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13-01-2011, 22:58
The Tale of Terrain Builders 2011 - 2012

Do you want to make some terrain in the next 12 months?
Do you want to meet a great bunch, with the same goal, who will encourage and support you throughout the process?
Can you do the same in return?
Are you completely bonkers?
Then you have come to the right place!

So here it is the sign up thread for the next Tale of Terrain Builders.

Please sign up. All are welcome. No previous experience required.

What is it all about?

The aim of The Tale of Terrain Builders is to help motivate those involved to start and complete enough scenery to fill a gaming board in the next twelve months.
Because not everyone can spare the same amount of time for various reasons, there are different levels of commitment. The standard, or Mens, level of commitment is to create a single, reasonably sized piece of terrain per month*. The lesser level of commitment is for the Boys category, and requires the completion of a piece of terrain every other month, but with the commitment to show progress each month!

The builders do this each month for the next 12 months, starting with their first post on the first day of March 2011, and finishing with their last post on the first day of February 2012. So we have this month, whilst everyone signs up, to gather scrap, parts, tools and otherwise get yourself ready to go with the first work in progress starting in February.

* A single piece of scenery at least the size of a hill of building will be considered one piece. A barricade, tree, rock spire or similar would be considered too small on its own to count as a whole piece of scenery, however multiple such pieces would count as a single entry. If in doubt, terrain that covers a diameter of roughly 6” is what we are going for, but this is a loose definition. We certainly aren’t going to chide anyone because they only built an outhouse and a tree! Afterall, getting stuff done is the name of the game! Obviously, larger projects can be broken up over multiple days.

-A note on building whole Tables and Dioramas: Both building the actual playing surface for playing games on and Dioramas count for this tale. Dioramas can use the Boys level of commitment (unless they are truly large), and will count each month as long as appreciable progress is made each month. Tables, on the other hand, can range from a simple coating of flock to very elaborate set-ups. For these, if your planned table is pretty simple, use the boys category. If it is complex, use the mens. In either case, entries are judged on whether decent progress is made. Again, none of us are too anal about this. Just build and have fun and everything should be OK!

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with 1 piece of completed, usable scenery. That is 1 piece for 10 of the next 12 months.

At the beginning of each month a new thread will appear for the builders to post your previous months construction efforts and the rest of the builders to offer words of encouragement.

In twelve months we will all end up with enough Terrain to cover a table, which is awesome!(Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end will... it's harder than you think!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : No you are not too late. Yes you can still join in. Just post on this thread saying whether you want to build for the mens or boys category.

Q : Can I build more than one piece per month?
A : Yes, you can build as much as you like. However, please only post one of your pieces in the monthly thread to keep pace with everyone. Save one for the next month... take one off even . Of note though, is the * point above stating small scenery items count as 1/3rd of a whole piece. We would expect 3 of these as a single entry.

Q : What happens if I build a GIANT piece (like a huge defense laser)?
A : If you create a truly epic piece of scenery, then you're welcome to post it as s single months entry. However, you could (based on how many 'buildings/hills' in size you consider it count it as 2 or more months entries and post it at the end of that time.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. We love background stuff. Write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.

13-01-2011, 23:00
Starting in March, there will be a thread created in the Warseer Painting Support Group each month to show progress.

Thank you to Harry for letting us steal his format, Fredox for making most of the changes, and Nagged for supplying a couple of the categories, and Doc_Cthulhu for coming up with the idea to begin with!

Edit: Oh, I guess I should sign up for this tale too :p! I'm in for the Men's Category!

13-01-2011, 23:31
I'm up for this. I really need to get my **** in gear with regards to scenery so this might actually do me some good.

14-01-2011, 06:10
I guess I've no other option than to join in as a MAN. :D

14-01-2011, 06:57
I am joining up, but my hormonal level is in such a confusing state, I am not sure yet whether it will be for the Men's category or the Boys' category...

Actually, counting my scenic pieces, it will probably be Boys.

14-01-2011, 07:22
Awesome. I think I will sign up for the boys category. It is a lot of work and I am in the painting of the fantasy tale as well.

My category will be: Khemri! Egyptian pyramids, temples, statues, desert, tomb kings, etc.!

14-01-2011, 08:04
Great idea.
Always nice to see a spin off fron the 'Tale'.
I am very keen to be part of this. Terrain is my first love.
Normally do the odd bit to go with the armies I am painting but this will help keep me at it.
Not sure how much I can commit too with already painting four armies for the Tale of Fantasy Painters.
But I will try to paint some bits for all four armies I am currently painting : Empire, orc and Goblin, Undead and I have this little High Elf Castle project that has been on the back burner for a while that I want to get finished.

Really looking forward to seeing how this 'Tale' works out.

All the best,

14-01-2011, 08:16
This is a brilliant idea!

Sign me up for the Men's category please - it's about time I got making some scenery.

Little Joe
14-01-2011, 08:49
Iím in for a man's commitment! And I already started on preparations for my first piece, which will be finishing a dust gathering dark elf tower.
For this reason I started a tutorial (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5241458#post5241458) for any who want to repeat it. If so or if you want to add to it, I would be grateful for any help in making it understandable and easy to follow.
First I will finish this tutorial and then the tower in ferbruary, ready to post in march.

14-01-2011, 10:12
I'm in for this. Probably best I go in the little boys category, at least for the 1st few months due to work commitments.

14-01-2011, 11:27
Sign me up. Going for a table so not sure what category it'll end up in. Might throw in some pre-made stuff for the fun of it as well.

14-01-2011, 13:30
I'm in, gotta go for the men's category. Cheers!

14-01-2011, 14:09
Alrighty! It's good to see so much activity already! This is what I have so far for who's in and their commitment level. Please let me know if there are any corrections.

SamVimes: Mens

Mini77: yet to be determined

doc_cthulhu: Mens

Daniel36: Boys

Maglock: Boys

Harry: yet to be determined

Harvey: Mens

Little Joe: Mens

Tiny: Boys

Fredox: yet to be determined (depends on the table I bet ;) )

dreamspirit: Mens

14-01-2011, 15:42
Boreas_NL signing up for the men's category! Also posted this in the terrain section...

My goals for the Tale of Terrain Builders (and painters):

1. Get myself a new and complete set of scenery for my main table. I'll be using the Rulebook for some inspiration on the different items and their rules... Mainly hills, walls and other obstacles, I don't need any more buildings (thanks to my Mordheim board) but I may even start a siege project...

2. Finish my Mordheim board... The board and most buildings are more or less done, but they need to be painted (I do hope that's ok)!

Both goals support eachother as I want my Mordheim buildings to be used on my main table as well.

14-01-2011, 23:05
March eh? Sounds good! Signing in for the men's category.

The sort of terrain I'd be making would mostly be ork themed, with enough pieces to make a table-wide settlement. Maybe some other non-ork pieces if I felt like it! Some ideas of what I could be making;

Zuzzy broken blacktop mat - whether this'll count or not I dunno as it'll just need painting, but this is what will be underneath everything! I ordered it this month so I'm hoping it'll arrive next month or two.
Ork shacks (groups of 6 or 8) - I half-heartedly started these last year, so I'll be picking up where I left them. These are about 4 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 each.
Medium buildings (each covering up to 6 inches square). 2nd Edition 'desert' architecture and shape with 4th-5th ed detail.
Larger buildings in the same style, around 8-12 inches square
Scrap piles / rubble
Stepped hills (or flat hills with beveled edges) - I tried a batch with a natural slope but it was tricky balancing stuff on them!
Settlement walls - enough to cover the length of the board. I have a second mat so I could put the two together 6x8 and hide the gap with these, Apocalypse / planetstrike sieges on ork turf :D
Mine entrances and rails - I bought some Lego railway tracks while on holiday last year (along with wheels, tyres etc) and haven't put them to use yet...! :p

Whether most of it will materialise or not we'll have to find out! :p

15-01-2011, 07:45
Posted this in this in the terrain section, too:

I`m in for the mens category. Trying to get terrain for a Mordheim/Fantasy-Table ranging from intact buildings (will be buying them) to ruins (bought and selfconstructed).
First Projects:
February: Forgeworld Barn and Well from Tabletop-World
March: Merchant House from Tabletop-World
Aprli: ??GW Dreadstone Blight??

15-01-2011, 07:47
I've been wanting to make some terrain for Mordheim for ages, using Hirst Arts pieces. Actually I'd like to have a table similar to what Boreas has built, but I had to realize that I don't have the space to store modular pieces of that size. So I'll have to restrict myself to single buildings on indivicual bases.
I'd like to sign up for the Boys category.

Are the entries supposed to be just built or completely finished, paint and all?

15-01-2011, 08:17
Are you completely bonkers?

I'm in.

(I have a built but unpainted imperial city that needs sorting out - so Mens for me).

15-01-2011, 14:12
wait, did this thread get moved? I know one was in the project log section where I usually dwell? Oh well Il just say the same thing I did there.

MAN it is for me. Would one or two of the GW craters count as an entry for one month? Either way I will be working on city fight terrain with some battlefield accessories (scratchbuilt) to help break up the board. Also just an idea, but maybe we could have a section for say objective markers? I think one or two could count as an entry? Lets try to get as many people in this as we can so that maybe this could get to something big! Best of luck!

15-01-2011, 16:58
Ok, update time on who’s in. These are the names from both threads. Let me know if I missed you or have an error.

SamVimes: Mens

Mini77: Mens
doc_cthulhu: Mens

Daniel36: Boys

Maglok: Boys

Harry: Mens

Harvey: Mens

Little Joe: Mens

Tiny: Boys

Fredox: yet to be determined (depends on the table I bet )

dreamspirit: Mens

Boreas_NL: Mens. (Yes, painting your Mordheim set would definitely make this tale worthwhile, as I am sure Im not the only one who wants to see it finished!)

Thoume: Mens.

DAGabriel: Mens

EmperorNorton: Boys. In answer to your question, painted would be nice ;)

DeadInTheHead: Mens

Radical: Mens (and no, the thread didn’t get moved. There are just two so that the most number of members see it and sign up! And two craters should be fine for a month. A group of objective markers would be good for a month too.)

N810: Boys

Lyynark: Mens

Ghost 1 Actual: Mens

static grass: Boys

PitSlave314: Mens

Funky01chef: TBD

Narcissus: Mens

Emperors Teeth: TBD

Geep: Boys

nagged: TBD

ThreeDogs: Mens


Akumanight: (Wo)man’s!

bloodsbane: Mens



Stormfather: Mens

Kingofthesquats: Boys

Xazil: Mens

f2k: Undecided

37 members are now signed up!

15-01-2011, 20:10
Mens for me, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

15-01-2011, 22:02
Hey it's Maglok, no C in there mister! :)

16-01-2011, 00:34
Woops! My mistake! Fixed. Thanks Mini77, I've updated the last post.

16-01-2011, 09:15
Still trying to decide if I am a boy or a man.
Is this a specifically for terrain "Builders" or is terrain 'Painters' also Ok.
In other words is it OK if I paint up some pre made stuff?
OR does it all have to be scratch built?

Little Joe
16-01-2011, 09:52
Of course it is OK. We want to see that elven castle done!

As far as I gathered it is about finishing terrainpieces with the amount of work put into it making you a man or a boy. My first entry will be a finished piece of terrain. And some others will be finishing bought terrain pieces. It is all just for fun after all.

16-01-2011, 12:43
Indeed, it is definitely about getting stuff done. If you have something half-built that needs painting,that's certainly a months worth of work in the boys category (or, if it's big like an Elven castle ;), it's good for a month of manly work). Painting a couple of already built things is a months work for anything! It would be a shame to lose out on seeing good terrain because it had been started earlier or came as a kit.

16-01-2011, 13:06
That's great news fellas.
I shall try and post each month then.
Put me down as a man please.

16-01-2011, 13:08
@ Harry: With all this painting you're doing, do you even sleep? :p

16-01-2011, 13:12
@ Harry: With all this painting you're doing, do you even sleep? :p
Not so much. :D

However, I do hold down a full time job and keep my wife, children, and now a new puppy :eek: happy all at the same time so I don't know what everyones problem is. :D

I can only assume they have friends :shifty: Or maybe some other interests beyong toy soldiers. :wtf:

16-01-2011, 13:15
That's great news fellas.
I shall try and post each month then.
Put me down as a man please.

Done and done! :D

16-01-2011, 15:45
Great idea!

I am in, and I will be working on a "postapocalyptic industrial" themed board, much in a typical Necromunda style. While only aiming for 4'x4', there should be plenty of terrain. In order to have it dense enough a year from now, I will need to have the productivity of a true man. So MENS it is (but I demand to be punished like a school boy if I fail).

The ambition level regarding details and visual quality of the terrain will be high by my standards. That doesn't mean that you will see 'Eavy Metal quality, but I will make an honest effort to rise above the standards of the average club table.

18-01-2011, 18:13
I've updated the list of members signed up. We're already up to 30! As usual, feel free to ask any questions or correct me if I messed something up.

20-01-2011, 06:42
A simple one for me for Jan/Feb methinks.

I already have one set of resin stone walls (8 pieces = 30") painted up but want more so my first goal is to cast and paint up another full set plus two extra long sections for a total of 6 feet.

That's assuming that resin cast stuff is ok for the purposes of the tale. I did after all make the originals and the moulds :)

Going to save the more adventurous goals for later months.

20-01-2011, 13:47
I'll get my buildings soon... Tomorrow actually, But I have this one question thou, Are we going to make our own threads or simply just post our stuff in this and/or to the other log in the "Terrain" section?

Happy weekend guys!

20-01-2011, 14:53
There will be monthly thread in the Warseer Painting Support Group where you will post your work for the past month. But, there is nothing stopping you from making your own plog in the Terrain Projects sub-forum as well.

Check out the Tale of Fantasy Painters or the Tale of 40k painters to get an idea of the format.

22-01-2011, 16:30
I personally think its better to make my own thread, Thanks SamVimes tho!


22-01-2011, 17:36
But the fun is to do it in a group! I like the Tale-concept and hope to gather ideas and contacts!

22-01-2011, 21:10
I've got a few hypothetical terrain projects on the drawing board/in boxes in my storage unit, including some forgeworld and gw scenery and a few pieces of my own devising. Sign me up for mens and lets see what I can get done!

23-01-2011, 20:16

I think this is a great idea! I'll sign up for the boys group please.

My first priority is my British Napoleonics at the moment but I do need to build a bombed out Normandy town/village for my new Valiant WW2 minis to fight over. I think joining this group will be a great way to stay motivated!

24-01-2011, 02:27
I would like to join the mens group to use up my stash of hirst arts blocks to give a good range of buildings etc. for my playing table.

24-01-2011, 05:06
The Tale of Terrain Builders 2011 - 2012

Are you completely bonkers?

MOMUS signing up. (MENS)

27-01-2011, 17:05
Updated the list.

@ Dreffbuilder: I’ll take you off the sign-up sheet. Once we get started, take a look at how the thread develops and if you change your mind, you are more than welcome to sign up again.

31-01-2011, 19:27

Please correct me if I am wrong, the Boys category would mean 5 terrain pieces over the next 12 months?

If that's correct please sign me up for the Boys category.

Would love to get some scenery going, beats using dvd boxes ;)

Think I'll aim to get some forests (3 ish) going for WFB and some ruined city walls and buildings (1 building and few broken walls) for 40k games.

Don't think I'll get any more than that done in a year, but will be great fun trying :)

31-01-2011, 23:29
Yep, by using the 2 jokers and being in the boys category at the end of the year you should have a nice collection of 5 terrain pieces.

Rik a Kadrin Kazad
01-02-2011, 07:07
Looking forward to follow this one!

I might build, paint and post my fortified manor house during this tale but I can't commit to one of the categories (beeing part of ToFP, and having several little ones).

01-02-2011, 18:27
Okies cool, sign me up please for Da Boyz, will start getting left over bits of resin baricades and an old rhino to make into a crashed wreck :)

02-02-2011, 17:57
Starting in March you say? This is perfect as I'm moving into a bigger place March 1st and finally have room to set up a table of my own!

Sign me up for boys!

07-02-2011, 10:41
I'll sign up for boys (at this stage). I need to get some LotR terrain churned out and a board to play on.

09-02-2011, 10:55
No WIP-Thread? And please, could someone explain to me the thing with the dice-role in the tale of painters?

09-02-2011, 13:19
sign me up for the boys, i've got a scratch built wooden bridge in construction, a witchfate tor on the way, a ruin and some small walls on the go. I want to build a hadrians wall type scene.

To play all that on, the main project is a table and the hills and forests that go on it!

Plenty to be going on with need a spur to keep going. I'm an ok builder but a novice painter so comments will be most welcome.

where's everybody hosting their pictures?

09-02-2011, 19:22
No WIP-Thread? And please, could someone explain to me the thing with the dice-role in the tale of painters?


Don't worry about the dice roll thing it will not matter for this tale as we are a small enough number that anyone can comment on anyone.

The Tale of Painters got so big 250 painters + that we had to come up with some way of reducing the number of painters people had to comment on. A dice roll divided by 6 as you only comment on folks with the same dice roll.

09-02-2011, 20:12
Okay guys, I need some input what to do.
As I stated originally I wanted to build some Mordheim terrain from Hirst Art blocks. I have several boxes full already cast.
I have some terrain pieces already built, though.
And then I have various terrain pieces from GW, too, which need painting.
And two pieces from Tabletop World.
What should I start with?

09-02-2011, 23:35
I don't know Norton. thats all pretty awesome. :D

10-02-2011, 09:00
On the one hand I think it'd be prudent to finish some of the stuff that I already started, but on the other hand this is the Tale of Terrain Builders, so I feel I should build something new.
The Tabletop World stuff is really tempting, because I've had it for so long and I'm only now glueing it together. It'll take an age to paint, though, and with three armies in the Tale of Fantasy Painters I don't have all that much time to spare.
Decisions, decisions...

Little Joe
10-02-2011, 16:42
I will start by finishing all that was not finished up till now. No good to make more loose ends.
Besides I just know that if I started with something new the unfinished business would stay that way. It has been so for over two years, so...
And if I do not want them I can sell some nice and finished terrain to finance my new pieces.

12-02-2011, 12:27
Okay, I have come to a decision, which is accompanied by a WIP picture:


Still a lot of gaps that need filling, though.

12-02-2011, 13:16
Great decision! Look forward to seeing those done.

Planning to invest in some of those myself but have just had to pay up for the Heresy Dragon. :D

12-02-2011, 21:13
Wow I realty wish Tabletop world had kept making those...

13-02-2011, 14:22
Someone gave me an arcane ruins set on my birthday recently.

I was planning on ordering a pyramid blocks mold from hirstarts and build a pyramid, but hey why not start on some arcane ruins and give them a bit of the egyptian feel to it.

WIP, put together.


If anyone has any ideas how to ' egyptinize' it a bit, I am open for it. :)

Should be my first two months terrain piece (I am running boys).

13-02-2011, 14:31
I did mine this way:

http://i964.photobucket.com/albums/ae121/triekehr/Khemri2010/th_TempelDetail1.jpg (http://s964.photobucket.com/albums/ae121/triekehr/Khemri2010/?action=view&current=TempelDetail1.jpg)

13-02-2011, 14:42
Are those casket guards? You had casket guards laying around? Sweet. :)

Maybe some khemrian statues indeed. Nice idea.

EDIT: Wait more pictures, those are tomb guards. :)

Little Joe
14-02-2011, 11:27
Last weekend I did some terrain building, well mainly finishing touches.

What I did:
Furniture my wizard/alchemist house, the house itself was already done. Now I just need to make a sundial on the outside and make the tower thingy into a rocket test centre. Bits have been ordered and work should commence next weekend.

Added some ivy to my dwarf/empire smithy because I liked the look of another piece of terrain I found in my now very small collection. Might add it to the wizard/alchemist house, because I think it improves the building a lot. The building was already furnitured.

I made a start on a stable using the same building principles for the houses already shown. See the next post for step by step pictures.

So I still need to do:
Finish the stable.
Furniture my inn with the dark elf tower (see sig for progress there).
Finish the wizard/alchemist house.

Would that be enough for the first month? I actually will just make the stable and a lot of furniture with it for the wizard/alchemist house and inn with the dark elf tower. And some minor touching up to finally finish them.
Edit: stable base size: 8x10 cm

Little Joe
14-02-2011, 11:31
Here are the WIP pictures for the stable.

While at it I also wanted to show some pictures of what the LOTR Moria terrain pieces are good for. This is where I got the ivy idea from. Sadly these four buildings are all that is left of my terrain (and a tree), that is why I need some new stuff.;)

14-02-2011, 13:44
You might want to go for a lighter sandstone paint schaem on the ruins to get them looking more egyptian. And a few Egypyian statues couldn't hurt.

15-02-2011, 07:47
Yes, Metal-Ushabtis in case thea are redone in plastic.

18-02-2011, 18:16
Just thought I'd post this as it's probaby of interest to everyone here, a tutorial for photographing terrain:


(Not that I'm going to do half of this).

18-02-2011, 18:39
THX, a very good link! I`ll have to buy a second and third lamp.

21-02-2011, 13:03
Guys, Iím sooo close to calling a ďjokerĒ on this month. Grrrrr....

As you can see on my Big Blog, both of my modules are now suffering from a rather severe case of warping, to the point where Iím not really sure what to do about it. Iíve certainly never seen anything like it before.
Iím suspecting the cork backing has something to do with it. In which case Iíll have to scrap the idea of using a modular layout based on cork and go for something else. Perhaps a return to my original idea of an EW French countryside? Iíve got just enough polystyrene plates left to create a base for a 120 cm. x 180 cm. non-modular table.

Grumble... Mumble... Curses...!

Little Joe
21-02-2011, 15:38
I think I had similar problems with my floor boards for my houses. PVA Glue is wet and will distort the thing you make. Adding Pressure for many months did the trick. Actually I just put something heavy on it and forgot about it and when getting it out of the way it had magically set in the desired way.

You should use polystyrene glue (the stuff they use to stick polystyrene plates to a wall from the DIY). Not expensive (actually extremely cheap), dries fast and is easy to handle. It looks like, and has the material properties of filler and is sold in small buckets.

21-02-2011, 16:35
I think I had similar problems with my floor boards for my houses. PVA Glue is wet and will distort the thing you make. Adding Pressure for many months did the trick. Actually I just put something heavy on it and forgot about it and when getting it out of the way it had magically set in the desired way.

You should use polystyrene glue (the stuff they use to stick polystyrene plates to a wall from the DIY). Not expensive (actually extremely cheap), dries fast and is easy to handle. It looks like, and has the material properties of filler and is sold in small buckets.

Hmm... I must admit that I've never heard of that type of glue. I'll check in with my DIY shop to ask if they have it later.

How long does it take to dry? And what kind of materials do it stick to?

Little Joe
21-02-2011, 19:57
@f2k it takes about an hour to completely dry when applied thin, but if you put it on to thick it will take ages. It will stick best to porous material, such as walls or cork. It binds pretty well, I used it to glue a few plates together for a childís toy and it has been tested in use and is still in one piece.
I got mine in a German DIY at 3,75Ä for 1kg of the stuff (glues a few square metres), if they supply polystyrene they should have it as well.

For my own entry I build a roof for the stable, and reminded myself of the part I hated most. Continuous preparing of roof tiles, takes me two hours to do this little roof.
But progress none the less, a lot of furniture and painting ahead.

21-02-2011, 21:07
@f2k it takes about an hour to completely dry when applied thin, but if you put it on to thick it will take ages. It will stick best to porous material, such as walls or cork. It binds pretty well, I used it to glue a few plates together for a childís toy and it has been tested in use and is still in one piece.
I got mine in a German DIY at 3,75Ä for 1kg of the stuff (glues a few square metres), if they supply polystyrene they should have it as well.

Thanks. I'll be looking for it next time I get to the DIY store...

Little Joe
26-02-2011, 10:11
Preparing myself for a day full of terrain hobby and dreading not having enough time to finish it all. I started with an oversight of what to do and got myself thinking about certain necessities. I have these nice houses, but where do the people go when the pressure gets them, to make it worse I have no buckets left in my bitz-box. Disregarding it and starting to sift through my spare materials inspiration struck and I got to work. To hell with time!
The first picture shows what I had at approximately 8pm.

And now four hours later I have a finished outhouse with attached piggery or chicken run, not sure yet. Also I got this idea to print out a small white dwarf magazine for toilet paper, the only thing you can really use it for.

Now I will start on furniture and painting, reallyÖ

Little Joe
27-02-2011, 19:19
This is the situation as it is now, see pictures. Still to do:
- Sun dial and ivy for the wizard/alchemist house
- Sheets for the straw beds, the tavernís sign, plants and ivy for the Druchi twister. Plus I need to make a small statue of Khaine for the backroom.
- Chickens, but I think I might skip that.

Two nights to go!

No picture of the nest in the top of the tower, I will save that for tomorrow

28-02-2011, 03:53
Man, that makes the dungeon I'm making look crap. Awesome. Can't wait for the fun that march is gonna bring!

28-02-2011, 12:20
My update might not be as spectacular as some I have seen here, but I got to cover the basics first...

The first parts of my hills/platforms... In stead of regular hills I wanted something more in line with my Mordheim board, thus the rectangular shaped platforms.


Two pics of the three semi finished hills/platforms... These are rather small, I intend to make some bigger ones, too.


And two pics of my statue of The Emperor, Karl Franz...

The hills/platforms are for my main table while the statue can be used for both my main table and my Mordheim board.

And, while not stricty part of my work for this month, some additional details for my Mordheim board.

28-02-2011, 12:34
Well I finished my Arcane ruins, Now I just have to wait for my new camera to arive... :rolleyes:

Little Joe
01-03-2011, 00:23
It got late, but the job is done. I needed to do some roof repair, when working I put the upper stories of my inn on some instable heap of books and while working I heard a terrible sound of something falling.:cries:
But all is fine again. Everything I wanted to do now is done and fit for Mordheim duty (jumping attacks from tables are fun). The only problem would be that I started these buildings (beginning with the smithy) some six years ago and no longer play Mordheim (no opponents).
No chickens were made.:(
Tomorrow I will post some other pictures and maybe a list of this entry. I only made the outhouse/chicken run and the stable last month, and a freaking lot of furniture.

01-03-2011, 10:56
Do we use this thread for our Feb.-pictures? Have to stay at the hospital, so i`ll post on Thursday or Friday.

01-03-2011, 13:23
No, there will be a new thread in an hour or so. I'm in the states, so the threads may go up later in the day for all you Brits;)

Edit: New thread up here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=295204