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Inquisitor Kallus
03-01-2011, 12:37
Hello all, i'm wondering if anyone knows anything about battle simulators or random event generators that can be tailored to the users needs? The reason im asking is that i am working on a campaign website and would like to be able to create results on which battles can be fought. For example an Eldar player has 3 Wraithships attacking a planet (after playing BFG) and enters this against the paticular planet and its defences to see what games he can play on the planet surface. Its a gimmick but one that will hopefully give structure and bring 'gamers' and 'background enthusiasts' closer.

Thanks in advance,

Inquisitor Kallus

03-01-2011, 20:19
Step one, make note of the types of planets in the galaxy.
Step two, create a list of what would be reasonable/adequate defenses for such a world.
Step three, ???
Step four, EPIC VICTORY.

Inquisitor Kallus
04-01-2011, 07:11
Yes, like that. I would imagine there is some sort of computer program out there. I have Googled but had no luck