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27-12-2010, 21:21
Evening guys

I'm trying to get a kill team campaign going, nothing to serious but would like to have good campaign/fluff element to it, to keep people interested and make it damn good fun! It's also to help people learn the rules(me included expanding out from Hordes and Infinity)

Can any of you good people suggest any systems/threads/websites/rules basically anything that would be of use.

Also can anyone recommend a mapping system that I could use to show the guys how things are progressing

Initially I'm thinking chaos held world but open to anything

Thanks n

27-12-2010, 21:35
You can read the necromumda rule book. It's a bit old but plenty of stuff inside.

IIRC it's free download of the GW website.


there is more stuff on the website.

27-12-2010, 21:40
I made a kill team campaign once with 40k 4th edition rulebook :) It's got everything you need. But you can check Necromunda as mentioned above or other small specialist games like Mordheim for additional inspiration.

29-12-2010, 14:21
If you're trying to expand into the full-sized 40K game, then the Battle Missions book is probably the best place to look to set it up, and Necromunda won't be as helpful (though it is better for smaller games).

A Chaos held world is an excellent starting place and offers a lot of possibilities. You have Daemons appearing at will, Space Marines of both sides battling it out, and not to mention hordes of Guard fighting everyone. It's also easy to fit in any other army, except maybe Tau and Necrons, depending on the location of the world in the galaxy.

11-05-2011, 23:22
hi brodi, i was thinking of starting a kill team campaign very soon too. how did yours go? do you have any info to share on how you ran it please?

12-05-2011, 05:48
Dijital_llama, why the threadomancy? There is already a thread about starting a killteam campaign, this one is several months old.

You should try killzone made by the guys over at galaxy in flames