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21-12-2010, 01:37
Having recently become interested (well, more then interested!) in a number of the more 'unloved' variety of GW games-especially Man O'War-it has come to my attention that the biggest complaint levied at alot of these games is the requirement of token usage for record-keeping, be it damage, upgrades, or what-have-yous. Critics say that although the older games are fun, they suffer from needing too much additional room to play, requiring laying out templates, charts, tables and tokens. I always thought that that aspect was one of the fun elements of those old games, and very cinematic. However, I can see it from either way.

That's where this post comes in. Specifically with MoW, a fantastic set of cards-very similar to Warmachine and Hordes-has been created by www.universalhead.com as a player-aide to alleviate the reliance on alot of extra room and tokens to keep track of damage, additions, etc. Instead of taking off/putting on tokens, tick boxes are present to do both: a wound is taken, tick off a box. A crewman dies? Tick off a box.

Neat. Streamlined. How I'm playing MoW. Now all you need aside from the templates and ships to play is a dry erase marker and a sheet of cards.:cool:

So, what are your thoughts? Are tick boxes on cards the best way to play these older games, or do the tokens add more fun and ambiance to the experience?

Easy E
22-12-2010, 16:28
I'm honestly not concerned either way. I like a bit of record keeping as long as it doesn't get too cumbersome. The older I get, the more I like the chunkier systems. Perhaps it is because I now have room for them?

A lot of this also depends ont he scale of the game. If I am playing a ship vs. ship game, I want even more ticks/tokens. The larger a game's scale, the less record keeping I want.

I really liked Man-O-War, but I think it suffered from too few ship types for some races. However, the mechanics were very simple and playable.