View Full Version : What 9000?! jk its a blood angels question...

05-01-2011, 04:40
So i'm considering adding the chaplain FW dreads to my BA list for use as DC dreads, but i'm not sure if i should splurge for them now or wait and spend the money on the furioso kit that will be coming out in feb. (i think thats when it said) whats your opinion?

05-01-2011, 04:46
Wait til Feb and save yourself some money.

05-01-2011, 08:34
At least wait for some decent pics of the new plastic dreadnought.

05-01-2011, 17:24
Yeah, I would wait too, even though I have a forge world dread made as DC with talons.

All the choices appear to be on the sprues so I would wait and decide later!