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29-12-2010, 21:39
I was jsut wondering as to which army might be a good starter army for me. I dont care as to whether its shooty or has war machines etc. I just want something that is somewhat forgiving for a noob. And easy to learn. Any and all comments are welcomed.

29-12-2010, 21:44
Warriors of Chaos, small-ish armies, very forgiving to the budding general but the list is flexible enough to keep you entertained for a while

29-12-2010, 21:50
Welcome to warhammer.

The great thing about fantasy is the amount of choice you have in armys.

Unlike 40k where every other army is a genetic steroid super bland space marine.

You will get loads of opinions thrown at you about what army you should get, don't rush it walk into a GW store tell the red shirt to give you a little space and read a few army books look at the models something will get your attention and take it from their.

It's very expensive to choose an army pay hundreds of pounds, dollars, yen, rubbles, euros for an army you find you actually don't enjoy playing or painting with.

29-12-2010, 21:52
That been said I agree Warriors of Chaos are fun to play and can have allot of character and unit choice.

29-12-2010, 22:02
Dwarf are good too. High leadership and toughness, good characters.
Powerful war machines and anti-magic.

Of course if you want some wizards dwarf is not the good choice:).

On the other end of the spectrum.

Orks and Goblins, new armybook in march, a truck load of troops meaning you can loose some units and still being able to kicks butts.
And finally O&G is probably one of the most fun army to play.

29-12-2010, 22:09
I'd say warriors of chaos and ogre kingdoms fit your bill well.

Both are easy to learn, easy (and cheap) to put together, and forgiving (to a point).

However if you want a really forgiving army I would go with lizardmen. Their coldblooded rule means they will stick in combat until the worst of times, but then again the army has a lot more rules to keep in mind.

29-12-2010, 22:37
Thanks guys, my buddy has offered me his HIgh Elves from the Blood box set, at a very good price, all the minis and a codex for $40. While that is in my price range for starting I had read that High elves werent the kindest to noobs. Is this true?

Torpedo Vegas
29-12-2010, 22:41
ogre kingdoms

I am going to have to disagree with you on this. Ogre Kingdoms looks easy to play. at first. But it isn't an easy army to play competitively. In OK armies, you need synergy, everything needs to be working together so you don't lose two Ogres and the entire unit falls apart. I wouldn't recommend them for beginners.

However,WOC is probably the way to go, assuming you like the army, which is the most important part (of course.) WoC have a very good book, great units and can compete in all phases (well, assuming you go double Hellcanon with some marauder horsemen), and is very forgiving (if you play the standard Warrior spam lists, that is.)

29-12-2010, 23:02
Thanks for all the input, but Choas is what I play in 40k and was wanting to try and stay away from them in Fantasy. What about either wood elves or High elves? Are they noob friendly?

29-12-2010, 23:05
And another caveat, would like to stay away form metal minis if possible. I just like the plastic, i think they are easier to convert adn build.

Torpedo Vegas
30-12-2010, 00:02
You can do an all plastic High Elf army fairly easily, and its a pretty straight forward army to play, in my opinion. Its really magic heavy though, make of that what you will.

30-12-2010, 00:51
Stay away from wood elves. They're a weak army with only one competative build that is rather expensive to purchase. 2/3 of the units shouldn't be used.

So high elves, ogres, warriors of chaos, are probably the cheapest armies. Of which warriors is probably the easiest army to pick and play.

On the other hand demons are one of the best armies currently and could be used in 40k as well. So that's one option.

But if you really want to stay away from a chaos army, go with high elves or orcs and goblins. Orcs are getting a new book soon that sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. High elves should be easy to get and as one of the top selling fantasy armies, should be getting a new book in a couple of years.

30-12-2010, 01:43
Thanks much guys!

30-12-2010, 02:01
Im a noob and I chose High Elves if that says anything.

Pros for me are they are easy to get started(IoB), simple paint scheme, wide variety of options, and good fluff.

30-12-2010, 03:11
High elves are a very good army for new players. For a start, all but two units are available in plastic, and one of those - shadow warriors - can be fairly easily kitbashed out of the archer kit. (Note however that plastic reavers and swordmasters are currently only available in the Island of Blood box)Combine this with the high cost of individual models (therefore low model count) and its a very affordable entry point to the game.

The combination of Always Strike First and high weapon skill means that the army is fairly forgiving, although T3 and 5+ saves on your infantry means that you can't get into drawn out combats - the army favours small elite units and hit and run tactics, which should be familiar to you coming into fantasy from 40K.

Its entirely up to you, but I'd say you're already looking in the right direction. I would say to stay away from O&G, Ogres, and Tomb Kings at the moment, simply because they are the next 3 armies out (and all 3 will have to change significantly to fit the 8th ed metagame).

30-12-2010, 03:15
After looking through some of the codices, I am really seriously thinking about going high elves and not so much with the Ogres, their stats just dont look that good to me, mostly under 4 WS and BS.

Torpedo Vegas
30-12-2010, 03:27
Watch it friend, its Army Books.;)
The thing about Ogres is that their WS sucks, but they each get 3 attacks at STR4, and have a Movement of 6. Very fast, very hard hitting. But High Elves are very beginner friendly.

30-12-2010, 03:57
The good thing is that one of the Elven weakness (toughness) is actually shared by most of the units in the game. The other weakness of both High and Wood Elves is that their units tend to cost a lot per model, points-wise, very much on equal to what you see in 40K.

For beginning, usually High or Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Empire, and Orcs & Goblins, will provide you with all the aspects of the game you could face and all have their points of being forgiving to the new player. Warriors and Daemons of Chaos and Dwarfs are also very forgiving for new players, but they both miss out on one or two aspects of the game. Skaven is a good army, but usually require some dedication to building and painting, as they rarely can field small numbers, and can overwhelm someone new to the hobby (though, if you are coming over from 40K, you may already be up to it), but it also sounds like your friend is going to be using them. Most of the other armies tend to be more specialized in one way or another, but are currently an uphill climb to learn to play, so not as recommended for new players.

All that being said, and I'm actually surprised to no one mentioned this, Go with the army you like the image and models of. If you can't decide from there, go with what army you like the play-style of.

30-12-2010, 06:01
Well, my friend sold the HIgh Elves :wtf: so now on to plan 2. Once I figure out what plan 2 is.:confused:

Torpedo Vegas
30-12-2010, 07:26
Well, my friend sold the HIgh Elves :wtf: so now on to plan 2. Once I figure out what plan 2 is.:confused:
If you want a cheap alternative may i suggest Mantic? (http://www.manticgames.com/Shop-Home/Elves/War-Host-Detachments/Product/Elven-Warhost.html)

30-12-2010, 07:41
High Elves are just fine - and with all the new kits they just got they have a really nice plastic range too.

Might I make a wee suggestion?

You really could do with a single solid block of troops - grab either the High Elf Batallian or see if you can buy more IoB sets.

A nice core army would be:

30 Spearmen OR 30 Sea Guard (I prefer spearmen myself)

And the rest is all yours! A single unit like that works wonders! Since the spears will fight in 3 ranks on the charge, 4 if they are charged, they make a great anchor to your battle line.

White Lions are also my favorite unit - I hate those gits with a passion! While the Swordmasters muster an extra attack I just find the stubborn nature of the Lions makes them a no brainer - they really are a pain to shift!

8 wide for the unit is just fine - 3 ranks would be golden.

And then the rest just organically builds over time.

Have fun and welcome to Wahammer! Try writing a 1000pt list and post it on the other forum

31-12-2010, 21:04
Someone mentioned Daemons, 2 questions. First, are they noob friendly and plastic for the most part? Second, knowing they can be used in 40k as well, how does anyone suggest rebasing? I had an idea about putting the round base on first and magnetizing the square or vice versa.

01-01-2011, 03:05
Daemons are powerful. They have average to very good stats. Their magic is good, and the base 8 lores can be made available to them. They are like Dwarfs and Warriors of Chaos in that they are good at what they do, so can be easy enough for a new player to get into and be successful, but like them, they miss out on one of the parts of the game (Psychology for Daemons), so learning to play with them is fine, but you'll have to learn the part of the game they're missing unless you go with another army that is missing that same part (in this case, either of the Undead armies).

That having been said, they were ridiculously over-powered in 7th edition, so there is a stigma attached to veteran players of the army.

As for 40K transition, what's effective in Fantasy is not always effective in 40K, and a lot of people will ignore square bases in 40K (less so round bases in Fantasy, ranking circles is a pain).

01-01-2011, 03:14
As far as the bases go, I was going to have them stacked if you will. Just didint know if it would work to have them that way so as to still be able to use them in both games.

02-01-2011, 03:17
Okay, I dont think Daemons are going to work for me. Could someone break down Orcs and Goblins?

02-01-2011, 04:04
Okay, I dont think Daemons are going to work for me. Could someone break down Orcs and Goblins?

They are mean green fighting machines

02-01-2011, 10:20
They are getting a new book in March, so be careful what you buy. If you wade through the O&G rumour thread there is a list somewhere of which units will not be replaced (doesn't guarantee that anything not on that list *will* be getting new models mind you) so start with them. Needless to say, beg steal or borrow the current book if you want to play any games with them in the next two months, because there really is no point wasting money on it 2 months before it becomes invalidated!

Its hard to second guess which units will be good/poor in the new book, but given the 8th ed metagame you won't go far wrong with horde infantry.

02-01-2011, 13:38
Thanks much

02-01-2011, 14:48
One last mention for Lizardmen, 8th has been relatively kind to them, you get very tough and forgiving infantry blocks, a giant floaty toad...

...and Dinosaurs!

02-01-2011, 17:06
I thought about those, but another member of our group is running them.

02-01-2011, 17:41
I think HEs aren't a bad noob army, and if you're getting a good deal on them then by all means give them a try.

02-01-2011, 23:14
Well, I appreciate everyone's help and input. I have decided to go with Orcs And Goblins. They might not win tourneys but they will be fun to play.