View Full Version : Small list suggetions?

22-12-2010, 23:44
My store is running a 40k in 40 mins throughout january and seeing as I just started 40k proper with my new dark eldar army. The rules are 400pts nothing with over 3 wounds or a 2+ save and nothing with a av over 12. Now given the av rules I think I have a huge advantage over most of the other players given ravagers low av and what not.

But other than that I'm totally lost on how to make such a small list, was thinking of spamming humoncules and perhaps using a sqaud of incubi for destroying meq.

Any suggetions :P?

23-12-2010, 09:50
At low points, I think the key is sticking to the fundamentals.

Haemonculus is usually your best HQ choice at 750 and I'd say the same applies at 400. Even so, keeping him cheap and effective is hard.

I wouldn't bother with elites, they're all too expensive.

I'd go raiders with Nightshields and spend the first few turns nullifying enemy armour at long range. If they bring a Dread, just run away from it and zap it when you get a chance.

You might want to buy a Shock Prow for your Raiders if you go this route in case you see guard heavy weapon units or Lootas, get stuck in asap.

It's going to be hard to pull a win at this point level if an opponent builds their force right. I'd lay money on Guard or Marines at this point level over anyone else.

23-12-2010, 18:37
I did 40k in 40 minutes in the last edition of the codex.

5 warriors with dark lance and raider

ravager 3 disintigrators

Ravager 3 disintigrators

Its not exact but it was under 400pts. 6 plasma cannons really got the job done at 400pts :P. You could do something similar though you'd have to compensate for the fact that disintigrators are no longer light anti armour. But don't expect it to be any fun for your opponent.

23-12-2010, 23:01
I really have no expirience vs guard, just how much armour can they fit in at this points lvl? Having a second look over incubi makes me realize I will never be able to fit enough in for them to be useful. I was looking at HQ's and duke silicus looks like he could be quite good. If not ill just stick to a haemunculus or two for the pain tokens. I was thinking a raider with 9 wychs plus haemi, disembark have the haemie leave the unit and keep the pain token for the wyches. Hopefully they can pick somthing off and start to steamroll stuff.