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WarBoss PuG
06-01-2011, 17:41
I read legion a while back now when it first came out but honestly can't remember what happened in it. Can someone do me a quick summary of what happened to jog the memory. Anyone reading this who hasn't read the book and reading this warning because there is a spoiler in the story. Cheers

06-01-2011, 19:48
The Whole story is mainly show off that the Alpha legion has Astartes and agents that operate as spies in planets that they are intending to force into "compliance" unlike the other legions.

Alpharius is found out to have an identical twin, Omegon, meaning there are actually 21 Primarchs.

Through the story an agent for a Xenos cartel is trying to contact Alpharius. the Cartel has different species, and has a prophecy for Alpharius.

The Prophecy is that in the coming Horus Heresy, Alpharius can either side with the Emperor, which will save humanity, but also eventually cause humanity to simply snuff out with no more overall struggle. The Alternative is that he help Horus, who will after a certain period of guilt, destroy everything Chaos in the Universe, ultimately freeing humanity from its taint.

Alpharius apparently decideds to side with Horus, as ultimately the destruction of Chaos and the trancendance of humanity is what the Emperor wants, so Alpharius thinks that it would be the better choice.

As a trick however the Xenos cartel may have been lying their pants off, as even though Alpharius sides with Horus, humanity ends of slowly dying like the other option.

If he had sided with the Emperor, the Emperor may have lived though the Siege of Terra, or it may never even happened withe the Alpha Legion's espionage, sabotage, and martial skill to assist.
The Climax of the book after making an unvoiced decision, Alpharius and Omegon take their ships and obliterate the Imperial Army with the fleet, leaving only the Alpha Legion and their trusted allies alive.

In the end the Alpha Legion MAY still be loyalists and their battle cry "For The Emperor" not to be a mocking cheer but rather the truth, as the Legion unlike the others did not reatreat the the eye of terror or the maelstrom.

06-01-2011, 20:02
It does make the Alpha Legion potentially far more interesting, if the fluff gets re-written. That they aren't entirely chaos, but are desperately try to bring about the end of chaos by helping it burn itself out. So they fight on the side of choas in the hope that doing so will ultimately lead to Chaos destroying itself in it's own attempts to take over the universe.

Mix this in with some tzeenchian manipulation, and you have a rather compelling tragic character to the legion.

This is similar to the Thousand Sons - I really enjoyed the new fluff that the loyalist SWs, manipulated by Horus, were responsible for driving the TS to chaos, and tzeench manipulating them successfully enough to make Magnus drive headlong into corruption. I've not read Prospero Burns yet, but i REALLY hope that in some part of it Leman Russ realises he's been manipulated, and for all his anger at Magnus realises what he has done. Russ has always been one of my favorite primarchs, and I'm so hoping that he is given a character with some depth in Prospero Burns.