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Insane Psychopath
18-03-2006, 19:55
Hi everone

After seeing Mig Necromunda gang


It inspired to make a gang & start playing Necromunda. The only problems are, I never played Necromunda for the past 9 years I been into this hobby... that pretty much gose for all specil games (apart from BloodBowl).

So I thought I would get into Necromunda & make a gang as a side project among my many 40k armies. But I reach another problem "What gang to do???"

I will be converting my gang to look like ex-Guards man/Desertors (sp) Guards men. So pretty much what you thing Guard be like in Necromunda world.

Just any idear on what gang house would fit with this theme or if you lot could give me a list of strength & weakness of all the gangs. Also yes I downloads the rules & all that stuff.

Thanks for your time & help in advance.


19-03-2006, 00:53
Van Saar are usually the most popular rules to use for that kind of project.

They can gain techno, shooting and combat skills as base and are the most high-tech looking gangers.

Quin 242
19-03-2006, 01:27
I'd say Orlocks would be your best bet for deserting guard.. they wouldn't be all that techno since they deserted.. and would most likely be kinda the crap bags of the unit for deserting... Not the most desirable folks...

Orlocks are your standard decently trained but not well disciplined joes...

Insane Psychopath
19-03-2006, 08:03
Thanks for the idears. The theme as said going be deserers, Half Life military guys or if any you lot watch resident evil 2, the part where it show you some military holding up with a sniper on the roof, the the big monster come along & blast them with his Machine gun, going for somthing like.

So I will go & have a look that there list since they get diffrent wargear.


19-03-2006, 13:43
Of course if your gonna play necromunda you wanna get enforcers like me. What better way to play a game than continually shout quotes from Judge Dread at your opponent.

Having said that the list is a lil... well... rubbish. And liable to get everyone ganging up on you as soon as they can. :( For some reason, necromundans have no respect for The Law.

As for doin your theme i'd go with the orlocks, for pretty much the same reasons Quin 242 said. high trained, but ill disciplined lil blighters the lot of em. Perfect for the whole deserter look. Van saar just seem a little too technological for me. unless of course that's one of their former regiment's "things" - the whole technology angle. That's down to you and your background. What i'd do is read all the background for each of the gangs in the rulebook (if you have it) and their equipment list, and go with the one that's nearest to your original concept.

Just remember, if you break The Law, the full strength of the Imperial Justice System will be brought down on you. Such that it is. And we have cyber-puppies.

24-03-2006, 09:31
I'd say any gang (save spyrers and outlaws) could fit the bill quite nicely. It all depends on what kind of regiment they have run away from.
Necromunda actually has a quite large guard contingent, but I don't know if they have been descriped in fluff terms? If not, I'd say that Orlocks fit the generic imperial guard image best.


24-03-2006, 12:43
I have to agree with most of the previuos posters Orlocks are your best bet overall, and I've played them most of the time I've played they have a good assortment of skills and decent weaponry, so I'd go for it.

Insane Psychopath
24-03-2006, 12:46
Yep I chosen to go Orlocks.

Hi squigsnok, as much as enforcers are cool & that I got a gang, there not allowed in the Campinge (sp) we are having that my GW store. Also the Orlock deserter Guard gang mean for some cool conversion.

I got some more planned for when I gain new memeber as well. Also order half my gang yesterday & the rest will be bought on Thur.


25-03-2006, 20:52
My scavvie gang had a ex-imperial guardman as leader for a while (he died and Billy Bob took over).
So you could do some different gangs with ex-guardmen, or you could just degrade them to become enforcers?

29-03-2006, 22:46
just a thought, tattoos would look good ive painted spiders and cobwebs on my necromundian 8th "the spiders" guard army and I plan to do a necromunda gang along the same theme.

30-03-2006, 14:29
deserted guardsmen can be used as van saar (representing their taught techno skills) or as orlock, if they are a stealthy bunch of models, escher etc.

Insane Psychopath
11-04-2006, 20:32
Hi folks

Sorry if it wrong to bring back a old topic.

Right I finial went for Orlocks as my gang... for rule reason... that & also I get a Bolt gun, which Van saar do not offer.

I got my first game today & just lost mainly due to my bottle test. It would off been a draw. Also because it was none campinge, the person teaching me advice we just keep battleing it out. Very fun game & "if" it was campinge I would of gain a extra juve as well as other fun stuff.

But as said it was a great game, so I am back to the drawing board on making a little bit of a better list (already got my idear for it).

Fun part of the game was, first turn both me & my oppent.. our Heavy Stubber both ran out of ammo.

So thanks for the idears people, as said I finial chose Orlocks for my Guards gang. My GW is planning a campinge (sp?) on veterans nights as soon as the 40k City Fight building come out.

Now it time to start on BFG :D