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26-12-2010, 23:41
Hey guys. Hope the holidays are treating you well.

I recently decided to get back into WHFB after taking a break since 6ed.
I've lost touch with most of the people I used to play with back then so I've decided to use the IoB kit to start both a skaven and a high elf army so that I can invite friends to play with me.

About a week ago I placed an order consisting of IoB, a doomwheel and a unit of high elf archers, however I'm getting quite impatient, so I've decided to go to games workshop tomorrow and make a purchase or two.

Now, my question to you is, while limiting myself to a budget of 70, what would you guys get? Keep in mind that I'm looking to do skaven and high elves simultaneously.

I have been thinking about another IoB kit, but I feel that getting one or two units for both armys outside of what comes in the IoB kit might be more fun.

27-12-2010, 00:00
Army books would be a good start. Iob doesn't have any of the special rules for either army.

27-12-2010, 00:03
Focus on one army for the start. Even if you get another IoB.
Army Books.
Skaven: Rat Ogres, Clanrats(Slaves), Clanrats(Slaves), Clanrats(Slaves), Grey Seer

27-12-2010, 00:03
I do understand that it would usually be better to focus on one at a time, but since I want to be able to play with my friends and roommate I would like to keep the armies growing at a relatively equal pace point-wise.
I guess I should have said that I do in fact own both the army books.
Thank you though.

27-12-2010, 00:58
IIRC, the skaven army in IoB comes in quite a bit lower in points than the HE one (the griffon is the real killer there...) So you may need to add some more skaven to balance the points.

As for what to get, that's entirely up to you, and what you want to paint! Check out the 2nd wave thread in news and rumours to make sure you aren't going to be buying something that's replaced in a couple of months time (although Clan Moulder and Clan Pestilens should be safe).

If you do decide to add some HE forces as well, I recommendthe chariots as a lovely kit to model and (if assembled as a Lion chariot) a very effective unit on the battlefield. Or you may want to add a repeater bolt thrower, to give the HE some more long range firepower. Or you may just want to get a box or two of plastic sea guard, to expand the unit that comes in IoB (which is pitifully small for what you need).

27-12-2010, 01:03
Thank you very much Rod.
Right now I was actually thinking about getting 2 boxes of clanrats, one chariot and to remedy the griffons point cost getting the high elf kit with one mounted prince and one on foot. Although I must say that all three of the newest high elf plastic kits are quite tempting.

27-12-2010, 01:11
More core, High elf spear men, skaven clan rats etc

27-12-2010, 01:17
The fact that I need core units made me think of the high elf battalion, it gives you 20 spearmen and archers rather than the strange 16 in the regimental boxes.

27-12-2010, 01:46
then your just building HE and not both at once

27-12-2010, 02:44
If you are buying new instead of trying your luck with things like Ebay then building two armies is really not going to work with this hobby. You would really be much better off working on one army because this game is not cheap by any means. Simply work out which of the armies you prefer and get the points level you want in that one first only then work on the second one. Having two half arsed and barely usable armies will not be as much fun as having one that will work for you.
The only other option would be too use something like mantic or another company that produces cheap models to bolster your army then of course you would be limited by not being able to play that army at your local GW.
For your 70 though getting a battalion box maybe your best value option

27-12-2010, 09:52
For your 70 though getting a battalion box maybe your best value option

Agreed. Though by going to GW, you'll be paying a lot more than from a webstore. You can probably get 2 battalion boxes.
Pity you have to wait again.

27-12-2010, 12:33
I recommend that you buy two boxes of the island of blood, this way you get more skaven/high elf miniatures and most importantly, two rulebooks one for you and another for your friend. Then you would only need the army books of each army, and start completing them with things from second hand.

But as people have said, it is really hard to limit yourself to one budget and specially collecting two armies at the same time. It would be easier if you made two army lists, for example of 1000 points, and then tried to collect the miniatures necessary to complete both armies.

27-12-2010, 13:31
Actually the budget was self-imposed and just for todays purchase, and mainly to keep myself from buying the whole store. I know the hobby is expensive and all that, but money-wise I have it pretty well... for now atleast :)

I just drew up an elf list thats 1000 points, working on skaven now.

Thanks for all the answers so far guys, but by all means keep them comming.

27-12-2010, 14:56
You really need to flush out the H.E army and "buff" up the Skavem army.

A buddy and I play Skaven and H.E before the release, and when they releases everything, we were already set modelwise. However, looking back and using that in your situatution, if you want to make both armies even pointswise go with:

Firstly, pick up another IoB box. These are not that phenominal for the H.E if you only have one, as the only unit H.E players (like myself) use all the time are S.M. In a unit of 10, there isn't enough. In a unit of 20, then you start to look at different setups. Perahps you run 18 (6 wide) or run 20 (seven) with a BsB or Lord on foot.

Also, with having another IoB box, you will be able to expand the LSG unit that is also pittfully low, which will be great in low point games ie: 1,000, 1,250, as you have probably noticed putting a list together. (LSG are a unit choice of debat from many H.E players, personally, I use them every game I play, as I love having a bunker for my Lvl 2 and they are excellent at causing interdiciton.)

Lastly regarding the Elves, picking up a chariot would be nice, as it provides a fast moving option in a list, and helps break the static M5, is really cheap, and overall great for its points -if you make it a Tiranioc Chariot however. In addition, if your going to buy more Heroes (and thus, more acess to varied H.E lists) then try the Hero box kit as opposed to the Prince Altharion-skdlfnjngfjn on foot. I have bulit extra and many varied Heroes/Lords using the extra weapons from this kit and kit bashing with a spare Dragon sprue, from our groups Empire player -used extra legs from Chariot crew spure for footed heroes/lords and archers legs for mages.

On to the Skavennnnnnssssss:

Well, for these guys, with another IoB, your really looking in the clear, you have tons of clannies or slaves in which you can horde or put into 20 and 40 man blocks, you have a actual sized unit now for your R.Ogres and you get more Engineers and Weapon teams, not bad.

The next buy outside of this would be another R.Ogres box, as it would give you two more, for a nice ranked unit of 6.

After that buy, next and perhaps lastly for the Skaven, I would look to pick up a Plague Furnace, Screaming Bell kit. My friend got lucky as *cough me cough* someone got him another kit for his grad party last summer, nonetheless, it is a great kit with a wonderful spectrum of bits and extra models waiting to be used.

This being said, the condrum of the Bell/Furnace kit is what to make it? Well, (for better or worse playing in 7th ed, this is what my friend did) he made his first kit as a Furnace. Then he took the extra Seer model that comes in the kit and threw that on a base, which gave him a stand alone Seer model, in addition to his Lvl 2 Plague Priest on Furnace. For Plague Monks, my friend just painted normal clannies (you now have a ton from an extra IoB if you go that route first) into (40 he painted) Plague monks, glued them with 2 hand weapons, (some greenstuff if you want to go intense) and the jobs a good one.

Next, I took the extra R.Ogre from the non used Screaming Bell kit, and converted it into a magnitized mount for a Skaven Warlord. When he isn't using a Warlord, it boosts the 6 man R.Ogre unit to 7, also in tandem giving more abaltive wounds to the unit. A cheap Bonbreaker when he wants to put a Lord on one in a unit of R.Ogres, great for getting ablative wounds in there for when they take casualties and still able to keep rank breaking capacity at 6.

Thus, I stop here as you said you already have a Doomwheel coming, and in reality, one can just wait a couple months unitl the new HPA is released to go that route, and also pick up more H.E special units -the bread and butter of a H.E army.

Hope this run down/buyer's guide helps! :D

Trains_Get_Robbed, all day long.

27-12-2010, 15:08
I think the best way to start is to get yourself a army book and write a list and figure out how many pts 70 will expand the list, something you are going to need more off is core troops, remember no matter the list you are going to need 25% core (atleast), also remember that big units seem to be the thing of the moment, things like the 13th spell also mean you are going to need extra core troops.

27-12-2010, 15:10
another set of IOB would be ideal for the skaven, more rats is usually the way to go with them, you can always ebay the HE bits that you don't need to recoup some of your losses... I would assume that another 10 seaguard and swordmasters would be worthwhile to build up the HE army, you can sell off the griffon, characters and reavers.....

27-12-2010, 15:19
Herp derp people he already has both army books.

i guess i should have said that i do in fact own both the army books.
Thank you though.

27-12-2010, 15:47
Thank you very much guys. Big thanks to you Trains. Very helpful :)
I managed to get an appointment to get my next tattoo tomorrow, and since the tattoo studio is really close to games workshop, I will buy stuff tomorrow rather than today like I first planned. I must say, I'm leaning towards removing my self-imposed budget restriction.

28-12-2010, 17:58
Alright guys, just to kind of end this thread.
I was at the store today, I kind of went over budget, but I had fun.
I got another IoB box, a HE chariot, the HE prince/hero kit, two boxes of clanrats and a warlord that I intend to convert into a BSB.
Oh, and also, my fiance insists that I tell you that she got a DE sorceress...

Thanks for the help everyone.