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26-12-2010, 18:10
I am looking at 3 things to start my Orks -

Ork Battleforce
Ork Megaforce
Assault on Black Reach

Model wise - (the look of the ork models, which is best or the same etc?)

26-12-2010, 18:16
If you don't have the rulebook: Black Reach. You will need that one anyway.

If you have the rulebook, and want to start from scratch, the Megaforce gets my vote. But BR is a good start too, especially if you want the Deathkoptas. But I suppose sooner or later you'll get one of each, so start with what you fancy. ;)

26-12-2010, 19:32
the orks in all three have the same 'look' and are compatible for swapping bits etc

Black Reach is the best value for money, especially if you can sell/swap the marines to someone. And as Darnok says, it includes the rule book etc if you don't already have those, and is the only source of Deffkoptas.

The Megaforce includes some metal figs - nice figures, but if you prefer plastic (as i do) then it's not the ideal box to get.

26-12-2010, 20:39
save up and get all 3, you'll need that amount of models

26-12-2010, 20:47
The Megaforce includes some metal figs - nice figures, but if you prefer plastic (as i do) then it's not the ideal box to get.

I think you mix that up with the Spearhead. The Megaforce is plastic only (http://www.warandpeacegames.com.au/images/miniatures/OrksMegaforceBox.jpg).

Da Reddaneks
27-12-2010, 06:53
Buy multiple Black Reach sets of orks. Buy them off your friend, ebay, etc. I suggest you get about three sets of AoBR orks. This gives you a good number of boys, lots of kopters, and enough nobs so that you can do a nob mob, make mek's, painboyz, nobs for boyz mobs, etc. For vehicles go hit walmart or your local thrift store and buy cheap toys that you can convert to battlewagons or looted wagons. Sometimes you can even find good models to make trucks. And this is a lot cheaper than buying GW.

27-12-2010, 07:46
I thought GW stopped selling the megaforce ages ago.

27-12-2010, 07:50
I thought GW stopped selling the megaforce ages ago.

There are some around. Especially Christmas seems to be a season where they resurface. If he can get one, it is a nice deal. Nothing spectacular, but not bad either.

27-12-2010, 19:07
I'd start with Black Reach and the Codex (if you've not got that already). That'll give you a Warboss, 2 or 3 Troops choices (Nobz and Boyz) and those Deff Koptas (which I love by the way). After that I'd flesh it out with whatever takes your fancy :)

27-12-2010, 20:53
I'd go with the battle force, has far more customisation over the BR set, saves you a good amount too.

I already own 2 of them and am considering a 3rd

28-12-2010, 00:14
The mega force is great for the bikes and boyz, with the trukk, lootas and burnas thrown in for good measure. If you're looking to kick start a wazdakka-led kult of speed or just for a decent chunk of an army this is a nice place to start. Add some HQ and you wouldn't be far off from 1,000pnts.
Black Reach is often cited as a good starting point as well. Two boxes worth can get you a formidable infantry core to expand around, though it would be quite limited in what it can do without some extra models and converting. If you don't like the idea of having to try and pawn off the marines, you are almost guaranteed to find black reach models on ebay for cheap (though you have to be careful, I've had some pre-glued in wacky poses and they're at the back of the projects queue!). Its not that difficult to convert them if you're looking to vary them up a bit. I'm currently having a go at converting a slugga mob and its handy having only 3 bits to worry about per model! My only grip is the big shootas. Silly having the foregrip that far forward and being able to carry it like that, but thems orks! Nearly converted one of them to be pointing at the right direction and not the guy stood next to him...
While its not great on its own, the battleforce is not bad for bulking up on boyz, trukks and bikers. Again you really need two to get the most out of them (mob of 20 and two 10ish mobs on trukks, mob of 6 bikers), or alongside black reach and / or the megaforce, by which point you'd have enough of a horde to smash things up!

If you only had the choice of one of them I'd say the megaforce if you can still get hold of one, followed by black reach if you can't (assuming you have the rulebooks and basic stuff like that). I'm kinda biased and rather 40 shootas as a core than trying to convert 40 AoBR sluggas into shootas! :p

28-12-2010, 02:49
Find someone who wants to play marines to split 2 boxes with you. You both keep your side's stuff, and get the books and stuff as well.

28-12-2010, 02:58
As Darnok said: If you need the rulebook, get an AoBR. Otherwise, I suggest getting the Megaforce. You need a hefty amount of boys anyway, you need one or more trukks anyway, you will want a bunch of Lootas anyway, you'll want a bunch of bikes anyway. :)

But in the end, it doesn't matter all that much because you'll end up having to get all three to have a reasonable amount of stuff.