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27-12-2010, 22:08
Not long ago I participated in a turnament, where the orginizers tought out their own version of mission objectives. They worked as follows:

- Place 3 markers on the table, at least 12" away from the long edge and 12" away from each other

- Place 1 marker in your deployment zone

- Use Killpoints

As you can see, this is essentialy a blend of the three existing missions from the book. At first I was a bit skeptic, though the missions worked out fine.

Playing guard, I had a lot of killpoints to give away, luckily the objective markers enabled me to compensate for the losses.

I imagine, though such a mission would be hard form elite armies, because loosing a unit hurts double: one killpoint given away and one less unit to challange/capture objectives.

What are your thoughts on this? Anyone tried such a thing yet?

Lord Damocles
27-12-2010, 22:19
You'd have to make the objectives worth more than the equivalent of 1 killpoint.

Otherwise, just shooting the bejesus out of the enemy every game is as good a strategy as actually trying to take the objectives.

Lord Inquisitor
27-12-2010, 22:31
So how exactly did the points for each game get calculated?

27-12-2010, 23:07
Slightly off, but how weighted the points for an objective are always interests me. I've played for years and it's changed so much I find it odd. I remember when you used to play (queue old man voice) proper missions, with a GM and everything. If you completed the mission you'd won, regardless of losses. These days we've wound our way to the stage where missions are a footnote for many top level builds. I'm not entirely against this either, KP's make sense, although VP's were better as they were balanced by the point system (ha...). I'm not too sure what the best system is, but I'm quite sure it isn't the way things are now and it isn't the usual 'back to RT' argument. 2nd maybe...

27-12-2010, 23:24
The mission objectives remained one point each. I agree though, that they should be worth more points.

So how exactly did the points for each game get calculated?

Simmilar to football. If you win you get 3 points, if you draw 1 point and if you lose 0 points. If two players have equal scores, the one with the better point ratio (gained KP/objectives vs. lost KP/objectives) gets the better rank.

28-12-2010, 15:20
Look up the adepticon Missions.. for championship tourney...

They have 3 sets of objectives per game..

local tourneys around here use them or very similer ones, and they make the game better to me.

an Example..

Objective 1: 3 Objectives etc etc - Winner gets 10 pts

Objective 2: Have more units in opponets deployment zone - 6pts

Objective 3: Killpoints - 4pts

They have a very good amount of different ones on their site.