you have the Iron Talisman warhammer that lets you convert Faith to damage dice (after rolling to hit!!!!) and my attack just clobbered you for 10D6 + S mwhahahahah.

Favourite overall character though has to be the Elf Revenant Knight (Or the Lord of Anerarion as he became in Deathblow). That guy was total nails, had fantastic backstory, great rules, the potential for fantastic RP as you balance the line between Khaine and Asyran.

After some early lucky rolls and brutal killing sprees I ended up about level 6 with 10A even though I was still only with about 15 wounds so I was the definition of the Elf Glass Cannon. With Regenerate though things were never bad for long and at level 10 this guy did the most damage to a Bloodthirster ever managed by any of our warriors in the retirement fight. (obviously the bloodthirster tore him to teeny tiny pieces afterwards but he managed to put almost 50 wounds on it which is bloomin impressive given its ludicrous stats)

18-12-2010, 20:01
Did they ever produce the level chart for the Lord of Anerarion????

18-12-2010, 22:47
Yeah..... its in Deathblow 3. Rather than level up like a regular stock hero, he gets rolls on the training table in a similar way to the high elf ranger. As you get towards the good path you subtract, heading Khaines way you add, so if your being naughty you get more attacks and strength, the chance for skills like Hand of Khaine or Regenerate, if your being good you get healing skills or light of asyran type things.

Because the stats are also on this table it means, as I did, you can end up with 10 A but still be only S3 or have the 1D6+8 wounds you started with!

19-12-2010, 00:21
Ahhh that explains a ton I just recently finished off my WHQ collection and got the Brettonian Knight.

Kinda off topic but with the halfling theif and shaman characters that were mail order only how did they ship the rules were they a nice booklet like the rest or were they just a print out?

19-12-2010, 09:34
Sadly just a print out, no nice little rulebook.

They were quite interesting characters in a way, the shaman had a large spell list but he wasn't all that exciting and the halfling had loads of fun options but at the end of the day, was a very mediocre hero.

A surprising number of the official heroes were pretty mediocre to be honest, the Pit Fighter is another one who is very under achieving.

I did think of another semi official guy who i loved, not because he was the best, the most powerful or the most interesting but just because i love the game, The Ex Bloodbowl Player!

19-12-2010, 09:48
My favourite Character is the Troll slayer. I just like the whole idea behind them, their look/style, etc etc.

I have play in a few party with pit fighters, and to tell the truth. They were horrible, the pit fighters end up chucking silly numbers of attacks.

I enjoyed playing as snotling teams, at the end of the day, they did exactly as you would expect the snotlings to do. Also enjoy playing as the orge, just the abilites of wandering into random place and seeing what happening.

Have you guys found any good site for Quest characters?

I have found http://wquest.free.fr/

19-12-2010, 15:45
I'll second the Ogre as being great fun always loved seeing the wizard rolling a 6 and thinking all good only to have the Ogre make to much noise and get jumped by a bunch.

I wish someone would take the time and put WHQ on Vassal.