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05-01-2011, 12:44
I have 1 box of the old Night Goblins still in the sprues. I was thinking about converting them either to characters or unit champions (or maybe both). Their larger size compared to regular Night Goblins helping to justify their premium status.

I have several bits from regular NG and Fanatics sprues (like mushrooms and boiling pots) to help them stand out and personalise them.

Do you think they will look ok? Should I choose character or champion option, of could I mix both? Ideas to model them to Big Bosses and Shamans?

Im trying to build a NG army on a budget, starting from a BFSP set. I know NGs benefit from having lots of cheap heores and some wizards, but I cannot pay for 6 or 7 metal characters. Im only investing on Skarsnik, because he is an amazing model.

I welcome your comments and ideas.

05-01-2011, 13:47
So long as they stand out from the unit models, they should look fine. Scratch-building a large banner will give you a decent BSB, otherwise I'd suggest modelling some with great weapons for Big Bosses and staffs for Shamen.

05-01-2011, 13:52
It's a great kit and you can build loads out of it. I recommend for that extra bit of work that you add a small piece of stone or slate to the base and you can raise them up as well to really make the most of your champions. I pinch all sorts of parts from the kit for various regiments and characters.

The models are also very interchangable with the Militia kit from the Empire (and some of the other Empire kits) so you can get some very unique conversions going. I use the militia kit for the arms.

If worrying about scaling with the new Night Goblins, you can cut off the ankles and they look okay. The problem arises that they look like they have monkey arms then!

Edit: I used the three banners in the kit to make one large banner (sprayed out like fingers, using wire) for my BSB.

05-01-2011, 13:56
The Old NG box came with a BSB sprue of sorts, that looks to be good for Goblins, Skavens and Skeletons it seems! It has a fairly big flag I was thinking about painting as a captured Karak Eight Peaks banner with the Half Moon emblems adorning it.

05-01-2011, 16:08
This is what I did to make myself a bunch of night goblin big bosses with great weapons.

Just take the old larger models (which are even more beefy than current character models) and convert them to be holding some large weapon (ogre bits are best).