View Full Version : Excelsior loses the Mutant Chronicles license, FFG picks it up

19-03-2006, 00:37
Paradox Entertainment, the holder of the Mutant Chronicles IP, has decided not to renew Excelsior Entertainments license for their Warzone and Chronopia systems as told here (http://www.excelsiorentertainment.com/News.asp) on the homepage of EE.

Fantasy Flight Games, company known from their excellent board games, has announced (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/rants.html) that they will be launching a new collectible miniature game based on the Mutant Chronicles universe. The miniatures will be pre-painted and in 36mm scale.

19-03-2006, 03:40

Pre-painted and in 36mm scale. Read that out loud.

They are also going to be "collectible". Meaning, the game is going to be for 10 year old idiots.

Anyways. The lead designer, Daniel Earp, and some of his associates, are going to be keeping the game alive.

golemg ames
22-03-2006, 07:37
36 mm? what were they thinking? I guess most old gamers want to be able to use any new figures with their old collections (not only MC). These would look like giants. No, I don't need another scale after investing thousands in 25-28mm and 6mm. Pass.

22-03-2006, 07:45
If you're a Warzone player, check out www.darksymmetry.com. The website isn't up yet but Warzone's lead designer is going to be updating the rules, creating FAQs, erratas, scenarios, new units, and much more on this site. In fact, I have a feeling he will do more for the game than Excelsior ever did. He also has rights to the rules since he was never paid for them, meaning, the possibilities here are endless.

There is also a guy who did some of the Warzone sculpts saying he wants to finish alot of them and make them available.