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25-12-2010, 02:59
Hey, I didn't know if this was the right section, so here's hoping.

I'm planning on running an escalation campaign, based loosely on the old warbands rules from 7th edition. I was hoping for some tips and tricks on how to run this with the new rules on army composition and just the new rules in general.

I'll be posting the rules as I finish them, any and all help I could get is much obliged.

Thanks in advance,

This is what I've come up with so far.

Army Composition
All armies are selected using the standard rules presented in the Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook for a 1250 point army list with the following adjustments:
All armies chosen must include a battle standard bearer and are limited to one character for each complete 500 points.
One character in your army must be selected as the General, who must be given an Archetype Ability and the corresponding objective from the following list.
Any character with a wizard level must be the minimum wizard level allowed. IE if he is a lord level wizard he must be level 3, if he is a hero he must be a level 1. In addition he must use only a single chosen lore. Rather than rolling randomly for spells a wizard will automatically know the signature spell of the lore and a number of spells equal to his wizard level. These spells are chosen slightly differently than normal. They will always be the first spells in the lore. IE a level 1 wizard will know the signature spell and the first spell of the lore.

The reason for the spell limitation is that my wargaming group wanted something new, and I figured I'd give this a try. Also I will be adding the Archetypes after I finish them.

25-12-2010, 07:12
Hello fellow GM. I am starting a campaign next year also that is also an escalation campaign. It will start with skirmish, then warbands, smaller armies (1500 pts) then full size armies (2500 pts, the standard for my group). There is the rules I am using for the warband section. It is a cross between the old border patrol rules and the current warband rules.

Warbands may not be bigger than 500 points

May hire 25% in characters (hero or lord)

Must have at least 2 units and no more than 10 units

Must have 25% core

May have up to 25% of total in special and 25% of total in rare. May also forgo the 25% of rare for 50% of total in special.

No unit may have more than 25 models in it at one time

No single model may cost more that 125 points

There is a limit of one chariot or war machine in the warband. This overrides any special rules the army may have or unit specials.

Units may be half the minimum starting size, but must be at least the minimum unit size to buy command models or unit upgrades.

Feel free to try it out.

26-12-2010, 07:35
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