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21-12-2010, 20:48
Hey guys i have chosen to collect orc's and gobbo's for my first fantasy army. What is the best route to start them i would buy the regiment but money is a issue for the meant time so i can pick up the odd box every now and then .

21-12-2010, 20:53
Well I would wait until the new book comes out in march, so you can get an idea about what's going to be good. And just save your money in the meantime.

21-12-2010, 20:56
Get a big load of night goblins from eBay (the ones that came with the old box set go quite cheaply). A block of 50 night goblins and some fanatics is a great place to start.

I usually field a block of savage orcs with them (models to come in March - there's a thread in the rumours section with details of what to expect).

And you can't go wrong with a few spear chukkas; S6 shot that pierces ranks and does D3 wounds for just 35 pts. I always take 2 of these (or more depending on the points). A rock lobber and/or doom diver are also very cheap and very useful.

21-12-2010, 20:56
OH yeah a very good point but i do love the large SC on the wyrven ;) is he worth the money

21-12-2010, 22:04
i would try and get the night gobbs off a friend or ebay as they will give you something to do till march and you can start playing right away cheeply.

22-12-2010, 00:01
OH yeah a very good point but i do love the large SC on the wyrven ;) is he worth the moneyIf you like the model he is worth the money but powerful characters on big monsters are not an ideal starting point.

22-12-2010, 00:14
I wouldn't buy the army book unless you don't mind having to buy another in March. I'm not sure exactly which models are getting a face lift in March but my advise would be to take the others advice and get a nice block of Night Goblins and maybe a box of fanatics to start. I doubt they will re-do the Orc Boyz so your could also get a box or two of them and get all that painted up over the next couple months. Then come march buy the new army book and see what you want from there.

22-12-2010, 02:27
I tell every poor O&G player to start with BFSP and the 6th ed starter box orcs. One BFSP and two 6th ed starter sets gets you

40 NG spears
20 NG bows
10 Spider riders
32 2x Choppa orcs
32 arrer boyz- you can use a lot of archers or convert them to shield or 2x choppa boyz pretty easily
2 boar chariots
2 goblin and 2 orc characters

If you lurk eBay for a while it can be had for really cheap. It's also a good solid core, apart from the spider riders who are now of dubious value, and which you could stretch into 2000 points with only a few fanatics and maybe a homemade war machine or two.