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23-12-2010, 23:10
There are a lot of threads on how to write the best list or rebalancing 40K but lets go back to a much more simplistic scenario based on the " I cut, they choose" situation.

You and your friend are going to be playing a standard 1750 pt game of 40K with at least 25% cover. It is your job to put together two lists from different armies, your friend will then chose which one he wants to play leaving you with the other. (This will take place prior to board setup and mission determination.)

Assume that while both of you may have some mild army/unit preferences they won't sway the list choice and that your both quite knowledgeable and capable with all the recent armies.

So how would you do it? Which 2 armies would be the best choice for this? We can open up a thread in lists if you want to write them out.

24-12-2010, 12:20
simple.. two identical lists? :p

24-12-2010, 18:28
this reminds me of something ive done with my group; we all made lists with our armies, then rolled to see who got whos army

24-12-2010, 20:29
I did a 2k challenge where each person was to bring a list that would lose to any list. The opponents would play eachothers list, and the "Winner" was the one who won with the other guys list, as it meant that his list was worse.

As far as balanced good lists, I'd try and make two competitive lists, then make a few adjustments to each that would counter some strong element in the opponents list. If I had IG, vs a Horde army, i'd add a few more flamers. If I was against Mech, I'd add a few more Auto Cannons.

Another way you could do it would be to match unit for unit, countering each element. Start with one unit from one army, then pick a unit to counter it from the other army. Then so on and so on till all points are spent on both armies.