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hlaine larkin
04-01-2011, 22:47
Bassically.... i have decided that 8th ed fantasy is just not for me, as it's become much like 40k, so i have decided to give it a go. Essentially i am now deciding what army to look into i wanna do a uniqueish a bit different army :p one of the ideas was empire in space. I.E an old race, but in space. a bit like steampunk.

SOoo cannons firing earthshakers or lasers like lascannons, heavy boler teams consisting of a hellblaster and 2 bases worth of crew (if i were to go down guard)

other ideas are the more obscure and less used chapters of space marines like iron hands, imperial fists and salamander (which may be common, but not around my parts)
or a bike army, but done on horseback or some particular creature back... so yeah. general discussion of cool army themes that you have always wanted to try in the hope that our musings may inspire yet more fantasy players to come over to 40k and try it :D

EDIT- an apology if you came to look at empire in space, this was one of my initial fantasy/40k kitbashing ideas, so past page 1 it's all about ork/guard bashing together. however if you have any other cool ideas i would still like to hear!
Other edit... If you do know orks, on page 2 i believe there is a link to a theoretical list, any comments on it would be nice i have never played a combat 40k list and haven;t played 40k in a while, so i need some help :P

04-01-2011, 23:05
Your steam punk idea could be done with Imperial Guard. Given the number of worlds you can do it. The Vostroians are using lasgun with wooden parts


IMO vostroians are pretty steam punk.

Now here my opinion about heavily converted armies. As long as I know what your units are I will play against you:). Especially if you are conversions are great.

hlaine larkin
04-01-2011, 23:07
vossys are cool., but also really expensive. as for the conversions, it depends on the list i'm just spit balling. so for example, handgunners as regular guardsmen, but i;d have to make some cool handgunners cos i dislike the gw ones, knights with swords, power weapon on a bike, some of the special outrider weapons, like for example a mini hand morter, grenade launcher,some sort of flamethrower arrangement etc etc i just wanna steer a bit away from guard

04-01-2011, 23:15
Yes too expensive :).

I was using them for the steam punk aspect of the minis.

I think the best for you is to find the army you like to play the most and them convert your army to look like your steam punk army. As long as it is not too far stretch I don't think somebody will refuse to play against you.

hlaine larkin
04-01-2011, 23:28
it doesnt have to be steampunked up, it's just one idea. but thats my issue i haven't played in so long i don't know what i really like none particularly stick out to me so i'm trying ot gather cool ideas

05-01-2011, 01:02
Beauty with 40k is any theme is coceivable - they all work. I've been doing a napoleonic themed guard army with steam-russes and heavy weapons mounted on gun carriages.

Col. Tartleton
05-01-2011, 01:21
Space Skaven...

With all the beautiful skyre stuff out this would be quite doable.

Kitbashing skaven with Orks... could be wonderous and have a very unique steampunk aspect.

hlaine larkin
05-01-2011, 01:26
baph, do you have pictures of those? i was looking at mounting heavy weapons on gun carriages for a vostroyan list but i'm gonna look at the space marine and ork codex's. for example i found a 'codex' which was just restrictions on what to take etc to make a space marine ork chapter it was really cool :P another one was lizardmen as tyranids. but i'll have a look

hlaine larkin
05-01-2011, 01:29
basically, with an empire in space list it'd be like a regular list but with a couple of techy add ons like special sights, power packs etc. and empire could work with guard because they arn't very armoured, but i really like the look of marines, so i'm trying to think of a funky combination of marines and something

05-01-2011, 01:30
You said you wanted uniqueish, that pretty much totally rules out marines. No matter what chapter you choose, even one of your own makeing, your going to come across like everyone else.

If your willing to do the conversion work, a Skittiari/Adeptus Mechanicus army based on the Guard codex probably offers the most opertunity for steampunk flavor. Maybe Orks with lots of mechs.

I've seen some awesome steampunk necron armies around. You'd be surprised how different necrons can look with minimal work. Only problem there is that if they get redone in 5-8 months everyone and their brother is going to be starting them.

hlaine larkin
05-01-2011, 01:32
can anyone think of a way in which i can bash empire models with space marines?

hlaine larkin
05-01-2011, 01:33
it doesnt have to be steampunked though :P that was just one idea i was toying with, i just want a differently themed spacemarine army, and being he generally unimaginiative person i am i can't think of anything other than steampunk

i guess i just like the idea, but i am willing to move away from the idea of having fantasy/40k combo but if anyone has better ideas please share them :D

Brother Antonios
05-01-2011, 04:28
Khornate Stormboyz 1st edition rulebook army using the latest edition would give you an almost one of a kind army with lots of interesting options. Orks are cheap too.

05-01-2011, 08:42
That would be Stormboyz of Khorne :-)

Original incarnation would be on foot, newer version woud be with rokkit packs.

'Stormboyz are a terrifying phenomenon in Ork society, which is worrying the more traditional Ork warriors. Stormboyz are young Orks full of militaristic fervor. They take great pride in their equipment, even to the extent of polishing their boots! They believe in strict organization, obedience, discipline, and military prowess. Now, these are all respectable virtues among Orks -- except for organization, obedience, and discipline. Consequently, many traditional Orks think the Stormboyz take themselves too seriously, and often accuse them of "spoilin' da fun."
Most Stormboyz eventually grow out of their obsession with marching about, dressing in uniforms, and other militaristic behaviour. However, a few individuals find it hard to give up the old ways, watching their mates drift away or die, while the new Stormboy recruits often come to regard them as cranky old-timers. Some become Stormboy Kaptins and continue to lead Stormboy Mobz in combat, but others are drawn into one of the Freebooter bands which worship the Blood God Khorne.
Stormboyz of Khorne. These are mature Stormboyz who have taken their cult of military virtue to the extreme and begun worshipping the Chaos Power Khome as patron of their warrior code.'

What's not to like about flying Orks with big axes?

05-01-2011, 09:05
A buddy of mine uses cavalry as bikes. you could do something similar. if you want steampunk, why not give warmachine a try? (much as I hate to suggest it) plus, using those warjacks (http://battlecollege.wikispaces.com/mkiiCygnar) as terminators have some appeal.

**Edit** but then you wanted inexpensive, and using warjacks as terminators would be anything but.

05-01-2011, 09:42
I've already got some handgunners in my Imperial Guard army. Just pared off the flintlocks and painted them in codex grey.

Just yesterday I was thinking "could I make an army that I could use for Warhammer and 40K?" Handgunners as guardsmen, steam tank as Leman Russ, Great Cannon as Lacannon, Volley Gun as Heavy Bolter... It could work.

Unless they're wearing full-on plate armour don't try to pass them off as Marines. 3+ save is serious armour in 40K and saying your handgunners in jerkins and pantaloons have a 3+ save won't do.

hlaine larkin
05-01-2011, 09:59
i wouldnt try to pass off empire as marines don't worry :D and thanks for your ideas guys !

hlaine larkin
05-01-2011, 10:58
how about.... the Um'periul G'orks.

Based off of a mini someone made once called 'the commisork' i aw it on here and then had pictures of orks with souped up lasguns, bits of armour that dont fit (like a helmet cracked in half and taped together for a helmet, bits of carapace armour spread across their chest tied on) looted tanks, like a chimera chassis with big gunz for trukks, some big chainsword eviscerator type things for close combat and looted russes'big guns (and even da conscripts, a big unit of grots)


05-01-2011, 12:29
how about.... the Um'periul G'orks.

Based off of a mini someone made once called 'the commisork' i aw it on here and then had pictures of orks with souped up lasguns, bits of armour that dont fit (like a helmet cracked in half and taped together for a helmet, bits of carapace armour spread across their chest tied on) looted tanks, like a chimera chassis with big gunz for trukks, some big chainsword eviscerator type things for close combat and looted russes'big guns (and even da conscripts, a big unit of grots)

Ork/guard combos are not uncommon, and the blood axe clan used to be all about trading with humans and acting like them. Doing the same but with grots as basic troopers gives you a grot rebellion army, which you should be able to find examples of in the project logs forum for inspiration.

hlaine larkin
05-01-2011, 12:32
ah okay even so, i think it could work and be cool :D though i may have to make it more of an umperial boyz, so i can use terminator parts for meganobz, else i have no idea but thank you for the advice :D

hlaine larkin
05-01-2011, 12:41
http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/256217.page thats a cool kommisork and easy to pull off too, os i may steal it. however, could i justifiably say he was in mega armour? or is megarmour pointless? or perhaps i could give him a stormshield to show his armour-yness or a grot carying a big stormshield who runs around and blocks stuff (hence the mega armour. i could also do this on a unit of meganobs?

i think i'll go for a general imperial feel if that sounds cool? so some sm and ig bits

hlaine larkin
05-01-2011, 13:22
here is a sample list with what i would make stuff from

05-01-2011, 14:15
Sounds like you will have fun with the project, good luck! If you want to go with a blood axe theme, their traditional colour was grey and black camo IIRC.

hlaine larkin
05-01-2011, 14:22
assuming a better idea doesnt hit me, what i will do is paint the imperial guard bits in a red colour scheme and space marine bits in ultramarine i think, and then paint over them with thinned down paints, so hopefully some of the original colour will show through, to look like they have been quickly painted up by the orks. do you think people will mind the grots carrying stormshield and nobs as meganobs? also, do you think the list is okay?

05-01-2011, 15:03
Can't comment on the list as I'm not much of a player, but your paint idea could work if you don't make the colours too bright.

hlaine larkin
05-01-2011, 15:06
yeah thats the plan with going over the guard/marine colours with darker orkier tones (i imagine dirt and blood made paints) after all these guys kill guardsmen and marines and take their stuff, after all i'd much rather steal than buy something (if i were an ork) especially if i got to do some killin!