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27-12-2010, 21:18
Is it me or is there no real forum dedicated to the Dark Eldar? Google fails to find any apart from a semi-deserted Proboard; if there is then please politely direct me towards one.

I look at some of the best forums on the internet for 40k and Fantasy armies, one only has to go druchii.net, the-waaagh.com, tauonline.org etc to find thriving, popular forums with clear, themed aesthetics.

You only have to browse through any of the 40k related sub forums on Warseer, let alone Xenos Logs to find there is demand.

If anyone is interested in founding one then let me know via PM. Web designers, admins etc would be seeked for a non profit forum. How about it?

27-12-2010, 22:04
Well, Dark Eldar weren't so very well defined until now and had little to no love from GW since they were initially launched until the current codex was recently released. So that might have had some impact on the lack of a fanforum.

And, while I do not have any of the skills to aid you in launching your endeavor, I can do the next best (and completely useless) thing and wish you luck.

27-12-2010, 23:29
They're still represented on 40kOnline.


Recent posts too.

The other Eldar forum I was on hasn't had any activity in months (the craftworld).

Yes, I'm "chromedog" on 40kO too.

Marshal Augustine
28-12-2010, 06:16

28-12-2010, 20:34
Not what the OP is looking for from what I get. He wants a DE specific forum, not a DE section on general 40K forum.

28-12-2010, 23:46
There are a bunch you could find with even a cursory google search.
Although investigation will also reveal the lack of interest on many leading to the rather sparse postings (or dearth of them) since around 2008 when many of those with the army simply gave up and lost interest in them.

Over time, people simply forgot the boards were still there or cleared their auto-login cookies and bookmarks.

The rest simply moved to the multiple army supporting fora where they could find the others like them (essentially rather like Commoragh - it was a network of small enclaves).

15-05-2011, 18:49
May I introduce you all to The Dark City, an alternative forum for all aspiring and seasoned Archons.