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13-01-2011, 23:04
This is a duplicate thread as in the Warseer Painting Support Group in the hopes that more people will see it and sign up, just like the Fantasy and 40k threads of the same theme started. Hopefully the mods don't worry. You can sign up here or in the thread on the Warseer Painting Support Group. Everyone will get added to a spreadsheet to join in. The monthy threads will be created in the Warseer Painting Support Group, though you are more than encouraged to maintain a plog here showing off your efforts.

The Tale of Terrain Builders 2011 - 2012

Do you want to make some terrain in the next 12 months?
Do you want to meet a great bunch, with the same goal, who will encourage and support you throughout the process?
Can you do the same in return?
Are you completely bonkers?
Then you have come to the right place!

So here it is the sign up thread for the next Tale of Terrain Builders.

Please sign up. All are welcome. No previous experience required.

What is it all about?

The aim of The Tale of Terrain Builders is to help motivate those involved to start and complete enough scenery to fill a gaming board in the next twelve months.
Because not everyone can spare the same amount of time for various reasons, there are different levels of commitment. The standard, or Mens, level of commitment is to create a single, reasonably sized piece of terrain per month*. The lesser level of commitment is for the Boys category, and requires the completion of a piece of terrain every other month, but with the commitment to show progress each month!

The builders do this each month for the next 12 months, starting with their first post on the first day of March 2011, and finishing with their last post on the first day of February 2012. So we have this month, whilst everyone signs up, to gather scrap, parts, tools and otherwise get yourself ready to go with the first work in progress starting in February.

* A single piece of scenery at least the size of a hill of building will be considered one piece. A barricade, tree, rock spire or similar would be considered too small on its own to count as a whole piece of scenery, however multiple such pieces would count as a single entry. If in doubt, terrain that covers a diameter of roughly 6” is what we are going for, but this is a loose definition. We certainly aren’t going to chide anyone because they only built an outhouse and a tree! Afterall, getting stuff done is the name of the game! Obviously, larger projects can be broken up over multiple days.

-A note on building whole Tables and Dioramas: Both building the actual playing surface for playing games on and Dioramas count for this tale. Dioramas can use the Boys level of commitment (unless they are truly large), and will count each month as long as appreciable progress is made each month. Tables, on the other hand, can range from a simple coating of flock to very elaborate set-ups. For these, if your planned table is pretty simple, use the boys category. If it is complex, use the mens. In either case, entries are judged on whether decent progress is made. Again, none of us are too anal about this. Just build and have fun and everything should be OK!

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with 1 piece of completed, usable scenery. That is 1 piece for 10 of the next 12 months.

At the beginning of each month a new thread will appear for the builders to post your previous months construction efforts and the rest of the builders to offer words of encouragement.

In twelve months we will all end up with enough Terrain to cover a table, which is awesome!(Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end will... it's harder than you think!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : No you are not too late. Yes you can still join in. Just post on this thread saying whether you will be building for the mens or boys category.

Q : Can I build more than one piece per month?
A : Yes, you can build as much as you like. However, please only post one of your pieces in the monthly thread to keep pace with everyone. Save one for the next month... take one off even . Of note though, is the * point above stating small scenery items count as 1/3rd of a whole piece. We would expect 3 of these as a single entry.

Q : What happens if I build a GIANT piece (like a huge defence laser)?
A : If you create a truly epic piece of scenery, then you're welcome to post it as s single months entry. However, you could (based on how many 'buildings/hills' in size you consider it count it as 2 or more months entries and post it at the end of that time.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. We love background stuff. Write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.

14-01-2011, 15:37
Boreas_NL signing up for the men's category!

My goals for the Tale of Terrain Builders (and painters):

1. Get myself a new and complete set of scenery for my main table. I'll be using the Rulebook for some inspiration on the different items and their rules... Mainly hills, walls and other obstacles, I don't need any more buildings (thanks to my Mordheim board) but I may even start a siege project...

2. Finish my Mordheim board... The board and most buildings are more or less done, but they need to be painted (I do hope that's ok)!

Both goals support eachother as I want my Mordheim buildings to be used on my main table as well.

14-01-2011, 15:58
Well I might as well sign up for the boys category, :shifty:
since I am curently runing out of room for the terrain I already have. :p

Ps. I will most likely be making Jungle, forest, ruins, mayan pyramids, and other Lizardman type terrain.

14-01-2011, 17:41
Sign me up for the men's category since I'm such a manly man :)

I'll be working on multiple types of terrain, mostly terrain for Necromunda but also a Warhammer Quest board.

Ghost 1 Actual
15-01-2011, 02:01
Consider me in. Will try to be "manly" but not sure if I can do that all year.

I have lots of projects in the sketch book, so it will be good to get them off the paper and onto my table.

For me this will mainly be WHFB with a view to getting a more crowded board for Mordheim inspired games, but I also have some 15mm Peninsula War buildings I need for my Brits to fight the frogs over. And then maybe some 40K terrain just for the sake of it.

15-01-2011, 04:58
MAN it is for me. Would one or two of the GW craters count as an entry for one month? Either way I will be working on city fight terrain with some battlefield accessories (scratchbuilt) to help break up the board. Also just an idea, but maybe we could have a section for say objective markers? I think one or two could count as an entry? Lets try to get as many people in this as we can so that maybe this could get to something big! Best of luck!

15-01-2011, 07:40
I`m in for the mens category. Trying go get terrain for a Mordheim/Fantasy-Table ranging from intact buildings (will be buying them) to ruins (bought and selfconstructed).
First Projects:
February: Forgeworld Barn and Well from Tabletop-World
March: Merchant House from Tabletop-World
Aprli: ??GW Dreadstone Blight??

static grass
15-01-2011, 08:45
Sign me up for the boys category! Unless someone wants to help me paint ton of yeloow and purpel wee men. :D

15-01-2011, 16:57
Ok, update time on who’s in. These are the names from both threads. Let me know if I missed you or have an error.

SamVimes: Mens

Mini77: yet to be determined

doc_cthulhu: Mens

Daniel36: Boys

Maglock: Boys

Harry: yet to be determined

Harvey: Mens

Little Joe: Mens

Tiny: Boys

Fredox: yet to be determined (depends on the table I bet )

dreamspirit: Mens

Boreas_NL: Mens. (Yes, painting your Mordheim set would definitely make this tale worthwhile, as I am sure Im not the only one who wants to see it finished!)

Thoume: Mens.

DAGabriel: Mens

EmperorNorton: Boys. In answer to your question, painted would be nice ;)

DeadInTheHead: Mens

Radical: Mens (and no, the thread didn’t get moved. There are just two so that the most number of members see it and sign up! And two craters should be fine for a month. A group of objective markers would be good for a month too.)

N810: Boys

Lyynark: Mens

Ghost 1 Actual: Mens

static grass: Boys

PitSlave314: Mens

Funky01chef: TBD

Narcissus: Mens

Emperors Teeth: TBD

Geep: Boys

nagged: TBD

ThreeDogs: Mens


Akumanight: (Wo)man’s!

bloodsbane: Mens



Stormfather: Mens

Kingofthesquats: Boys

Xazil: Mens

f2k: Undecided


15-01-2011, 17:10
Dreffbuilder wants to make some terrain too! (Boys)

Things I'm going to do are:

-To get some terrain to my gameboard;
-Shrine of aquila
-Random ruins
-And perhaps my hills ready

Thank you!


16-01-2011, 18:04
Hi all,

I'm tempted to take part, but would like to ask a few things first to see if my plans/aims would be accepable?

Does the terrain have to be built for challenge? or will just painting be acceptable? (i'm thinking mainly about the large number of single piece resin scenery items I have, but there are also a number of 3rd ed gothic ruins that I might do, tho they would gain basing etc)

Also, do the pieces all need to be aimed at the same board? I ask as my terrain collection is somewhat lacking for fantasy, but I also have a back-log of 40k items that i'd like to include.

Thanks in advance for the answers, and if I'll qualify I'm in :D

16-01-2011, 20:05
There is no reason why you can't build/paint terrain as for different game systems/worlds. If you are just painting terrain, then you can enter in for the Boys category and just paint a piece each month. Or, if they are all large, then you can paint one a month for the Mens category.

16-01-2011, 22:28
Cool, well i'll paint up what i've got in mind for the first month and see where you think I fall :)

17-01-2011, 07:37
I am in for the mens category.

I am travelling to China for work, so the pieces I am building will all hopefully be portable and compact (no 6 story monster buildings unfortunately). I am going to try and figure out some new ways to make buildings modular and get some good playable terrain in a smaller scale. It should be interesting. Thanks for getting this started. When are the first entries due?

Emperors Teeth
17-01-2011, 08:16
I'll post finished pieces in the relevant thread, but WIP's I'm sticking in my own thread (link in sig). I'll be doing a mix of full pieces and purchased items.
I'm also painting about 2 armies at the same time lol... so we'll see how this goes... but I want my Gorkamorka board to have a fort by the end of the year!

17-01-2011, 08:43
I'll sign on for the boys category. Maybe I'll do well enough to equal the men, but I expect to be busy this year.

I'll be trying to build forests, statues, idols and other things appropriate to the new 8th ed wackyhammer terrain.

17-01-2011, 17:06
I'll sign up but am in the middle of painting a mammoth castle for a local show at the end of the month, so will probably joker my first 2 months, that will give me a breather and i can decide on my theme, docks mountain pass or mine

18-01-2011, 16:32
Oh what the hell - I'd like to sign up for this. Put me down for the Dad's category...

I'm quite liking the idea of a desert world with Afghan style, 40K-esque compounds...

18-01-2011, 18:11
I've updated the list. We've got 30 members signed up already! As usual, contact me with any questions or changes

18-01-2011, 19:44
Alright after much thought, I will be going Men's (even though I'm Female) ;) . It would be nice to finally get some terrain built. And I know my husband will be happy as well.

I will be doing some basic hills to start, but I am looking at building a table. And I am going to be working on a Dwarf diaroma later this year ( after I move).


18-01-2011, 20:53
I will be happy. You know I can't do any terrain.

19-01-2011, 16:54
Sign me up for the Men's category!

The primary objective is to get my at-home Mordheim (Marienburg) table going.
Secondary objective is to finish off some more board pieces and doors for my Warhammer Quest board.

The plan for february is to assemble and paint my Witchfate Tor.

19-01-2011, 23:22
A simple one for me for Jan/Feb methinks.

I already have one set of resin stone walls (8 pieces = 30") painted up but want more so my first goal is to cast and paint up another full set plus two extra long sections for a total of 6 feet.

That's assuming that resin cast stuff is ok for the purposes of the tale. I did after all make the originals and the moulds :)

Going to save the more adventurous goals for later months.

20-01-2011, 14:58
Akumanight and bloodsbane added

27-01-2011, 00:00
So wait, If I understand this correctly the first day of February a log will be started and we will be able to post our stuff starting then?

27-01-2011, 17:03
Not quite. The first day of March there will be a new thread created to show off all of the work you did in February. You can post work in progress in this or the other thread, but don't post finished work until the March thread is started.

edit: more names added

static grass
27-01-2011, 18:15
Perhaps it is worth having a specific "work in progress" thread for february to keep people's focus??

27-01-2011, 20:50
Yeah, I think you are right about that.

28-01-2011, 13:30
Hello all

Is it possible, that you dont have to paint all pieces each month just as long you get them all painted in the period. Because normally i build a lot of buildings and then paint them all at once.

If this is allowed i would liek to sign up, in the mens cathegory. :)

Best regard

29-01-2011, 19:38
Well, the general point of the tale is to get completed terrain finished. However, if you like to build the pieces, then paint them all in one go, there are two routes you can go. First, you might want to join the boys category, as building counts for a month of work, and build for half (or more) of the tale, and then paint for the other half. Alternatively, if you want to join the mens category, you could build 2 pieces a month and then paint them the second part of the tale.

30-01-2011, 15:29
Well, at 33 years of age I can hardly claim to be a boy, so put me in for a man’s challenge...

My plan is to create a small Flames of War modular table, measuring 90 cm. by 90 cm., divided into nine modules of 30 cm. by 30 cm.
So, each module will be one month’s challenge where the most complex modules might require a by-month to complete. The final month will then be used to created small movable terrain-pieces for the board.

Now I just need to decide what to do. Early war French countryside with roads, a small river, fields, forests, and a smallish village. Mid war eastern front with swamps, small groves, mud, mud, more mud, and wrecked tanks. Or late war Berlin with a big Flak Tower as centrepiece, bombed-out buildings, lots of rubble, and a wide river with several bridges. Ahhhh... Decisions, decisions, decisions...

30-01-2011, 15:50
Ooh, early war French country side gets my vote!

31-01-2011, 09:33
Early French it is then. It is, after all, your thread... :D

Actually, it will fit in perfectly with the early war Germans I'm strugling to get painted.

In any case, I better go get some materials then. And I really should get that hot-wire cutter build as well - gonna need that...

Oh, and I better come up with a plan for how to structure the modules as well.


So much to do. So little time...

03-02-2011, 17:25
Well, a fresh month and I've started on my terrain project(s). So for I have a pile of jungle bases on the go, a couple of battlefield accessory kits, modified comms relay tower, Aegis barricades and a timbered cabin with thatched roof - that should keep me busy for now!

Work in progress pictures taken, I'll upload some tomorrow...

Next month I'll be digging out my mountain desert terrain which I started 6 months ago, think I'll tweak it a little and make it into an abandoned Mechanicus Explorator base rather than the Afghan terrain I was planning on building...

Edited to add:

Can anyone remember the old Explorator base terrain from when the old metal Necrons were first released?

There was a cool tent that was part of the setup - was this a scratch build or something you can buy?


Link to an image of the tent

03-02-2011, 20:07
Hmmmmm... Good question...

It doesn't look scratch-build to me. A bit too plastic-like... A quick bit of googling found these:



The last one looks a bit like the one you're looking for.

And let me just add a question: am I the only one getting nostalgic, seeing the hallowed names of Chambers and Priestley in a White Dwarf? Brings back memories, so it does...

Anyway, I’m still busy collecting materials for my modular terrain. And I’m afraid that there’s been a change of plans. I know I promised to make an early war French countryside table, but... Well... Erhh... It probably isn’t going to happen anyway.

See, the problem is, that when working on a 90 cm. by 90 cm., partitioned into nine modules, table, things are rather cramped. A house on the scale is something like 7 cm. – 10 cm. (or more) square and so takes up an awful lot of real-estate on a single module. And turning one of the modules into a lake effectively removes one-ninths of the table, threatening to bisect the entire battlefield by forcing all the action to happen on the flanks. I’ve drawn up dozens of ideas for how to structure such a table and I just can’t make it work. Some layouts might look good but probably not be very fun to play on. And some might be good to play on but look rather boring. Same problem happens with the late war ruined Berlin table. Too much stuff to cram into such a tiny space.
A mid war swamp table wouldn’t have such problem as each module would simply be a bit of grassland and some swampy areas. No roads to line up with neighbouring modules, no houses, no hills. Just swamps and mud. The French countryside, I guess, will have to wait until I get around to building a proper-sized table. Unless any of you have got some really good ideas...

The problem is, I think, that Flames of War doesn’t actually look nice on such small tables. The small scale almost demands big tables with forests, rolling hills, deep lakes, and towns. The bigger scale of 40K and Fantasy is perhaps better suited to such small tables (playing small-scale battles, of course) since the players are, in effect, zoomed in on the action, rather than seeing the big picture as with Flames of War. I’m almost tempted to make a 40K table instead, but since I haven’t played 40K since early 3. edition and have long since sold of my armies...

03-02-2011, 21:05
Hmmmmm... Good question...

It doesn't look scratch-build to me. A bit too plastic-like... A quick bit of googling found these:


The last one looks a bit like the one you're looking for.

Thanks, I've been trying to find that model for ages - think I'll get a couple...

19-02-2011, 18:34
So, first deadline is drawing ever closer... How’s everybody doing?

I’ve run into a bit of a problem. The first piece of terrain I made (pictures on my Big Blog) just didn’t cut it, so now I’m busy redoing from scratch – not exactly according to plan.

Right now the new module is drying underneath a pile of books. If things turn out as I hope they do (HA! They never do...) then I’ll get on with the bottom of the swamp areas tomorrow and the water and extra detailing the day after. With a good deal of luck, that is...

19-02-2011, 21:31
I've been side tracked with some unfinished business on YouTube. Started a conversion vid and had to make two separate parts for it. Hoping to get editing out of the way this weekend to make more time for this. Other than that I've got one shanty done and painted, just need another six done in a week! :p

20-02-2011, 18:47
Had some stroke of luck, the Forgeworld-barn i ordered from ebay as pro-painted (in Germany normally another word for "strip of paint and make it decent") was really pro-painted and i only had to do some slight changes and repairs to the roof (my warcat-titan attacked).
Finished the Town Well and started with the furniture of the Tabletop-World MerchantHouse. I think i can use the additional week, i have to do an additional weekend-turn in hospital in March.
Will start with taking pictures next week.

Ghost 1 Actual
02-03-2011, 11:43
Isn't there supposed to be a post for this month for us to show what we made in Feb...or am I just blind and missing it (if so will someone plesae give me the link)

Little Joe
02-03-2011, 11:52
Other forum, here is a link (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5351986#post5351986).

Ghost 1 Actual
02-03-2011, 12:12
Thanks :-)

06-03-2011, 13:48
Sorry about that. Thought I had updated both threads with the link. Apologies everyone. And thanks Little Joe