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Brother Vidius
27-12-2010, 18:35
Hi guys! Recently decided to return to the hobby after a brief hiatus. Just have a few questions regarding War of the Ring. Firstly, is it popular?

Decided upon an Isengard army. Got my hands on a box of Uruks, a box of scouts and a Troll. I also have a number of Orcs from a couple of years back. Is this a good start for the army? What other units are useful?

Avatar of the Eldar
28-12-2010, 00:30
Well, it's a great game system, but it's popularity depends on your local gaming circles. Broadly speaking, it's not really caught on to the point you can easily walk into a game store for a pick up game.

There are some who are big fans. Some who think it's lame and a majority that seem to have just ignored it.

First, check and see if there are players in your area. Second, see if you find those people who do play tolerable. Then, only then, go for it.

I dig it but have multiple armies to enable my gaming buddies to play when they don't want to invest.

28-12-2010, 00:51
I have found, in a couple different areas, that no one plays WotR unless it has an advocate pushing it. Most people seem receptive to trying the game but just aren't interested enough to drum up other players on their own, if someone (possibly you) actively tries to recruit players for it then it catches on pretty good.

29-12-2010, 21:08
Yeah, it's not too popular 'round these parts. As someone else said, it generally gets ignored, though there is a very vocal minority that throws out a lot of visceral hatred toward anything that takes resources away from the Big Two. If you live in a largish city you oughta be OK. There's only about 400,000 living here so our community is kinda small - about a dozen or so of us that play WOTR regularly.

As for your army - looks like a good start to me.

30-12-2010, 18:37
I enjoy it.

There is little GW gaming in my area as well (some 40K) but mostly war machine around here (not a player of that myself), but I have managed to have a couple folks build armies to play WOTR.