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17-03-2006, 17:37
Iv recently stumbled onto a number of Blood Bowl supplements such as /1.dungeon bowl-this is bassically blood bowl well in a dungeon, except there are explosive chests, booby traps and... get this ... warp stones. plus you can bounce other players in to the traps and walls and bounce the ball off the walls to. and it is so cool that i cant wait to get a few teams together for a little tourney.
2.Street Bowl- As it sounds its blood bowl in the street and it is wikid cool. you can bounce players on to the cobble stones and in to the hard walls.
3.Blood bowl 7's- inspired by 40k in 40 minutes this is a great game for beginers in the way that you field have your team and play for an hour which is handy if your busy or not to botherd for long games of 8X2 turns. plus you use somethig like half the pitch and in some was is similer to rugby, being that the line of scrimmage sets both teams about 6 squares apart.
4.beach blood bowl- similar to blood bowl 7's, except softer, but there are new rules for it such as you can recruit any player from any race at the end of a game by rolling a d6, you get modifiers if he is the same race but minis' if he isnt and no star players plus no winnings just spp.
What i want to know is why havnt iv heard of these games before and why are there no mini tournements in the stores. I will add attachments of these supplements in other threads so you can read away. or just google them. thank you and i hope a few of you feel the same way.

17-03-2006, 22:13
Dungeon bowl is a old one, and seems too be alot of fun (havent played it yet, but our local club are getting in to it soon), have heard of blood bowl 7's somewhere but not the other ones, do you have any link with rules?

18-03-2006, 11:52
BB 7`s and StreetBowl are both on the Specialist site.

18-03-2006, 22:42
Yeah sure and tell your friends i think there realy cool.

Street bowl

Beach blood bowl
www.blood-bowl.net/Variants/ BeachBloodbowl/BeachBloodbowl.html

Blood bowl 7's

Dungeon bowl
www.specialist-games.com/ bloodbowl/assets/Dungeonbowl.pdf

Skaven Lord Vinshqueek
24-03-2006, 09:27
Oh man, Dungeonbowl literally takes AGES before you're able to score. Man, I once played with a dwarf-ish team versus an elven team and I believe it took us some five hours of continuous play before a touchdown was scored. Though, apart from the horrendous long playing time, that one is seriously VERY fun to do.

Streetbowl is something completely different and IIRC, the dude who created it had/ has (don't know which one) plans to orginise a Streetbowl-tournament in the Netherlands. I have no clue what's the status on that one, I think you'd have to look that one up at talkbloodbowl.com.


22-01-2007, 13:03
Dungeonbowl is great fun, but as Vinshqueek said, it can take ages.
then again, it can be over very quickly.

Streetbowl is a great game to play for laughs. When your Blitzer and Ulfwerener decide not to play ball, but to go to the pub instead, you have to see the funny side.
There are now Streetbowl tournaments held in the US and the Netherlands, and the rules are in the process of being updated to run under LRB5, and league rules are avaiable for testing from the Zlurpeebowl forum (http://zlurpeebowl.com/Forums/index.php).
If you're after a Streetbowl board, and can't be arsed to make your own, Impact Miniatures (http://www.impactminiatures.com/) sell one.

27-01-2007, 21:24
I'm sure I saw a pretty mental variant called Death Ball in a citadel journal that involved 4 teams and 2 pitches sort of merged to make a crossroads shape. Wish I still had that journal..... :(

28-01-2007, 14:35
I'm sure I saw a pretty mental variant called Death Ball in a citadel journal that involved 4 teams and 2 pitches sort of merged to make a crossroads shape. Wish I still had that journal..... :(

Ooh death ball is LOTS of fun! The balance of the teams does change quite signifiantly as the Dwarves lack of pace is crippling yet the lack of armour on teams like Elves is similarly horrible.

BB 7's is a really good game and is very tactical (in a similar way to 40k in 40 mins), but still runs fast and the teams retain alot of their character despite having so few players. We once ran a complete knock-out style tournament with 8 players in an evening and everyone had fun.

Dungeon blowl can be good but is thoroughly random and bears little relation to the conventional game of BB. Goblins make rather good players in the confines of the dungeon, and throwing goblins down corridors etc is cool.

29-01-2007, 21:42
One of the bigger tournaments in Canada has a Deathbowl round. Played a few games of it, and the tactics are completely different (especially if you bring in the optional assist rules that some do).

Deathball is a set of "fantasy football" rules from Andy at Heresy (http://www.heresyminiatures.com/).

30-01-2007, 21:58
Where can I find the Death Bowl (not Death ball) rules. I'd like to consider adding them to our next local tournament.

31-01-2007, 23:23
Death Bowl was in a Citadel Journal (one of the small form ones).

Best resource site for BB is: http://www.blood-bowl.net/ , run by GalakStarScraper, a member of the BBRC (Blood Bowl Rules Commitee).

And as if by magic: http://www.blood-bowl.net/BBMagArticles/CJ.html
or more precisely: http://www.blood-bowl.net/BBMagArticles/Deathbowl.html

31-01-2007, 23:32
Thanks, looks real violent.......I like it.