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04-01-2011, 13:17
Can anyone who got his hands on IA10 tell me if they have new units for the Tyrant army or not? Or is it just new special characters?


07-01-2011, 23:32
Haven't read the fluff (blame Superman). Rules stuffs though:

SM Siege List:
Extra objective enemy deploys in their deployment zone - Siege army must hold it or can only draw game at best. Is there to balance the power of the list apparently.
Captain of the third company generic character adds CS with option for Prometheus DT, adds FC or TH to one squad, has artificier armour, signum and standard captain wargear options.
No bikes for characters and only Termies get DPs
Squad of 1-3 Siege/Ironclads are Troops -> FAQ required, text implies don't count towards Troops on FoC, but not stated.
Tac Squads can pay 50pts to not run or SA, but re-roll armour saves from shooting
Siege Assault Squads, Troops with CCW & BP and option for 2 specials weapons and other CC goodness, can re-roll SA rolls.
Assault Ram is in FA slot
Only other FA allowed is AS and Vanguard
No Scouts
Preds, WW and Vindis in squadrons
Achillies and Helios are only LR in HS

Salamanders 2nd Co Captain - 2 swords duellist, choose to pass or fail Morale/pinning
Salamanders Ven Dread - WS6, FA 13, duel mode heavy flamer/meltagun, immune to extra dice/lance, auto hit each model in b2b in combat for S5 AP4
Mantis Warrior Chief Librarian - Infiltrate Chapter Tactics (if non-Termie/no DT), -1 enemy reserves, Inv save and re-roll 1 PT per turn, Mirage power causes night fighting/defensive grenades
Executioners High Chaplain - Captain stats, Stubborn Chapter Tactics, re-rolled failed saves from No Retreat, EW, Relic Blade not Crozius, 12" re-roll 1s to wound in CC bubble
Minotaurs Chaplain - JP, him and squad +2A when assaulting
Minotaurs Chapter Master - PE: SM Chapter Tactics (not CSM), TA, SS, Relic Blade with 1 shot S8 AP2, EW, Fearless, Assault Grenades
Carchadons Chapter Master - FC Chapter Tactics + Rage once they beat infantry in CC, 1 Termie Squad as Troops if all LC, anyone swap boltgun for CCW, once Rage (him only) PE: enemy army, Chainfist & LC can pull a Logan for choosing attacks
Exorcist 3rd Co Captain - MC TH that auto-wounds Daemons and Psykers, army re-rolls Pinning, FnP, 4+ nullify for him+his squad+vehicle he's in
Star Phantoms 9th Co Captain - Devs as Elites, 1 unit per turn within 6" gets +1 to damage vs vehicles/buildings
Sons of Medusa Master of the Forge - Fearless Chapter Tactics, S5 T6, TH, Devs modelled with bionics get FnP

08-01-2011, 05:06
Wow, nice!!

Thanks a lot Baragash!!!

Although it doesn't add to my WIP Tyrant army, the thought of fielding mass Ironclads and Preds sound very intriguing. I'm excited!! LOL